November 12th, 2013 | 78 Entries

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78 Entries for “canopy”

  1. It was a vivid green shelter over her eyes, with golden lines of sun filigreed faintly. The sound of the birds chirping set her spirit free, and the caress of her leaves gently set her to sleep. Mud clung to her clothing and hair, but her pale face glistened with joy. She was a beauty in nature, a woman of the land.

    By Deryn URL on 11.12.2013

  2. As I walk through the thick forest canopy my eyes adjust to the varying light as it twists and turns through the trees. I continue up the trail following the sun as it slowly starts to set.

    By Sarah on 11.12.2013

  3. the forest’s canopy blocked the sun. The survivors of the shipwreck had no clue as to the world they stumbled upon. They didnt know that monsters lurked in the darkness of the jungle.

    By Chip Adkins on 11.12.2013

  4. I sit below my canopy, it sits above the sky, catching teardrops from the rain, I sit here wondering why, can’t I be that canopy? can’t I see the things it sees? why is it always only me?

    By Meghan URL on 11.12.2013

  5. Im in the pilots seat with a nothing i recognize. the CANOPY is in pieces that wont break as long as i dont think it will. I’m seeing different scenes of the sky shades colors. anything that would be anything isnt the same thing im seeing. Its diffferent. you had to be there.

    By Mr.584903 URL on 11.12.2013

  6. As she walked through the woods the canopy of trees opened up into a beautiful valley of fragrant flowers filled with birds of every species.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 11.12.2013

  7. The canopy spread above my head like a menacing cloud that would start a storm any minute. “Come on.” Necro said, keeping close to me, sword drawn. “We have to leave soon. They will catch up to us if we stay any longer.” I nodded before walking out into the blinding sunlight of the Mobian desert. “Okay.” I replied to satisfy Necro’s need for a said answer.

    By Holly Laudenslager on 11.12.2013

  8. The dark canopy spread above my head, giving shade from the unforgiving sun. “NightShade, we got to go.” Necro said, grabbing his sword from the table that we sat at a couple of minutes ago.

    By ViralBeat99 URL on 11.12.2013

  9. trees. rain forest. greenery. damp. humid. warm. dark.

    white. canvas. uv rays. summer. spring. light. airy. relaxed. sunny.

    By lkjsf on 11.12.2013

  10. She could look up into the sky and see the world. The sun broke through and smiled.

    By Alexandra URL on 11.12.2013

  11. Birds of shimmering green, flitting past the cool, dark, leaves
    A flash of red, a spark of bright, shining like the neon lights
    A call, a chirrup, a hushed swoosh, scattering against the pale moon

    By fz URL on 11.12.2013

  12. there was a canopy over the bleachers at the football game
    I was very happy that i was going to calum’s house after this
    i love going to his house for many reasons
    he’s there
    he has three adorable little sisters named charlotte, beatrice, and claire
    his family is so nice, and love when i come over
    i am so glad he is my best friend because i can tell him anything, and i mean ANYthing
    and i love him for so many reasons
    he is a great listener
    i can seriously talk about both funny and serious things, and he knows exactly what to tell me
    plus, i stink at coming up with what we should do at his house but he comes up with things to do suitable for the day; there is no boring time at his house at all
    plus, his sisters are the cutest little things! they love it when i give them makeovers, do their hair and give them boy advice
    i am so happy to be around them because i have always wanted little sisters to hang around with
    and plus, calum and i can just chill on the couch and go on social media, on the web, or nothing at all if that’s what we want
    and cuz he is not a girl he won’t act super annoying and rude for no reason
    won’t stab me in the back
    and i love him for that; i do

    By Brittany (you can call me britt if you want or don't i do not care whatsoever) on 11.12.2013

  13. I didn’t know what does “canopy” means, but I went to google translate and discovered that this is something that can cover things, like a window, for example. It can be used to do a tent, or something like that.

    By viziquiel URL on 11.12.2013

  14. My legs hung long and low off the sides while Elizabeth Dickens’s great words sat comfortable on my lap. The air smelled fresh and safe from pollution. It was Laos, after all.

    By Simone URL on 11.12.2013

  15. A canopy of branches and leaves. The perfect shade for my June day, as a read with bleary eyes a thrift store copy of Edward Albee’s “Tiny Alice” reclined in my hammock. A positively stoned summer afternoon.

    By asavas URL on 11.12.2013

  16. the canopy of the forest filtered the sunlight, with only juts of brightness cutting my surroundings. in the middle of a bare patch, i sprawled my body across the ground. the sounds of forest ambience was my music, and my thoughts coming along with the pattern of bird tweets.

    By Amanda URL on 11.12.2013

  17. we were trying to figure out how human adults purchase tents. Questions, answers, gestures of affection and indifference. Being five was easy, being twenty was a canopy of shit.

    By Fiona URL on 11.12.2013

  18. Under the canopy, ticked away from prying eyes the lovers stole a few kisses and dreamed of a time when they would not have to hide their love.

    By Tracey URL on 11.12.2013

  19. what’s the point of all those roofs on stilts aid constructions, if the rain is falling horizontally?

    By washington irving on 11.12.2013

  20. Sunlight pierces through the tiny openings between leaves. The air’s thick, leaving breathing feeling like I’m trying to inhale a cake through a straw. Noises echo off of the fallen leaves, bug droppings and logs covering the ground.

    By Beth A URL on 11.12.2013

  21. Stretching high over the forest floor is a world untouched by the destructive hand of mankind. Flora and fauna have taken over this space, are free to build and grow like weeds in an abandoned house.

    By Chan URL on 11.12.2013

  22. Maisy breathed in the air of the canopy, sunshine filtering down onto her cheeks.
    “There’s no place more beautiful than this,” she told Leah. With one secret smile to her friend and a happy sigh to the leaves, she linked their hands and agreed.

    By Oliver URL on 11.12.2013

  23. I lay upon my back, looking up at the canopy of leaves above me. They swayed and fluttered in the breeze, making a rustling sound. The sound of peace, the sound of summer. A contented sigh escaped my lips. Finally, peace.

    By Kristina URL on 11.12.2013

  24. The canopy of yellow leaves, I am walking under them, through the woods and the sunlight gives the leaves the softest glow. Even with the brisk air, the yellow, diffused light warms me.

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.12.2013

  25. The uppermost canopy floated like green clouds, leaves dancing silently in a warm breeze. Birds of every color and size–red, purple, blue, green, yellow–sang together, a harmony set to the late August sunset.

    By kristina URL on 11.12.2013

  26. Leafy leafy forest treetops speckle the light as it falls to earth. The beams of light dance happily as the wind in highest canopy brushes by.

    By Olivia URL on 11.12.2013

  27. The back door is a reasonable way to leave the house. Under the canopy of your backyard, you think. You wonder why you’re doing this; leaving the place you sleep, eat, survive in.

    By Kenzie on 11.12.2013

  28. it was raining so we all gathered underneath what Dave was calling a canopy. It was more of an old sheet that had long lost it’s ability to provide warmth to anyone. My move. I threw down a soggy ace. Dave lost his cool.

    By Fiona URL on 11.12.2013

  29. A girl is sitting on a swing, swinging. She is little, and she’s there to swing. What other reason to be there, if not to do that? The canopy of the trees above provides shade, while the rotation of the earth provides wind, though she does not know that. There is a cat a few meters to her left, watching her, has been watching her since she got there, though she does not know that. If she had known, first thing she would think would be “animagus!” but, then again, magic is not real – though she does not know that.

    Actually, you don’t know that it isn’t, either.

    By THEY_HAVE_EELS URL on 11.12.2013

  30. He leaned against the balcony, looking sternly at the semi-rotting wood. It had been decaying slowly by the torrential rains and winds, just like his insides had, over this year of melancholy.

    By WhoisRGL URL on 11.12.2013

  31. He dived under the canopy just as the hail started getting serious. Only then did he notice her, almost running into her. He noticed her dress was wet, and without thinking offered her his hankerchief to dry her face. Only then did he look at that face, and his world was changed forever.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 11.12.2013

  32. The forest was thick and the banyon tree served as a canopy against the torrential rain. Monsoon season was in full swing as Burt had predicted when he argued against the “survivor” type vacation. Now they were stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat and no dry clothes.

    By just a girl URL on 11.12.2013

  33. Your feathered black hair
    rests like a canopy
    above your eyes

    By b.h URL on 11.12.2013

  34. Do we really have to have a canopy at my bed? Don’t it seem too much? How much is your budget? Why do you insist when you know it cannot be done? There are some other designs for room renovations which do not include a canopy.
    You are so picky. It is good if it is your own money but no it isn’t. If you want you can save and can buy whatever you want in your room. Be creative and have variety. Then you’ll forget the canopy you want. If ever. It’s too expensive.

    By roze_princess URL on 11.12.2013

  35. the rain was falling so hard I ran for the canopy in a strangers yard. I had no idea he was home and watching me dash thru the rain into his yard. I smiled and wiped the rain from my eyes and looked again and who was watching me.

    By Karen on 11.12.2013

  36. The leaves rustle beneath my feet, and the air stings my cheeks. My heart is going from frantic pounding to a lulling pattern. The sky is green from the canopy of trees that loom high over my head.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 11.12.2013

  37. Right above the canopy, a little man hovered on a suspended beam, drinking steadily from a leaking flagon with his hard hat lopsided on his curly hair. All around him, the third story of a building was being constructed, the clanging of steel on steel resulting in a heat emanating across the little man’s face. He used the corner of his vest to wipe his chin, where syrupy whiskey dribbled from his lower lip.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.12.2013

  38. The canopy hung down, flapping in the wind as the tropical storm whipped rain and water and dirt and the dreams of the investors in the air.
    The girls’ faces was alight, and lightning struck them with white and blue a moment later.
    The young man sighed and drew further inside the house where they waited, and further inside himself.

    By Prempeh on 11.12.2013

  39. there’s a maze of colours over your head, a panoply of vines and grapes

    the struts are painted white

    the whitewash is fading, and we’re pulling the dead skin from one another’s arms
    the way snakes would, given fingers
    and i’m falling in love with you in my dreams,
    each day we’re nearer to it
    but we’ll keep our perfect distance, like two magnets
    we push each other apart, hovering at the periphery
    i trust you

    By . on 11.12.2013

  40. A canopy of philodendrons shielded them from the sour light. He peeked out and poked around, slowly crawling out and gathering soft yellow grass and laying it across the cold fort floor.

    By MALau URL on 11.12.2013