August 25th, 2012 | 231 Entries

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231 Entries for “chain”

  1. Sherlock was having a little fun with this “client”. A little too obedient, she thought.

    Once again, a case has brought her undercover, but this time as a dominatrix. Complete with the all black leather get-up and a whip. She didn’t like the idea at first but really. Bossing people around and getting paid for is quite interesting and not boring.

    But she doesn’t actually touch her “clients”, which makes her all the more famous as a dominatrix. Sherlock scowled at that. She was expecting a low profile but she wasn’t interested in having sex with her clients. Too boring and too strange, considering her “curse”.

    “Please… Use me… Beat me… Chain me,” she heard her target, Craig, pant from behind her. She’s slapped him quite enough times to get him going for more. Better give him what he wants, she thought.

    “Fine, but on one condition…” she said with her dominatrix smirk. The poor little sod nodded and knelt in front of her. She picked up the handcuffs in her bag and locked them on Craig’s wrists. She got a chain and attached it to the cuffs and locked it on the nearest post. She could see in the blighter’s eyes the pain and excitement. She walked over to her slave and cooed in his ear “Tell me what you know about The Doctor.”

    By smoothmovebro on 08.25.2012

  2. chians have kept people from what they really want for years, wheather these chains be physical or metaphorical there are chains all around us everyday. restrictyions, laws boundries etc. we will never really be free from the chains that heep us in. the ties that bind. the links in your life. when one see’s a chain one thinks of restriction. unleash yourself break free from the socio economical chains that are put befor you. breathe.

    By sammantha vega on 08.25.2012

  3. The chains that have bond me for so long still maintain their whole strength. I do not know how long I’ve been here, but I can’t wait to die.

    By Carlos Molina on 08.25.2012

  4. His foot was chained to the floor, and his arm was chained to the wall. His fingers were chained together, and his toes were, too. Chain wrapped around his shoulders, and chain coiled around his head. Metal serpents bit at his chest and ears and even around his neck. He could barely breathe under so much metal, and only his facial features could be seen under all the necessary weight.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.25.2012

  5. it broke when i needed it not to. and then i began to wonder: where was i falling? how can the past be broken? are my memories now detached? does that make me less whole? because i’ve been feeling in pieces anyway

    By Josy on 08.25.2012

  6. Circle of life filled with energy, give me strenght.

    By orestisJP on 08.25.2012

  7. Chained to a wall at the end of time is nothing like being chained to you. You too.
    Sleeping away with it around my neck and never a thing to think. A think to thing.
    Never a you to think.

    By Sofia URL on 08.25.2012

  8. Sometimes I think about high school and realize how much can change in three months. But since I got out, I no longer feel the links of the chain quite as uniformly. I change in spurts and have realized that sometimes you have to buckle up and enjoy whatever you are a part of at that moment.

    By Andrea Swanson on 08.25.2012

  9. Chains dangled from the ceiling. I put my hands out blindly, it was dark, so dark. I could hear clanging and clattering, but beneath that there was another sound. Soft, barely perceptible, but still there. Rustling and chattering. There was something here. Something in the dark.

    By Naomi URL on 08.25.2012

  10. The strongest chains that bind us are the freedoms we take for granted, don’t realize we have, and that we think we don’t deserve.

    By Giles URL on 08.25.2012

  11. trapped cold alone never opened the chains of life have trapped me. I am left chained to my mistakes. These chains will never be broken

    By faye sophia on 08.25.2012

  12. Chain, chain….chain of fools. My brain is pretty slow and Aretha’s song is all I can think of.
    at the moment. I still have time left but can’t think of anything else.

    By Jean on 08.25.2012

  13. The chain literally jumped up and down. I couldn’t stop it. Just pure terror as it leaped across the bike. I knew this is how I’d die. Metallic death. I knew I should have listened to the gypsy while I still had her blessing. Goodbye.

    By Eddie on 08.25.2012

  14. the food chain, similar to the pecking order. Or simply a status. Like here in camp, Dave is at the top and Evan at the bottom. They are chained together by Grant. They are one of a kind but so different all at once.

    By Veronique URL on 08.25.2012

  15. The chain reached out and grasped my ankel. I screamed for help as I was yanked back. I stretched my hand out trying to pull the chain off of me but it tightened even further. Tears began to slide down my face. He was coming towards me now. I held up my hand hand and shot a mass of dirt up a him. I was too tired. I had been running too long and couldn’t accomplish much. My efforts were pointless. He slung the dirt off his shoulder and glared at me. I tried desperately to raise the boulder to my right but it wouldn’t budge. I cried for help again but my voice was cut off. He smiled down at me a sick smile. “Hello my dear.” and then he was gone. The chain loosened and I was able to open my mouth again. I looked around there seemed to be no one else in sight. But I knew better. I had

    By Minka on 08.25.2012

  16. remember those paper chains we’d make in middle school? everyone would make a couple and then we’d connect them all to each other. it was a metaphor for life…all of our decisions eventually link together to make one ultimate outcome.

    By sierra on 08.25.2012

  17. caught. caught in place. ball and chain. stuck. never leaving. links. missing link to the past. metal. cool and distant. unloving. chain gang. prisoner….. nothing else

    By corinthia on 08.25.2012

  18. A chain can hold together physical materials in a strong and orderly fashion. Howeve it can also mentally hold eky memories and emotions that are connected.

    By james on 08.25.2012

  19. Chain reactions. I don’t know what to write about today’s word so I’m just going to say that my name is Daisy and I like turtles, owls, jellyfish and butterflies.

    By Daisy Alvarez on 08.25.2012

  20. I own a chain that my moth bought me when i was 14. It is very important to me because she had a brain tumor and thought she was going to die Now every time i see the chain i think of the strength and determination one must have o get through obstacles in life. I admire this trait in her and many others as well.

    By Maiah on 08.25.2012

  21. In a chain link armour the knight acsended on to the battlefield. Knowing not what was to come, or what was to be. His future was uncertain, but his legacy was predetermined.

    By Jeremy Robinson on 08.25.2012

  22. Chains imply linking one thing to another. A fence. Keys. Cuffs. What is it that ties things together beyond cold metal and steel? Are their invisible chains connecting you, me, everyone?

    By Ashi URL on 08.25.2012

  23. the chain hung from her hand the sun reflected on the glistening silver. the heart shaped chain felt cold in her touch but warmer then her past lovers. she felt brave holding it as though she were breathing in confidence and holding it in her heart.

    By georgia URL on 08.25.2012

  24. But this was a chain. Not a rope, not thread, not a strap, a chain. Everything associated with this word has negative connotations, with the one exception being, the phrase, “breaking through the chains,” or something along those lines.

    By Jeremy R URL on 08.25.2012

  25. jail restriction people government metal noise love church bible jesus

    By abbi on 08.25.2012

  26. Easily posed, they bind you, plain. Certain not, I deign, to say, strict the same as being reigned. As one implies the rider, vain and loud and heather-maned, who from his pulpit cockpit feigns his tyrant might in mighty cane. Laid it on your back, the pain! Out spite you spat his filthy name. And thrust upon him hateful blame. But he, who smirking in your vein, wriggling bane behind your brain, binds you fast to death’s refrain, reminds you, in an olden say’n’: bodies, dust, insane is free, in the madness of our mind’s reply, bound to something’s all hope be.

    By mattlock URL on 08.25.2012

  27. i wrote this one already!

    By mt on 08.25.2012

  28. A chain can’t be formed by yourself or with one, single thing. Otherwise, it isn’t called a chain. It’s a link of either ideas, objects etc. to make up a chain. Constant, together and united as one in the end.

    By Flora on 08.25.2012

  29. Sometimes I get those really bad chain emails. They usually say something like if you don’t read this or send it to other people, then you will die. So, I

    By S.H on 08.25.2012

  30. what about these gold chains. i want hundreds of kilos of them. use them for making bridge across rivers. have pay for schools, planting trees. making watering holes for animals. do not want these chains to hold anybody hostage. use these chains for the good of humanity. Break bad chains. use them for supporting weaker ones. use them for reinforcement.

    By Mona on 08.25.2012

  31. a group of combined items, thread, necklace, beginning and end, silver. connected, grey

    By michelle on 08.25.2012

  32. I am part of a chain of engineers that stretches back hundreds of years. Engineers that have been responsible for providing safe drinking water had rough beginnings but with knowledge of bacteriology, chemistry and public health, they ultimately stumnbled onto filtration and chlorination.

    By Michael J. McGuire URL on 08.25.2012

  33. The first thing I think of when I see this word is not being able to experience all that life has to offer because I was too scared. I have been chained by fear of failure a lot of my life. I know that my life isn’t going the way that I want it to and it is because I am too afraid that I won’t make it doing what I really want to do.

    By Michelle on 08.25.2012

  34. chained within the bounds of what my body can handle. he tried to break down and through and through these chains. he left me hanging, bleeding, broken and bruised. weeping on the floor asking for his understanding. what did he go and do this for?

    By nomi on 08.25.2012

  35. The chains weren’t all that uncomfortable. I always imagined chains would be the most uncomfortable things ever– cold, unfeeling, restricting, unrelenting. But in a way, they’re comfort because they tether me to reality. They remind me that I exist.

    By Sejal on 08.25.2012

  36. Pandora Hearts.

    By Stephen on 08.25.2012

  37. The chain linked fence was as tall as the trees. As we pondered on how were were possibly going to get over it, we heard a loud bang in the yard next door.

    By Ashley on 08.25.2012

  38. something that bars me or links me to a place emotionally. It’s awful because I feel these around my essence every two years. I can’t seem to break free of this two year stint. What is it that keeps me from being able to stay longer… why do I allow this to happen

    By Vincent on 08.25.2012

  39. I’m stuck in this place I feel. I can expand my ideas and dreams to the outer reaches of the universe, I however, cannot seem to leave this room. I have better plans for myself, but I’m too lazy to move.

    By scholar URL on 08.25.2012

  40. a fence is in the distance, chained and silvery, containing the inhabitants of the asylum to the pasture where they were allowed to roam for 2 hours a day lest they become even more insane cooped up in the dank of the cinderblock house.

    By Austin Stanton on 08.25.2012