May 21st, 2013 | 189 Entries


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189 Entries for “casting”

  1. The man stood on the wall, casting his line in to the water. There were plenty of fish in the lake, but he was here for peace and quiet. Fish would disturb that.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.22.2013

  2. Casting is usually done by Casting Directors. Casting is defined as searching for an actor/actress which fits the character of a film.

    By Mohit Mehta on 05.22.2013

  3. The casting of an Indian movie was not very suitable because the actor chosen to perform as a local guy was not an Indian.

    By kamran on 05.22.2013

  4. She was perfect. The only one at the casting with sensible hair. Not the pink or electric blue or lime green that many now wear in order to “express their individuality”. Didn’t they realise it simply made them all the same.

    By Amimee URL on 05.22.2013

  5. We’re here again on the stage;
    the dolls of a child standing shoulder to shoulder,
    pulled to breaking and happy to serve,
    the toys of a master always stuck at casting.

    By Chelsea on 05.22.2013

  6. casting casting castin i do not know. what to write about i do not know i really do not know what to write… i see this is nothing for me.

    By Elma on 05.22.2013

  7. She walked into the room, scared shitless. She rubbed the sweat on her palms on her shaking knee caps and offered the most confident hello to her judges. This was her chance to get somewhere in life, to be someone.

    By Michelle McNeill on 05.22.2013

  8. She walked into the room, scared shitless. Rubbing the sweat on her palms on her shaking knees, she offered the most confident hello to the judges. This was her chance to get somewhere in life, to be someone. Never had she felt as if she belonged. She was a nobody. An outcast, waiting to be casted.

    By Meesh URL on 05.22.2013

  9. Actors line up slowly to begin the session for casting of a new movie called “Rockets.” They have only 50 minutes till the casting begins.

    By Elly URL on 05.22.2013

  10. She shivered in the cold air. Her audition was tonight, but with the long line. It looks like she was going to be awhile. She really wanted this part-no needed it. A dark part of her was willing to do anything to get it.

    By MacKenzie URL on 05.22.2013

  11. a cast on a TV show means casting. casting is where you get a cast and they start to like read there scripts and go on air that’s also casting. xxx

    By beth URL on 05.22.2013

  12. a cast on a TV show means casting. casting is where you get a cast and they start to like read there scripts and go on air that’s also casting. so yea those 2 worfdvs means castyuikjjng

    By beth URL on 05.22.2013

  13. The light is blue and their shadows are long, stretching across the cracked pavement of the town square, almost touching the edge of the ornate fountain at its center. There’s a hush enveloping them as they stand in the glare of the bright blue light, their hands twisted together in something that’s not so much fear, but more reassurance. Distantly, they can hear the sound of the world crumbling around them, but it’s okay, really. They’ll be fine, they always are.

    The light flares, no longer blue, but a burning white. It eats away their shadows and in an instant, there’s nothing left to see at all.

    By Sixpencewrites URL on 05.22.2013

  14. To be casted in a movie is to audition for a role, be it a main character, understudy or a small actin part. Casting requires a team of production members that watch the audition and decide whether the person is fit to play the role of the particular character. You can cast a line to catch a fish.

    By Rebecca on 05.22.2013

  15. I was relieved to see that my son was included in the casting of the play that I had written. It was a dream come true, not only to get my first play endorse, but to see that my son also was interested in show business.

    By victor URL on 05.22.2013

  16. Well while the director was working on his casting crew, he came up with another idea for the movie that would definitely put a spin on the movie. It will be considered as a turning point.

    By Vixen Black URL on 05.22.2013

  17. A friend was recently let go from a job he didn’t like, which freed him up to pursue what he really wanted to do – make fly fishing accessories. Now he spends a good part of his day thigh deep in the river, casting out into the water with his fly rod, lost in the meditative rhythm of of the cast. I must say I’m jealous.

    By Ara URL on 05.22.2013

  18. like a net over ocean
    wind lifting it up, pushing it down
    sailor arms struggle
    to keep it in place
    to hostage just a bite
    of the sea
    to live on

    so you cast your body
    over mine

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 05.22.2013

  19. Something directors do. A thankless, horrible job, almost as thankless and horrible as the people who have to stand in auditions pretending they want the roles, when in reality all they want is enough money to pay the bills.

    What a sad existence.

    By Jimbob on 05.22.2013

  20. tomorrow I’m attending a workshop on worm farms and composting – learning how to use them on my new garden. I can’t wait. Who is this

    By claire URL on 05.22.2013

  21. “Hello there,”

    The little boy turned to look at the old man standing behind him, his eyes wide and shiny. “Hello,” he said.

    “What are you doing out here, so alone?” the man asked. He moved to sit down beside the boy.

    “I don’t know,” the boy replied, turning to look back across the crystalline waters. “My father gave me this fishing rod, telling me to come out here and use it, but I’m not really sure how.”

    The stranger nodded knowingly, watching the little boy’s lazy movements. “Decades ago, I was exactly as you are right now.

    “Come, cast the rod. Let’s catch some dreams.”

    By shadow URL on 05.22.2013

  22. The man pulled his cap over his eyes to keep out the sun. His eyes were as grey as the sky and his skin was as tough as leather. In his wrinkled, bony hands he held his favorite pole. He arced his arms back, then whipped the pole forward. The lind dropped into the large pool of water. Yes, he thought, today is going to be a good day.

    By Amanda on 05.22.2013

  23. a glance at me, she walked out of the room. Once again, I had no idea why I was in trouble. i had barely said a word to anyone male or female since I got there, and had mostly stared into my plate of hors doeuvres and my cocktail since I had picked them up

    By Lee URL on 05.22.2013

  24. I don’t care if I cast a shadow. The only thing that matters is not thinking about writing. How does one write without thoughts? I don’t care. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, ate, nine, tin, eleven, twelve, thirt een, fort een, sixty.

    By Mills on 05.22.2013

  25. IT IS DONE BY DIRECTOR,FOR MOVIES.soTHAT THEY Can make or break movie stars.
    this is an occupation for is the process to select actors for particular roles in the film.

    By pradeep on 05.22.2013

  26. I stared at the woman, marveling at how someone could cast a mold. It seemed like such a complex task; I couldn’t even imagine.

    By ShadowPrayers on 05.22.2013

  27. The spell would be ready soon, but she stood and cast the circle now anyways. As per habit, doing so was easy. East, South, West, North. The directions and elements were called, the spirits and gods invited.This casting would be the greatest she had ever done, and if that meant she would wait in her circle for hours, she would do so. Silently, she stepped towards the altar.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.22.2013

  28. Casting call, nervousness of bein yourself, who do you pretend to be? Is this a play or life? Mask you wear a mask this casting call no one can decide if its you, your face is blank a poker face from the gods. No one can tell what you are thinking and you like it that way.

    By Faeyeldrin on 05.22.2013

  29. The casting was complete. He took the mold, awed at his work. He imagined the molten metal, pouring into the tiny cracks, red hot and glowing. He imagined the finished hilt – one worthy of the prince, for sure – its exquisite detail flowing like the movements of its master.

    By Archori URL on 05.22.2013

  30. (Casting down, more like throwing down
    Destroying, breaking apart
    Completely dismembering something
    Throw it towards a direction, with force,
    Letting go of something and not getting it back the same)
    You may not like what it looks like
    After it has been cast down
    But it is yours, so you take it
    and try to reassemble the pieces.
    But you know, the only one who can
    is the one who made it in the first place.

    By Silvercchile URL on 05.22.2013

  31. is a word that can express vision, dream and faith. When you cast your line in the water…the hope is you’ll get something to bite the bait. For me, when I cast a play, I hope that it will be something that enlightens and inspires people. But you never know what you’re going to get.

    By Matt Hoffland URL on 05.22.2013

  32. She cast the stone into the water. It sunk into the water without a splash or a sound. Silent waves crashed across the shore, and her heart beat too fast, too fast.

    By Rose on 05.22.2013

  33. The couch was named the casting couch for a reason. Many careers were made and desatroyed here. She cried at the sight of it, remembering her first time there. The last time hadn’t ended quite as well.

    By Chele Tallon on 05.22.2013

  34. to pour metal over something and mold it to make anew.

    By gloria URL on 05.22.2013

  35. This reminds me of fishing, though that entirely remains quite foreign. So I think about the other ways in which “casting” can be used. Can one wake up and decide where to cast themselves for the day? What new and exciting things will happen today, and where shall we cast ourselves to make that happen? “Cast yourself into the light,” or “Cast yourself off the rock and into the creek.” Fishing poles aren’t the only ones that can be cast, apparently. We cast emotions, other people, our garbage, and ourselves all over the place, much like tossing aside, except aside is implied to be the right space for that thing being cast, whatever it was in the first place. Casting denotes an order to a chaotic world. The action itself may connote carelessness and apathy, but all-in-all, the caster knows the place for which to cast. Can it have something to do with throwing yourself out there, with exposure, with the hopes of attracting an outsider and encouraging to take the bait? Is casting all just a game of trust and then devour? We seem to go in it, looking for something, a result of the cast.

    By Natalie URL on 05.22.2013

  36. Casting is a discriminating act. People are organized as cattle to be chosen solely on appearances. Otherwise, Casting can be casting a glance, a furtive glance, at one’s love interest, the only way of being close to them.

    By George on 05.22.2013

  37. The witch wandered through her cavern and tapped her wand against her hairy chin. She licked her green lips with her forked tongue. “Now, my dear. Time for a treat”. The child sitting in the witch’s cavern looked expectantly up at the witch-oblivious to the impending doom. This poor child, so naive. The witch took her wand, and casting a spell, began sucking the life out of this poor soul.

    By Kat on 05.22.2013

  38. being a diamond in the rough
    never helped me skip through impossible odds
    instead of sinking.

    please lift my “exotic” curse.

    you had the privilege of being
    smooth from birth, and everything just slid off you
    like oil from water.

    By h. b. URL on 05.22.2013

  39. i will cast a spell around
    your heart that is cast in lead and blood
    and together we will cast the loveliest future as our home.
    if you are up for this, youre welcome to bring your iron cast pan to make french toast

    By berenique URL on 05.22.2013

  40. I was so incredibly excited! Being a greenhorn in the movie industry, I had just received my first casting call for a new movie “The Purple Star”. Though some people say actors are just puppets, I think otherwise. We make characters come alive.

    By Riady Tay on 05.22.2013