December 19th, 2013 | 76 Entries

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76 Entries for “celebrity”

  1. Celebreties. They come and go. Some stay longer, some don’t. I really feel like there shouldn’t only be a few. After all we are all people. We aren’t the same. but were pretty much equal.

    By Fahos on 12.19.2013

  2. She moved with alacrity through the love of the mirthful crowds and city. She glittered and did not shine. Pity, I think the word they used, that her celestial beauty fell prematurely from the vine. No seed came of the fruit of her brief and luminous levity; her withered icon fallen, in the end, her life another elegy.

    By mattlock URL on 12.19.2013

  3. Why do we love them? Why do we worship them? Are we really unhappy with ourselves? Maybe.
    Some are inspiring but most, I simply don’t care about. It’s not harsh. Just realistic.

    By Girl URL on 12.19.2013

  4. I guess it doesn’t take much nowadays to be called a celebrity when people like the Kardashians are included. I must be sounding ancient, but it used to be that true movie stars and famous singers were the celebrities as well as a small spattering of athletes. Seems all it takes now is a sex tape leaked to the press by your mother…..with your full consent and approval of course.

    By just a girl URL on 12.19.2013

  5. celebrity shouldn’t only be for famous people because shouldn’t it be for a person we celebrate?
    I celebrate you.

    By Tea Monkey URL on 12.19.2013

  6. I do not seek fame;
    too shiny, too hideous for me.

    I’m just looking forward to a new beginning,
    a new bright sun will rise over the golden hills.

    I can not see forward anything
    but my dream;
    my eyes are shut down in front of the lonely road.

    I believe and I will do it.
    Even if it costs anger&strength.

    By gargouillis URL on 12.19.2013

  7. Known for repeating the words strung by others.

    By Grace URL on 12.19.2013

  8. She got up to the stage and laughed as the crowd went wild.
    “This?” She looked around. “This is what you want?”
    The crowd quieted.
    “You are the ones that choose who becomes famous. Who’s successful. We used to worship gods, deities, spirits….but me? Is this what passes for a goddess these days?”

    By Anonymous URL on 12.19.2013

  9. Famous and fabulous. Everyone is so obsessed with them. Their clothes, what they eat, where they go… Cameras following them everywhere. But what makes them so special? Why movie actors? TV stars? What makes them so much more fabulous than everyday people?

    By Anna on 12.19.2013

  10. A small rock spawned, as out of nowhere, and struck him right in his whiskers.
    Such a sad day for Christiany, said a bystander.
    It had gone right through the white, smoking chimney.
    And hit the Pope.

    By Melle Gubbels on 12.19.2013

  11. Who cares? I can be one too. Anyone can. What makes a celebrity? Popularity? Attractiveness? Kindness and compassion. That’s all you need and all you will ever need.

    By Elena on 12.19.2013

  12. The spotlight shines with the intensity of a helicopter searchlight, and my vision is skewed. The audience is nothing but one giant spot of shimmering white. Standing here, the hand of anxiety twisting my gut like a washing machine, I know what it feels like to be you.

    By KT URL on 12.19.2013

  13. okay so really like
    i would like to be a celebrity maybe
    but not
    i just dont know
    celebrity is cool but
    i mean. im not supposed to think but i dont know

    By kathryn on 12.19.2013

  14. Look at her fabulous hair, white teeth, flawless skin, damn celebrities have all the perks. Being rich is one thing but when you’re a celebrity you have the looks that go along with that fame and fortune.

    By Kenzie URL on 12.19.2013

  15. “You can say that my celebrity is all luck, but that’s mostly just what the people who hate me say. I got here by pure talent, damn you, and you’d be better off to remember it! I worked from the bottom up for this! So you leave me the hell alone.”

    By Dominik URL on 12.19.2013

  16. there are many celebrities that we know nothing about and yet there are others that we know too much about. How do some avoid the ugly spotlight while others are forced below it. Every day we see pictures of them in their eyery day lives. How annoying would it be if people took pictures of you when you needed to grab some milk at the grocery store on a sleepy saturday when you dont feel like even getting dressed.

    By Iz on 12.19.2013

  17. naturally, the last thing I ever really wanted to be was a celebrity

    but there are kids who fit in and there are kids who stand out and then there is me

    an outsider, but not a particularly welcomed one

    and I know I can become whatever I want to but what do I want to become? and I wonder

    would it be so bad if everyone knew who I was?

    I don’t know a thing.

    By who knows on 12.19.2013

  18. She said it didn’t matter who it was or what she looked like. He got it, he said. No, he didn’t. The dog spun in circles before sitting down. The TV was still on and he glanced at it, suggesting that maybe a bit of a nudge down on the volume might lead to less shouting. It didn’t.

    By DMM URL on 12.19.2013

  19. Can I have your autograph? So what is it like to be famous?.” The questions they never stop asking!

    By cowgirl33 URL on 12.19.2013

  20. Celebrity. Well, I don’t know. What about them? They’re famous. People look at them as plastic people…. unreal. Unemotional. They believe celebrities are perfect. I mean, they’re people, just like us. Yeah, they star in movies. Yeah, they’re idols for absolutely everything we see. But come on now. Celebrities? They’re people too.

    By Elizabeth Becz on 12.19.2013

  21. Are they really extra special? Could anyone be a celebrity. We think there the best, but aren’t they really just normal people who need love?

    By cowgirl33 URL on 12.19.2013

  22. Flaunt everything you’ve got. Sing them songs of romance, write them stories of inspiration, show them movies of adventure. Stride on velvet carpets with long, exposing dresses and deceiving tuxedos and laugh a fake laugh when they tell you a joke, don’t forget to smile for the camera. You are Hollywood’s cover, you are an image of perfection (picture Tom Hiddleston), and you are JUST an image.

    By SpiderwebWisher URL on 12.19.2013

  23. “I’m a celebrity here? Why am I a celebrity here?”

    “They heard all about what you did to that one bitchy customer,” Harriet replied with a smile, undoing the fraying knot that held her apron against the curved part of his back. “You know, the one who always cut in line and claimed the manager was an ugly dyke? She hasn’t been back since. You’re a hero here.”

    “Huh.” I pursed my lips. “Does that mean I get a hero’s discount now every time I want a bowl of noodles?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.19.2013

  24. fame money fortune darling
    pilates and chelsea heels
    the heartthrobs are heartbroken and
    wailing for the ail to celebrity

    By bitsy on 12.19.2013

  25. When I became a celebrity, I died. The person who I was no longer existed. My name became what every other person in the world said my name was, and not the true essence of who I was.

    By Amanda URL on 12.19.2013

  26. Celebrity? I Don’t know much about celebrities. They seem stuck up and horribly destructive no matter which path they take. 60 seconds to be a celebrity…..

    By Dejers on 12.19.2013

  27. I pulled my hood up and took a peek around the corner. I didn’t see anybody so I darted forwards and turned the corner. Quickly. “HEY! There she is!” I heard. “Shit…” I muttered and started running.

    By Faith on 12.19.2013

  28. “Hey! I’m Jack Tunnels and I’m about to sing my hit song “Shadows” thousands of people scream in excitement. I frown slightly and sigh but then put on my fake smile again and start singing. After I’m done I go behind stage.
    “What’s wrong Jack? You go back in five…” One of my directors tell me.
    I sigh “I guess I’m not really feeling it. I’m so tired of everything today. Sorry, I’ll be good.”

    By Phaeythe URL on 12.19.2013

  29. i don’t think i’d ever really like to be a celebrity- i mean, the fame might be nice but i wouldn’t like all the attention and the cameras in my face all the time. also, i have stage freight so that wouldn’t work. though i do think that it’d be cool to know who actually likes me- how many people i will get in my following. who’s role model i’d become.

    By JacobLD URL on 12.19.2013

  30. She gained a certain degree of celebrity in her neighbourhood, which meant that even putting out the trash was an exercise in public relations. Her tendency to forget to put on pants therefore became a bit of a problem.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.19.2013

  31. Blood-tipped halos peaking
    mortal heads and mortal hearts,
    but giving illusion where illusions
    count, and where faking is the only
    viable option in reply to the confines
    of reality.

    I’d rather stay dreaming.

    By Pandatry URL on 12.19.2013

  32. dfnkmdnfkjdla;jklaj jd I jikda ojd kd jdlanekl ke never have i even seen a person as beautfiul as that person over there they have a nice face and a nice nose. i hope they do well in life.

    By Ke on 12.19.2013

  33. A personae who is famous or has a job as a superstar. They can get out of controls sometimes but they can be pretty or handsome.

    By Chaili on 12.19.2013

  34. manufactured
    boldly branded
    they wore their labels proudly
    always decorated with vivid colours
    paint strokes
    and coverings

    one often forgot
    they were human

    By S URL on 12.19.2013

  35. Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick tock. There was never enough time to drag yourself into a pair of heels sharp enough to end up with bloody ankles. You were always on the edge of running out of the limo, one shoe barely on, already the plastic digging into your soft flesh.

    By Ruby Orth on 12.19.2013

  36. People want be
    But the big baggage
    Isn’t all that

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 12.19.2013

  37. The nightclub was hot, sticky, and I felt on the verge of being claustrophobic. This was not my scene, whatsoever. As I stalked through the mass of dancers and ‘suave’ male peacocks, I noticed this face that I’d never seen in person, but yet, I recognized.

    I realized exactly who he was once I accidentally knocked my elbow into his ribs, causing a series of domino reactions, one person struggling with their drinks after another- it was quite comical.

    My god. It was Lawrence Bradly. I had just watched him on TV this morning… The only difference was he was drenched, and angry.

    By Andraya URL on 12.19.2013

  38. i’ve always dreamed of being a celebrity
    i’m studying theatre
    but i know i’ll never get there
    not at my weight

    that’s a tad dramatic
    and mean

    By Candice URL on 12.19.2013

  39. Dreams fill in our lives with sweet fibers, weaving to and fro, holding together the mess which forms to create our days, our weeks, our lives.
    Celebrity sound so similar to celebration, but I’m not sure if being celebrated for being a celebrity is even a thing which should be done. Being a celebrity seemed so glamorous. Now? I suppose everything loses it’s shine.

    By Beth A URL on 12.20.2013

  40. Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Everyone wants the attention…the fame. All people want these days is to belong to someone or something. They want to belong to everything but themselves. It’s unbelievable. Being a celebrity is not everything that people think. How about being yourself?

    By Donesha URL on 12.20.2013