September 19th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “celebrate”

  1. To show joy over what makes you happy. To laugh live and love all at the same time. To show your gratitude. Celebrate the little things, the flowers, they are God’s design, celebrate baby’s laughing, celebrate families making memories together.

    By Kimberly Gross on 09.19.2011

  2. dorm, college, halloween, christmas, birthday, jons bday

    By Jonathan URL on 09.19.2011

  3. Needs whiskey. Preferably Single Malt Scotch.

    Such a journey through the woods I took today. To find myself in moments of solitude I absorbed all that was around me until I found myself staring into a small pond. And in that pond, I beckoned myself on. Diving in I found the cave of wonders I’ve hidden all this time. And rejoiced at my ability to find it. Now to lift it above ground and share it with others.

    By Jason URL on 09.19.2011

  4. A day without stepping in horse manure is a reason to celebrate. A night without rain is no reason to cry. A day without sunshine would be a day I would never want to wake up to.

    By dan URL on 09.19.2011

  5. To be happy. To experience and share in great joy with those you love. To know you are truly blessed. The little things. The big things. And all the things in between.

    By Jessi G URL on 09.19.2011

  6. I love to celebrate. Whether it be life or death there is always time to celebrate. People don’t do it enough, until its too late…

    By Roro on 09.19.2011

  7. I like to celebrate good times like there’s no tomorrow. Because there ain’t. So live it up and party out because tomorrow ain’t comin’, and we need to make the most of today!

    By Samantha URL on 09.19.2011

  8. Celebrate! What? Life? Not easy. What else? Friends, ha, I can almost appreciate them but it all feels so utterly tenuous and open to abuse and pain and awfulness. I want to run away from life not celebrate it. Life is not a party it’s a long hard battle which I’m fed up of fighting. I give in. I accept defeat. I celebrate defeat how’s that?

    By Newmeoldme on 09.19.2011

  9. What is there to celebrate about? Right now I’m in a place I don’t want to be. I’m stuck. I’m bored. I want to do more with my life. But here I am. Alone. At home. Doing nothing of importance at all. I feel like a waste of space.

    By Robin Duff on 09.19.2011

  10. The party is in full swing. Streamers flutter to the floor and mingle with the rainbow balloons. The music blares out of the speakers on either side of the room. And boom blasts out and pops my eardrums.

    By DARE URL on 09.19.2011

  11. To create, move paint, our bodies cross our minds and set us in this mold where we can freeze, for the moment, and explore shit move loss wasp think in a boundless reality of a fantastical way that we have chose to depict the things of every picture depict depict depict depict.

    By Gem Wobel on 09.19.2011

  12. My friend’s birthday is coming up this weekend. I am pretty excited to celebrate it. I’m hoping this weekend turns out into the fun-filled, happy weekend I’ve been hyping it out to be in my head this whole week.

    By Cheloz on 09.19.2011

  13. i dont know, i guess i would like to celebrate, if i had something to celebrate. I probably would. Its fun sometimes, sometimes it can be stressful. I would get drunk. then waste the ext day. i dont often have a reason to celebrate. i wish things were better, i could eat something and be happy. i would like to celebrate something soon

    By joe on 09.19.2011

  14. Christmas. Parties. Friendship. New life. Drinking. Laughing. Having a damn good time. Jumping. Dancing. Sunshine. Cheers.

    By Amethyst Geiger on 09.19.2011

  15. Donning the words you give me during our countless conversations. you brought me versions of life that I’ve since lived without. I don’t brighten anymore, and perhaps I should celebrate that I found such a thing to compare others to.

    By Vanessa URL on 09.19.2011

  16. the people.
    the moment.
    the reason.

    how and why.
    this almost makes sence.

    becoming something for the sake of itself.
    without passion where would we go.

    By Alexandria URL on 09.19.2011

  17. Celebrate life and don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t. We only have one chance to do the things that we’ve always wanted. So do it and celebrate! Go for whatever you want to do.

    By Lisa URL on 09.19.2011

  18. The confetti had finished falling, landing and nesting in her hair, swept into a loose mess of curls on top of her head. It was after midnight, all of the guests had gone. The celebration was one for the books. Her ring glistened in the lights that were still prepped for a party already completed, and she twirled it around her finger, committed. Committed to what, she was unsure. It was going to be a night to remember, no matter what the outcome was going to be.

    By kaeelle URL on 09.19.2011

  19. birthdays parties good times friends school graduation leaving getting ajob qutting your job getting married getting divorced getting dumped being the dumpee losing weight winning an award getting an a just for fun

    By Morgan Knapp URL on 09.19.2011

  20. life with all the passion you can give. love with your soul mate. that we are alive and we are creative humans.

    By Esteban Polloe on 09.19.2011

  21. I celebrate this moment, this seemingly eternal bliss, only to realize that it won’t last. This celebration, like all things will pass and I will be left with the vague memories of this wonderful time, until once again I can celebrate.

    By Stephanie on 09.19.2011

  22. fun, songs music, celebrate good times come on…. uhmmmm party! balloons birthday. crate. cake, life

    By julija on 09.19.2011

  23. We went about collecting the various supplies we needed, a task that long ago became such a chore that sometimes we considered stopping, seeing how long we could last without them just to end the incomprehensibly boring rut of daily life we had created for ourselves. That’s not totally accurate, it wasn’t us that had made this life the only life possible. It was them, them that destroyed everything that had provided endlessly for us all the way back into oblivion. They now had to live this life with us. We happened upon groups of them from time to time, the only possible punishment acting in complete ignorance of them, to us they did not exist. They called out to us, seeking the simplest of human wants, basic conversation, recognition, but we did not budge. Because of them there was nothing left to celebrate. There were no more holidays. There was only survival in it’s most brutal and inescapable form. For that they no longer lived, they, just ghosts marching across the plains, as barren as the Earth itself, forever alone.

    By zachmichelini URL on 09.19.2011

  24. anniversary
    birth day
    each and every seconmd of life
    this time
    life given by god
    celebrate bein gfwd frends

    By sam on 09.19.2011

  25. Let’s celebrate,
    drink til we can’t articulate,
    until no one discriminates,
    until we find some other way,
    to ease the pain.

    Life isn’t that great.
    And i have no idea why i wrote these lines , just what i thought on the spot. It sounds a bit retarded.

    By Olive URL on 09.19.2011

  26. Celebrate the time you have with one another. Time has no feelings or remorse about lost chances and regret.

    By Patrick URL on 09.19.2011

  27. celebrate brate..rate. rating boys and girls. girls like cars and money. music. this is really weird. but its kinda entertaining. i miss laura. frootloop. we used to best friends. my brain thinks faster than i can type

    By moriahrodriguez on 09.19.2011

  28. Celebrate good times! The song of the world knows it’s name. What more could a giant loch ness monster want, than to eat, drink, and be fairly merry. What nonsense is this? That a world around the game should draw pictures on its wall?

    By David on 09.19.2011

  29. it’s my 17th birthday. for some it may not be a big deal…that’s 16 anyway. but for me, it means alot. it means i can finally be with him. it’s the legal age. who cares if he’s 7 years older than me. all i know is that we can finally be together and no one can say anything about it.

    By sydney URL on 09.19.2011

  30. I decided not to celebrate the death of my cousin like I wanted to. Honestly, I hated her and her dying didn’t seem to strike me in any way sad. In truth, I wish she’d never even met me . Something about her always seemed to irritate me even if she hadn’t spoke a word at all. Just her.
    But ofcourse, I attend her funeral and fain content sadness as the coffin rolls by.

    By Mari URL on 09.19.2011

  31. “I would like to celebrate this occasion with a toast” Jack lifted his wineglass, standing on a balcony halfway up the stairs, above the elegantly dressed crowd, “A toast to our good healty, peace and prosperity.”
    The croud lifted there glasses, toasted and drank.
    ‘Soon nothing any of you will have anymore’ Jack thought as he sipped his wine, grinning mischieveiously. A woman colapsed and the crowed gasped, then more fell dead to the ground, dropping like flies. When no more stood Jack wandered through the bodies. A few writhed in pain, alive, very well alive. Jack smilied at their pain and moved along, occasionally stopping to pick a couple pieces of jewlery off some corpses or stare happily at some of whom he had not favored. He reached the balcony as first few started to rise and sipped his wine glass watching. When all who survived were up he cleared his throat and they turned their attention to him.
    “Welcome to your new world my dear pawns” he chuckled darkly as they stared at him, their eyes gleaming with malice.

    By Solanaceae URL on 09.19.2011

  32. I wan to celebrate, I want life to be a celebration. I’m tired of these tired days or regret. Take it all away with a feather duster, dust away the aching past and leave me here now fresh and new.

    By Bridiejo URL on 09.19.2011

  33. Autumn
    My favorite time of year
    A time to celebrate life and the closures that must happen in order to make room for new growth and new beginnings

    By Bryan Green URL on 09.19.2011

  34. Celebration. Christmas. December. Winter. Snow. Cold. Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Food. Food. Orange. Warmth. Space heater. Blanket. Scarves. Mittens. Frost. Snow.

    By Hannah S URL on 09.19.2011

  35. I want to celebrate. Let’s think about things to be grateful for. This is the reason we celebrate, right? Because we are grateful for the winning goal, for the newborn child, for the union of two souls.

    By Jess URL on 09.19.2011

  36. “C’mon. I’ll give you a ride home.”
    “Hayd, it’s like, two blocks. I’ll walk.”
    “Kelly, I’m not making you walk home. It’s on the way, anyway.”
    “There’s no point. It might even take longer to drive than to walk.”
    “No. It won’t. And…I really want to. Please?”
    “Because why?”
    “That’s not an answer!”
    “Ple-e-ease?” He stuck his lower lip out.
    “Fine.” She said angrily, and he grinned, leading her to the shotgun seat.
    “Hayden?” She said when she opened her door, picking up the bouquet of flowers on the seat. “What’s this for?”

    “It’s our ten-year friendship anniversary.”

    By Totally Caesar URL on 09.19.2011

  37. “Celebrate!” she exclaimed. It’s one day before what is predicted to be the end of the world. While half of the world is packing their basements full of survivalist fare, Marla is throwing the biggest party of the year. “We’re all fucked–and that’s OK!” she slurred and took another swig of vodka out of her flask.

    By Lina Bean URL on 09.19.2011

  38. I have nothing to fucking celebrate right now.
    I just want to crawl in a hole and never come out, I don’t even care that it’s raining right now.
    I’m willing to deal with the mud.

    By Hollie URL on 09.19.2011

  39. No need to celebrate when life gives you everything. Acheivements are worthless without those epic moments of failure. A streak of perfection is undoubtably less enjoyable without an even longer streak of imperfection. Enjoy your ability to be able to celebrate, and appreciate why.

    By Carl Wilson on 09.19.2011

  40. Celebrate what? I don’t have time to celebrate. That is, a don’t have a reason. Then again, I don’t need a reason. But the words on the screen are so slow to appear that I wonder why I should be celebrating in the first place. Celebrate. Pop the balloons. 60 second party right here. Yeah I sound like I have been drinking too much already. And everyon’e making so much noise, even though the music has stopped. Ouch. My head hurts. What were we celebrating again?

    By Acid URL on 09.19.2011