October 9th, 2010 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “chatter”

  1. some times chatter is so loud at restaurants cant concentrate cant enjoy oneself around all of the noise no time to relax no substance just noise some people just like to hear themselves tlak

    By Leah Smith on 10.09.2010

  2. Chattering women in the coffee shop
    talking about Tupperware and other senseless pursuits
    Oh, and don’t forget
    Bristol is on Dancing With The Stars
    Fulfilling life, huh?

    By Sharp Little Pencil URL on 10.09.2010

  3. chitter chatter makes my life!!! i love to talk. To chatter on and on about a topic. It bores people to tears i believe, but i guess that’s why i like to write because my chatter can become images if you truly listen to me.

    By The Blondester(; URL on 10.09.2010

  4. It fills the air with mindless chatter, talking heads, nodding, babbling, clicking, clacking, chattering teeth.

    By Jane URL on 10.09.2010

  5. Chatter. They can’t keep from the constant chatter while trying to work in the library. It is so tempting to talk when you should be doing work. Chatter. STOP. Force yourself to get the work done. Just write the damn paper—you always have time to talk later. Get it done.

    By Teeps on 10.09.2010

  6. the noise in the background was incredibly distracting. these petty people and their petty problems. if they only knew the world was ending. if they only knew the world had already ended.

    By valentina juliette URL on 10.09.2010

  7. The squirrels outside my window, beat the alarm’s waking cry. They chatter away in conversations much more interesting than I.

    By smattc on 10.09.2010

  8. lots of talking, reading. background noise that fills my mind and I am unable to think about anything else other than the loud murmur that is going on in my head. Mindless noise that has no meaning.

    By Johannah on 10.09.2010

  9. The incessant chatter was distracting. My true purpose… I flexed my fingers, dismayed. My true purpose was lost in the babbling of these mere fools!

    By Raiya Moon URL on 10.09.2010

  10. I have been with my grandson today, he sure can chatter, about his swimming, swum a length of the baths today for the first time.

    He has had the fire brigade visiting his school to tell the children what to do if a fire starts in their house.

    His cousin has birthday soon, his friend is having a party. Oh! what else did he say? Mummy’s got a new boyfriend ???

    By mauveone URL on 10.09.2010

  11. “Silence is golden. Only monkeys chatter.” One of my elementary school teachers used to say this all the time (well, whenever we were getting rowdy). I think it was Mr. Manarelli.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 10.09.2010

  12. They chattered around him, as quiet as squirrels, yet their hateful words penetrated the shield around his heart like a knife. He wasn’t guilty of anything. But gossip spreads in a wildfire, and soon his whole world crumbled to dust.

    By Siege URL on 10.09.2010

  13. Chattering all around me; unceasing noise, growing louder and louder, then fading, as I focus..focus..focus.

    By Ben S. URL on 10.09.2010

  14. Moaning punctuated by news, sports, the constant chatter of the television, white noise to drown the pain of a body fading away. A slow natural death, it turns out, is quite painful.

    By Clayton on 10.09.2010

  15. i hate when people just prattle on about themselves; rather than something significant to being or existence or life. an individual is only a speck in this vast world; but people, when they use all their words to make a change, are something special.

    By Emily on 10.09.2010

  16. It was the endless chatter. I had no choice. I’d never wanted an office job anyway. I’m not tie and shined shoes material. I’m not social. I hate small talk. So, yes, I had no choice.

    Three ounces of arsenic, carefully portioned out. We’ve got a new secretary. Her name is Melissa. She’s quiet as a mouse.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.09.2010

  17. The disgusting chatter of the drunk crowd surrounded me as I tried unsuccessfully to ignore the fact that I was single, alone and miserable on a Saturday night.
    The most attractive specimen looked over and while he seemed to send a vibe of sympathy and embarrassment for the state of his comrades, my mood wouldn’t allow me to appreciate the fact that he was another human being, enjoying a night out.

    By Sisi on 10.09.2010

  18. Never mind what I was going to say. It’s not important anymore. Mindless chatter, that’s all it was. I didn’t even have anything in particular in mind. I was just gonna… you know, babble and what not. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    By Allison on 10.09.2010

  19. I’m a predatory insect. I don’t tolerate inane chatter from people because I will just sting their asses. One of my most useful attributes is the fact that I am a buzzing machine that can make buzz like I was crazy. Please don’t misunderstand me; I would still like to seek friends.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.09.2010

  20. The chatter quickly resumed. Apparently, the blindness of the minds of the masses was enough to conceal worry in regards to the most recent event. The room held no air of sympathy and was congealed with apathy.

    By Bligh on 10.09.2010

  21. people talking busy, bus stop, having coffee, chitter chatter involves people talking happily.

    By Lucy on 10.09.2010

  22. if u chat u chatter; I chatter, eye chatter, oldchatterhand and winniepoo had chat about the gong. wow. unbelievable chit. times runnig up

    By oon on 10.09.2010

  23. A big party scene, laughter, and chatter, forever printed in our memories, those are good times.

    By Mayra URL on 10.09.2010

  24. Chatter. Flacher. Flachbettscanner. Flaches Flussbett. Öligorange Schlieren. Es hat lange nicht mehr geregnet. Der Schlamm atmet. Schlammig atmet er. Kröter haben sich darin vergraben.

    By Eli URL on 10.09.2010

  25. Chip chip chatter chatter. Tweet tweet go the birds. Ribbit ribbit say the frogs.



    birds do not tweet, frogs do not ribbit.

    Dear society, please do not try to convert beauty into something generic, just so that you will be able to understand it. The whole magic of nature is that we can not understand it. It just is.

    Thank you.
    a Happy Person.

    By Jessi on 10.09.2010

  26. chatter

    By Kristina on 10.09.2010

  27. I woke up this morning and nobody was here. I felt alone. I felt deprived. I decided to go onto this new website that I heard about, Chatter. Nobody was online. I hate my life.

    By Ryan Moore on 10.09.2010

  28. I look across the cafeteria in hopes of finding someone, anyone, to sit with. But my mind is filled with the laughing, the shouting, the screaming, the mindless chatter of everyone around me that I dump my lunch without a second thought and run to the bathroom with hopes of making it there before I burst into a panic attack of tears, dry heaves, and panted breaths.

    By eymliilmye URL on 10.09.2010

  29. Chatterbox. Gaia is cool. There’s also that Hellraiser, Chatterbox. He creeps me out. He looks freaky. Chatter chatter. Like sugar gliders crabbing. Yeah. It’s kinda freaky. Gossip. Gossip girl. TV. Karate Island. Spongebob. Yes.

    By Kirsten on 10.09.2010

  30. The numb syllables blend together in one streaming blur that plagues my mind; night and day.

    By Mia on 10.09.2010

  31. I can’t hear what they’re saying, but I know it’s unimportant. Paris Hilton. Lindsey Lohan. There are no words related to war, famine, social injustice. It’s just noise. And endless stream of diversion from the reality we all want to escape.

    By Soft URL on 10.09.2010

  32. The random burble of endless speech echoed throughout the cafeteria. It was nearly impossible to hear your own conversation over the everpresent chatter. The lunchroom was a place to eat, yes, but mostly, it was a place to talk. And talk. And talk.

    By Kendi URL on 10.09.2010

  33. i never liked it when people just talk and talk. if you have nothing meaningful to say, then listen. You may learn a thing or two rather than chattering away filling up dead air.

    By rod on 10.09.2010

  34. The voices that crept through the static on Pop’s ham radio were barely discernible. Every word and inflection was full of excited fear, an interesting mix that I’d never heard before but was immediately able to identify, and it seemed that no one was waiting to hear what anyone else was saying; each survivor with a mic was focused solely on rattling off his accounts, theories and ideas. I preferred the static.

    By Rob URL on 10.09.2010

  35. Calling, screaming, drowning in the sound. I run but I have not ran. I scream yet no sound reaches ears. The voices of the worlds are silenced one by one, til the destruction of mankind.

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.09.2010

  36. The sounds of milions came back at me. I flicked a finger at the nearest clock I could find. Instant silence. I sighed. Relief. I looked around at all the faces, frozen in an intense emotion; elation, sorrow, fury, fear, annoyance.

    By Marissa URL on 10.09.2010

  37. chittter chatter, bus rides and good friends. crowded rooms and good times. lunch rooms, cafeterias, schools, childhood. meaningful small talk, that can change a persons day.

    By al on 10.09.2010

  38. Chattering in my head, never sleeps… always restless… always… all the while your still silent… chatter over powers my thoughts…

    By Brianna URL on 10.09.2010

  39. In the darkest of night, I walk upon the empty streets, looking at light that fills none of this wet pavement, so weak, and I hear the chatter of the stars, so silent and so deep, they always make me sad when I least weep..

    By Guilherme Rebelo URL on 10.09.2010

  40. I can’t tell you the day I noticed it…all the chatter in my head drowned out any thoughts I could ever hope to hang onto.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 10.09.2010