September 19th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “celebrate”

  1. they were celebrating her birthday, the empress. she was turning 28. the entire kiungdom was in attendence. she looked up.
    “my people, you don’t need to celebrate my birthday like this.” she said.
    “you are worthy of our appreciation”

    By Kazuko URL on 09.19.2011

  2. celebrate

    By Oceana55 on 09.19.2011

  3. when i think of celebrating i think of all the good things in life. Whether it’s a birthday party or a anniversary, it seems that everybody has something to be happy about. This is a great thing, because if people focused more on the things to celebrate, the world would be a better place. Focusing on the positives is always better than the negatives.

    By Samantha on 09.19.2011

  4. It was so late that it was almost daytime. It was so late that all the stars had gone out. It was so late that it was unimaginable to start again. Yet that was what he was going to do. After so long he had finally solved the equation. He’d check again and then ring the chief, that was the thing to do, then it could be released to the world. A new immutable physical law had been discovered, his law. He’d call it Angus’s Law of Obdurate Requisiteness. He picked up his pencil and put soft lead to paper again.

    By ember URL on 09.19.2011

  5. A celebration of life is the best kind of celebration. We have so much to be thankful for, it’s hard to remember that since we often only feel sorry for ourselves. Celebrating life a little bit everyday as well as giving thanks is the best way to life and to live without regrets.

    By Kendrick Pifer on 09.19.2011

  6. *SIREN>”REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILLThank you for participating in our drill, be sure to grab your bags and head to the nearest exit, Once again thank you for flying Air Apocalypse.”

    By Andy on 09.19.2011


    By Stephanie on 09.19.2011

  8. Every day since then, the rain was confetti. She moved in a continous ticker tape parade, her life a constantly shaken snowglobe. She always wore the tall shoes. She never put the hiding clothes back on. God saved the Queen.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.19.2011

  9. I caught a glimpse of the people passing down the road, to celebrate the passing of a local deity or something. Celebrate the death of a God? But then, is that so different from how we celebrate Jesus? I mean, he died, but rose again. Vibrant colours, death masks and costumes abounded. The people were caught up in a fever of religious ecstasy, and I joined the line and went with them towards their vague destination.

    By Niko on 09.19.2011

  10. Its a time to be happy, time to be with friends and family and enjoy the simple things in life: love, laughter, time spent together. Celebrating happens in many forms, but the most in important part is to be joyful for the occasion. I love celebrating.

    By Alannah on 09.19.2011

  11. I really would like to celebrate something. Anything. The beautiful life that I have. I just wish that things were different. I try to use everyday to celebrate my daughter. It all just seems so bland. I wish we cherished and loved more. We should all try. Everyday should be a celebration.

    By AppleJuicePrincess URL on 09.19.2011

  12. I love to celebrate life everyday by watching things go by such as birds and squirrels, I don’t even realize I do it. I obviously celebrate birthdays and other celebratory occasions, but doesn’t everybody?

    By Maiya Bravener on 09.19.2011

  13. I love celebrations… I love seeing my family. Going to New York and Kentucky for graduations and birthday parties. Partying in general with good and/or close friends. I can find a meaning, way, or reason to celebrate with anyone about anything. Chinese people loved to have a chance to celebrate in the middle ages, from what I learned in my Humanities class today. I almost forgot, we have a test on book two tomorrow. Hopefully all will go well, then I can celebrate! =D

    By Brittany URL on 09.19.2011

  14. the way i feel when a body moves in a motion full of suspense and anger in the way that people know how to care about one another is something we should be able to take advantage of everyday because we know we need more time

    By Alessandra on 09.19.2011

  15. We should celebrate all of our winnings this week. The last time we went to the casino, we didn’t win anything and had nothing to celebrate. This time we won like a million dollars so we have so many things to be happy and thankful for. aka celebrate. You should always celebrate when you are awesome.

    By Geoff on 09.19.2011

  16. The victory was something to celebrate. They lifted their weapons in the air and let out a loud cheer. Embracing and crying tears of joy, they made their way off the battlefield. It was over, they could go home.

    By Regan URL on 09.19.2011

  17. Parties and fun and cake. Balloons and champagne. Lots of people and fun times and nice things. Erm. Dancing and flowers. Bunting. My family everywhere. Smiles and cards of congratulations. Nice clothes that make you feel good. Smiles and laughter and bubbly drinks.

    By Hester on 09.19.2011

  18. Sobriety, peace, serenity, love, life, family, letting go, acceptance of things I can’t control and being okay.

    By Aimee URL on 09.19.2011

  19. celebration is happy. You celebrate the start of something good, the end of something bad, or both. You celebrate- christmas, birthdays, weddings..love. All celebrations are centered around love..and happiness. So love, and be happy, and celebrate. Every day of the year.

    By lydia URL on 09.19.2011

  20. Let’s celebrate new life! Let’s celebrate old life! Let’s celebrate the miracle that we exist. Let’s be happy with the short time we have on Earth.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.19.2011

  21. in celebrating one’s self, successes and achievements we tend to forget those who were there for us from the start. It shouldn’t be a celebration of one’s self accomplishment as much as a celebration of our collaborative and shared existence.

    By bluerose23 URL on 09.19.2011

  22. sometimes there are simply no reasons to celebrate other then the fact that we got to wake up. we got to get out of bed and do something with our existence; whether that term be arguable or not, we did. and it was up to us.

    By mark stickney on 09.19.2011

  23. i love to party and celebrate the amazing things in life like family friendship and the blessings that come our way. we should all take time to celebrate the life we have and who we are.

    By Emily Smith on 09.19.2011

  24. Confetti. Gold bubbles of champagne. Pastel rainbow ribbons. Take a slurp, a sip: celebrate. Put on your party hat while your heart weeps. Smile. Try not to show the cracks. Hurray, hurrah! Be a jolly good fella! Celebrate. Try not to choke in the vice-grip of age. Tighten the golden handcuffs of convention. Be a sport! Don’t be a party pooper! Chin up, head up, heart up! Let’s raise a glass and make a toast! To you, to you, to you! (To me, sigh, cry, grimace. Party hat flops, spirit too; to me.)

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.19.2011

  25. I hold the whole Earth in my hand.
    My pores soak in all of Life as
    my hairs stand to honor Humanity.
    Antartica cools my wrist and its icebergs exfoliate my skin.
    The Pacific Ocean rests nicely in my palm that is tickled
    by the occasional dolphin that jumps to say hello
    as my pinky sunbaths across sands of the Sahara.
    My index finger flows down the Amazon,
    moisturized by its dark, jungle mud.
    My middle finger says fuck off to military bases
    & erases the nation lines drawn in dirt that separate us
    with my thumb presses hard on the hearts of all politicians
    who choose war over peace.

    By drew URL on 09.19.2011

  26. celebrate celebrate all i can think of is being in line at the drinking fountain after being taught by Mrs. Keefer to count backwards when taking a drink because it’s a longer period of time and we would all get more water. when i would walk at the back of the line down the music hallway and blurred my eyes, she looked like an alien walking at the front of the line. this would increase my frustration – i was already frustrated because my mother had rolled up my long sleeves and i would rather have had them covering my hands.

    By Leslie B. on 09.19.2011

  27. what does it mean ,i have no idea at all ,what an interesting web site but it does not make any sense what is one word can anyone tell me ,this is fun but oh well ,hey whats the point of this anyways.

    By Ashley on 09.19.2011

  28. soy una persona que celebra la vida y sus delicias . celebro a mias amigos , el amor , mi familia y cada dia . Celebro y bailo y rio y vivir

    By valentina on 09.19.2011

  29. I love to celebrate Christmas with the family. Traditions of years and years mixed with new, meaningful ways to celebrate. In celebration one can fill up with Christ, fill up with love.

    By EH on 09.19.2011

  30. I was walking into my house and I realized that there were too many cars outside. When I walked in, my whole family was there! It was a celebration for me! I had just graduated and thought no one cared, but they exceded my expectations by a milllion.

    By Sarah on 09.19.2011

  31. life for giving you what is has given you. Why not, it is fun to celebrate and I like company, so I’ll agree with that. big parties many people, smoke, red everywhere and big fat smiling people

    By Mariann Hansen on 09.19.2011

  32. I believe celebrating one’s own accomplishments is simply shameless self-redemption. People say that we should rejoice in our progress and be proud of what we have done, but I think that’s a load of crap.

    By Kaila on 09.19.2011

  33. Celebrate is good when it’s with people that you care about and that you care for. In my family we celebrate many things but I wish I could celebrate those same things with other people that I’m more close to. My cat is here.

    By ana on 09.19.2011

  34. I love celebrating. It’s great. Not excellent, but good. I hate crowds. I love crows. That’s hardly relevant, but I thought you might like to know. “Crow” is like “crowd” without the “d”. It’s true. I like balloons. OH GOD I LOVE THEM. I love streamers as well. Party poppers and stuff like that.

    By David Rattigan URL on 09.19.2011

  35. Celebrate the moments you’ll cherish forever.

    By Abbey on 09.19.2011

  36. I like celebrating Halloween. It’s the only day that people can step out of character without being judged. Though, I wished that we could do that everyday. No one should be judged because of how they look. But anyway, Halloween is fun! Tons of candy, cool costumes, and parties! Celebrations make me and most people happy and closer together.

    By Sascha URL on 09.19.2011

  37. I like to celebrate lots of things, mainly my birthday…..sometimes I will even celebrate stupid things like the success of being able to finish all of my laundry and folding it so that it doesnt pile up and I get behind o it

    By Benjamin Martinez on 09.19.2011

  38. Sometimes I like to celebrate all kinds of things, i like to celebrate my birthday or when I get done folding laundry. I will even celebrate a good poo if it felt really good when I was done. I will celebrate my dogs birthday and gert

    By Benjamin Martinez on 09.19.2011

  39. Let’s celebrate the goodness and the mercy and the love and all great things from our Lord from up above. let’s celebrate the music and the singing and the laughter. Let’s celebrate our love both now and forever after.

    By Paul Day URL on 09.19.2011

  40. There is never any need to celebrate, just an excuse to call something a celebration. This way we end up celebrating the fact that we just want to have fun during a celebratory period.

    By Rob Williams on 09.19.2011