June 8th, 2012 | 294 Entries

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294 Entries for “chat”

  1. Chat bat mat cat fat pat splat phat hat WHO DAT!

    By Emily on 06.08.2012

  2. What is it that men want? All I did was go over to his desk to have a chat and he came on like a rinosaurus on heat, that is blindly charging at me. Has he lost all sense of reality?

    By Meredyth URL on 06.08.2012

  3. we chat
    all the time
    all day all night
    you keep me awake
    i can’t sleep
    i see your face in my mind
    and wait again
    until the time
    i turn on my phone
    and see the notification
    saying i have one new text
    from you
    and all you want to do
    is chat

    By Rebecca on 06.08.2012

  4. small talk. parties. dressed up. awkward. people you don’t like? uncomfortable. trying to impress someone. hors d’eovers, however you like to spell them. parties. small talk.

    By Hannah on 06.08.2012

  5. Chat is cool i guess but i don’t understand why i’m writing about it when i could write about something cooler.

    By Gdogmillianair on 06.08.2012

  6. I dream of the afternoons where we chat. On the phone, we chatted about miscellanous things.
    I remember the last chat we had. You told me you still wanted to be friends. That was 3 months ago.
    Lets chat about the two butterflies outside our window or about the ants that keep climbing that hill.

    By Leslie on 06.08.2012

  7. chat, chat, chat…that’s what females do, girls or women. but they find chatty males, boys or men, offputting. is chatting women’s privilege?

    By kaorita on 06.08.2012

  8. a way to communicate. a new and favored manner of teckies, a time in life when a visit becomes a text and a Im becomes an manner of miniscule words conveying a lage thought. Chat a skill of our time.

    By Cynthia Rademacher URL on 06.08.2012

  9. I like to chat with my friends. Sometimes a friend will chat and we will talk about great things. I thing that chatting with friends is a great way to relieve stress and to catch up. I think about my disney friends and how we like to chat about disney,our favorite pass time. Disney is what really makes me happy. I am excited that they are going to redo fantasy land in the Magic Kingdom. I am excited about it and I chat with my pals about it all the time.

    By Mimi wilson on 06.08.2012

  10. It’s a crazy story to be honest. It started with a simple conversation, nothing serious. Then out of nowhere, you made my heart smile. Now I hate going a day without talking to you. Let’s hang out, let’s be friends, let’s have forever.

    By Liz on 06.08.2012

  11. J’ai vu ta mere sur ChatRoulette. ; )

    Okay, so, let’s talk. You and me, me and you, her and you, her and me, us three, and that guy too. Oh, and her. And her. Just a normal, private chat. Nothing to share with the rest of the world. It’s a secret.

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.08.2012

  12. chatting on the phone. friendship. company. happiness. passing information. AOL AIM. Facebook chat. keeping up with old friends. coffee. drinks. dinner. love. journal.

    By Jenn on 06.08.2012

  13. I am light-hearted, but your heart is heavy.

    By monroe2go URL on 06.08.2012

  14. were you can communicate with other people and talk about things with other people it is a really good thing to do to keep you happy or let your feeling out

    By kyle on 06.08.2012

  15. Chatting is about sitting on the porch in the light of the sunset, talking about everything and nothing with your best friend. It’s beauty. It’s magic. It’s life. It’s the best feeling in the world.

    By Emily on 06.08.2012

  16. Texting, Skype, Facebook IMing, Gmail, whatever. It’s never-ending. My mom chats with her friends-half of the reason that we always leave parties and such late. She will literally spend 45 minutes leaving. And they get mad at us when we’re in no hurry to come upstairs from haning out…we know that they’ll just keep talking!

    By Katarina URL on 06.08.2012

  17. He didn’t like to chat. It led places that scared him into thinking he’d slip back to where he was. The little boxes would pop up on the screen and he’d always look first. It would linger and he knew he’d have to stop thinking about it before he got riled up.

    By DMM on 06.08.2012

  18. Oh, you already know what will happen.
    You’ll go there tonight, and you’ll stay later than you plan.
    He’ll be staring at you across the room all night, trying to work up the courage to come over and speak to you.
    When he does, it will be very late and you’ll be tired.
    He’ll start off with some cheesy pick up line, and a one-sided chat will ensue.
    Now, he may be a genuinely good guy. He’s a little nervous, but he probably isn’t ugly. Not utterly charming, but not repulsive. He’s attentive and flattering. He’d probably be good for you. And under different circumstances, you might decide to give this guy a chance.
    It’s too bad that you met me first.

    By Dulcie URL on 06.08.2012

  19. We were having just a small chat. A conversation between two varying individuals, conversing about a myriad of interests–though my eyes were interested in what his mouth wasn’t interpreting.

    By Desiree URL on 06.08.2012

  20. I find that chatting over the internet is much more simple than actually talking to people in person. I feel as though this is my greatest flaw. I find it hard for me to feel comfortable talking to guys because of this.

    By katherine on 06.08.2012

  21. I’d like to chat. Those are the words that every student dreads their teacher saying to them. It’s like says “I’d like to take you to court to give you the death sentence now.” with a smile on your face.

    By Ireland on 06.08.2012

  22. chatting is something like thinking out loud, well, for some at least. I’d use it particularly to describe the conversation by people with little else to do. They chat about their lives, fun, boring, interesting, sometimes important.

    By Daniela on 06.08.2012

  23. a chat room, online, small talk, facebook, internet, tumblr, social media, social encounters, people, silly, small, quiet, mouths, speaking, hello, how are you? Things are always good in a chat, never bad.

    By Bailey URL on 06.08.2012

  24. To chat: means to spend ones time conversing with another. It can be in the workplace to simply pass the time the time, it can be a warning from a parent saying you’ve done something wrong, or a start to a romance between two hope full people.

    By fayte on 06.08.2012

  25. Great, I thought. ‘A Chat.’ That did not bode well. Whenever Mike said, “Dan, Let’s chat.” it was never good news. It was never nice words for a job well done. It was always some managerial crap. It was always Mike trying to act like a manager when he was really just a ginormous tool.

    I sighed and got up from my desk to follow him to his office.

    By Eileen Maki URL on 06.08.2012

  26. She had the nagging sensation he was studying her from the concrete steps, surrounded by a conversation he didn’t hear. She was across the yard, chatting, ignoring. Trying, anyway. There were too many words she couldn’t bring herself to say in order to change that.

    By cmsiena URL on 06.08.2012

  27. small talk, a way to get to know someone, a way to fill the silence and ease the mind, to get everything out and make yourself known without consequence, a way to breathe without getting wrapped up in the moment too deeply, a way to survive, a way to keep from feeling alone, to feel interesting, to feel worthwhile, a way to connect with the world around you by expressing the things you have found idly in yourself, nothing and something all at once.

    By Jessica on 06.08.2012

  28. Want to have a chat? I do but I can’t seem to be able to muster up an adequate dialogue that’ll satisfy any adult-esque reader. Everything I do seems childish, every conversation dull, one-sided, clear.

    Should I made things darker, realer to compensate? Gore, won’t do anything but make things more depressing, more gruesome. Then how I can I make things more adult? Because to me, to be an adult is to imitate a character on television, adults I see on the street, the happy ones, aren’t that much different from the children. The rest of the adults…well they’re just way too socially awkward to write anything that seems “normal.”

    By Eric Harrell on 06.08.2012

  29. “Let’s have a chat,” Mary told Sue.
    Sue was never seen again.

    Want to have a chat?

    By Kim on 06.08.2012

  30. I enjoyed our chat immensely. When you said that you found the symphony this season to be a trifle cloying, I agreed and said that I’d thought precisely the same thing. In truth I thought it was the company which was cloying, excepting yours of course.

    By Ama Marie URL on 06.08.2012

  31. Right now, I’m chatting with my BFF Skippy on Gmail. We chat on Gmail at least twice a day because neither of us have a Facebook and it’s overrated anyways. We have a year of age difference between us, so we almost never see each other in school. It’s kinda sad, actually, so Gmail is the best way for us to stay connected during the summer months.

    By Robbie on 06.08.2012

  32. I’m filth. I really am. I have friends.. Real friends. But what do I do instead of talking to them? I sit on my computer for hours talking to the fake ones I have on chat rooms. I talk about sex and send fake, dirty pictures. I hate it. I hate them. I hate myself. But on there… I’m not a loser. I am pretty… I am someone.

    By KennedyVeree URL on 06.08.2012

  33. I’m filth. I really am. I have friends.. Real friends. But what do I do instead of talking to them? I sit on my computer for hours talking to the fake ones I have on chat rooms. I talk about sex and send fake, dirty pictures. I hate it. I hate them. I hate myself. But on there… I’m not a loser. I am pretty… I am someone.

    (Sorry that this is on here twice.. I kind of forgot to sign in… Blah..)

    By Kennedy Veree URL on 06.08.2012

  34. It started as an idle chat, a mere exchanging of jokes with the occasional glance. You welcomed me over one day to converse in a slightly more intimate way, discussing with me actual events. So, I enjoyed your company and slowly sought more. . . Chat after chat, day after day turned into a conversation of our hearts; each word revealed something about the other.

    By Kel on 06.08.2012

  35. we used to chat a lot back then. I remember staying up all night in a conversation that seemed to last forever, yet when read aloud it will not take more than fifteen minutes. I wonder whether now that I can call her the magic of those long moments of getting in touch is forever lost; I can’t get an hour staight of talking.

    By Felipe URL on 06.08.2012

  36. I had a chat once. It was lighthearted and brief and occurred between me and a woman I had just met. Words were exchanged but also other things, like smiles and laughter. At one point, she touched my arm.

    By Elizabeth Long on 06.08.2012

  37. And I can’t treat these hollow conversations as any more than idle chat
    Between two old friends who haven’t met in years
    And when you look at me so with so little recognition
    It finally confirms all of my fears of
    What happens after the sunset.

    No one told me what to do once I had found you,
    Only some half hearted speech about how I should save you
    Or you should save me.
    But you and I, we don’t save anybody

    By KelseyPR on 06.08.2012

  38. She and I were chatting together as if we’ve known each other for our whole lives. In fact, we just met each other a few minutes ago. It seems so funny to be this comfortable towards some stranger that I’ve never talked to before. Sometimes, that’s exactly the reason why we’d rather have a chat with someone we don’t know, than with someone we’ve known for years.

    By Tee on 06.08.2012

  39. “Don’t be so nervous,” Louis says, “I just want to have a little chat with you.”

    Liam nods, but he is nervous, though he doesn’t know why. Okay, he does. King of the school Louis Tomlinson has cornered him and either he’s about to be shoved into a trash bin or insulted or both, or something even worse. Except Louis is smiling and Liam wants to believe that he doesn’t have anything to fear.

    By Cassie URL on 06.08.2012

  40. If I could chat with the admin of this site, I would say how much I love this place and what it’s all about. Sadly, I also would have to say that I registered today but have not received an email. Before our chat ended, I would share that after filling out the fields on the Contact page, I was unable to find a Send or Submit button; therefore, I could not complete the registration process. Hopefully, our chat would be very nice and would result in my being able to finish signing up.

    By Elizabeth Long on 06.08.2012