May 4th, 2011 | 419 Entries

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419 Entries for “camp”

  1. it rained and it snowed and it hailed and the heavens seemed to be pouring out all of its stored up sorrows but they stayed in they’re little tent, they huddled and kept each other warm… such an beautiful thing that with the help of each other we can survive

    By Anna on 05.04.2011

  2. Ah smell of the crackling logs on the pulsing fire. The taste of the crisp mountain air. Stretching out your weary legs and toasting your toes through smelly socks. This is the simple joy of camping.

    By yetihk URL on 05.04.2011

  3. When I was six, my parents sent me to Catholic Summer Camp—Our Lady of Lourdes. They woke us at 6AM with a blaring horn, packed us off to mass, followed by a grueling breakfast then off for a swim in Skaneateles Lake—one of the coldest of the Finger Lakes. Good times!

    By Andie on 05.04.2011

  4. Takes me back to a time when mom, and brothers and the togetherness were commonplace. Smells of fire and bacon cooking in the morning, muggy summer days quenched by lake dips.

    By Mr E URL on 05.04.2011

  5. Camp is a term used to describe a particular type of in-group humour, as well as a place for children to spend their summers or a location for temporary living (usually closer to the elements than is usual). What do all of these things have in common? The fact that they are on the edge between normal life and something a bit extreme or outside or odd. That is all.

    By maritov URL on 05.04.2011

  6. I love to camp. Sleeping out in the woods, under the stars, is a real experience. I always look forward to summer because I get to go camping.

    By L on 05.04.2011

  7. the family camped by the river on their vacation
    such a peaceful area with the running of the water
    the scenery was indescribable with the awesome beauty all around them
    compliments of their grand creator, Jehovah God

    By she53lly URL on 05.04.2011

  8. I hated camp and I loved it all at the same time. The best was hanging with my friend Karen. The worst was the bathroom smell..a mixture of old piss and weak Clorox.

    By Janet Hinkle on 05.04.2011

  9. memories of marine biology, swept away by the currents that carried me there. what happened to my youth? my hopes? my dreams?
    the friendships there that seemed undying have faded, and now i’m left with a mere seashell, a memory of better times before this.

    By Kris URL on 05.04.2011

  10. camping is a lot of fun, but I guess I’ve never legitimately camped, with a tent and all. Camping in a cabin is a lot of fun, but is there such a thing? we had to make food outside with a fire and stuff, so that counts, right? my family has a tent. I’d like to borrow it and go camping soon. I wonder if anyplace will ever be as pretty as the palisades, ever.

    By Alex URL on 05.04.2011

  11. I went camping last weekend in the desert. It was great fun. Tomorrow I am going to Thailand with my school. It’s a field trip. We are going to be doing lots of hiking and trekking and we are going to spend one night in the woods camping. It’s going to be so fun but there are going to be leeches. I’m scared of them. They may bite me.

    By Alessandra URL on 05.04.2011

  12. we went to camp today have funat camp love camp its soo fun!!!!!!!!! or is it

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 05.04.2011

  13. I went to a camp many times before. It was with my church group and we went very far from my city. It was a weekend retreat and I had so much fun. We had smores more often than we took showers basically.

    By Sabrina Goodnature on 05.04.2011

  14. He went to the camp to see what was going on and they took him!! ………

    By SoccerStar URL on 05.04.2011

  15. camp love in tents marmellose parties awesomeness love again in morning and nights

    By eman URL on 05.04.2011

  16. A place of innocence that is pure, sweet, and divine. A child can go and live like they do in Neverland giving a rooster call and never growing up. A child can imagine the world at the level of an ant and be totally satisfied being that strong without any explanation. Then comes the day they grow old and the innocence is stolen. No longer pure or wanting to live in their imagination. To face the world, a world that is too big for the small ant.

    By Amber Hughes URL on 05.04.2011

  17. We set up camp outside the studio, feeling like stalkers and creepers while we waited for a glimpse of him.
    I was trying to get a job, she just had a crush.
    Not that I was begging or anything. I wouldn’t stoop that low. My dignity was at stake with her fangirling and I wouldn’t have it.

    By Erin O. (Lemita) URL on 05.04.2011

  18. camp is what people do for fun usually for a weekend or just for fun.

    By kaylob URL on 05.04.2011

  19. I think camping is alright its even better when you specific items to bring with you if you know what i mean.

    By twiztid URL on 05.04.2011

  20. camping is fun. well, if your camping in the woods. it can fun.

    By alejandro URL on 05.04.2011

  21. i’ve always wanted to work at a summer camp. i feel like it would be a really rewarding experience. but then at the same time i just don’t think i’ll ever be able to, i don’t think they’ll hire me. i don’t have enough experience with kids or jobs in general so i’m out. but i’ve always wanted to go. this may have something to do with the fact that i never got to go to a whole lot of camps as a child.

    By Laine King on 05.04.2011

  22. A load of poofters in a field camping and bumming all day long. Camping is the work of shitters who cook marshmallows and stink. It is for the birdwatcher, who can only see the buzzard during the night-time. It is for the awkward father and son, who pretend to be interested in the ghost stories.

    By Jonathan McIntosh on 05.04.2011

  23. camp is for kids in the summertime, they go swimming, fishing, make crafts and eat bad food. Write letters home and get homesick. I went to YMCA day camp in the 70’s. My sister and I

    By Tessa on 05.04.2011

  24. i love to camp to fell the wilderness and see the natural beauty of everything how it used to be with out the concrete jungles, when the jungles were all naturally grown things that are not build to suit the comforts of man kind. It is hard to get to a place where this exsits.

    By Caylea on 05.04.2011

  25. oh my gosh i love camp so much it is so fun i love to jump on all the little kids and scare them so they wont bother me ever again and then i throw all the children into the lake so that they will be eaten by the lake monster and then i eat them with marshmallows and chocolate.

    By Hannah Meyers URL on 05.04.2011

  26. its about bravery I think and humour put to its highest purpose, a blitz spirit to survive in a cruel world, smile, have style and never let on they hurt you, ever……….I miss my gay boyfriends more than anything, being around them was the safest, fun-est love I’ve known. God bless you all wherever you are

    By geraldine URL on 05.04.2011

  27. ahhhh camp. I love camp, every year i go to cheerleading camp with my cheer team, and it is soooo much fun. It’s exactly like the way it is in the movies, except it take more work and labor. And the sprit stick myth is real!!

    By Bianca on 05.04.2011

  28. The fresh smell of the forests, our clear breath, the stars like perfect pin pricks in the sky. We’d driven out to the national park in a camper van, painted in our own style of mauve and strawberry red, with flashing pink lights to ward off anyone that would even consider us a hitchhike possibility.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 05.04.2011

  29. I was sitting by the fire when I heard it the first time. It was an other-worldly shriek, some kind of strange beast that I was absolutely sure could not have existed. I looked up into the dancing shadows, then back across the sleeping bodies, and tensed up immediately. The wind changed direction and the smoke blew across my nose and I was blind. I stood and walked over to the area which was darkest, the hair on my neck standing straight up, and began to bark wildly.

    By zachmichelini URL on 05.04.2011

  30. I’d like to get out and camp and hike more. It’s such a great thing to be out in the woods amongst creation. Refreshing, rewarding, and relaxing!

    By David Saleeba URL on 05.04.2011

  31. I like to go to camp. It is so much fun. There is a lot to do, like swim, roast smores and sing songs by the campfire. One of my favorite parts about camp is doing all the cool crafts in the craft house.

    By Corey URL on 05.04.2011

  32. Camping is fun. I’ve always enjoyed camping with the family. I especially like to camp near water. One of the last times we went camping my nephew was sick and woke everyone up in the middle of the night. They all started laughing when they saw me because I had a big bug’s wing on my face, and my sister said, What, were you snacking?

    By Vickie on 05.04.2011

  33. I stood at the edge of camp, I didn’t want to come along with my parents, all my freinds were back on earth, or rahter they were all back on earth, I was a thousand years from then : all my friends were now dead, after having long lives and familys, i wonder what senior prom was like? I didn’t even have a choice, one day my parents just told me we were leaving: I’ve had friends complain, about not being able to go to the same school or having to leave all their friends…but I coulden’t even tell my friends I’d write! I was frozen for 1000 years!

    By Alyss URL on 05.04.2011

  34. Kids probably don’t love summer camp as much as parents think they do. The mosquitos bite. The counselors are mean. And we only talk about the other kids to make it seem as if we’re having a great time so that our parents don’t think that we’re all destined to be antisocialites. Yes, Mom, having a great time…

    By Abby on 05.04.2011

  35. When I was younger we used to go camping all the time. There was something about the wild life that really moved me. The most re-memorable moments when we all were around the camp fire and we had set my grandma in a chair then we were all talking. My brother had found a comb. My Aunt realizing it was our grandma’s, we looked in the area that she sat. But she was gone. She had fallen down the hill. hahaha good times. She was okay btw.

    By Katie URL on 05.04.2011

  36. I’ve always wanted to go to space camp. Gah that would be so cool!

    By Lor-n URL on 05.04.2011

  37. children at play
    they learn here
    more than they could ever learn in a classroom
    they learn how to be with others peacefully
    they will make their best friends here
    maybe their future lovers
    but now they are small children
    running and playing

    By Aubrey on 05.04.2011

  38. Twelve year old girls and boys, separated into two dormitories. Inedible porridge. Much hiking in the blistering sun.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.04.2011

  39. My favorite place in the summer, even though I had a hard time making friends. The polar bear swims and fort building. The archery and wall climbing. I don’t remember the names of anybody, but I remember camp.

    By Lucille URL on 05.04.2011

  40. as she cleaned,kathleen hoped that shally knew that she was in her camp.afterall,she loved her.but shally never really knew how much she loved kent.she only knew how much he had broken her heart.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.04.2011