June 1st, 2017 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “cartridge”

  1. ink dry
    dry run
    no more words
    no more words
    no more words
    no more words
    no more words
    no more words
    no more
    no more
    out of time

    By tones8 URL on 06.01.2017

  2. Gestern saß ich da und schrieb. Schrieb und schrieb und schrieb und schrieb.
    Dann wollte ich alles Ausdrucken, aber mitten beim Ausführen des Auftrags streikte der Drucker, weil die Patrone leer war. Ihm war nicht die Puste, sondern der Toner ausgegangen. Ich musste so schnell zum Laden, um Nachschub zu holen, dass mir daraufhin die Puste ausging.

    By LotteZwo URL on 06.01.2017

  3. I refilled my cartridge and locked and loaded by gun. Cartridge is not a particularly inspiring words as it evokes only sorts of mechanical things, a cartridge with whch you can replace emotions or something maybe.

    By Roy Cutler URL on 06.01.2017

  4. I can’t get it in. I can’t get it to work. No matter how much I take it out and put it back in, it doesn’t do the job. I blow on it, hoping it’ll work, but still, it fails.
    They tell me technology will fix this–soon, we won’t need to blow it to make it work. Soon, taking it in and out will become obsolete, but I think I’ll miss the action of doing it all myself; of getting it to work.
    I’ll miss the feeling of accomplishment when the screen lights up and says, “Press Start.”

    By Ian URL on 06.01.2017

  5. She gripped her fists tightly together and held her breath.
    “Okay, are you ready?”
    She tried to nod, but her neck seemed incapable of moving at all. She tensed as much as possible.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.01.2017

  6. pen, ink, bullet, pigs, blue, red, ink pen, bullet proof, vest,

    By itismeethu on 06.01.2017

  7. I don’t know exactly what a cartridge is, but as far as I know it’s like a container full of one specific item. If I am correct, I would not have a lot of cartridges. Only bins and totes full of random things that are different.

    By Braden Hilliker on 06.01.2017

  8. I don’t know what cartridge is .

    By Savannah spiegel on 06.01.2017

  9. I don’t no what cartridge is or means put it souns funny.

    By jacob on 06.01.2017

  10. When I think of cartridge I think of a cartridge that was in Tom and Jerry when Tom drinks his milk.

    By Gabe on 06.01.2017

  11. I don’t know what this word means.

    By Austin on 06.01.2017

  12. I like the word cartridge but I do not know what it means

    By Carsten on 06.01.2017

  13. A Cartrige is a round metal led ball that goes in a musket or a flintlock pistol.

    By Charles Risdon on 06.01.2017

  14. I don’t know what the word cartridge.

    By Savannah spiegel on 06.01.2017

  15. when I think of a cardridge I think of a air cartridge.

    By nikolai on 06.01.2017

  16. When I hear cartridge I think of bin or holder for anything or a baby cartridge

    By Shade on 06.01.2017

  17. Cartridge is like a spool of photographic film.

    By Julia on 06.01.2017

  18. What I think cartridge is a kid of reach or a place.And maybe a town or a city or a animal too.

    By Nicole URL on 06.01.2017

  19. A cartridge is something that can hold something,or can be a spool,or it can be a film,there is many different meanings for.

    By Kaylee on 06.01.2017

  20. A cartridge is like a spool of photographic film.

    By Julia on 06.01.2017

  21. I don’t know what cartridge means but if I guess I probly get it wrong so I’m not going to guess

    By Aundrea on 06.01.2017

  22. A ship caring cartridge

    By Gino on 06.01.2017

  23. We sifted through boxes and boxes of video game cartridges and old consoles, blowing away their blankets of dust and leaving them shivering in the cold. We stopped ripping through cardboard when we saw it: A gold cartridge from the Super Viking Entertainment system. We couldn’t believe our luck.

    “Wondercat World!” we gasped as we held up the shiny, plastic game.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.01.2017

  24. When I think of cartridge i think of a cart because cart is in the word.

    By Chase tesluck on 06.01.2017

  25. There is a ink cartridge in every printer. The cartridge is what holds the ink.

    By Shawn huey on 06.01.2017

  26. When I here cartridge I think of a Co2 cartridge.

    By Sam on 06.01.2017

  27. Without you there’s no ink in my cartridge.

    By Diana Probert URL on 06.01.2017

  28. One day a girl said,”I love your cartridge.” She did not know what it meant. Which it meant a container. That girl went to the office and told the principle. O my gosh. Both of the girls thought different.

    By Cassandra URL on 06.01.2017

  29. Cartridge
    The empty ink cartridge clatters to the floor,
    It leaves no mark beside one small splatter;
    The people frown a grown
    At the stain and clatter.

    The cleaning makes them sad
    As they crawl back to work.
    They count their long days
    And their one and only perk.

    Life moves before them
    And days pass by.
    Soon their heart stops working,
    But who stops to cry?

    You are easily forgotten
    As your kids grow old.
    Your bed is thrown away
    And your house is quickly sold.

    You never thought you would go away,
    But some are terrified.
    They know what will happen,
    And who won’t cry.

    By Faith URL on 06.01.2017

  30. Is an 8-track a cartridge? Did the Atari console from the 80s have a cartridge? Is there a modern usage for a cartridge?

    By Karen on 06.01.2017

  31. This reminds me of a printer or ink cartridge. I hate replacing those. First, it costs way too much. Like, $75 for just black ink! Insane. I don’t like having to pay that much for ink for my printer. Also, my printer runs out of ink way too fast. It becomes a pain. I am not a fan of printer ink cartridges.

    By Kellyn on 06.01.2017

  32. Contained. In one small vessel of violence. Each one silent as they exploded, time standing still. She was gone. I could hear nothing.

    By Margaret Burgeon-Swine URL on 06.01.2017

  33. The man fiddled with the saddle for a moment, glaring up into the harsh noonday sun from under the brim of his cap. His gnarled teeth chewed tobacco before he spat, landing squarely on the ground near the young woman’s feet. She did not flinch, instead smiling steadily, a glint in the corner of her eye.

    By R.L on 06.01.2017

  34. Her hands slipped as she attempted to fill the cartridge, the blood making the mechanism slick and difficult to manipulate.

    “Shit, frick, damn,” she whispered, glancing around as she finally managed to wedge it into place. Then she took a breath, took aim, and fired.

    By Blue URL on 06.01.2017

  35. I never had own a music cartridge in my life. I concept of rewinding depresses my. My mom had like 20 of them. Now i am remember that you had to use a pen

    By Kam on 06.01.2017

  36. ammo cartridge

    By ian URL on 06.01.2017

  37. “I’m here to replace the cartridge on the printer,” he said. Instead, he looked sideways and stole a glance at the woman he loved. She stood inappropriately close to her manager. Maybe it was time to fire a bullet through the real cartridge of his gun.

    By Trushna on 06.01.2017

  38. ink cartridge in the printer
    cartilage is the frame of my ear
    cartilage is the frame for a shark
    but not a cardinal whose car’s bridge
    is pointless, it could fly to

    By peri URL on 06.01.2017

  39. I dont know what cartridge means! Maybe it means he stuff that your nose is made out of for it’s a kind of dragon! It is a nice dragon with shiny green scales and eyes the colour of gold!

    By Abigail Hamilton on 06.01.2017

  40. Its the one thing I miss
    Cold steel and hate
    It keeps me up nights
    And makes me sleep late

    If my emotions only knew
    What could be held as true
    Id empty all the love
    from a barrel of fun flower

    By smattc URL on 06.01.2017