June 1st, 2017 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “hashtags”

  1. #amwriting. We do we use this one, anyway? Isn’t it a bit redundant? As writers, we should always be writing. There’s no need to brag about it. If you were a plumber, would you use the #amplumbing hashtag?

    By Dan Belmont URL on 06.02.2017

  2. We used to call them pound signs. Because typically when you called the 800 number on the back of your credit card or the manual in your Chevy or on the back of a freaking cereal box, all you’d get was a prerecorded voice that said “enter a number, then press pound.” And every time you called you got an automated message, not a person, and it’d always say “pound” to get to a person. “Pound. Press pound. Thank you. Pound.” The frustration would build up and because you couldn’t, you just wanted to solve the issue on your account or with your car or get your kid the stupid toy that was supposed to be in the box and you couldn’t even find a person. You beat the phone. POUNDED it to get to the next menu and make your way through the labyrinth of numbers and hold music, and “please wait” to finally talk to a person on the other side of the world who’d say, “Sorry, we can’t help you.”
    It was a pound because once you hung up, that’s all you wanted to do: pound whoever created this ridiculous trick.

    By Ian URL on 06.02.2017

  3. She added a filter and moved on to the caption, never looking up from her phone. Perfect. This was perfect. She shielded the glare from the screen, making sure the colors held together even outside of the bright sunlight.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.02.2017

  4. Panda… panda… panda, panda, panda… panda-panda-panda-PANDA! (BOOM.)

    By ml on 06.02.2017

  5. Tick tack toe?
    Whats that number?
    Im high, so lets play a game in the dark.
    If I touch you, you’re it.
    If you touch me, well, I’d love it!

    By smattc URL on 06.02.2017

  6. “Dude, you do not need that many hashtags in your texts to me.”

    “Sure I do!” crowed Sean. “Hashtag texting, hashtag modern!”

    Lisa proceeded to headdesk as Nicki laughed right in Sean’s face. “You even say ‘hashtag,’ too? Dude, are you trying to reach peak millennial?”

    “Hey,” said Sean, “I like that! Hashtag peak millennial! Takes up a lot of characters, though.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.02.2017

  7. When I thiink of hashtags I think of this ######.

    By Savannah spiegel on 06.02.2017

  8. Hashtags can be used as a symbol meaning a number. This is the symbol: #

    By Julia on 06.02.2017

  9. Hashtags are signs that kinda stand for @.They are used for many things but most kids use them when they are texting.

    By Kaylee on 06.02.2017

  10. I do but don’t like hashtags. They’re cool and all but are they necessary? I like them because they can be funny, but if you use them all the time, they get old. Anyway, hashtags aren’t my faveorite, but I guess they are fun.

    By Braden Hilliker on 06.02.2017

  11. A lot of people use hashtags in captions. For instance #besties

    By Emma on 06.02.2017

  12. # don’t care.

    By Shawn huey on 06.02.2017

  13. Let’s take a selfie! Hashtag Cassandra and Nicole at school!!!!!!

    By Cassandra URL on 06.02.2017

  14. When I thunk of hashtag I think of a selfie thing thing think we did in school and it had a hashtag in it.

    By Chase tesluck on 06.02.2017

  15. Hashtag I’m a boss

    By Gino on 06.02.2017

  16. When I think of hashtags I think of this #

    By Gabe on 06.02.2017

  17. Hashtags has the word tags in it.

    By Carsten on 06.02.2017

  18. You can you’s hashtags to tag someone an a post.

    By Payton on 06.02.2017

  19. Hashtag stans for # hashtags means # I heac.

    By jacob on 06.02.2017

  20. When I hear hashtags I think of multiple lines crossing

    By Shade on 06.02.2017

  21. What I think of hashtags is a tag on a annal.And taking at school with friends.i think of hashtags is some kind of place in the country or city.

    By Nicole URL on 06.02.2017

  22. #I am the Soup Store#Dont com in#Shut the front door it’s cold.

    By Charles Risdon on 06.02.2017

  23. When I think of hashtags I think of something like hashtag that’s cool.

    By nikolai on 06.02.2017

  24. I just thrift-spent some money on a theme park thrill
    oh well, memories bring back chills,
    and not that cool breeze that curls up the spine
    when life beckons you right then and there
    to refine, repack, and fly into a new shift of work.

    Opening the door for that withered old skeleton,
    is time relevant, because generosity,
    has its own currency.

    Despite how busy an endeavor-ist can get
    you best bet, that bowing a thanks,
    to every miniature gesture of gratefulness
    can deplete hatefulness,
    the well wouldnt be dry nor overflowing,
    just on a continuous water-quality evaluation and this ongoing.

    Merely raising the day where mom finally made
    a recipe that wasnt odorous enough to work
    towards the death of me,
    is a recipe, for food for thought,
    for me to be brought,
    to a place where i feel what i want to feel,
    my thrills are all pleasant,
    my stories i speak of, possess little resentment.

    The basket of eggs colorful in their variety,
    one egg rolls and slips,
    its best friend, behind it,
    nests readily to be pulled.

    By Milad URL on 06.02.2017

  25. leave the hashtags
    to rest in peace
    forever in the grave
    remaining until the end
    of the world.
    let them leave
    this existence.
    they are forever and always
    a part of this generation
    of humanity.

    By ashley URL on 06.02.2017

  26. #yolo #bossaf #myandmycrew #almostthere

    By ian URL on 06.02.2017

  27. #tallgrass
    no balls to catch
    misty little gash
    skull about to bash
    need a bike, can’t dash
    don’t have the cash
    red pile of ash
    licking tongue’s lash
    ineffective splash
    bonk – forgot to get flash
    now I gotta fight this lass
    five turn thrash
    shrews now slash
    the switch to the door is in the trash

    By omqwat URL on 06.02.2017

  28. Are they servings of corn beef hash? Do they make a hash of things by which is meant a mess? Are they an abbreviation for getting high on hashish? Should you serve them to your kids as hashers of bacon because you forgot the right word was rashers? An eternal mystery: these hashtags. Known only by kids under 18 and the President of the United States.

    By Joanna Bressler on 06.02.2017

  29. Stop with the hashtag mentions. Please! I didn’t know that everything I said needed some sort of subcontext. I wish that people spent less time thinking of catchy phrasing and spent more time on coming up with relevant, insightful and original content. #endthehashtag

    By Marc S URL on 06.02.2017