June 8th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “chat”

  1. To speak with another figure, animate or inanimate. To make conversation with.
    I chat with my friends and sometimes even strangers when I’m in a good mood. Most likely, the smallest of chats can bring my spirits up on a bad day. I’m so glad I have chats with people. When I get bored I go online and see if I can chat with a person just because it’s so fun.

    By Itzel on 06.08.2012

  2. Sometimes I just want to hear your voice.

    By genahtastic URL on 06.08.2012

  3. I wanted to call her. I just didn’t know what to say. So I turned on the computer and pulled up chat instead. Maybe that would be easier, she wouldn’t hear the uncertainty in my voice, the trepidation lost to the keystrokes.

    By Angele on 06.08.2012

  4. online chatting is very scary when pedafiles hit on you. i love to chit xchat with my best friends. chat kinda sounds like cat or hat. it could maybe be a hat for a cat. or make a net?
    i really enjoyed chattiong with people in jail. they had really interesting stories

    By mad on 06.08.2012

  5. It’s nice to sit and chat with you. Just ramble about the day. You tell me the highlights and the lowlights, and I am content just watching your lips move as they tell me your story. You draw me in, deep into you, in ways you can’t fathom in these simple little conversations. Have you any idea how much you mean to me? How much I adore you? How I fall in love with you a little more every day? It’s amazing. Those sixty second moments … those twenty second chats, and all that they do to me.

    By Jeran on 06.08.2012

  6. I’m afraid to talk.
    That it won’t be innocent chatter spilling forth from my lips if I dare to open my mouth—if I dare to open my wounds.

    So I sit in silence, struggling against something far more sinister than banalities, searching for a way out.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.08.2012

  7. The words didn’t flow. Her eyes met his across the table, a smile that felt disjointed and out of place crossed her lips. Brown eyes stared her down, daring her to say anything. To explain how, in so many short minutes, she had ruined his life.

    No words came to her and she cast her eyes down. There was nothing to say.

    By shadesofmeaning on 06.08.2012

  8. I like to chat with people online. I talk to only people I know, because all of those ChatRoulette type things are very scary to me. I am always afraid to just chat with people in real life sometimes. I like chatting over texting or the internet much better. That way, they can’t see me.

    By Hannah on 06.08.2012

  9. i always wished i had someone there to just chat with. like talk about nothing until the sun came up. Someone who was comfortable just completely being themselves with me. I’ve never been able to find that person. I thought i had…but then they left me behind. They chose to ignore what my friendship meant to both of us. and that hurt you know…it really did

    By Walli URL on 06.08.2012

  10. A conversation between, usually two people. People use the word now a days for online references. Chatting is a quick way to talk to someone.

    By Kamara on 06.08.2012

  11. The words didn’t flow. Her eyes met his across the table, a smile that felt disjointed and out of place crossed her lips. Brown eyes stared her down, daring her to say anything. To explain how, in so many short minutes, she had ruined his life.

    No words came to her and she cast her eyes down. There was nothing to say.

    By shadesofmeaning URL on 06.08.2012

  12. I sat in my room on skype chatting with him.
    I think i may have found my perfect guy.
    Smart, cute, funny, and lovable.
    So now we sit here all the time chatting away through all hours of the night
    Never running out of things to talk about.
    Falling in love
    My perfect guy and I. :)
    Nothing could be better

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.08.2012

  13. Chatting about something can be a form of release. How can we all just release for a second or two every day? Chat. Chat with anyone, random strangers you meet on the street and friends you see every day. Never stop chatting.

    By Karl on 06.08.2012

  14. I chatted with him during 5th period. I watched his eyes, their beautiful light blue. His forehead creased with his story. His words melted off his tongue and into the air. They reached my ears and I just wanted to hear more.

    By umbazachika URL on 06.08.2012

  15. Chatting is a fun activity when you’re doing it with close friends. It’s the most fun when you’re chatting with friends you haven’t seen in a while, but you realize that you miss them more than you thought and you then make later dates to hang out.

    By Sierra on 06.08.2012

  16. I would love to just chat with you. I don’t know about what, I don’t care for how long (preferably all day) but I want to hear your voice I want to be next to you. I want to chat. Just little things, like How is life? type of things. I never really knew I would need you this much just to chat.

    By MRH URL on 06.08.2012

  17. Chat
    But who really hears?

    By morgan URL on 06.08.2012

  18. i leaned in without thinking, to whisper a smallsomething to you. the air was musky, your breath warm and slightly acidic from the oranges we’d peeled then force-fed each other. i whispered, “if chatting is this – i could chat with you for days”. i got only a smile. a smile was enough.

    By olive URL on 06.08.2012

  19. I miss chatting with my best friend seriously, like we did in middle school. Now all we talk about is random things we’ve seen on the internet. Sometimes I wish we could just be serious for a minute.

    By LeUnicorn on 06.08.2012

  20. Annoying. Something I never do. I have no friends.
    God, I’m lonely.
    The party’s in my head. Fuck you guys.
    Facebook sucks.
    I don’t like anyone.
    I hate chatting.

    By Sarah on 06.08.2012

  21. I like to chat. Its fun. especially on facebook! haha. does chatting in texting count? cause i do that alot! hahaha :) i chat with alot of people.. espeially boys ;) jk. im not a whore! kinda. fuckkk me. chatting is funnnn! very very very fun. haha :) i guess you could say that. :p Im smart :)

    By Zoey on 06.08.2012

  22. He chatted with me on a regular basis. I liked out little talks, and as the winter wore on I missed the sound of his voice and the way it echoed off the diner walls. I wasn’t sure where he had gone, but I knew I had to find him.

    By Cheyne on 06.08.2012

  23. I think of the late 90’s when I hear the word “chat.” It makes me think of some AOL chatrooms that used to be the most popular thing in the world. Then after chatrooms came instant messaging and AIM. And then MySpace took off and now Facebook rules the social media world. Who would’ve thought in ten years we would come from chatrooms to Facebook?

    By Ryan URL on 06.08.2012

  24. This is something I do with Richard. We don’t really ever talk about anything. Sometimes he will say something that makes me angry or surprises me, but it never makes me stop talking to him. We don’t even having to be talking about something important, it just goes on for hours and it means something that it is there. it’s something that is constant even if it doesn’t mean anything.

    By Maggie on 06.08.2012

  25. Fun to chat with new people. You get to know a lot. It gets you out of your small world and broadens it some. Chat can also become dangerous if you dont keep limits to things like private information.

    By Stacy on 06.08.2012

  26. The clocks spin about me, and I hear the far off chatter of those that mean nothing anymore. Time is spinning not quickly enough, and I close my eyes tighter to wish away the close spaces and irritating voices. I’ll never get away, no I won’t, but today, those words shatter into the dust. These people, this place–they define me no more. It’s the beginning of something even I cannot fathom.

    By Marissa URL on 06.08.2012

  27. i love to chat. i chat with anyone about anything. i love to chat to my friends. i love to chat to my family. i love chatting with strangers! chat makes it easy to reduce awkwardness between people and is a great way to learn small things about people. I absolutely adore chatting with people.

    By Morgan on 06.08.2012

  28. Sometimes, I just want to chat. No other expectations. I just want to talk. Why do I have to have an alternative goal in mind? There is no other motive. I just want to hear your voice. I want to feel comfortable. I want to be able to say anything about anything, without feeling threatened or judged. I don’t want anything. I don’t need anything. No expectations. I just want an honest, comfortable conversation with someone I care about. I do NOT want a favor. You owe me nothing. I just want to chat, mainly because I miss the way it used to be…

    By Megan URL on 06.08.2012

  29. I love to chat. I chat with so many people. But has anyone ever really thought about chating? From just sitting with friends around the dinner table on sunday, to the nervous sort around your interviewer for a new job.

    By Grace on 06.08.2012

  30. I want to chat with my roommate. Actually, I just wish I knew my roommate. I’m getting anxious if they are going to be awful or awesome. I’m scared for college. Maybe I should talk to someone about my fears.

    By Kate URL on 06.08.2012

  31. Chatting online is annoying. But not if you’re talking to cleverbot. I hate it when people surprise chat with me on facebook. I’m on fb so I can stalk in peace. I don’t want to talk to anyone directly. I just want to stay quiet. Chatting is also useless because you can’t use sarcasm.

    By Aetcin on 06.08.2012

  32. Chat is a great way to learn something new about someone. I love to chat with anyone and everyone. Chat is a simple idea that can teach you about interests, skills, and just facts. I mostly love to chat with strangers. Chat can easily reduce awkwardness between people.

    By Morgan URL on 06.08.2012

  33. in a coffee house i sat alone with a book up to my face to dissuade anyone nearby from recognizing or mistakenly thinking that i was interested in chatty conversation, i stared at the words on the page, but was actually listening to the conversation taking place behind me. It had caught my attention because the woman speaking had a deafening australian accent and I couldn’t help but eavesdrop as to hear her say of course darling, and oh i know isn’t it just marvelous, amongst other things that entertain those of us who hear only westernized politically incorrect jabber on the subway and “you’re so stupid i’m embarrassed for you” boys/sex/phones/clothes talk one hears while walking through a mall or boutique clothing shop.

    By Lauren Barber on 06.08.2012

  34. I remember the days when we would sit at our computers, chatting away the days and nights over things so simple to others so terrifyingly complicated. Certain days our lifes’ seemed so perfect and well balanced while others were so full of misery and doubt we wondered how we would go on. But together we made our way through our maze-like teenage years, alive yet strangely alone.

    By SpaghettiNoose URL on 06.08.2012

  35. why can’t you get it? i dont want to talk. i dont want to chat. I dont even want to hear your name. I feel bad for you, but i dont want to continue hurting you. Why can’t you just leave me alone, for yourself?

    By Grace on 06.08.2012

  36. I like to chat because you can express yourself. but meaner things are said during chat than in the internet than in real life . Facebook chat doesn’t work so well. I like to talk because I lack a filter so I say everything/. sometimes I end a conversation with hello how r u doing. Also chating is away to express one’s feelings.

    By Ren Wang on 06.08.2012

  37. Hi my name is Megan. I am sitting next to Collin. He says hi. Uhmm… he’s my boyfriend and I’m blonde and so is he :) He is pretty fucking awesome… just saying :) Today is our one month.. cute right? yeah!
    Uh… dolphins! Walrus! Giraffe! DOGS! CATS!

    By Megan on 06.08.2012

  38. When chatting people often underestimate the power of they’re own words and the kind of damage they do, just because they feel less frightened and more encouraged to say what they really think. That can be good or bad, but when fighting Chat can be fatal.

    By Sandra on 06.08.2012

  39. chat? it sounds like
    not good memories .I mean boring ones not that something bad happen. Chat when someone doesn’t have anything more productive to do but waste time on the internet.

    By maria daniela URL on 06.08.2012

  40. I sat at the table awkwardly. I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t understand how she expected me to just make small talk with this person. I didn’t even know him. He didn’t know me, or I hope he didn’t. I had this sudden hope that you didn’t tell him anything embarrassing about me. But why did I care? I’m the hard shell, the tough cookie, and all of a sudden I’m sitting here just subtly wishing that he didn’t think I was weird. It was too much to handle. My pulse was racing and I wanted to puke. It was too much. Like that time I went to the concert and I was overwhelmed from the lights and noise and crowd and I threw up on this really big guy. He was mad. I grabbed my water and gulped trying to keep the vomit at bay. He spoke. I didn’t understand what he said. My head was pounding and the walls were closing in. But when I looked at him, I was okay. I felt, dreamy. Like my soul was melting into his eyes. I could feel myself blushing and see him giggle a little. I crashed. I wanted to leave. I abruptly stood up. My chair fell over. I bent to pick it up, and knocked over what was left of my water. I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to cry. My friends date stood up, he was saying something but I didn’t want to hear. I wanted to go my apartment and stay there forever.

    By Grace on 06.08.2012