February 28th, 2011 | 616 Entries

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616 Entries for “cheap”

  1. stupid,bad,my dad is cheap,so cheap,my mom says jewish people are too,but thats racist,so really,my Dad? yeah! cheapest guy alive,it was 90 degrees n Naples and he wouldnt even pay for a bottle of water for his thirsty son,jeeez,sometimes…..I swear to god

    By Witchy on 03.01.2011

  2. someone is in a bar and they re too cheap to buy a beer or themselves and there girlfriend… she gets mad and leaves him… he finds her the next day and explaine why he is cheap… but she dosent buy it and becaus ehe is so heap he never marries

    By dalal on 03.01.2011

  3. The sweater pilled at the edges and its murky orange color did nothing to sharpen its appeal. Then again, the t-shirt on the next hanger was dyed a gross pink color and read something unintelligible about Madonna. The attraction to Forever 21 finally died inside me.

    By jenpen URL on 03.01.2011

  4. cheapened love in the furrows of my mind. burning into twilight. giving all but never returned for full regard. i brethe in strong with exhales of regret. flying in a cloud.

    By chris shedon on 03.01.2011

  5. I am very cheap. I like to be cheap because it helps me conserve money. I like to conserve money because I am “cheap.” Being cheap also means not taking risk, to an extent. I do however like to take risks. So im not really cheap but I like to conserve.

    By blend sairany URL on 03.01.2011

    well, i run the place.

    word: CHOCOLATE

    I <3 CHOCOLATE. the end.

    By :0 URL on 03.01.2011

  7. All of us need Character in their lives or Else they Have no Personality. CHEAP

    By blend sairany URL on 03.01.2011

  8. Many things can be cheap, sometimes if things are cheap then they have poor quality or are cheaply made. Also another word for cheap is inexpensive, the opposite word of cheap is expensive.

    By Remington URL on 03.01.2011


    this picture describes my emotions×226.jpg

    By :0 URL on 03.01.2011

  10. LIFE IN A WORD: Cheap
    Cheap food, cheap men, and a cheap life. That’s how I feel about sin city—sometimes.

    By URL on 03.01.2011

  11. ah people are cheap becasse they dont want to spend their money. thing are cheap they don’t cost a lot. i wonder why the word has 2 meanings that doesn’t really feel like they are related.

    By yvonne on 03.01.2011

  12. People say I’m cheap.
    Because of my religion; my friends, family, and such, people will always see me as the cheap Jew.
    Well talk is cheap… actions are valuable.
    And I’m generous with mine.

    By Ari Rosenblum on 03.01.2011

  13. “Don’t be such a cheap-ass!” She screamed while nursing a two year old back to life and into some sort of prison system. Her apron taut to her bosom, she appeared everything but introverted. She was the type of woman you would write home about – but lie often in the process. She was my wife.

    By Alex Jay Dubberly on 03.01.2011

  14. cheap as in not much or in low quality, something perhaps that is flimsy and now my phone is ringing sorry

    By winter URL on 03.01.2011

  15. Cheap can be a various assortment of things, ranging from incredible to just flat out lousy. Like people can be cheap. Unfortunately it’s usually not a good thing unless attempting to save money. It can also mean something else entirely meaning you’re going to get something on sale which is usually an exponentially more expensive item to purchase.

    By Tanner on 03.01.2011

  16. the red smears on her face with
    the hastily applied white powder that
    only covered spots of her aged face.
    the first word that came to my mind was

    By bob on 03.01.2011

  17. its effective for my pockets. Its appealing but instills a thought of detering quality. Is it worth it?? Should I spend the extra few bucks. Or do I really need is at all? you usually get what you pay for..

    By robbie on 03.01.2011

  18. You’re extremely cheap. You only take me to used bookstores. I love used bookstores, but I’ve never told you that. We met in a bookstore; people think this bookstore is used but it’s not. It’s just very shitty. Like how cheap you are. Maybe our relationship is based off of your cheapness. Certainly it’s not based on anything better.

    By Taylor URL on 03.01.2011

  19. I don’t like cheap people. I have known many cheap people but i don’t think that it’s their fault that they have become stingy on material objects. In a way it’s a good thing. Looking at it positively being cheap is good but it’s negative in the sense you really are uptight.

    By Lydia on 03.01.2011

  20. cheap. his sisters laugh that dad was so cheap, he could make lincoln’s eyes bleed (on a penny). but when he died, he left us a couple million. even though he died too young.

    that guy, however, truly cheap, that guy i thought was my soulmate. the dreamboat who turned tout to be a footnote. surprised to hear he sprang for valet parking at his wedding. though he was cheap enough to insist that a friend host the wedding in her back yard. probably bought her a gift card to applebee’s in thanks, we colleagues (and friends, he thinks) joked over lunch.

    By Amy on 03.01.2011

  21. I wish school was cheap, well cheaper then it is because then I would be able to do what I actually want to do more often which is travel and experience live. I would have been able to go everywhere but never met the people I did in school so that would suck. These people are awesome and I would be nothing without out them, there is life past highschool.

    By Julia on 03.01.2011

  22. Cheap? Didn’t I already do this word? Cheap is low on money, when your kids have been eatin kraft dinner or Mr. noodle for a week. Cheap is when you find converse shoes on sale and it’s the best day of your life. Cheap is like my uncle. Who has a large moustache. I like him, he smells like comic books and after shave.

    By Duckie URL on 03.01.2011

  23. cheap, as in won’t pay for something good. So my brother said of the likelihood of our Diego Rivera “painting” being an original. “Dad was just too cheap to have paid for an original.” Maybe so. These days, I just enjoy the beauty of the work itself, and don’t care much whether or not it’s real.

    By Emily on 03.01.2011

  24. plastic people. what we are now. the opposite of justin bieber’s clothes. dan motherfucking snyder.

    By Dahlia on 03.01.2011

  25. He held out the ring, a cheap little plastic ring, bought in a quarter machine of the bowling alley they were at. But at the moment when he knelt down with an amused twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his lips, she knew that no diamond could ever be worth as much.

    By Courtney on 03.01.2011

  26. money. dollars, euros, yen, pounds… what binds us to paper and copper? why are we a people so fixated on wealth and image and success? what happened to passion, to doing something because you can’t go a day without thinking about it? what happened to our drive?

    By David on 03.01.2011

  27. “He was cheap, that was the only problem,” Mama said as she stirred honey into her tea. “And that got to be too much of a problem after a couple of years, okay?” She looked at me with a kind of “do-you-want-to fight-about-it?” look, and I looked down; I didn’t want to fight.

    By miki URL on 03.01.2011

  28. Cheap, something is very cheap and I want it to be want it to have and see, and blocks of cliffs falling into the water and freedom and seals and cliffs and running on them

    By Alice on 03.01.2011

  29. Nothing is cheap today. Not gas, or food, or clothing, not even most enjoyment. Because these things are not cheap, people are cheap. It’s like a vicious cycle, except it’s not a circular cycle.

    By Courtney Tibbetts on 03.01.2011

  30. not expensive; opposite of costly; not refined/culturedot in good taste.

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 03.01.2011

  31. cheap ass bastard. still maybe he’s conserving. that thing falls apart. don’t make them like they used too. wall mart. reuse? construct it yourself but how? where to start. What a bargain! got it cheap. shipped from there with toxic dyes.

    By Susan on 03.01.2011

  32. All around us is un-recyclable crap, and I wish I could do something to stop it’s production.

    By Suzy URL on 03.01.2011

  33. I think being cheap is a poor human quality. Treat yourself, treat others, but don’t be foolish. Spend wisely. But always strive for good quality, good deeds, and good opportunities for giving.

    By Lindsay on 03.01.2011

  34. i once had a wife who really liked thrift store shopping. she always had the best clothes, everything was so inexpensive. i wonder sometimes how she’s doing, since she divorced me. I think sometimes she only divorced me because I loved expensive things. I miss her.

    By Courtney URL on 03.01.2011

  35. He was so cheap, it was said that he made his own soap out of the oil left in the frying pan from his morning fry-up and the ashes from burning garden refuse. No wonder his wife left him.

    By mariesdaly on 03.01.2011

  36. A penny pence is a cheap thing to have. It is thrown away and rarely thought of. It is worthless but necessary all the same. To have one is not an achievement but a reality. A penny pence is a way to live. It is a metaphor of the human species.

    By Katherine Madigan URL on 03.01.2011

  37. cheap is unattractive, frugal is.

    By clock URL on 03.01.2011

  38. talk is cheap. i think when people say they have “rich taste” it’s really cheap. when people buy bad quality clothing or cars they are cheap. romance is cheap. it’s cheaper to drive places than to fly around the world. cheap and peep rhyme. cheap cheap cheap. it makes me think of money being thrown away.

    By Sara Anderson on 03.01.2011

  39. food is disgusting most of the time. Once in a while, you will find that sometimes it is delicious.

    By mel on 03.01.2011

  40. Made without thought, ugly, plastic, disposable. A product that has no purpose but to be consumed and consumed quickly. Shoddy workmanship, or no workmanship at all.

    By CGB on 03.01.2011