October 19th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “castle”

  1. the castle loomed ahead. It looked large and ominous. Anne was fearful that maybe all her days of travel was in vain. what if this is not the place what she should have sought refuge. it certainly didn’t look like the place where company was sought.

    By Nickhie on 10.20.2011

  2. When you’re done making your castle made of sand, I’ll be waiting right here. Let’s spend more time together, before our lives go in different ways.

    By T. Fong URL on 10.20.2011

  3. Once upon a time there was a castle.

    Black roofs and grey walls. The people inside were black and grey. But from the outside, the castle looked magical.

    Oh, so magical.

    By fredrik on 10.20.2011

  4. Castles rise from the ground like plants growing tall. Sprawling across the sky. Representing power and nobility until they fall. When they fall, they don’t literally fall. They just lose their value becoming abandoned and reflecting failure in their disrepair.

    By Quinelle on 10.20.2011

  5. High upon a castle turret, Shyla spun the rope. Craig — Prince Farroam to everyone but her — looped it in vast circles until, with a wink and a push, he fell.

    She listened, but only the hawks screamed in the clouds. The rope felt like silk in her hands as she hauled it back up, the end flipping over easily: No prince attached.

    Craig was gone.

    By RS Bohn URL on 10.20.2011

  6. In a faraway land lived a little princess in her huge castle. Sometimes she wandered if the castle was all the world or if the world could be more than just this castle. It had 20 bedrooms, 5 kitchens and 4 separate stairs.

    By tere on 10.20.2011

  7. money rich princess prince fairytale knight drawbridge magic gothic happily ever after unreal

    By smr on 10.20.2011

  8. Chess. Fantasy. Beer. So many different meanings. Fortress. Monument to man’s pride. Architectural wonder. Crumbled ruins explored by tourists.

    By Beautyfor_ashes on 10.20.2011

  9. Howl’s Moving Castle. Sophie falls in love with the arrogant, selfish, and unbelievaby charming man she meets on Mayday.

    By s160814 URL on 10.20.2011

  10. There once was a princess living in a huge castle. She seemed to be alone but little did she know that the castle was haunted. It was filled with spirits from the 1970’s. Every morning the princess would wake up and smell a non-familiar odor. Little did she know it was the weed her spirit friends were smoking. One day the smell was very strong she decided to follow the smell to see where it would lead her. It took her to a book case and she saw a lever and decided to pull it. The book case suddenly flipped open and she was now in a different world. There were loud music, flashing lights and bright colors everywhere. She saw people different than what she was used to seeing. They wore enormous hair, neon colors and tall boots. They air was covered with smoke and she felt like she was floating.

    By Sonia URL on 10.20.2011

  11. Castles are like mountains with lights coming out of their caves. Castles are not as safe as one might think. Especially if they’re in the sky. Castles are also something that I’ll never live in unless they’re in the sky. Why would I want a castle on the ground. That’s no fun.

    By Junie on 10.20.2011

  12. Block by block one by one the dream becomes reality

    By Brow Man on 10.20.2011

  13. She sighed and looked out of the window, worried about the scenes below. The people, starving, parched, gathered, pleading for mercy from their rulers.
    Not bearing to look out the window any more, the young Princess looked in doors, facing her servant, standing behind her Father, the King.
    “Father, there must be something we can do to help these people?” she asked tentatively.

    By Lauren URL on 10.20.2011

  14. it’s is your fortress.
    the very walls you hide behind.
    and look down upon me
    and everyone who looks like me.
    but as you sit,
    scepter in hand,
    do you ever wonder
    what the peasants
    think of you.

    By NuSol URL on 10.20.2011

  15. tall. small. big. huge
    home. Warm. Dark.
    what can you do in the tunnels.
    princes. princess.
    royalty is what i want to be
    can i be the one to wear the crown
    and find the secrets within?

    By Nicole on 10.20.2011

  16. It was in the air, hanging, moated by clouds and yet solid. Indestructible. The colour of the sky seemed clearer than the turrets and flags.

    By simona URL on 10.20.2011

  17. Nothing…
    I remember a man lost in a big building of infinite reverberation.
    All he would listen was a mix of his own crys for help in the past…

    By Jonas Paulo URL on 10.20.2011

  18. The castle loomed over the cliff. The girls did not want to go into the castle. they said it was haunted. but that is just an old Scott’s tale. McGillucutty died over thirty years ago.

    By Creon James Wilson URL on 10.20.2011

  19. big. empty. moat. dragon. prince. princess. far away land. Scotland. rolling hills.

    By Laura on 10.20.2011

  20. Castles represent tall and mysterious in my mind. An edifice of tall reach. Metaphorical as well. Teaching us to always aim high. Also depi

    By D on 10.20.2011

  21. this castle in the sky, surrounded by oblivion, makes a home for me and you. kiss me.

    By RachelJeri URL on 10.20.2011

  22. I walk around the bend of the hidden staircase leading up to the small tower. It’s the only place where there is a full view of the town next to us, Dethingstone-Valture, full of beautiful landscape, trees, flowers, houses, people rumbling in the streets nearby; if only I could escape to that place.

    By mia URL on 10.20.2011

  23. There was a young maiden that lived in a castle. She was the most lonely maiden in all the village, and no one was allowed to be around her due to the threat of her father, the King. He kept her at bay due to his mistress after the death of her mother. She longed for companionship, but her father forbid all visitors.

    By Kathy Kincaid on 10.20.2011

  24. A castle is where a royal family lives. I used to pretend I lived in a castle when I was little. Hogwarts is a castle. Cair Paravel is a castle. I like to pretend I live in those places. Castle is a fancy place where someone lives.

    By Damaris URL on 10.20.2011

  25. “It was a long rtime ago, in a catle far away….”
    “AWW come on gramps I don’t want to lisen to a stupid fairy tale!”
    “Shut it, I’m talking.” The old man replied

    By xejis URL on 10.20.2011

  26. I built a castle out of stone,
    and the wind eroded it into nothingness.
    At first it was a monument, sure, but slowly it faded away.

    I built a castle out of sand,
    and it was a testament to my innocence,
    but the war of the tide raged on, and soon my innocence was destroyed.

    I built a castle out of dreams,
    and it created walls around my heart,
    so my passion could never be destroyed.

    By Siege URL on 10.20.2011

  27. The castle jutted sharply into the clouds, spires seeming to threaten the heavens. I felt so small standing at its base, like it could fall and crush me at any moment. It was mocking me, I know.

    By Entropy URL on 10.20.2011

  28. castles are reputedly large edifices .. constructed of sturdy material .. rocks. they have parapets, turrets, moats and all kinds of people to keep the item going. not sure how many people, though, and not sure about how they live. I visualize them as majestic icons of history and would like to see one. they are cool.

    By Anne-Marie Deryaw URL on 10.20.2011

  29. Now to live in a castle and be a priscess…wouldnt that be enchanting?

    By Smily on 10.20.2011

  30. I’m a princess. I live in a beautiful castle with my King father and Queen mother. I get to wear beautiful dresses and I like to wander through all the rooms in the castle.

    By Jill Irish URL on 10.20.2011

  31. My life is lived almost entirely in a castle (das Schloss) to which I am continually denied access.

    By Chase URL on 10.20.2011

  32. Castle is my heart, my home. Guarded by the many layers of bricks I spent years building. You may be able to get past the moat but the drawbridge is closing and the many flaming arrows raining down will get you in the end. I cannot let you tear down my castle. It’s the only thing keeping me alive.

    By Chloe URL on 10.20.2011

  33. The wind blew through the cracks in the stone when Isabelle awoke in the morning. It had been a stoke of luck finding a place to stay the night in such a remote area. She worried that she might be discovered but the only noises she heard as she fell asleep was the brook navigating around the bend.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 10.20.2011

  34. i want a castle for my birthday so i can dance on rocks and stuff like that OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!f

    By Colin URL on 10.20.2011

  35. With great walls and steep towers, the castle and it’s people were ready for any battle. Great strength filled it’s walls; warriors of every standing were brave and proud, ready to protect their home. This castle would stand the test of battle and even time.

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 10.20.2011

  36. castles do commonly have great architecture as they were meant for royals to live in. However, they represent monarchy which as we all now know was an unfair to the mass system. I do believe that the greatest castles are in Britain.

    By eve on 10.20.2011

  37. There was a large, gray castle at the edge of the forest. Though she had never been inside a castle before, her curiosity got the better of her and she couldn’t resist slipping inside. What awaited her, she could never expect.

    By Lizzie on 10.20.2011

  38. The princess was climbing the stairs. The prince came inside the castle to rescue her. The dragon became friends with them and flew them away into a starry night. They were happy until she realized she wanted to live in a castle again. The end.

    By Drea URL on 10.20.2011

  39. There was once a young girl locked away in a tower. She had no curse, no wicked step mother, no wretched tortured lifestyle. She simply enjoyed the solitude of being alone in a wonderfully old structure enjoying the natural beauty.

    By Andreina Lugo on 10.20.2011

  40. Is that a castle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    By Lizette Grigio URL on 10.20.2011