February 23rd, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “cave”

  1. Here I am, all alone
    My own private space
    In the middle of nowhere
    Loneliness is my best friend
    I don’t need anything else
    Just my place to be

    By Simone on 02.23.2013

  2. Day 179: The cave walls are light up in an eerie, phosphorescent way at night. I can’t imagine I’ll ever escape from here.

    By Cady URL on 02.23.2013

  3. I have only been in two caves. Once I went very deep and look at the stalactite and feeling the running water, enjoying the darkness in the shadows that could harbor a multitude of oddities that I couldn’t see, because I was too scared to go to the corners, and because when you get too close, the strange things disappear, equally afraid.

    By AnnieB URL on 02.23.2013

  4. When I was little I used to wake up early in the mornings and stay in bed studying the folds of my comforters. I made each dip a little cave and would put my eyes way up close and the shadows became deep and dark and the humid summer air was cool again.

    By leah on 02.23.2013

  5. The cave was dark and cold. I could hear the sound of water dripping off the stalagmites above and into puddles below by my feet. In the distance I could hear echoing of the creatures that lived there. This was my home now. I was not going back.

    By Sarah on 02.23.2013

  6. i afraid of i will be alone in a huge cave.

    By hamed on 02.23.2013

  7. Their’s a cave, inside a bonfire, two or three, man with women, watching the shadows on the wall. The fire keeps them warm, seeing nothing real outside their zone. They don’t want to leave, nor they dare to live out a real world.

    By eicat URL on 02.23.2013

  8. The cave was dark, not only that, it was dank, smelly, horrid, mouse infested, airtight, and it was filled with mud. “Robert! How do we get out?!” Elisabeth asked worried. “My ball gown is ruined!” “Stay calm, the more worked up you get, the faster you breathe and use up air!” Robert replied trying to get through the rocks that had caved in. “Breathe light.” “I can’t! Its terrifying in here!” She screamed. “Calm down, I am right here.” He soothed. “I can’t see you.” She said, scarred. “Thats because its pitch black in here.” He said. “Oh…”

    By Saren-Dipety URL on 02.23.2013

  9. The last day of my life i woke up in the middle of the cave. I susspected that there was a bear in it, but then i saw a pig. A giant pig. She told me that this is is the last day of my life. So i killed her. And ate. Fuck pigs.

    By trle on 02.23.2013

  10. The cave was dark, the rain was falling outside making the splish-splash sound that scared Catherine. She could hear the trees banging against the side of the cave, her imagination playing tricks on her because there was no way a tree could make a sound against the sides of the cave.

    By adriana URL on 02.23.2013

  11. in the cave 2 men ran away from a giant bear that was about to trap them in his giant jaws. They almost cried when they realized that there was no hope. Sudeenly, a great lgiht shined from the entrance of the cave and an angle flew out and saved them.

    By Fantasythinker URL on 02.23.2013

  12. if i ever traveled to a cave, i wouldn’t make it out alive. the bats, the rocks, the slime, the grime… just too much. My mind and body are made to function by cleanliness. not by what ever is dying in the bottom of the cave.

    By emily on 02.23.2013

  13. Mitchel Cave is a really good singer. He’s from Australia and I’m pretty sure he is a tenor. I wanna walk on the beach with him and see the Great Coral Reef. Of course there is someone else I’d rather walk along the beach with… ;)

    By Melissa URL on 02.23.2013

  14. Inside the cave I found what I had been looking for. it had eluded me for so long; so long in fact that I had forgotten that I had been looking for it, that I needed in…nay, that it even existed. But now that I have found it I burn inside again.

    By Sam on 02.23.2013

  15. Into the cave, crawling on our scraped knees with fingers grasping for anything, a dripping wall of rock, a friend’s palm, a light. We emerge on the other other side as strangers bound by a conquered fear of the darkness.

    By marengo URL on 02.23.2013

  16. There is a noise at the front of the cave. I hear a breath, a clink of metal. A knight has come to slay me. The knight, shaking in his heavy boots, has come to save the virgin princess. But he will not leave this cave. The people of his world have yet to find armour that cannot be burnt.

    By darseyrsm URL on 02.23.2013

  17. You and I we’re done and it’s over I think I know that but deep down nothing is certain. Nothing makes sense these days when we’re together everything is just in the moment. We live for the moment. And I cave. Into your arms

    By Marni URL on 02.23.2013

  18. is big and imposing and dark and vast
    and threatening and accusing and pointing fingers and
    misunderstanding only explaining
    trying to show that you should say no
    by pointing out the stupidity and unregality of saying yes
    but you will echo back “this is only your excuse”s
    until the shadows cave in on me
    and i drown in my guilt

    but i’ll still understand
    the blood rushing from my heart
    i won’t be mad
    even when the knife
    is in your hand, your fingers clutching the hilt

    By nikka on 02.23.2013

  19. i was in a cave
    i saw a bat
    bat came to me told me that the world will end
    later i went deeper
    in the cave
    so i found a bear and she told me that i will die in 3 steps
    so i made 1 she said keep walking
    made the 2nd
    and started flying
    so i told the bear FUUUU Bitch i will never make the 3rd step until i am ready

    By Spiridon Georgiev on 02.23.2013

  20. I’m trapped inside of this cave called my home.
    It’s not fair, I know, yet it’s very safe.
    I wish that I could leave it, but I just can’t.
    I’m stuck here, forced to do everything that she-devil tells me.
    How do I escape from this cave?
    It’s impossible.

    By Mary :33 URL on 02.23.2013

  21. “Cave in to your craving, ” cooed the cool criminal.

    By Marianne URL on 02.23.2013

  22. I spend every hour trying to escape, fumbling in the dark for the path, always bumping into the jagged walls. Sometimes the light shines through, bouncing off of every wall, and for just a split-second I know where I’m supposed to go. I can see what is waiting for me, and that hope carries me through the dark.

    By MBat URL on 02.23.2013

  23. I spend every hour trying to escape, fumbling in the dark for the path, always bumping into the jagged walls. Sometimes the light shines through, bouncing off of every wall, and for just a split-second I know where I’m supposed to go. I can see what is waiting for me, and that hope carries me through the dark.

    By MBat URL on 02.23.2013

  24. I used to dream about a cave made specially for me, where I could go and listen to the rain. I used to dream about a cave full of blankets to sleep in on those nights where I wasn’t sure who I was, or who I wanted to be. I used to dream about a cave that could incase me in darkness and leave me to my thoughts. Then one day I started filling my cave with people, I started to knock down the walls and let people in.

    By MBat URL on 02.23.2013

  25. A cave to hide himself away from the world. He went there to do just that. So far, it had worked. Too well, in fact. The isolation was strangling him, and the emptiness was effecting his productivity now. The need to connect with someone, even superficially, felt more like a way to verify he truly still existed after months of speaking to no one, of hiding from every soul who noticed his presence from the corner of their eye. So when she looked up and saw him, face to face, there on the beach with his guard down and his loneliness at full strength–he retreated quickly to his cave. He had never counted on her following him, and now the only way out would be through her.

    By JDwrites URL on 02.23.2013

  26. alone in a cave. the water laps at my feet, yearning to come closer, to devour me. to take me in its icy cold grip and to sweep me away from my safety. My safety that i know is fleeting, for this cave will be submerged soon when the tide comes in. I make my way back to the very end of the cave, until i can feel the cold, wet stone caress my shoulders as i stand facing the water. I soon must take the plunge. I soon must return to those washing waves, the empty darkness below my feet, and that bitter taste that fills my whole being as the water drowns me.
    I must go.
    But i’m scared.

    By adriana URL on 02.23.2013

  27. Remember English class senior year? All sorts of topics, but one of them was the idea that all of reality is just a shadow we see on the back of the cave. It was by some philosopher from Greece. I really should brush up on my philosophers. I mean, I learned them all in psych and history but I do need to review on Memrise or something.

    By Rory URL on 02.23.2013

  28. it was his man cave, just as he dreamed it he couldn’t believe he had finally won the lottery and been able to buy everything he needed to make it just right. a huge flat scree tv, thumping bass speakers, a mini wet bar, and posters of his favorite football players.

    By Wylee on 02.23.2013

  29. The Cherokee’s are noted to be cave dwellers. And my grandmother was a pure cherokee and knew many of the caves in the mountains of Va. where my grandfather had his property.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 02.23.2013

  30. There was a cave beneath the stair well that went deep under the house it was clear it had been a place where the slaves had hidden during the civil war. No wonder it still felt so cool yet blood laden. The particles of darkness filled the area like mites on a plant. No wonder it had been hidden and never talked about until now. Those were gruesome times of terrible treatment for the black man. America’s shameful years of separation man to man. It is hard to believe. I look to the past that and see we allowed such cruelty to exist over the color of a person skin.

    By Rene Remington URL on 02.23.2013

  31. A dark wet place. i was in a dark wet place, it smelled of rodents and mold. I took out my lighter and let it burn for a minute whilke i took in my surroundings. I was in a dark room, the walls were wet

    By Caylee URL on 02.23.2013

  32. i walked slowly along the rock platform, waves crashing behind me. Before me lies a cave, dark and undiscovered. i walk forward, the cliff face looming overhead. Beneath me, the ground is damp and uneven. I’ve never seen darkness quite like this. I pull a small torch out of my pocket.

    By Holly on 02.23.2013

  33. dark dank damp. trolls live in caves and bats and things from the dark. but caves can be treasure too. gold and silver hidden in chests in hidden caves. caves make me think of where sirius hid after escaping azkaban

    By chantal on 02.23.2013

  34. “Let’s go into the smallest cave of the three!” said Barkelee, pointing enthusiastically at the Boulder Triad in the distance.

    Arvey shook her head. “I don’t think so,” she griped. “I’ve heard bad things. My mamee said…”

    “Your mamee’s a coward, Arv, no offense to her,” snapped Barkelee. He shouldered his knapsack and looked at me. “What do you think, Miss Kor?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.23.2013

  35. The dark, rocks surrounded me, I was trapped, I was cold and I was wet. How did I get here? I had no idea, I had no recolition of anything from the night before. I was so sore, my body felt as though it was broken, I was bruised by rocks.

    By erineliza19 on 02.23.2013

  36. Hollow, dark
    Swollen stomach of a beautiful beast
    Infested with ghosts

    By Sophie M on 02.23.2013

  37. The boy started slamming his fists against the walls. How the hell did he get trapped here? It didn’t make any sense. “Why? Why this?” He shut his eyes tightly, holding back tears. His heart was pounding. The boy was afraid.

    By Tes on 02.23.2013

  38. It was deep and dark and musty. His flashlight suddenly flickered, making him jump nervously. He prayed that the battery would sustain just for this, just so he could get the ore he needed. He took in a deep breath of air that tasted like dirty water, and descended.

    By overlordy on 02.23.2013

  39. Talks when words tremble off our lips, when goosebumps rise across our arms at the same time because they know, when whisper as we approach the temple of all that has happened, where we lower our voices to bow.

    By drew URL on 02.23.2013

  40. The cave was dark and sensual. Dark things were deep inside. The unknown spelled fear in yet an intriguing way. Who could find anyone in here. This magical dark place.

    By Niki on 02.23.2013