August 25th, 2012 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “chain”

  1. Kurt pulled Blaine close tying the chain around his ankles and bringing him closer to the bed,
    “You’ve been very bad today Blaine”
    “Yes King Kurt, I’m sorry but I haven’t eaten in days and I really was so hungry”
    “Yes, well know you’ll be in the dungeon for your wrongs” Kurt smirked, he really enjoyed hurting his slaves.
    “But master please don’t punish me” Blaine begged.
    “One of the guards poked at him with a stick through the bars of his 4 by 4 cell, Kurt just smirked and walked away.

    By Courtney on 08.25.2012

  2. the chain is the bond that holds me inside this prison. dark walls surround me in the feeling that my mind, no matter what i do, is controlled by fear. chains are the link and the bond between people, which fear sometimes helps to create. i see a chain of fear around the world that ultimately creates hope. that hope creates longing, which creates positive change.

    By Jon on 08.25.2012

  3. At the bottom of the chasm there lay a spike.
    Buried deep into the the Earth it held a row of iron links – each connected in series to one another. All but one were cast with the strength of a thousand centuries.

    By Bradley on 08.25.2012

  4. There was now a chink in the metal, a frailness that had slipped beneath my awareness; a girl who thought too much, who knew too much. She frightened the rest of them, and put me in a very difficult position. A chain with a missing link rattled beneath my fingers, slowly falling apart.

    By Fia URL on 08.25.2012

  5. the chain dragged slowly against the cold steel floor. Terror shattered my very core, I was helpless. All I could do was wait for the thing that will soon reach its pray…

    By Nikki URL on 08.25.2012

  6. necklace
    bike chain
    two chains
    three chains

    By devyn on 08.25.2012

  7. I couldn’t have possibly known it at the time, but I was responsible for everything that was to come. Indirectly, of course. My first step of the plane and into a strange old city full of history and secrets sent out ripples, spreading out wider and wider and touching things that I could never have anticipated. I accidentally set off a chain reaction and am still surprised by all of the changes that came with it, even now.

    By WearyWater URL on 08.25.2012

  8. A plastic chain was hanging on the shelf. Depression had set it self in motion. Others had things and he had none. No toys, trinkets or snacks just alone in the world.

    By Kurt URL on 08.25.2012

  9. So if the chain is on your door i understand. Taylor swift is one of the most inspiring song writers of all time. That line in particular is one of my favorites from Back to December, That song makes me cry a lot because it is about Taylor Lautner and i love him so much and it just reminds me of Bella and Jacob.

    By Rebekah on 08.25.2012

  10. it’s something i’d use if i was having sexual relations with someone. it’s silver and the texture is metaliic, it hurts if one uses too much impact on something or someone. It also can be great for animals!

    By Maha on 08.25.2012

  11. we are in the chain of troubles
    how are we to get out of this chains
    chain me and show me your love
    these rusty gold chains
    the chain of love that kept us going
    it is now gone, the chain of love
    chain oh chains

    By Fitriyah URL on 08.25.2012

  12. Our throats are constricted by heavy chains – no one is around to hear our convoluted screams. How can we survive in a world full of obstructed thoughts?

    By Ida on 08.25.2012

  13. Loki pulled at his bonds, panting for breath. The snake hissed above him, and Sigyn’s arms trembled as she lifted up the bowl once again.
    He could feel the chains, heavy on his arms and legs as always.
    How gruesome a punishment.
    Would he have changed anything if he had known how it would turn out? That his son would be forced to give his life to chain his father?
    He didn’t know.
    And then the bowl filled again and his world was nothing but pain.

    By Quill on 08.25.2012

  14. I almost don’t wanna go there, that place where that chain had me in love. Where I embraced my imprisonment because I knew nothing better, I knew nothing else. Thank you God you’ve freed me from that chain.

    By Christian Zoll on 08.25.2012

  15. Before I knew what was happening, I was in chains, wiggling around and spitting insults at my captors. They just tightened the medal chunks that constricted my wrists, causing a cry of pain to escape me. I shut my mouth and allowed them to drag me away, casting one last, longing and loving glance at my mother and little sister before I was taken away into the crowded ship of prisoners.

    By Kelsey Gloria URL on 08.25.2012

  16. Letters form chains. People form chains. Chains of destiny, chains of bonds.

    Everything is connected. You and I are a chain.

    We used to be, anyway.

    I’m breaking that chain, and by breaking it, I will change my fate.


    By Dana on 08.25.2012

  17. “Could it not be a valiant goal,” he asked of me, “to strive to break the chains of physicality?”

    By neo on 08.25.2012

  18. chains rattle and shake and spook me. It isn’t Halloween. It’s my monthly visit to the Harrisburg Prison, on the outskirts of Pennsylvania.

    By Robin URL on 08.25.2012

  19. chains are for holding things together, like gates i guess, and just. things. i’m not sure what to write about chains. it reminds me of sado-masochism, the sex thing, i guess people like to use chains to whip each other or something and it gets them aroused i guess. Uh. Y’know. Chains are use to make scary noises for stuff, like in scary movies i think. So y’know.

    By Jim on 08.25.2012

  20. The chain link fence was getting closer as I ran. I could see the metal through the mist. I ran, keeping it in sight. Getting closer and closer.

    By idance5678 URL on 08.25.2012

  21. I was led on a thick steel chain towards the large bubbling volcano. My dress was torn in several places. I sighed in defeat, I was going to be a slave for a while inless I broke out.

    By Natalie URL on 08.25.2012

  22. i ride bikes, bikes have a chain. with out the chain i wouldent be able to ride fast and go off jumps and o tricks.. who ever invented the chain is really smart cause without the chain there would be no bike.. a world without bikes would be shitty.

    By eric g byrne on 08.25.2012

  23. love is like3 a golden chain.. u may want to break it but u willl never succeed in breaking it.. it hold u forever in its power and never lets u go.. love is eternal. love’s chain binds two people together alwz.

    By kunu on 08.25.2012

  24. there is a chain that you use for a dog its something that can be on your pants and there are alot of different kind of chains you can use for small dogs and big dogs and even for people they make chains for sexual things to that people do to restrian them there are a lot of things in the world that have chains on them. I dont think this is an interesting topic at all.

    By megan on 08.25.2012

  25. There is a chain that holds us in this world. and It is our job to break that chain in order to be free and be able to do anything we desire.

    By Audball URL on 08.25.2012

  26. A chain of events links everything into one piece of solid truth. Death and life hold the edges and safely wave the others across. Chains are meant to be formed, broken, and mended. Life is nothing without this connection. Love, and let nothing else come before it.

    By Caleb Alexander URL on 08.25.2012

  27. “You’ve got mail…”
    Peter rolled his eyes, as yet another stupid chain letter appeared in his Inbox. “Why the hell do my friends insist on sending me this crap?” It’d become one of those mornings, where something cute or funny or whatever would be ping-ponged around the office, sometimes hitting Peter’s mailbox seven or more times in a single morning. “One of these days, I’m going to have to learn how to set up a junk mail filter on this thing…” he thought, as he clicked DELETE on the message.

    By Kathy Bradford URL on 08.25.2012

  28. two chains

    By journey on 08.25.2012

  29. what the hell is punyeta? So anyway, Yes. Chains. I had a friend who wrote a story about a guy whose alter ego was a hot sexy girl named Chain and she could tear your heart out if you break a promise. It was a great girl, great story, great guy too. Anyway, I don’t know what the hell got into her. Maybe we have chains in our hearts and minds that keeps us tied together.

    By Andy URL on 08.25.2012

  30. There’s a chain on my doorstep. Somebody left it there this morning, and it’s been a few hours and I still don’t know why, or what it’s for. It’s an old chain, rusty and loud, but it’s strong. It’s sitting on my table now. I look at it, and it looks at me, if chains can do that. I don’t know what it’s for. Why is it here?

    By Justin on 08.26.2012

  31. I found a chain today. It’s a heavy lead one, hanging by a tree outside my house. I took it in. I don’t know why. I guess I just liked it. Right now it’s sitting on the table and I’m looking at it and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s a big one, probably used to hold large things in place. Like tractors. Or even people.

    By Justin URL on 08.26.2012

  32. Life’s just a chain reaction. Things happen to bad and good people. We can’t control it. Everything we do sparks another event. All we can do is go along for the ride and hope we’re making the right decisions. When really… how will we ever know?

    By Jillian URL on 08.26.2012

  33. Life’s a chain reaction. Things happen to the good people and the bad people. No one can control it. Everything we do leads to something else. All we can do is go along for the ride and hope we are making the right decisions. But really… how will we ever know?

    By Jillian C. URL on 08.26.2012

  34. I feel bound. Like I can only be this one person. Even though there are millions of things shouting at me. Telling me I can break free. I feel like I can achieve it. Liberation. I start to move forward. Then something pulls me right back in front of the starting line again.

    By Jillian C. URL on 08.26.2012

  35. The chain was slipped around her ankles. She couldn’t move. It was icy cold and steel grey. She couldn’t leave the warehouse. Ever.

    By Emilee on 08.26.2012

  36. the rotations keep it going. the momentum keeps it flowing. kinetic energy won’t let you stop. remember your legs or else you’ll drop. the chain is the link to all those parts. thank goodness for this. thank goodness for hearts.

    yayy bikes!

    By goli ix URL on 08.26.2012

  37. The chains that you left here still hold me back. I fucking hate you for it. This weight around my neck strangles me and chokes the life from my lungs.

    By Angie URL on 08.26.2012

  38. een ketting van woorden, meer is het niet, een gedicht is een ketting van woorden, de samenhang toont zich bij het lezen, niet per se bij het schrijven, het schrijven komt voor het lezen, het schrijven is de weerslag van het creatief proces, per definitie een chaos, de orde komt

    By Diederd Kronjee on 08.26.2012

  39. een ketting van woorden, meer is het niet, een gedicht is een ketting van woorden, de samenhang ontstaat bij het lezen, bij het schrijven is het er nog niet, het schrijven is de weerslag van het creatief proces, per definitie een chaos, de orde komt wanneer de chaos wordt gelezen, gezien door de schrijver

    By diederd URL on 08.26.2012

  40. The chain hung loosely around his large, fur-matted neck, as he blindly pulled the links through his fingers.

    By Fiona URL on 08.26.2012