July 6th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “cast”

  1. The die was cast. We all waited with hopeful eyes. We knew fate was only a moment away.

    By visiontest URL on 07.06.2011

  2. He tossed the net out into the sea with a practiced, easy motion. A flick of the wrist, a movement of the arm, and the net was cast, ready to catch the fish and flotsam and debris and crabs that teemed in the river’s depths.

    By Jspeed29 URL on 07.06.2011

  3. Our life is supported by a cast of thousands. Not everyone in the world plays a part in our lives but those we really come in contact with do. And those unseen people who pull the strings and make the world go, do also.

    By paulie aragon on 07.06.2011

  4. I cast my line into the sea. I doubt I’ll catch anything. The wizard cast a spell on me. I would catch no fish for the next 3 years, she said. I cast the dice anyway. Twas a strange cast of characters gathered at the beach.

    By Josh on 07.06.2011

  5. and he was cast away on a dark and stormy sea lamenting the loss of the life he once knew and the love he had lost. Angry he stormed about the deck cursing the gods as tears streamed down his face, melting into the rain that fell from the sky.

    By Xianna on 07.06.2011

  6. They signed the plaster moulding of the cast for the bronze horse, the same way you might sign a cast for a broken wrist, but they made a whole to-do about it, and cast one another in roles, announced a casting call, cast about for lofty words and finally cast off shore where the boat promptly sank and the cast of the bronze horse sank.

    By Lancir URL on 07.06.2011

  7. Who cast me in this role? I’m pretty sure I tried out for a different character. Someone brave enough to go dance in that spotlight. Someone not me.

    By Emily URL on 07.06.2011

  8. a cast of characters
    a cast for your broken leg
    a cast of washington and lincoln sit in museums
    a cast of thousands to be yet casted

    By she53lly URL on 07.06.2011

  9. “We’re a cast in a play, my dear. We each play a lead role but to everyone else we’re just extras.” His eyes turned slate-gray, as exposed as I’d ever seen them, as truthful as his words.
    “That’s a sad philosophy.” But I silently agreed. “I’ve never been a lead role, though, not even in my one life.”
    “Then it’s time you start.” He rose and left me to wonder whether my life is my own or not. It’s always been acted as though not mine, as if I was a piece to be moved around to make sense in the current scene, a prop, if you will. I am moved in the dark so I can’t tell where I’m going.

    By Mara URL on 07.06.2011

  10. The cast sighed, wishing the script to go away. It was somewhat miraculous they all had the same thought; Janie was sure at least Jake would enjoy all the death and gore the script demanded. But no, he looked annoyed as well, and she wondered why.

    By Madison on 07.06.2011

  11. cast aside once again, when should i give up? i’m already getting on abit, maybe not got another chance at a good one. not sure i can be arsed. dieing cold and alone; cant be that?!

    By ccolville URL on 07.06.2011

  12. it keeps a broken bone together. it sheds light on a stage and changes you forever. you can fish when you do this action. it can bring you satisfaction. there is a range of characters placed together. Fear and sweat can be the scene. When it is your first play. Sing the song of stories long ago. Or heartbreak and sorrow. I am not sure where else to go. A little boy lost or girl gone astray. There is no secrets when you watch the play.

    By Rachel Gilliard on 07.06.2011

  13. Cast out into the desert, Kayln had no choice but to move forward and to hope that somewhere in the direction she headed some salvation waited. She had one small bag and her wits to keep her alive, and she hoped it would be enough to keep her alive.

    By maddie.rae URL on 07.06.2011

  14. when i broke my arm i realized i would be stuck in a cast for about six weeks. six weeks of itching, six weeks of living with the same several signatures scribbled on my arm. six weeks of a dull pain that i could never quite get rid of or touch, not like the way a paper cut stings or a bruise is tender. the cast meant something more serious, and i wasn’t prepared for that.

    By liz URL on 07.06.2011

  15. the people you spend a long time loving and caring during a show that happen to become some of your closed friends that you love and never want to go away. people in a show that act dance or sing. your best friends and family for that time.

    By audrey on 07.06.2011

  16. She cast her eyes down. At last he had told her the truth. She wished she hadn’t asked. If only she could take the question back. For a long time she had suspected something was wrong, and today she finally asked, “Do you still love me?”

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 07.06.2011

  17. “your status cast will be set in fifteen minutes.i will leave you alone to say goodbye.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 07.06.2011

  18. I cast my line out into the ocean in order to catch some fish, but they weren’t biting that day. So I drank beer and sat on my boat and thought about how the fish were smarter than me.

    By Anne Highley-Smith on 07.06.2011

  19. it was just the right distance, with an arc that epitomized grace. It would be impossible for the rainbow trout to resist its perfection. He was at one with nature, and distant from the cries of the city.

    By Ken Ranweiler on 07.06.2011

  20. i have been cast
    in this performance
    and cast into
    this life
    who was auditioning when lives were being handed out?
    i know i didn’t audition
    but they gave me this role
    and i think
    i’m going to quit
    i hate the cast
    myself especially

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.06.2011

  21. the cast was a stark white, whereas the bruised flesh under the layers of glue and gauze was an utter contrast. he could not believe she broke up with him, when his head had been resting in her warm lap. bones were broken! bitch.

    By jess tv URL on 07.06.2011

  22. Cast aside those doubts; think about the sun. Think about a positive role. Think about change. Think about a new adventure, new seas, new sights. Unlimited possibilities. Never entertain anything less. Think about change and growth. Think about happiness. Think about relaxation. Think about planning. Do it.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 07.06.2011

  23. she cast her net wide. not only because she knew this is essential for success, but also because she was a social butterfly. to say she was working her networking connections would be giving her too much credit, she never thought of it that way as it just came natural to her.

    By jinnylinny URL on 07.06.2011

  24. cast a word that describes the actors in a film or movie,also is a basis of differentiationg pe

    By Sachin URL on 07.06.2011

  25. she casted her eyes up to the horizon. it looked like rain. the clouds were churning and her damp clothing were whipping wantonly in the gust. the tense muscles on her shoulder were slick with the humidity and the rushing warm air seemed to hold her immobile. her favorite dress had snagged onto a branch when a cool droplet smacked against her cheek.

    By jess tv URL on 07.06.2011

  26. I was cast aside like trash. It hurt, but it was freeing. I couldn’t happen but smile at the sight of the house I had lived in for all of my 17 years. It was a burden that had been lifted off me. I looked ahead of the path in front of me…

    By Justyne on 07.06.2011

  27. I stand at the end of the jetty and hope against hope that this time it will be different. The waves crash higher and still I have nothing to show for my efforts. The final cast will determine whether I am tonight’s hero or a continuing disappointment.

    By emmystrange URL on 07.06.2011

  28. He was a little boy, perhaps his height reached your waist. You looked at his little arm cast, expecting him to tell a story of some sort. You got no story, but he did smile at you and asked if you would sign it. You obliged, with a smile. You didn’t understand how he could be so happy when part of him was broken.

    By Joanne~ URL on 07.06.2011

  29. I am under my husband’s spell. After all of these years, he remains my Truelove. My Enchanter. It’s his cologne, his deeply-toned voice, and the way I have to look all the way up at him. He’s a giant redwood and his spell sheds down on me like leaves.

    By Delaine URL on 07.06.2011

  30. A cast is a thing that gets put onto you when you’re an idiot and do something stupid. Also a cast is a group of people that work together on a movie or a play. Also a cast can be another word for a mold.

    By Theresa on 07.06.2011

  31. I once fell done and broke my leg, and the doctor had to put me in a cast. It itched like mad and my family slapped me upside the head whenever I employed a ruler (or any nearby object) to itch beneath the hard plaster. My adventurous spirit did not adjust to being tethered to a chair, for the cast kept me from running around with my friends.

    By Leah on 07.06.2011

  32. I am nothing but a worm in life. All I leave is a cast of a man. Soul departed, back to the earth.

    By Geejay URL on 07.06.2011

  33. off from all of it, sail away, into the sunset, into something other. Tides and moon pull, the endless roll of the ocean. Castaway, an island, a fantasy tropical island, a palm roofed shelter two steps from the beach…..

    By georgie on 07.06.2011

  34. My friends are the cast of the film that is my life. And I couldn’t imagine this movie without them. :)

    By Ruthie URL on 07.06.2011

  35. She used to be part of the in crowd, until she was cast to the outskirts for wearing the wrong colour skirt with a salmon blouse. She was upset for weeks, until the unexpected happened. Chloe (the most high one) wore red jeans with a magnolia t-shirt. Now life was sweet again. Life was really tough on a five year old.

    By mariesdaly on 07.06.2011

  36. He cast her aside like an old shoe. “I’m not happy,” he said. Like everyone has a right to be happy. Who the hell ever said that? And why should his happiness come at the expense of hers?

    By sakeatken URL on 07.06.2011

  37. A group of people in a movie? In a play? Something to wear when your body is broken? A part of a boat? Or is that a mast . . . . O_O A line? A life line? Last life line? Who wants to be a Millionaire? I want to be a millionaire so freakin’ bad . . .

    By Llia <3 URL on 07.06.2011

  38. I find that casting a fly rod is the most relaxing thing I can do. There is nothing like the feeling of becoming a perfect metronome. The muscles of my arm and fingers working together – muscle, tendon, nerves, and bone all come together to make a wonderful motion of bliss.

    By Bill on 07.06.2011

  39. The cast was ready for the last show. They knew this would be the last time they would perform together, and there was a sadness that hung in the air. Matthew was the first to speak. “Well, this is it friends. It’s been fun. After this… college, and for some of us the big time.”

    By Karen Greenberg URL on 07.06.2011

  40. My friend broke her leg in first grade. The teacher told us we could all sign her cast if we wanted to but that we should take turns, and not all go over at once. The place to sign the cast was on the floor, over by the window.

    – I had no idea what a cast was but eventually I went over to sign it and almost jumped out of my skin when I saw that my friend was attached to it.

    * I was expecting to see a card, or a box. Not the person I thought was miles away!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.06.2011