May 4th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “camp”

  1. Oh to be in the forest. A home away from home. It’s soooo funny and queer, too. Just the place to sort out my frustrations. Wow! Peaceful and relaxing but my body is working hard, too. One with the world.

    By deb on 05.04.2011

  2. A camp is a place where people enjoy one another’s company. Often singing and campfires are involved. Marshmallows are a favorite offering during camping trips. Camps can also be seen as two sides pitted against one another. Interestingly enough, this is almost the direct opposite of the first type of camp I spoke of. Either camp seems to denote some type of unity, either with a group of people, or against a different group.

    By Cindy Cady on 05.04.2011

  3. SUMMER at the sea sidee with my friends. my first real and lot of fun. life changing decisions

    By ale on 05.04.2011

  4. i dreamed i could move city to city, live in storage rooms above loud chinese restaurants. i’d pack my life in my mother’s luggage and never unlock it. it’s hard to imagine why that seemed so romantic.

    not having a home and wanting to leave one are not the same thing.

    By invinculis URL on 05.04.2011

  5. beautiful water by the grounds, dirt below my well covered feet, a traveling home for protection, a clear view of the virgin sky, a smoldering fire from the previous hours

    By Nicole Van Baak on 05.04.2011

  6. I’ve never been to summer camp. My friends in elementary school have. I feel like I’m missing out on something. You watch all of those movies and watch TV shows of kids finding love and discovering parts of themselves at camp. I always went tos kating practice. I guess you could say it was a kind of camp. However, we were always on the ice and I went home at the end of every day. I didn’t knoww hat it was like ot not stay at home. Strange.

    By Mattie on 05.04.2011

  7. Dear Noah,

    We could have sworn you said the ark wasn’t leaving till 5.

    Sincerely, Unicorns

    By Neve URL on 05.04.2011

  8. I laid in my bed that night, thinking of how scared I had been. All new people, and I was completely alone. But it wasn’t that scary. I yearned for the independence again and knew I would never get it. I rolled over and stared out the window at the night sky, letting out a despairing sigh.

    By Marissa URL on 05.04.2011

  9. the children climb on bunks and me and trees and me i am the mother when they are here they climb and ask and tug and run through grass
    through me
    and leave wet footprints on the grass
    my heart
    the children rush through summer me

    By Amy Leigh Cutler URL on 05.04.2011

  10. I went to sixth grade camp with my class this past winter. I was really bummed because I wanted to see it snow. I went the second half of the week, and although it was fun to see the talent show, sadly the snow was melting. On the last day of the trip it got really cold, and right after we left, within an hour it started to snow.

    By janetilko on 05.04.2011

  11. interment camps ?

    By richardArrazola on 05.04.2011

  12. Camp are very bad places to be u have no freedom you can’t do anything you want to. It is like prison for kids although a little less harsh.

    By devin21 URL on 05.04.2011

  13. I camp all the time………….(in call of duty)…………..yeah

    By koryo URL on 05.04.2011

  14. The temporary camp had been abandoned for an untold amount of time. Whoever had used it had clearly moved on, found a better life. Apparently, temporary wasn’t so temporary after all.

    By AshlyW URL on 05.04.2011

  15. I went to camp and i might this summer to soccer camp.
    i met the most amazing persons in the world!!!!!
    I think every kid in the world should go yo camp every summer!!!!

    By ZO3Y URL on 05.04.2011

  16. i love going camping. youre out there with nothing to worry about except bears eeating your food. then you go hunting squirrels.

    By mccrazy123 on 05.04.2011

  17. My friend Serena and her family rented a fishing camp on the lake each summer on the lake. I remember going out to Hayne blvd. with her and her mom, Dolores, and dad,, Mr. Joe. Their adult brother, Rodney,and sister, Sharon, would be there with their families. They would sit around and play cards, and the guys wouild fish or set crab traps on the dock. I don’t think I got the appeal of doing nothing then. I do now, and it seems all pink and warm in my memory.

    By Tonia URL on 05.04.2011

  18. camping is so fun……………… can hike and just spend time wit your friends and family instead of watching tv and you can also fish

    By ashley URL on 05.04.2011

  19. My dad is so mean! One time he said he was gonna send me to a military camp if I ever screw up. I better not screw up, huh?

    By Annie URL on 05.04.2011

  20. Camp,, uhmmm camping is fun!(: The holocaust had camps that killed jews! D: oh my. Uhmm camps when your camping is no fun but when your out in a middle of no where its really fun(:

    By Tori Rose URL on 05.04.2011

  21. When people camp, they usually go outdoors to a lake, and set up tents, and roast hot dogs. Camping is a fun experience for everyone, and a great chance to get some nice fresh air. I love to make up the camp sight.

    By Teresa URL on 05.04.2011

  22. i went camping 2 weeks ago it was really fun:) but it kinda sucked cause i got a sun burn but it was okay cause it turned into a tan a day after.

    By Jonathan Pizano URL on 05.04.2011

  23. There is lots of kinds of camps like Extermination Camps where the Nazis killed Jews or Summer Camps where children’s parents send them so they can have some alone time.

    By connor URL on 05.04.2011

  24. camp…………. i hate going to camps!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but camping is really fun! i love going camping not just going to a camp…………….. bleh camps!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Bryanna URL on 05.04.2011

  25. I wonder how many people have not camped out before? And I mean actually outside and not in the backyard or in a trailer.

    By billyboy URL on 05.04.2011

  26. i love to go camping all the time i go every day.

    By Means33 URL on 05.04.2011

  27. The camp I was currently at had made the worst time of my life. I fell in the mud and when the wind blew leaves stuck to me. When i tried to go back to my cabin i tripped again on a log that seemed like it came out of no where. I hit my head and couldn’t get up until some on found me the next morning. Thats why that camp was the worst time of my life.

    By Ashley wahl URL on 05.04.2011

  28. My family does not enjoy camping. We are just not a camping family. The only place that we go camping at is either in our backyard or Lake Powell by the lake.

    By Kortney URL on 05.04.2011

  29. A camp is a place where you can have fun and connect with nature. Your nothing but someone interested with nature, so it has no problem with you. Camp is some where where you can escape and take in a breath of fresh air.

    By Alexa on 05.04.2011

  30. The dirt and mud are smeared across my face and arms..i can see the finish line; so close, yet so far. The garbage bag draped across my shoulders, acting as a cape flew high behind me. Oh camp days……..

    By nataliepatricia URL on 05.04.2011

  31. “Camp,” Lissa asked “as in living outside, in a tent, without running water and electricity?”

    “Yes.” Josh replied with a sly smirk on his face.

    He knew exactly what this was doing to Lissa. He sunk his teeth deep into his bottom lip to keep from laughing. She isn’t going to go through with the dare, he though. No way she will. Lissa Hawthorne is too much of a girly-girl. She isn’t an outdoors type of person. Hell, she isn’t really an indoors type of person either. Lissa’s just plain complicated.

    By SamaraBelikova URL on 05.04.2011

  32. When I was a kid, my dad got us sponsorships to go to a camp for a week out of the summer. It was a gospel camp. When I was there, it was great. I had the time of my life. Then we ended up doing worships at night time and had bible classes every day. When I got home, I was so devoted to Jesus. Then I forgot about him in about two days. When I started watching tv.

    By dani URL on 05.04.2011

  33. Concentration camp. Tent. Igloo. Home? Hold down the fort. Fear. Unknown. Bears? Sleep in the back of the car. Fire pit. Of bodies.

    By Nicole on 05.04.2011

  34. I have to be a camp consulor this year for 6th graders. Last year it was so chaotic. I hope that we get strong girls instead little smart brats. I couldn’t help them have fun. They had to help themselves before I let them do anything. UGH! Please, save my soul!

    By Chevelle URL on 05.04.2011

  35. when i was a kid i went camping. my dad got really drunk and i caught a fish. it was fun. camping to me is a great past time and i can’t wait to get drunk while my kids fish. i never went to summer camp, though i always wanted to. my grandparents freaquently camped in a trailer at many national parks. It was a good time visiting them in the summers. Lake Pomme De Terre was always a favorite spot. It’s in missouri. It’s not a national park, but the fishing is good there. i caught a few striped bass. it was a blast.

    By matty Jay on 05.04.2011

  36. there are heavy footsteps outside of their tent, just circling around. Lela draws even smaller inside her sleeping bag. she’s turned off her flashlight. she closes her eyes and plays a rock.

    By Chi Thuy URL on 05.04.2011

  37. I looked up at the sky that night and I saw what I believed would be God’s freckled back, billions of stars looking back at me in awe.

    By MaiMai URL on 05.04.2011

  38. Camp, Melloncamp wrote something about standing tall (and had a music video about a small person?). Summer camp, I have heard 20000 stories about “this one camp” American Pie made a joke about it, only it isn’t a joke. Camp, a form of comedy. I wonder what people actually write on these things.

    By D on 05.04.2011

  39. Its a place to try new things where no one will judge you or look at you funny. Where the counselors dye their hair blue and red and pierce their ears a few times. They don’t give you judgmental stares, they love your green eyes and your big words and your long poetry and they understand. And they are so different!

    By Alexa Cartright on 05.04.2011

  40. I want to camp right in the middle of your heart, and build a little fire of love that I will keep burning with little acts of kindness throughout our lives. I am so honored to be able to have pitched a tent in your heart, man of my life! Hooray!

    By Carol Bailey Floyd on 05.04.2011