August 28th, 2011 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “chance”

  1. all the wrongs, mistakes and past life leads us to another chance….a chance for it to be right and forever. It’s a privilege – I won’t waste that chance.

    By More Everything URL on 08.28.2011

  2. chance. Just give me one more. There are no second chances. I wish there were, then maybe things wouldn’t be so hard. But that’s what makes you grow.

    By heikalynn URL on 08.28.2011

  3. Something you just have to take no matter what. you only have few of them. So dont under appreciate them. some people learn the hard way. Its a risk.

    By Lindsey on 08.28.2011

  4. It was a game of chance, that went horribly wrong. The gambling had always been a problem, but they’d never thought it would get as bad as it did that cold, december night. He’d ran out of the house late that Thursday night, angry with his wife and furious with her thoughts of adultery. So he went to the fancy casino on the river. and spent it all. He thought ” I’ll show her “. But the regular tricks didn’t work, and soon he was left with nothing but the clothes on his body. He lost ever chance his two sons would ever have, and any chance of a new beginning with his wife he still cared for so deeply.

    By G. on 08.28.2011

  5. Chance, something you should always take no matter what, its about risking it. its about being brave. its about taking advantage of the moment. its something i should’ve taken.

    By Thesavagelife URL on 08.28.2011

  6. Every blessed chance that falls from the brilliant morning rose-colored sky to the worn toes of my chucks, I grasp. And if it’s a little further from me, I take a step. I lurch. I dive. I run. I toss my muscles forward like I did when I got my first chance to look into her eyes – when a glimpse became . . . That it was those eyes I wanted to look into when I awoke from a nap on our black leather couches on a stifling hot summer afternoon.

    By Chris Rogers URL on 08.28.2011

  7. “Chances are…” the crooner sang in the background.

    Dave turned to Mona. “Can I have this dance, love?”

    With a smile she accepted. He had waited years for her arrival. Now that she was here, in heaven, they were going to dance as they once did a lifetime ago.

    Twilight faded as the sunset. A new day of eternity would break with the dawn’s first rays.

    By Leticia URL on 08.28.2011

  8. I roll the dice in my hand. They are cool. The clicking reminds me of a clock counting down; just like how the money in my pocket is counting down. I close my eyes and let the dice fly. I have to take a chance.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 08.28.2011

  9. give me just a chance. Oh shit, you’re giving me this chance. It’s not a chance. It’s a blank check. It’s like you’ve already committed. You trust me? Why do you trust me? Why are you here why are you saying these things oh god who are you what are you what do you want what do I want I don’t even know what I am anymore

    By Lu URL on 08.28.2011

  10. Anything could happen. Only one thing ever does happen, from a multitude of possibilities. Its overwhelming to think about, but its really just bullshit. Probability and statistics are only a likelihood, but something must happen.

    By dan URL on 08.28.2011

  11. You have one chance, don’t blow it. Give all you have; do everything possible. Work hard, go hard, dream hard. Capitalize on on every possible chance.

    By Amanda on 08.28.2011

  12. Chance a chance, perchance?

    By Marianne URL on 08.28.2011

  13. They say that everyone deserves a second chance. But what if he’s used up his second, third, and fourth chances? What if he’s hurt you so deeply, betrayed you so much, that it tore apart whatever was left of your friendship?

    By RainbowFishie URL on 08.28.2011

  14. You still have a chance to prove who you are. One last chance to make up for the others. This cant be it. Your chance isnt over yet, even if you think youve lost it. Youll find another buried deep in the dirt. You just have to dig, get your hands dirty. Find your chance, make it your own. Own your chance. They cant take it away, even if they take it all from you. Its not theirs to touch. Claim it.

    You have the choice to claim your chance at this. You didnt fuck up that bad. Its as wrecked as you think it is. Sometimes you just have to work harder for your chance. Some people always have to work harder for their chance, even when others seem to get it all handed to them. Perhaps those who work harder for that one last chance build more muscle on their soul. I think mine must be indestructible by now.

    I have dug into the ground, deep down past my elbows to claim my chance at this again. This is not something someone can steal from me, there are no materialistic boundaries they can pry from my fingers. My will has given me my chance, and no one can take that.

    By Jenny on 08.28.2011

  15. it has taken me a long time to decide how important it is to take a chance, how much of my life is determined by chance, whether following him is worth the chance, and after thinking about it and reflecting on it the decision i have come up with is that if you don’t take the chance, you end up empty handed and taking life far too seriously

    By outdoors URL on 08.28.2011

  16. Standing before the large building, it impossible to know what lay behind the large sterling doors. Walking forward, he realized- this was his chance.

    By Jen URL on 08.28.2011

  17. If she could take this chance, well, everything would change.
    If she could gamble this, she could have it all.
    Her brain started to tell her how it could all go wrong, but she pushed all of it down.
    With barely a glance back, she threw the dice. She would try, take this chance. It was all she had.

    By Chelseyann URL on 08.28.2011

  18. Give me another chance, he begged. It’s an old story. But not a chance this time. He wasn’t sorry. The only thing he was sorry about was not having a freeloading life anymore.

    Not giving him another chance gave me the chance of a lifetime. Chance transference.

    By chilimango URL on 08.28.2011

  19. A lot of people aren’t given second chances. But I think if they were, just one more, things would turn out a lot differently.
    You didn’t make it in time, you didn’t make the right decision–and you don’t get a second chance. It’s always too late. I really think it’d be neat if people were given second chances. Third is one too many. But some people need just one more opportunity.

    By Bailey on 08.28.2011

  20. a fear that i have is the fear of NOT taking chances. i live constantly with `what-ifs’ especially when i see a chance being presented to me and the possibility is there that i may not take it. so that becomes another fear – the fear of `what-ifs’.

    By sonobe URL on 08.28.2011

  21. What a chance seeing you here? Didn’t know you liked coffee as much as I did but your gold Starbucks card tells me you must be addicted. Cool, yeah I’ve been drinking coffee since I was like 5, love the stuff. So what are you up to today? Any cool plans? Me? Oh I’m just chilling you know, passing the time…

    By Ruben URL on 08.28.2011

  22. Chance, wouldn’t it be great if things happened by chance? But everything is too interwoven to know that anything happens by chance. The sun rises and sets everyday, not by chance. Why do you think that with nature locked into place, our lives are chance?

    By david URL on 08.28.2011

  23. I had my chance. I keep thinking that I am never going to get that kind of an opportunity again. I don’t regret my actions, but i do wish that I had done some things differently. Time has a way of making you look back more than you look forward. My eyes are forward from here on out.

    By Fender2010 URL on 08.28.2011

  24. Tonight he asked me again if he should give his ex girlfriend another chance.
    My heart sunk.
    He and I were best friends, best friends who slept together and told each other that we love each other every night before we went to bed.
    Why would he want to go back to his ex?
    Why did he always overlook me?
    Why do I have to love him…?

    By Tori on 08.28.2011

  25. This was it. He had spent days waiting for the chance to present itself, and now it had. He took a breathe and walked towards her, running his hand nervously through his hair.


    She turned around.

    “Yes, James?”

    “Um, will – will you go out with me?” He held out a bouquet of roses.

    “One second.” She replied, grinning at him.

    “Close your eyes.” She whispered as she leaned into him. He responded quickly, he had been waiting for this since he met her.

    Instead of the kiss he was expecting, he felt something cold and wet flowing down his back.

    Damn, not again.

    By Rose on 08.28.2011

  26. In every move we make together, every step forward, there is a chance it will lead to everything falling apart. Each kiss, could be our last kiss because in an instant either one of us could change our minds.

    By Lucille URL on 08.28.2011

  27. There is only a one letter difference between chance and change.

    By Lucille URL on 08.28.2011

  28. Chance; a self revelation to an opportunity awaiting recognition and deliberation.

    By visage URL on 08.28.2011

  29. “I need only one chance. At life. At everything. Would I do it all again? No. Not everything. But most of the things. If I think of all the things I would be sacrificing, would I risk them all? Would I? I think I know myself too well to understand that, yes, there is a part of me — a rather stupid and selfish one — who would dare give up what I have now just so I could go back and change things had there been a chance to do it.”

    By allaboutalice URL on 08.28.2011

  30. Suck through the chance
    to taste apples on my
    small fingertips
    and honey
    and all the sweet
    that I carry

    By Sonia on 08.28.2011

  31. I need another chance to do things right. My job, my family, my friendships, my education, my life. I’m 23 and I already feel like I’ve wasted so many opportunities. I don’t want to die feeling this way. I don’t want to die feeling like I never really lived. I need another chance. I wish someone would give it to me.

    By Aimee on 08.28.2011

  32. I’ve met some go-getters
    Some difference makers
    Small town heroes, and big chance takers
    I’ve met some young hearts with something to prove

    ~ Crazy Dreams, Carrie Underwood <3

    By Allie URL on 08.28.2011

  33. The fleeting moment brushes delicately against my fingertips.
    I claw frantically at the air, until I finally feel its fragile lace wings beating softly against my palm.
    Ecstatic, I unclench my tight fist.
    All that remained was a crushed mass of dust and blood.
    I had held on too tightly; my chance was gone, killed by my own excitement.

    By Carly Luk URL on 08.28.2011

  34. Taking a chance on love
    That is one of the toughest obstacles every human combats…
    The risks are always high, or are they lower than what we make them out to be?
    We never

    By LC on 08.28.2011

  35. Enough with chances, worthless endeavors that will do little but swallow your every ounce of hope and humanity. Please, enough. I’d like to vanish in my own spit.

    By Lora URL on 08.28.2011

  36. It’s a chance I don’t mind taking. It’s a long fall, but a drop I don’t mind waiting through. The end is a chance I’m willing to take.

    By Adrian URL on 08.28.2011

  37. Please, don’t make me take it. I don’t want the fear, the uncertainty, the utter unknowing blankness that exists for the split second before the blind decision. My life makes more sense than that…doesn’t it?

    By Adrian URL on 08.28.2011

  38. Three seconds and twenty feet. No way to make it, no possible chance I can leap that gap. But I can hear the boots behind me, the sound of heavy footfalls on the stairs. So I back up, take one last breath, run and fly…

    By malik URL on 08.28.2011

  39. He just wanted a chance. One opportunity. He knew that if given that chance he could prove his worth. He could prove to all those who doubted him over the years that he was indeed the man he sought out to be. The man that he knew he could be. All he needed was one chance. One shot.

    By Patrick URL on 08.28.2011

  40. sometimes you just have to take a chance. without chances there would be no great rewards. it takes a lot for a person to step outside of their comfort zone and agree to something that they know makes them uncomfortable as well as uneasy. life is a mystery. they only thing we really know is that it goes on without us. we have to take chances and make it something worthwhile and rewarding we have to take a chance.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 08.28.2011