July 6th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “cast”

  1. They love me. They all love me. But it’s a superficial, biting sort of love, and most everything’s different once the summer ends.

    By Princess Tasya URL on 07.06.2011

  2. broken

    By crystal on 07.06.2011

  3. we used to go fishing a lot. we would cast our lines into the deep blue with an unsuspecting blue crab attached. we would cast for tarpon.

    By Carolyn Zacharias on 07.06.2011

  4. If I were to cast you into the sea, would you swim back or flee? would it be like watching the sun set or feeling my fears plea? Do those two sentences reel you in or do they simply, set you free.

    By Cola on 07.06.2011

  5. I feel like a cast away. I’m lost at sea and I wish someone would come save me. I feel unloved and I wish to be happy. I love the ocean though and I feel like being a cast away would give me time to look at the calming water. I don’t like swimming in the ocean, but I think it’s beautiful. I feel like a cast away.

    By Hanah on 07.06.2011

  6. The cast of the play bowed once, twice, and three times, smiling widely as the deep red curtain descended in front of them. Dropping their fake, Vaseline-teethed grins, they then hurried to their individual dressing rooms, not stopping to speak to each other. In fact, behind the scenes, they were all very curt towards each other, envious and competitive despite the friendship and affection they displayed onstage. Welcome to show business, kids.

    By sabrina URL on 07.06.2011

  7. It seems sometimes the world has a way of taking you back. I found myself at an edge, an impasse, to choose to stay or simply cast the hand of fate with my own, a twisted knife, or simple home.

    By Cola URL on 07.06.2011

  8. Every time I see a volley ball I think of Wilson from Cast Away

    By Rowan URL on 07.06.2011

  9. I’ve heard that when you break a limb, or other body part, you get something called a cast. I’m not really sure about the procedures leading up to it. Usually when people come to school with casts’ they let people sign them with black sharpies. Its pretty spunky looking :)

    By unfortunate URL on 07.06.2011

  10. Ya know, you never really have time. You never have time for any of that. yOU have time for what’s eating YOU; what YOU love; your dreams. Loving you is like casting pennies down a bottomless well..nothing ever comes back.

    By alex on 07.06.2011

  11. I love the word cast because it relates to the best thing ever which is acting. I lobe the cast of that 70s show. Tofer grace is awesome. A cast also refers to the thing doctors put on an arm when it’s broken and I really like the letter “c” which is in cast

    By ~KoalaDanceBot~ URL on 07.06.2011

  12. Cast a shadow upon the setting sun. One last ray, one last run.
    I’ll follow you through the shadows of night. You are my only remaining light.
    Love me more, I’ll care for you. My love for you is pure and true.

    By Brittany on 07.06.2011

  13. the shadows casted ominous shapes,
    kind of like the tilted shape of lips looming
    kind of like the dark part of your pupils.
    the room is lit but i still feel alone.

    By jess tv URL on 07.06.2011

  14. The list has been posted. Tacked on the wall, for all to see. Who’s in, made the cut, good enough, talented enough. Separate the cream from the crop, the needles in an endless haystack. I approach with gusto but also crushing fear that my name will be absent. God I hope I made the cast.

    By Taylor URL on 07.06.2011

  15. There was a cast of thousands so he had to come up with some gimmick so he could stand out from the rest. A feather boa? A beret? How about a groovy tie?

    In the end, all it took was wearing his birthday suit. Oh, the attention that got him!

    By Psychochook URL on 07.06.2011

  16. A clown; rosy red face, and brightly coloured hair.
    A lion; a mane of thick golden locks, and a fierce expression.
    Looking around at the people I know, I realise something I’d always missed.
    This was the cast of the freak-show that is my life.

    By Peri URL on 07.06.2011

  17. The room was filled with dolls, their eyes staring, cast randomly across the shelves. Their tattered dresses could break a child’s heart and the obvious signs of the fire that took place were enough to hurt your eyes.

    By ichigoneko URL on 07.06.2011

  18. The cast was heavy, hot and hard. She never was a complainer. I barely got her to accept a cold drink, much less a hug and a backrub. She awoke like a little bird, cheery and alive with listening. What could happen today? She always looked bemused in the morning. By early afternoon her energy flagged, and if she could, if she would, she would nap with astonishing release. Even her jaw would be slack, every muscle liquid. I waited for what would come next.

    By Mary Bombaci on 07.06.2011

  19. away. Into the ocean. Fishing in the sea. The Old Man and the Sea. Nets. Casting a gaze. A cast when you break your arm. Rhymes with Past.

    By Tiffany on 07.06.2011

  20. The cast of characters in my life is so eclectic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Life is more interesting when you get perspectives from every extreme on any situation. Like-minded people make for a boring cast.

    By Ashley URL on 07.06.2011

  21. People type-cast other people- especially one-on-one. Theatrical media is so common-place in the every day lives of western peoples.

    By Samantha on 07.06.2011

  22. Cast out from society. That’s all she ever was. She cried each night as she poured over the daily rejections and she worked still each day to put on the right dress, the right mask, the right persona depending on who it was that she had to please. But she forgot to please herself. Never once did she smile at her reflection in that dusty broken mirror. Never once did she allow herself to live. Not freely anyway. She could never expect to live freely. That was just the way it worked. A slave to society was never supposed to speak out. Ever.

    By Jamie Locke URL on 07.06.2011

  23. I instantly thought, “cast of a show”. Then I realized, I don’t watch much TV.

    What it brought me back to is my father and fishing with him. A roll cast. Casting in the back yard. Getting chased with fishing line by those older than us, playing “tag”. Childhood memories rock.

    By Jamie URL on 07.06.2011

  24. A broken limb, leaving him stuck for months in the house. Summer months. Months that could be spent climbing, playing, living. Gone. His perspective cast into shadows because of his leg, currently cast in plaster.

    By Brittany G on 07.06.2011

  25. my mom’s cast is holding her back. she can’t drive, she can’t walk the dog, she can’t sleep, she can’t live. my dad’s cast is the same way… but he refuses to accept it. he fell down the stairs. i hate having broken parents, but at least they’ll stay together.

    By aubrey URL on 07.06.2011

  26. Cast upon the darkened sea, no stars to light the way. The moon was engulfed by angry storm clouds. Thunder ripped the night in half. Still, we smiled upon the tempest that greeted us with stubborn smiles and eagerly adventurous hearts.

    By Mea Haney URL on 07.06.2011

  27. cast in iron
    and you retain that mold
    i cannot change that which makes you strongest
    (cast in iron
    hot coals
    embers dying
    you were born as i died)

    By lulu on 07.06.2011

  28. I had my arm in a cast several times as a youth. Once, I jumped for a tree branch to swing and kick my brother in the head. I slipped backwards and landed on my arm. Of course it was broken, and I had to have it put in a cast. :/

    By Stephen Duran on 07.06.2011

  29. They were all patiently waiting. One name would be called, and that was it. No more suspense. Each mind tossed and toiled with the idea, to be the next big thing. That was all that mattered.

    By KC on 07.06.2011

  30. show, glee, who else?, fishing, hard, gasping gills, last gasp for breath, water deepens, four letter word, hollywood, can’t spell that can i?, can’t spell period, or maybe i did and can’t really know because im so bad at spelling that i don’t even know when i spelled something right

    By Tiffany on 07.06.2011

  31. she wore her past like a cast.
    it was heavy and itched like a bitch.
    Every little object brought on a memory.
    and every memory made her stomach churn.

    By Baillie URL on 07.06.2011

  32. Cast, as in players in a movie. Or casting a fishing line. Cast as in what is placed on an appendage when it gets broken or sprained. Cast. hard. difficult. fun.

    By naomi on 07.06.2011

  33. I have no idea what to write about cast, could it be casting out to sea, casting a play, a drama, a tv show, a radio cast, the cast and crew in such things, cast a spell, am i magician having to write about Wingardium Leviosa? How did Harry Potter get into this? Oh right he’s a wizard.

    By Angelina on 07.06.2011

  34. I’ve just done this one….is there only one word per day? Ugh, I was so sure I could just pick a different word, something I knew what to write about. Oh well, just StumbleUpon will show me another site after I write the rest of this, post my name and email, etc. I wanna see a picture about anime or something. I need to be sleeping *sigh*

    By Angelina on 07.06.2011

  35. Curtains open, the stage is set. The cast is ready. Its not opening night, its not the final show. It’s just another night on the road. They don’t know the audience, they’ll never see them again. Oh what the hell, let’s just go on with the show!

    By Cholmie URL on 07.06.2011

  36. Cast your worries out to sea. Come down to the shore and stay a while with me. Our love will grow deeper with every second passed. If only it were your worries that you could cast.

    By lovestoned URL on 07.06.2011

  37. I already wrote for today, but I just wanted to send a message to the entire OneWord community. This is supposed to be creative. I am really tired of definitions and really obvious descriptions. Let’s use this as a way to expand our writing skills. BE CREATIVE!

    By Cholmie URL on 07.06.2011

  38. I am thinking of a new movie with a great cast in it. Great actors, a strong cast will make even not-so good movie look good. If a story line is not so strong, a great cast will pull it all togehter. A strong cast equals strong story.

    By Alena on 07.06.2011

  39. Cast away wasn’t the greatest movie I had ever seen but it satisfied my hunger for film. Exiting the theatre I dropped my popcorn bag on the ground and slowly stood from my chair. All of a sudden, a young woman grabbed my wrist and quickly whipped me around until we met eyes. She told me to pick up my popcorn bag.

    By Spencer Campbell on 07.06.2011

  40. I want to be in a play! I’d love to be cast as a villain again in a musical of some sort. Or to be cast in Grease, would be great. I don’t want to be cast away, left out like trash. That doesn’t sound nearly as fun, but to be cast as Rizzo.

    By Stephanie on 07.06.2011