May 21st, 2013 | 189 Entries


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189 Entries for “casting”

  1. letting things go. forgetting about the past. casting all my sorrows onto Jesus. this word makes me think about worship songs and worship period. now i’m starting to think about submissiveness. interesting. i just think release.

    By rachel dukes on 05.21.2013

  2. Casting makes me think of acting. Films, television, that sort of stuff. A person walks into a room, reads out a part of the script for the film or show they are trying out for, and then see if they get cast for the part. Or that’s what I saw on Friends, anyway. How you doin’?

    By Emily Rosewarn on 05.21.2013

  3. I have always wanted to be an actress, to become the start, loved by the world. I am not what the movie industry wants, I am not skinny, Beautiful, outgoing, I am an introvert, I am shy, a wallflower, I am kind and loving, caring a modern day mother theresa. I have no place as an actress.

    By Tara Celeste URL on 05.21.2013

  4. Once upon a time I was casting a play. About a princess and a frog and there was possibly an owl involved. We all know how these stories go and how they end. Happily ever after. Usually. Right?

    By Susie M on 05.21.2013

  5. The day was hot and sticky at the casting call. Margret stood in line fanning herself with her head shots. She knew that this was her dream job and didn’t want to mess this up. Little did she know how much this one open casting call for a reality tv show would change her life.

    By Caydie on 05.21.2013

  6. broken statues chipped and worn by the fables of harsh time
    we mend wearily
    seeking chisels and steady hammers
    awaiting our sunlight to burst through
    shine golden attention
    her rays casting upon our marbled faces

    By drewd URL on 05.21.2013

  7. I was talking to my friend about casting myself into this one play called Harry Potter and the Goblet of too much Rum, but my friend just laughed at me and told me that casting was something the director does and not what the people in the play do. So I went home and got drunk. Maybe next time I’ll just direct the play instead baby.

    By Rianna Engel on 05.21.2013

  8. “Step in here, please.”
    We’ve all read at least one story of a young actor’s choice to face the terrifying faces of those who are paid to judge.
    “Whenever you’re ready.”
    About how they stood on the mark and, always, always, took a deep breath, and their voice only stopped shaking on the last line.
    “We’ll let you know.”
    We’ve heard they didn’t get the part, and now they grin and gloat about those fools, behind the cover of their starring role.
    “How’d you do?”
    Of course, at that moment they feel as though the act of living is one that needs reimbursement, for the failure it proved to be.
    “What else am I gonna do?”
    We’ve heard the stories, haven’t we?

    By Saudade URL on 05.21.2013

  9. movies
    actors and actresses

    By Jordan on 05.21.2013

  10. “There’s a casting call downtown tomorrow!” she said, waving the flyer in my face.
    “You gonna do it?”
    “You bet your ass I will.”
    “I will wholeheartedly bet my ass on it.” I watch her spin around the room, flyer still in her hand. “Think a lot of people will show?”
    “I’m praying against it.”

    By jrory2015 URL on 05.21.2013

  11. couches, torn and soiled, left by the curb in an unassuming heap of displeasure. Lives of the rich and famous lead one to believe in anything, least of all in the respect for one’s fellow man. Luck and Skill are interwoven in a chance call, to see your name on the roster of chosen impersonators.

    By B on 05.21.2013

  12. There was a large man standing about three feet away from me. He too tall. He was scaring me. I was only 7 and as I looked up to see if I could get away, a tear fell down my face. He was casting a shadow too big for even his stature. He was casting a shadow made of wings.

    By Gigi R. URL on 05.21.2013

  13. i went to an audition. I’d never gone to one before, but I’d been told that I was very good. It was what I wanted to be. Two older girls went in with me. They were good. they sang. They had monologues. They had props. I had a 7 line poem. I thought I would at least get something. I didn’t. I cried

    By Claire on 05.21.2013

  14. I was in line behind the fat girl. She kept her eyes too carefully away from me, and I tried to look even smaller — skinny bitch, she’s thinking. Skinny cute little bitch. Why do I do this to myself, pretend I know what other people are thinking about me? Judging. Critical. Snarky. Mean. God help me, I was nervous.

    By Anne Robinson URL on 05.21.2013

  15. “It was an exchange of four-hundred blows upon the life of a simple child who dreamt of a good life. His parents were missing in a world that did not care for him. It is only there and then that he must grow up.” Said Truffaut. “Then, it is my sincerest thought that Jean-Luc was the perfect cast for the role”.
    I sat there, the director of legend sitting opposite of me in a comfy chair, a microphone hanging on the lapel of his coat. I held on to my notepad tightly, containing the mirth of excitement.
    It was him, the man that gave me back my childhood by showing it to the world. He didn’t even know.

    By Onix URL on 05.21.2013

  16. If central casting could do the job, I’d suggest Kristi to play the part of my love interest!

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 05.21.2013

  17. a spell?
    an audition?
    a curse?
    I suppose that’s the same as a spell
    only worse
    singing and dancing and acting, too
    I wouldn’t go if I were you
    They said you had talent
    you said you knew
    I wouldn’t go if I were you

    By C on 05.21.2013

  18. everyone has their role to play. Everyone is casted. My role just doesn’t include you. My role is something much different. much smaller. Much more. me. I’m sorry that i cant be with you.

    By Caitlin on 05.21.2013

  19. Sometimes I feel like I was cast for a part that will be impossible to play. I’ve felt this calling since age eight but I know my mental health won’t let me do it, won’t let me play it, won’t even let me close. The thread tying it all together persists and maybe I’ll end up doing it one way or another, even if I’m not Victoria Beckham in a cocktail dress.

    By K on 05.21.2013

  20. the lines and setting sail
    towards the shores of adventure
    and through precarious rocks of lethargy.
    Flo was hit by one last summer
    and she’s yet to awaken
    from hours of Minecraft.

    By Kairn URL on 05.21.2013

  21. You’re a man of the spotlight, always cast for the lead
    Toeing the line between ambition and greed
    A girl on your arm; to accessorize, not love
    Money the only thing you’ll ever be proud of.

    By Carly URL on 05.21.2013

  22. casting calls today!!
    yells the director as he pulls up a seat.
    he calls out the next nervous hopeful,
    and as the shaking teenager walks out on stage…

    the lights go dark.
    and out at sea you see sails
    lighting up the dark undertones of
    evening time.

    By fizzingSmile URL on 05.21.2013

  23. Rory had to give the sham of solitude away. It had been the great war of his late thirties. An insensible conflict but a weighty one.

    He was a home man now. Somebody. A fleshy compound that sometimes could not speak or move or eat without seeing the scales. The development of the city was his lot. The tiny pier on the headland was not.

    The warmth coming from the rear vent was for him. The whole of July was apparently his. But the things he said to the driver, they were not his. They were the words of someone else. He’d been taught not to fish for sympathy.

    By Jogn on 05.21.2013

  24. He was a perfect fit for the role. He was able to gesture and intonate in all the right ways. His audience was captivated the moment he set foot on the stage. It came naturally for him, as he was, after all, a narcissist himself.

    By KT URL on 05.21.2013

  25. When it comes to the casting call for the lead in the story of my life the only person qualified to play the part is me. The same goes for the roles of director and producer as well. You got it right it is all about me being in charge of my own life!

    By Tracey URL on 05.21.2013

  26. Shy and quite
    She sits in a corner

    At the people around her
    Who smiles
    Who laughs
    And who


    Taking in everything
    Carefully though
    So as not to get hurt
    By what she believes the people are

    Until someone gets too close
    And she lets them in
    When she doesn’t act quiet so shy
    And she begins to hope for


    But she is always proven right
    And she is cast aside for someone better
    So she goes back to her corner
    With an even thicker wall of


    By Maci_M URL on 05.21.2013

  27. Casting
    An object made by pouring molten metal or other material into a mold.

    Cast in bronze or silver, cast in gold, statues endure
    Love is not as solid:
    More like earthworm castings
    or the ephemeral casting of the fly fisherman,
    his nylon line flickering across the waters
    a flicker, then no more

    By Just Having Fun URL on 05.21.2013

  28. I’m here for the role to play as your one and only. I had initially fit perfectly into the part. No need for other auditions. But you were biased in your decision. I was the first the only the best. Now I’m with you for the movie of our life.

    By Kristina on 05.21.2013

  29. casting about for a tune for a song for anyone to listen….life is like a fishing net sometime full of fish and yet it can all become quite heavy on your head….sometimes you need to let it go, to let all the fish go swimming where they want and maybe just maybe they will come back fatter than before….such is life

    By Rachael White URL on 05.21.2013

  30. The line slunk out across the desert, bobbing and rolling through the waves like a spider caught in a wave. A small, red fish, barely visible beneath the rolling yellow sands, swims up underneath the bob and bites. He reels back the line, pulling and tugging against the impossibly strong fish. He was going to have fish tonight.

    By redpinkandwhite URL on 05.21.2013

  31. casting call couch, faded suede crackling with cotton, squeaks, air condition, frigid editing bay, slough leather pillows, jump and slam on the pillows, squeak on the squarelegs, relax, sleep, wake up in joyful air.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.21.2013

  32. casting the net, trying to find something beautiful in the sea that isnt dead but is truly alive, sometimes life is like a fishing net, so full of fish that the weight of it is heavy in your head, sometimes you just have to let it all go, let the fish swim back to their friends and maybe just maybe they will come back fatter than before and you will be able to make something wonderful with their bones…

    By songbird URL on 05.21.2013

  33. These Kids were talking about fishing, but I don’t really like those kids. I do like fishing though.

    By gunit on 05.21.2013

  34. I’m about to stay close to the director of a casting, his choosing rabbits for his next film, i’m amazed of such bad actors rabbits are. He told me rabbits are used to stay out of cameras, so that’s why the just can’t focus on the scripts. I knew they were hidding from me, I’m the bunnies’ eater.

    By LauraEs URL on 05.21.2013

  35. showing something expressing yourself your emotion your heart, showing that you can, that you are what u set out to be, throwing yourslef outhere.

    By lina on 05.21.2013

  36. Eyes on me, nothing to see. This is just a scene
    All that if left, lies inside of me.
    Lights, Camera….


    By Jason Ohono on 05.21.2013

  37. It fell away from his healed arm in large flakes. Grimacing, I tried to pick my way around the piles of casting material laying on the floor.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.21.2013

  38. When you were casting your spell on me, did you mix the wrong ingredients? Because you made it extra strong.

    By Nyan on 05.21.2013

  39. the man sits, casting his vision out over the majestic and ominous sea. It has been a long time since he last visited this omnipitant beast known as the tides of the ocean. Truth be told he has feared the ancient beast since the incident; yes, it was all washing over him now, as the sovereign tides had done to him before.

    By Caleb on 05.21.2013

  40. calls, agency, models, actors, hollywood, money, stress, classes, couch, offers, hiring, fire, disappointment

    By toni on 05.22.2013