May 20th, 2013 | 192 Entries


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192 Entries for “catapult”

  1. Armies used catapults, well they did in medieval time. It was cool and all until they used fire and burned down villages. That sucked. They swing things around and hurt people but y’know things happen and life goes on.

    By emily on 05.20.2013

  2. I just want to catapult to the future and know exactly what kind of person I am and what sort of things I will be experiencing when im out of college. Also catapults are awesome using physics to send a huge boulder in the air.

    By joe on 05.20.2013

  3. It came hurdling one-hundred miles and hour towards us. My first reaction was to duck and cover, but everyone else around me decided to run. It made me question the intelligence of the people i was around… YOU’RE NEVER SUPPOSE TO RUN. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    By Ficklegirl on 05.20.2013

  4. catapult. catapult me into your heart. i love you. and i don’t know why i love you anymore because you’ve catapulted yourself out of my life. you’re across the world and i can’t catapult myself to you, unfortunately. i wish i could. but i can’t. catapult. i love you. and i wish you’d catapult yourself back to me.

    By Cynthia on 05.20.2013

  5. Catapult. I wish i could catapult myself back into your heart. I wish i could catapult into the future and see how we end up. i love you. i love you so very much and i’m sorry. i wish you loved me. i really really do.

    By Cynthia on 05.20.2013

  6. Whizzing sounded past his ears and he flinched as the catapult zinged and shot the boulder straight toward the enemy lines.

    For some reason… he imagined the sound of crunching bones. the screams of agony, however, could not be worse than they already were; he tried to cancel them out, humming a lullaby his mother had once sung to him when he was very very little.

    By Maria URL on 05.20.2013

  7. weapon used for tearing down walls. Reminds me of a rock. Uses huge strength to get loaded. Huge impact momentum. Can throw fire projectiles.

    By Nestor on 05.20.2013

  8. catapult. since the i was born, ive been catapulted through this life. no time to think, only to do, to be, to live. ive not been prepared with anything but my mind, my heart, my soul. no strength, no plan. its been a firefight between head and heart since day one. it hurts, and sometimes i feel like im flloating though space with no aim. but i am flying.

    By Puma on 05.20.2013

  9. Often thought of as a weapon of destruction, perhaps the most underused metaphor in the English language. One prefers to think about being catapulted or catapulting something to a new level of being or happiness. It’s that kind of thing that we all strive for, one that we long to experience.

    By casey on 05.20.2013

  10. “Everybody! Hide! The castle is under attack!” The messenger shouts. I shriek and run, tripping over my long skirts. The catapults are loaded and we are fighting back. Fighting back hard.

    By Ellie on 05.20.2013

  11. The Romans used it. I think of Caesar and men in white togas and red spikes sticking out our their gold helmets. I envision the catapult to be wooden humongous. I don’t know what’s being thrown.

    By Preshantha Govender URL on 05.20.2013

  12. How did she get catapulted into this mess? It wasn’t her style to get involved in things that didn’t explicitly concern her; she knew the price for digging into other peoples business and it was damn STEEP.
    So then why? Why was this slip of a girl an exception to every rule she’d ever set in place? What was so damned special about her?
    And why couldn’t she muster even ONE ounce of regret for stepping in to protect her?

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.20.2013

  13. I catapulted my mind into the dark abyss of thought. I did it carelessly, without a worry of where I might land once my flight reached it’s end. After my adventure into the unknown, will I land in a glowing pool of wonder? Or will I discover something more eerie, like a dark cave that I had never fully acknowledged the existence of prior to my adventure. That’s the thing about catapulting your mind into unknown and into unplanned directions; you could end up somewhere amazing, or you could find yourself in a place you wish you never had discovered.

    By Erica H on 05.20.2013

  14. And in moments, I was flung through the air. Screaming, twisting and soaring like a rag doll. How the Hell did it get to this? Ominous clarity, as I race towards the ground.

    Then its all over.

    By Tom on 05.20.2013

  15. Fell in love? More like tripped.

    I was not the dreamy kind of girl. I was recovering from a too long dysfunctional relationship.

    And then you catapulted me into liking you. Your smile. Your eyes. Your love of science fiction and classic rock.

    I’m not exactly annoyed, but I am confused. How do I like you so much already?

    By Me on 05.20.2013

  16. Who even invented the catapult? The Romans? The Mongols? Oh, god, I’m sorry Ms. Rice, I am most likely going to fail your Global class. I am too busy thinking about my own depression; How I wish I could catapult my own body back to a time when I didn’t feel so fragmented in my own skin.

    By Someone on 05.20.2013

  17. And he catapulted her into the sky. His only love and friend. Because she wanted it. she wanted to touch the sky, see how it feels. How could he disobey her? She wanted it so he did it. He dragged her in, and did it. And now she screams….from happines maybe.

    By Cydoniac on 05.20.2013

  18. And he catapulted her into the sky. His only love and friend. Because she wanted it. She wanted to touch the sky, see how it feels. How could he disobey her? She wanted it, so he did it. He dragged her in, and did it. And now she screams….from happines maybe.

    By Cydoniac on 05.20.2013

  19. put my heart in a catapult and propel it
    i want the world to know of my love.

    Paint the skies crimson,
    let love rain down
    and open our

    By Kim on 05.20.2013

  20. My feelings for him were launched into the air. I couldn’t help the way they spilled out of my mouth when I was around him. I just couldn’t hep it. He looked down upon me, frowned and threw me away like I was nothing. Those feelings, they were real. He was. I don’t know anymore. I give up.

    By Alex. on 05.20.2013

  21. She catapulted downwards through the air, feeling the excitement bubble through her veins like an erupting fizzy drink.

    Spinning to and fro, she looked up to smile at her friend back in the helicopter, only to find her friend tumbling through the sky without a parachute.

    By October Mars on 05.20.2013

  22. The catapult sprung forward, casting through the sky a large spork. The spork struck the evil and corrupt kligon dragon.

    By allie on 05.20.2013

  23. Being launched into an icy bucket of hell was not new to me, but it still came as a sudden shock as I attempted to withhold my scream. Staring intently through the window, my mother watched, worry lines painting her face. Air hissed between my teeth- suck it up, suck it up.

    By Grace on 05.20.2013

  24. I would like to base my very existence from this day on that one principal. To hurl beyond the unseen chains of gravity and be beyond the clouds …

    By Scott Garland on 05.20.2013

  25. I catapulted out of my cozy bed and onto the floor. I am 30 minutes late in getting up, who knows if I can make it. I rush to get ready and lunge out the door. Nope, I am too late, and have to spend the rest of my day regretting it.

    By Jess on 05.20.2013

  26. Who even invented the catapult? The Romans? The Mongols? Oh, god, I’m so sorry Ms. Rice, I am most likely going to fail your Global class. I am too busy thinking about my own depression; About how I wish I could catapult my own body back to a time when I didn’t feel so fragmented in my own skin. I am sorry Ms. Rice, but I think I’m failing your global class.

    By Someone on 05.20.2013

  27. Catapult reminds me of Wars during the Middle Ages. Wars between nations, cultures,customs and of people. Every custom is different but yet people already started to fight to impose their own thinking it is the best one. What if it is not? Waht if we can

    By Ams on 05.20.2013

  28. I catapult myself out of my fears, out of my failures. But I need the strength of the One (Jesus) to just keep living on.

    By Jess on 05.20.2013

  29. its a thing that was mainly used in antcient times. particularly ith alexander but he created a better one that catapulted things further than the normal one could because of torshion. thatsnot how you spell it. but it slings things into the air in the attempt to hit a desired

    By tash on 05.20.2013

  30. The catapult was fired. Rocks fell from the sky and the screams echoed in his ears and he resisted the urge to cover them, to stop listening. He couldn’t appear cowardly. He had to appear as brave as possible, for his mother’s sake if anything. He heard a sickening crunch and couldn’t help but flinch. He hoped no one saw.

    By Mya Freeman on 05.20.2013

  31. Jerry had just finished watching a movie about laying siege to castles and knights and swords. The kind of movie with blood and violence and dragons in it.

    By Chris Clow on 05.20.2013

  32. and we’re off molly’s in the lead. she’s flying straight through the air, can she make it over the castle wall? she’s approaching the castle wall and BOOM! she’s made it. now our cameras cant see INSIDE the castle we’re taking bets on her chances now.

    By dagger on 05.20.2013

  33. invention used to hurl stones at enemies and castles, used in medieval warfare and was extremely important during siege warfare.

    By jujupossum on 05.20.2013

  34. Catapulting through the air she landed on her feet like a cat. Laughing she struck out her feet catching an enemy by their chin.This was beauty, this was promise. Grinning she threw herself into battle once more.
    Time for her to strike back.

    By MacKenzie on 05.20.2013

  35. Running to the rear of the catapult the men cranked down on the tension wheel in a controlled fashion despite the chaos around them. The man on the top most handle fell away with an arrow to the head, the remaining two carried on without a pause.

    By Andrew on 05.20.2013

  36. a big wooden thing with lots of men pulling it along towards a giant castle full of archers with there bows raised ready to strike a death blow to hundreds of unsuspecting victims.

    By Joe Payne on 05.20.2013

  37. it shoots things across the battlefield. its a fairly dangerous weapon when used in day to day life. slingshots are similar. i dont own one.

    By siun on 05.20.2013

  38. It’s a word that describes something that will go. Catapult… how that makes you feel little human? Lost? No, it’s just trigger in you that makes you think about something ugly. Don’t let yourself be silently drawn by that trigger. Catapult means something ugly

    By Azra on 05.20.2013

  39. Where do I begin?
    Shall I start out soft and slow?
    Ease my way until you’re comfortable,
    And then start from there?

    Or shall I catapult my way into your life?
    Forcing myself upon you until you notice;
    Until you know me;
    Until you care.

    By Abbey on 05.20.2013

  40. I used my catapult to hit the next door neighbour’s cat. Justice has never felt so sweet. It used to poo on my trampoline. Unfortuantely my neighbour realised it were me and came around to beat me up. i blam

    By RUth on 05.20.2013