November 11th, 2013 | 92 Entries

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92 Entries for “barricade”

  1. Barricade yourself behind the mask that is your protection. Hiding what is deep down but never letting out because you’re afraid of judgment. Afraid of what everyone else is going to think when they see it. See you.

    By Alexis on 11.12.2013

  2. There be the walls,
    and outside rests it all.
    I be the builder of this cage,
    a key to the lock be the only way.
    The floor is littered in mistakes and failure
    under them all lies the key to escape here.
    If only I sift through the mess, the key would be mine.
    But I have not the will to search and find.
    Do I deserve access to it all then?
    If I am not willing to have fallen
    down my own staircase of discord?
    For now, I don’t acknowledge actions not adored.
    So until I decide to, the answer be nay.
    All dreams resting outside will wait
    for me to find the buried key,
    that is hidden underneath
    to unlock the surrounding walls
    that barricade me from it all.

    By Crave A. Cadence on 11.12.2013

  3. i’ll see you in heaven or hell
    the only places i know
    where there is no class divide

    By h. b. on 11.12.2013

  4. The barricade loomed before her, tall and wide. She stared at it, entranced. She couldn’t believe that her brother thought she could jump this. It would take a thousand of her to make it to the top. She sighed, knowing what he had really wanted her to do.

    By ShadowPrayers on 11.12.2013

  5. Stop, let me in

    By Brobst on 11.12.2013

  6. It wasn’t a barricade exactly, and it would not keep him out for long, but she moved the cushioned bench up against the double bedroom door of the owners’ suite. Long enough to find her other phone, this time to call for help. She couldn’t call her father anymore; when she called girlfriends, the humiliation to her husband made him worse the next day. She heard his footfalls on the stair down, and knew he’d been to the gun closet. She heard his footfalls come up the front staircase.

    “Yes, sorry, this is Nicolene Keller, four-two-eight Remington Lane. My husband, he is irate, I need someone to come help me.”

    “Are you in danger now?”

    “He is outside the bedroom door shouting. It’s locked.”

    ‘Do you have weapons in the house?”

    “Yes, I think he has . . . ”

    “Okay, we are dispatching. Stay on the line, Mrs. Keller.”

    “Nicolene, open the goddamned door.”

    “He’s shouting. He’s shaking the door.”

    “Where are you, Mrs. Keller?”

    “In my bathroom now, there’s no lock, well the toilet has a lock.”

    “Okay, Mrs. Keller, someone is on the way, please go into the room you can lock.”

    Downstairs, the doorbell rang. He stopped shouting.

    “Mrs. Keller, it’s Officer Boyce.”

    She opened the toilet door.

    “Mrs. Keller?”

    “Yes, thank you.”

    “Mrs. Keller, are you hurt?”


    He looked at the chaise in their bathroom.

    “Mrs. Keller, please sit down. We’re going to question your husband. He’s been removed from the house. Are your children here?”

    “No, at school.”

    “Okay, Mrs. Keller, can you tell me what happened?”

    By ruth URL on 11.12.2013

  7. blocking out, blocking in, keeping a distance, keeping you away from true feelings. defense mechanisms that are used to keep communication on the surface level. fear of knowing what’s really inside. locking yourself in, physically, emotionally, mentally.

    By Ricky on 11.12.2013

  8. He was locked up in a wooden cage, alone. The yard was deserted and in a very bad state. Hens from next door had wandered over, only to leave again after realising there was no food to be found at all. The animal whimpered in pain and fear, but nobody could hear him at all in this area.

    By Kerridwen URL on 11.12.2013

  9. five, six , seven I kept counting as the bombs went off I was stuck between two barricades trying to live thru this hell.

    By Dillan on 11.12.2013

  10. The barricade thought it could hold us back. The strength of millions proved otherwise. First we tried to clammer over but that didn’t work. The stronger in the group pounded and thrashed against it. Slowly, the concrete began to give way.

    By dan URL on 11.12.2013

  11. Barricade

    Blackblood like

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 11.12.2013

  12. ~~+*this has nothing to do with barricade*+~~

    when the world ends I hope
    stars snow down on our planet
    so we can catch them on our tongue
    and feel the sweet explosion of
    far away galaxies in the pit of our stomachs.
    star flakes will land on our eye lashes
    so when I flutter my lids at you it will be
    like confetti floating down on new years eve
    and the particles will then land on your lashes,
    and you’ll laugh, blink and shoot stars
    straight into my soul.

    By stargirl on 11.12.2013