May 20th, 2013 | 192 Entries


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192 Entries for “catapult”

  1. My friend and I had to build a catapult. It was a long task. Many hours were spent trying to reach perfection. We worked and worked and finally reached what we thought was amazing. Our teacher thought different. Our pencil catapult was not a success.

    By Al URL on 05.20.2013

  2. The catapult was placed in the middle of the room. He was tempted to try it every time he passed it by. The ten year old boy deep inside of him had to touch it. Who would know. How would anyone find out. It looked amazing and he could almost hear it calling his name.

    By Cris URL on 05.20.2013

  3. my feet my arms and my ears and your feet, what can I say is the simplest thing and yet its impresve

    By Paul on 05.20.2013

  4. A catapult reminds me of people in life. You can guess how far you’ll go but sometimes you surprise your self.

    By Rachael on 05.20.2013

  5. I was never much of one to be mechanically minded… but when I was a child I always wanted a catapult. You see, I was bullied for most of my youth.. what better revenge than slinging my enemies to far away lands? Or you know.. hitting them with rotten fruit…

    By Anna on 05.20.2013

  6. shooting rocks at your face like the tight fisted knight of yesteryear I balance the leverage I make with a twist of lemon. Don’t decide to flee just do it or your last day will end the just the same.

    By wes schofield on 05.20.2013

  7. in the middle of the night you go to your friends house and catapult them out of their window. you do it because you can.

    By Rylee on 05.20.2013

  8. The catapult was pulled slowly towards the ancient tower. The decaying bricks were deserted and no archers were there to meet the oncoming army. The man strained against ropes that threatened to break and they cast their eyes up, where the tower was just starting to block their eyes. It was an evil place. A place that they couldn’t allow to keep up. And yet, they knew that they had to destroy it for the good of their people.

    By Aurora URL on 05.20.2013

  9. A slingshot is like a catapult. I can only wish that I had one of those now. My sister was being such a brat. If only I had something to fling at her.

    By Emily URL on 05.20.2013

  10. ok so it goes far as. its pretty old i reckon like the old kings and shit used it to scare the other gangs away from their cribs like ‘nigga get outta here’ and then PEOW theres a catapult of fat bitches getting flung at you mane that shit cray uh all i can think of is monty python actually

    By bel URL on 05.20.2013

  11. The weight of the rock matched the depression in my heart. Hard to believe that just 4 days ago, my beloved wife had passed into the heavens which she so lovingly spoke of and revered.

    By M on 05.20.2013

  12. David used just 5 small stones and a sling. With that catapult and God he slew Goliath ,defeated the enemy. If God be for you who can be against you?

    By Tracey URL on 05.20.2013

  13. Society catapults you into situations you might feel uncomfortable with or would normally never introduce yourself to. Whether you immerse yourself in the new environment, how you adapt, is what determines your character.

    By veronica URL on 05.20.2013

  14. fly lil fly, whirl around, catch a sound, leave away, down the road. can you see the stop light? its red but wait a second and it will be green once again. watch out for windshields.

    By Red Kelevra URL on 05.20.2013

  15. What if you could build or have built a catapult for dreams It wouldn’t exactly be a human catapult as we know those have been built, but what about for dreams. It would help to catapult them, not to fulfillment you wouldn’t want that, half the point of fulfilling your dreams is the journey on the way. But maybe the catapult could put all the stars in line for you put your mind in the right place focus you and equip you with what you will need. Get support from friends and family, financial support, equipment, training, education. Whether you needed to be with other responsibilities

    By Susan on 05.20.2013

  16. He always did this. Catapult himself into situations where he knew he would be emotionally vulnerable. Where he no longer was in control. He didn’t know why he did it to himself. No one likes feeling defeated. But he always ran headfirst into these relationships, giving himself over completely only to find himself scorned by the ones that he loved.

    By helenbrown URL on 05.20.2013

  17. I was catapulted out into the Northern Sea, in the traditional red gown. It was a beautiful day, and in reality, I was just tipping over the pier, but it felt more like being catapulted than anything else.
    Hitting the cold water was a shock.

    By Ana on 05.20.2013

  18. Catapult a bird into a potato skin house, filled with many oompaloompas, whom which are orange beyond compare. What do you do with a lovely catapult? Do you catapult a midget into the sky, and beyond?

    By Tyler on 05.20.2013

  19. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh itsa coming! run! that way! that way! save yourself! save the babies! save the elders! save the women! save the men! save the dogs! save the cats! save the turtles! save the poop! run! i say run!!!

    By Ficklegirl URL on 05.20.2013

  20. movement of this kind makes me scared sometimes I like to be in control but then it happens again and I am trapped inside a rocket about to be pushed out into the world

    By Rachael White URL on 05.20.2013

  21. if he was going to get out of this stinking town he was going to have to catapult himself out. his wife couldn’t help – she had no idea who he really was – the whores, the girlfriends, the hidden bank accounts, nothing.

    By graceful disgraceful URL on 05.20.2013

  22. water balloons, mid evil times, rocks

    By natalie on 05.20.2013

  23. Springing objects from
    the sky beams upward fire
    from the heavens nigh.

    By Jaiden Wirth URL on 05.20.2013

  24. Catapults. Reminds me of the time I used to be obsessed with a game called Tzar. Pretty much the entirety of the game comprised of using trebuchets and catapults coupled with about a billion other types of units, but catapults specifically were what won that game for me. Man, I was obsessed with that strategy game. Played it all the time with my friends, created and watched AI maches

    By George on 05.20.2013

  25. There was nothing to say, not hello or goodbye. Not one word was spoken between the two, just the normal head nod. It was their form of communication, just a nod. Because not one word could they speak: love.

    By SolSkopeo on 05.20.2013

  26. I set the charm in the catapult and hurled it as far as I could. I didn’t need that. I didn’t need the thing that brought me the horrible memories. It was cruel how powerless and weak I felt next to you. The raw feeling of not being good enough. You didn’t even notice, or if you did you didn’t seem to care.
    And I cared. I cared so much. I thought about you all the time. Your words were the gleams of sunlight pouring in through the cracks, and my words were the quiet sound of the wind- the sound that nobody bothered to listen to.

    She was ordinary yet quirky. I watched her and smiled, she was cool. Cool, that’s all, sweet. Sweet and fresh.
    Soon I began to realize that you gradually became so inclined to spend time with her. When I was around I was not acknowledged, but when she was on, ha.

    When she was on you talked and laughed and had fun together. My contributions to things weren’t noticed, and hers were applauded. And as I began to feel you slipping away from me, I began to witness you adoring her.

    You didn’t listen to what I say without saying something against it. Your intelligence is brutally terrifying. You’re compassionate and kind and I can’t take it anymore. Your beautiful writing is dazzling. Everything you do is immensely beautiful.
    I can’t take your beauty anymore. I’m unable to live with this. I’m constantly the last resort, and I’m tired. I’m so tired.

    By Kayla URL on 05.20.2013

  27. They had told me that catapulting my sister would be a bad idea. But she sat in the slot made for a mini person so perfectly. A look of pure joy rested on her young innocent face. I mean, she wasn’t that much younger than me… not really. “Ready?” I called to her, and she nodded, giving me a little assuring ‘Um Hum’.

    By Valerie on 05.20.2013

  28. Catapult should be the name of a pen, a product that propels a writer from start to finish lickety-split fast in forever prose. All polish, panache – and instantly publishable. Oh, that’s right – there’s one word!

    By P J Colando URL on 05.20.2013

  29. I feel like I’ve been catapulted into this situation. It’s beyond my control. She’s staring back at me with her arms folded and her lips pursed, I’m just shrugging my shoulders as I creep towards her. This formidable woman who calls herself my mother, she’s tutting, as usual. I’m searching for the door, it swings and a cool comforting breeze comes hissing in, she opens her mouth and draws a long breath inwards, ready to expel all the things she’s been holding in since I’ve been away. Before she gets a chance to expel those words, I turn for the door and run.

    By annie on 05.20.2013

  30. And with debt and with fears and anxiety I was thrown into my 24th Summer. It was the year of the snake. And I was struggling against the sands of time. To

    By Ruben URL on 05.20.2013

  31. What can help me catapult to the next level? Who will be there to guide me? God alone is my helper.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 05.20.2013

  32. It’s one of those days -specifically, one of those Mondays – where you just want to throw things. Anything. But the bigger, the better, the loudest is best. Why? Because emotions are so volatile and the weekend throws them all out of whack. A catapult for emotions, the soggy, weigh-you-down kind would be a fantastic cure for Mondays.

    By Ceej on 05.20.2013

  33. and then he leaped up and struck his bow into the air. “Ah hey, fire at will”
    They had loaded the catapults and released them upon the enemy ahead.
    They eradicated the enemy at last.

    By Miss Bates URL on 05.20.2013

  34. Standing in the heat, I think about last fall. It was just this hot, but I wasn’t as experienced. I hadn’t had my heart broken twice, I hadn’t joined that really rad club, I hadn’t duked it out with my roommate during finals week, I hadn’t gone to that party where I didn’t remember the last twenty minutes. I smiled though. Most of those seem like really bad things, but they made me all the better. Looking back, I feel catapulted to the present, I feel like I can no longer live like that innocent girl who started off college with the flu. Now I’m stronger and wiser, and nobody can take that from me.

    By Marissa URL on 05.20.2013

  35. catapult yourself into my arms
    and fly straight through me
    take me with
    you as you stream across the sky
    launched into a high strong arc
    higher than my arms
    can reach when i stand on my
    and reach for the stars

    By sevenwords URL on 05.20.2013

  36. There once was a human catapult,
    That sent anyone who could afford it,
    And even those who couldn’t,
    To the moon.

    But once they arrived,
    All their hopes and dreams still soaring from the flight,
    With expectations bursting from the seams,
    They all died.
    Because it was the moon.
    And even the rich couldn’t afford the oxygen.

    By Siege URL on 05.20.2013

  37. Reminds me of medieval times. I’m not really sure what I’m meant to do it’s quite intriguing. I remember watching a simpsons episode and moe got catapulted or something. The simpsons is such a fantastic show, I wish I watched more tv these days. I miss having time to do things like that. It seems as though when the whether gets bad i just cant be bothered doing it anymore.

    By Georgina on 05.20.2013

  38. “Fire” yelled the captain, and the little soldier trying really hard to act serious jumped for the catapult. It was just like he imagined. The field, the toy soldiers, even the rifles. A childhood memory coming to life.

    By Stef URL on 05.20.2013

  39. He was catapulted out of the kingdom. Poor boy died on impact. The king stated that it serves him right for impersonating as a royal prince. The king had searched high and low for a perfect man for his daughter who was nothing but a prissy little princess.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.20.2013

  40. I think of a circus or a track competition and that’s pretty cool. I would probably die if I ever tried to catapult. It don’t seem to interest me whatsoever!

    By Britt URL on 05.20.2013