February 19th, 2011 | 434 Entries

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434 Entries for “cards”

  1. the cards were pink and purple, a pastelly blend of everything she would believe in. she pictured the face of the recipient when reading it, and knew it was the perfect one. perfect.

    By Rosie on 02.20.2011

  2. cards can be greeting cards, or any other kind of cards. cards can be used to express feelings, emotion, thank somebody, wish happy birthday etc. cards bring joy to everybody in life. use cards to wish somebody today and make somebody else’s life happy.

    By S.L. Narasimhan on 02.20.2011

  3. I have thrown all of my cards. The aces, the credits, all. I’m tired and weary. I don’t have Joker. Pity me. The table hasn’t been set.

    By on practice URL on 02.20.2011

  4. finally, after weeks of negotiating, cards were thrown at the table. open. all clear. and all set. a sense of calm finally filled their hearts.

    By volpinada URL on 02.20.2011

  5. I opened the mailbox one day , feeling unaccomplished a card read “dont forget , i love you” and that was that. Short and Simple.

    By Samantha URL on 02.20.2011

  6. CARDS. Let’s PLAY CARDS! If i win, i’m rich, if i lose, the game’s invalid! We’ll play until i’m rich! OK? Cards Cards Cards. Money. I love winning.

    By Aastha on 02.20.2011

  7. I wish I could get cards. Maybe just thinking of cards how are you cards. Post cards. No one writes anymore. No one reads anymore. Cards can help you express more than you know. I’m a writer. I express all my emotions with words. I can simple write how I feel but I can never say how I feel. && with cards Im sure I can express a lot more. Now only if I had the time.

    By Nikki on 02.20.2011

  8. I made a house of cards, red cards starting with the jack of diamonds, one eyed jack of diamonds. Ending with the ace of spades, it stood for 60 seconds, you win some you lose some. SNAP

    By colin on 02.20.2011

  9. Cards are a simple way to just past time :)! Or to chill with peoples you actually like
    Its like an excuses I’snt it wonderful ? SOmeone you like or just a redneck you enjoy chilling with.

    By sarahgrandisson on 02.20.2011

  10. apple botto jeans boots iwth the fur red and yellow squrrs everything i see is made of cards cardboard cardaliens cardpeople carddogs and cards are supposed to stay nice stuff about people well what if you don thave anything nice to say at all then what do you get an anti-card i bet nobody sells those because nobody wants to admit that they7 have anything bad to say about anyone because we’re all wimpy white people who cant stand up for what we know is right!

    By Gianni Crivello on 02.20.2011

  11. i play with cards. monopoly deal. birthday. weddings. get well. queen of hearts. black jack. poker. poker nights with soo dexter jesse caleb janice. alice in wonderland. business cards that i see in stores. collecting business cards. iris. full of business cards in her wallet. christmas cards i used to write a lot of people

    By Sunnie on 02.20.2011

  12. Are 52 reasons to have 4 yr old triplets

    By Kevin on 02.20.2011

  13. cards come from my grandmother. she has some for every holiday and i am shocked at how many cards she has at her disposal. She just sent me a card for valentine’s day and signed it “pretty juvenile but cute nontheless” and it struck me that she must just have a catalogue of cards that she pulls from and never chooses a card specifically for me. but there is always money in it, and that is just for me. she has the most beautiful handwriting and i was talking to simon and we realized that older people have such beautiful handwriting because they never used computers and our handwriting has gotten sloppy because we are so used to the keyboard. I can type much faster now than i can handwrite and it doesn’t hurt as much. so how can we personalize type-written cards? how can we make it specific and soulful and sweet with these already created typefaces?

    By hallie on 02.20.2011

  14. 52 reasons to have 4yr old triplets.

    By Kevin URL on 02.20.2011

  15. Cards is something you give when you don’t know what else to give to someone. Because who would want cards for every events of the year? Then you’re stuck with a shit load of card and you don’t know what to do with them, you don’t want to throw them away because it would hurt somebody else’s feeling, but you also don’t want a box full of random cards.

    By Roxee on 02.20.2011

  16. Someecards are teh funniest ones. THey have shit for everything. I bought my cousin Marla a book of them (Even tho she had already bought one for herself) so that she could give them out to epople for occassions. Hallmark’s not bad. That’s about it. Dollar Store cards are usually dumb. Or have too many flowers on them. I sound like I’m 6

    By Mirella on 02.20.2011

  17. cards. i immediatly think of betting. playing cards, losing everything, or winning it all. what would that be like? to put your whole life at stake for a role of the dice. what if you lost everything? would you do it again if you could go back?

    By Mackenzie URL on 02.20.2011

  18. cards .. business cards holiday cards identitification cards… so much of our identity is in cards. i hate time limits i always lose all my cards

    By diane on 02.20.2011

  19. I opened up a card from my sister, with three large words written on it in black ink. The letters were obscured, and all I could see was the slight scribble she had made in the upper right hand corner, surely to work the pen. The scribble looked like a smile.

    By Lincoln Gray on 02.20.2011

  20. Cards. They mean a lot of things. You can buy them for birthdays and other occasions and we usually don’t put much thought into them. We just say “We need to buy them a card” and throw in some money. What passion goes into this? Cards are meaningless, just a sign we have remembered and nothing else. Not that we care. I don’t like getting cards. People have been programmed to think that cards are necessary, when a meaningful phone call seems so much better – they are your words, not poetry some professional has scrawled onto a card.

    By harley odonnell on 02.20.2011

  21. A card given by my mother. She is sick in bed, I know that. What else has she got with her time? Nothing. She reads, yes. She sleeps a lot. But now she writes letters. It’s all she can do to feel like she’s still here, still a part of this world she might be leaving.

    By Lincoln G URL on 02.20.2011

  22. pretty. you get cards on holidays fun fun fun. BIRTHDAY CAKEEEEEEE! yummmy. I want a taco now. Wait no I get birthday cake today yummy for me. my hands are burnt because of birthday cake :( yummm.

    By Emily Bourgeois on 02.20.2011

  23. I clutched them to my chest. You called. I sighed. I wasn’t ready to show my hand. I placed them on the table one by one: first the 10 of Hearts, then the Jack of Hearts followed by the Queen of Hearts. Next to her I placed the King of Hearts.

    I paused. I had doubts. You looked at me expectantly. “We don’t have to do this.” I said. You didn’t say a thing. Your eyes glinted with a hardness that seemed unreadable. I’m not even sure who’s won. The intensity of attention – this isn’t just another game of cards is it?

    I laid the Ace of Hearts down.

    My cheeks burned. There on the table is the damning evidence: a royal flush.

    I believe you have your answer.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.20.2011

  24. been here done that, a turn here and turn there, each one different in its own way, however the cards turn up, it is like the changes in life one minute up one minute down.Just like the the turn of a card, high or low or just in the middle of life.

    By Miriama on 02.20.2011

  25. Impersonal gift. No thought is given to them, they come pre-written. where is the love in a card????

    By Kaylen on 02.20.2011

  26. one word represents many things with various meanings. what does one word represent? one word like life will represent countless things. one word can change. one word can create life and one word can kill it. words are powerful that effect the human brain. one word one word..don’t underestimate it

    By Jinnie on 02.20.2011

  27. Ok well cards are kinda amazing. they can show you that somone cares. a simple card when your in the hospital makes you feel like you are going to get better!

    By Emily URL on 02.20.2011

  28. what kind of cards? playing cards? greeting cards? index cards? baseball cards, trading cards, garbage pail kids cards? In our family we never buy serious cards, life is just too short to take yourself that seriously! I wonder why not everyone understands that!

    By Amy on 02.20.2011

  29. The Queen no longer favoured her daughter, for she was caught one Spring afternoon burning every Queen in the Royal Deck of Cards in the garden underneath a lovely lemon tree. The Queen of Hearts lives no more.

    By Katerina URL on 02.20.2011

  30. I love getting card. Especially birthday cards. But last month, I threw all my old cards away. Just because I felt like it. Next to me is now no longer a full basket of happy memories, it’s all empty. But I don’t mind, memories are in your head and heart.

    By Cath on 02.20.2011

  31. Happy Birthdays, holidays, I love you’s do you know what you mean to me? I hope you do, I always hope you do.

    By Laura on 02.20.2011

  32. Tricks. Birthdays. Loved ones. Visitors. Celebration. Time-pass.

    By a7u URL on 02.20.2011

  33. sorry card, happy card, sick card, congratulation card, thank you card, gender card, race card, fuck tard, who’s hard?

    By katrina on 02.20.2011

  34. THERE ARE many cards in my closet.They represent the phases of my life. From when my children were born to when I turned 40. Each card represents the important things to me.

    By Simonne on 02.20.2011

  35. greeting cards make me happy. when i see them in the store, I smile. I am very happy on my birthdays or on holidays. I get cards on those days.

    Sometimes when I am at the grocery store I will just read as many cards as I can before I have to go home. It is truly a fun hobby for me.

    I like reading wedding cards the best.

    By kristen on 02.20.2011

  36. cards come in many forms. playing cards can be used to play games like poker, war, or simply go fish. greeting cards are bought and sent to a loved one for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, or what have you.

    By Stephanie on 02.20.2011

  37. cards are what we give to people on their birthdays. iguana is what was on the card i gave nate my boyfriend for valentines day. iguana love you forever is what it said and on the front it had 2 kissing heh it was cute and silly.

    By taylor on 02.20.2011

  38. my father. Mnm’s in fourth grade. a million combinations. hours and hours of solitaire, digital, am i alone with this? loving the game but hating the way it makes me feel. attempting to shoot the moon in hearts with my uncle, and my hands are shaking shaking shaking because i feel like a fool for not pulling it off.

    By Maria on 02.20.2011

  39. cards are not just art
    or poetry
    they convey way more meaning
    than any one word
    and yet
    so many people throw them away

    By Amanda Drozd on 02.20.2011

  40. I’m not much of a cards player. Never have been. The idea just never really appealed to me; picking up cards from a stack and assessing their value based on a pre-determined set of rules? Where’s the fun in that? No, I enjoy much more the idea of creating your own game, with your own rules. Those require thought and creativity, a breaking from the mold and a venture into the cerebral beyond.

    By Ky-el on 02.20.2011