June 1st, 2017 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “cartridge”

  1. What is this sign? It’s all so blurry! The Battle of Carthage? The transport of shark cartilage? Or maybe it’s beware the hostile and entrenched ostrich? Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. The fork in the road can not stop the march of time. So to shift the gears it’s imperative to get out of here; we’ve got a long ride a head of us.

    By Inkie J Harvey URL on 06.01.2017

  2. Dangit, my game cartridge broke. ):

    By Dylin on 06.01.2017

  3. The cartridge was grey, almost bleak. Dust had collected on it from years, nay, decades, of no use. Sighing, I picked it up and rubbed the dust from its face, revealing a faded logo of some game. I placed it back.

    By Audrey on 06.01.2017

  4. a buisness reloves around a human brain
    not some stolid computer that prints paper,
    just because a cartridge is nessecity,
    doesnt mean that a printer is nesseccary,

    all these electronic bosses run the world,
    one plug will pull from the outlet,
    oh well, plug it back in,
    buisnesses fail, so what, lets reboot,
    and plug back in.

    habits of your postivie behavior,
    learn to teach to become towards your favor,
    thoughts and words are siblings,
    so spell slowly, think slower,
    and halt the cord on your mouth’s motor!

    All i see is the trophy at the end of the finish line,
    held up high, by some fine dime,
    she was born in big bear, so what,
    oh well, i dont care,
    my attention already drifted to how i
    came to this golden finish,
    all that saw throughout the race for the dollar,
    was that golden finish, with the bars of gold in my hand,
    after i traded cash in,
    recpeits for gas is in the past, obese pockets I’m stashing; gas pedal slammed
    down the california highway I go dashing!

    By Milad URL on 06.01.2017