May 5th, 2013 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “burning”

  1. Fucking hot shit. Really warm. AAAHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Could also be some kind of burning desire? Hell, I dont know. Mexico. Strange hats, devils & dust. Bruce Springsteen. Burnt lasagna. Fireball. Cookingmmmm.

    By Marcus on 05.06.2013

  2. The house was burning. It was burning because the girl, once happy, had now become depressed and mad. She did it out of spite. She did it out of fear. Her happiness turned into complete madness and anger at her situation in which she could not control.

    By Dart on 05.06.2013

  3. The heart burns. It burns with passion. A passion to love. A burning compassion to find souls and connect with those souls and learn to become complete.

    By Dart on 05.06.2013

  4. burning trees, burning birds
    flames and smoke filling the earth
    escape is hard with running on dirt
    but we should go or we’ll get burned

    By Ellie URL on 05.06.2013

  5. fire burnt destroy red hot destruction

    By Cassie Palmer on 05.06.2013

  6. desire in my heart to live a life pleasing to God. Buring with zeal and love for others, to help those in need, share the good news of Jesus to those who haven’t heard it yet. Love. Grace. Mercy. Jesus.

    By Paul Monclair on 05.06.2013

  7. The sound was burning in his ears, torturing him. Never before had he heard anything like it. This, he thought to himself, was Taylor Swift!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.06.2013

  8. The fire licked up the tree, turning it black.
    The tree fell, the fire latched on to the grass
    the whole forest burnt
    Smoke filled the air

    By Cassie Palmer on 05.06.2013

  9. Like flames, pain, searing heat, too hot, summer. Like the desert, or dinner, too spicy. Like the good stuff, wasabi, overwhelming. When you need something oppositional, antithetical, to cool, to soothe, to undo what was done. Things that burn destroy.

    By Amicia on 05.06.2013

  10. i fell into a burning ring of fire i went down down down and the flames went higher and it burns burns burns the right of fire, the ring of fire, the right of fire

    By Isla Mallitte on 05.06.2013

  11. It was so hot the sun was beating down on me and scorching through my skin like a thousand pins dipped in molten lava. Scorchio…….

    By tim on 05.06.2013

  12. funny you should mention it, thats what i have been doing. it is what i have been born to do. it’s as though i was meant to do this,always and forever. until the end and my time should come, so help me god. but, this is all. it is everything. not the whole world could take it away from me.

    By hannah on 05.06.2013

  13. There was burning every where. We were surrounded by flames. Blue flames that danced with the air’s guidance. Such grace it had. But it has caused far too much destruction.

    By Y Torres URL on 05.06.2013

  14. the walls all around me were on fire. the burning room was just about what one would call an inferno. it was like being stuck in hell.

    By karan on 05.06.2013

  15. Burning. Scalding. The hot coffee trickles down my hand, feeling like hot wax.

    I yelp and jump away from the now empty cup, in too much pain to watch it clatter to the floor. Everyone around me looks at me as if I’m crazy.

    “What are you doing?” screams my boss, rising out of his chair, and in doing so he spills his own hot coffee all over his new suit.

    By October Mars URL on 05.06.2013

  16. Burning. Scalding. The hot coffee trickles down my hand, feeling like molten wax.

    I yelp and jump away from the now empty cup, in too much pain to watch it clatter to the floor. Everyone around me looks at me as if I’m crazy.

    “What are you doing?” screams my boss, rising out of his chair, and in doing so he spills his own hot coffee all over his new suit.

    By October Mars URL on 05.06.2013

  17. It was sometime in the middle of the night, at least she hoped it was still the middle of the night because she really needed more sleep. She didn’t need to go to the bathroom, so why being awake at this hour? Groggily she realised the burning smell…

    By Amimee URL on 05.06.2013

  18. The sound of something burning alerted the guess in the small apartment that their lives were in danger. Fortunately some one had call the fire department after seeing smoke coming from the roof.

    By victor URL on 05.06.2013

  19. this seething feeling in the core of my torso keeps me running, it keeps me breathing and striving forward. it isn’t anger, my dear, it isn’t pain, and it certainly isn’t bitterness but it is the yearning to be with you, the one heart breaking longing to finally share the same exact space with you for good, so i keep runing, i keep breathing until lastly, i will arrive.

    By berenique URL on 05.06.2013

  20. A slight nervousness before the light that seeps through reaches the coal beneath. I’m warm and comfortable, and I know it will last if only I stay a little longer. But the light undulates and the music that it leaves in its vibrating wake, lengthens and shrivels, ignites and burns as it touches cold air..

    By nytrist URL on 05.06.2013

  21. There aren’t enough words in this world to express my burning love for you. So I’ll just say; I love you.

    By Nyan on 05.06.2013

  22. Burning
    I like cats you know, isnt that strange.
    Cats, fucking cats, hahahahahaha cats

    im not crazy, why does everyone think Im crazy. Why?
    Im so messed up, I’m so soryy.
    I’m so sorry charly, im so sorry Grace, I’m so sorry mister dude

    By David on 05.06.2013

  23. That night, I closed my eyes and entered the deepest chambers in my mind. The chambers were no longer peaceful – full of sunshine and love. The Garden of Eden beyond that door had turned into a disastrous forest fire. Trees were burning everywhere within my sight.

    No one could possibly contain the destruction. Not alone. She took a solid form within my mind and together, we managed to put out the fire. The garden didn’t return to its original state though. What was once beautiful blooming flowers were now charred beyond recognition.

    But we will work on it together. Together, we will create a new garden.

    By Nyan on 05.06.2013

  24. Dry leaves igniting and then in a whomp of air, burning and then done in a matter of seconds; the heart yearning, needing so much that it almost bursts out of your chest, setting your blood on fire with each beat; the hot red flush of shame on your cheeks as your secret is revealed.

    By Ara URL on 05.06.2013

  25. My head is burning, my feet are burning. There is no way I’ll make it to Las Vegas in this desert on foot.

    By Lynn on 05.06.2013

  26. the questions were burning inside of me up til the moment i cared less about the answer. what a relief it was to decide that the unknown can often be just as telling as knowing it all. how soon we forget the value we may find in nothing.

    By Safon Floyd URL on 05.06.2013

  27. I’m burning, my Darling!

    By LottaL URL on 05.06.2013

  28. She looked at me with those dark brown eyes, so dark they were almost black, and I knew that she hated me. The light caught her eyes in such a way that they almost appeared to be on fire. I wondered if they flame in her eyes represented the hatred for me that she held in her heart.

    By Amanda on 05.06.2013

  29. Your sudden smiles always surprises me. It’s dangerous enough to make my heart race and deadly enough to make my face burn.

    By Nyan on 05.06.2013

  30. That’s not the way we do things around here. Walk slower. Taste the earth, smell the salt, move with the water. Be present wherever you are. Do what is right.

    We burn slow.

    By genahtastic URL on 05.06.2013

  31. this burning sensation
    And the realization
    that i am not burning at all
    Instead i’m caught in a freefall
    descending into oblivion

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 05.06.2013

  32. The flaming fingers stretch across the sky, burning your safe-bubble. This could be the end. You will have to be subject to all sorts of elements, those that your safe-bubble has kept you safe from thus far. It’s horrible, so horrible. Everyone inside the bubble is screaming. You never imagined that this could ever happen to you, but somehow it is.
    What will you do?

    By Isis on 05.06.2013

  33. My heart. If you leave, it will burn. Like a black torch in the light, it needs no oxygen. Don’t leave. I don’t want to be a black light in this white world. Since when did white seem so dirty?

    By Margaux on 05.06.2013

  34. Through the pulsating haze, she could see her dim, frail outline. She wiped the soot off her forehead and prepared to jump.

    By Delanzo on 05.06.2013

  35. fire
    my love for you is not a game , either
    how could you leave me such a big hole

    By Esy URL on 05.06.2013

  36. I have this fiery confidence burning inside of me, lightening up my soul. It brightens my eyes and powers me forwards.

    By Emie Tapley URL on 05.06.2013

  37. I have a burning burning burning in my sould. Spring prung full of longing, bird echoing treetops of wind and early buds. Dog in the sun on the pine needle lawn. Must write, time to go. Buring to create, buring to feel. The burning bush, that’s ups. weare lit on fire and nt consumed. The fire of love within us, that is us.

    By Sara URL on 05.06.2013

  38. It was like a small flicker at first, a spark in their eyes and a tiny connection. Every time they met the sparks rose and the flames grew stronger, and it turned into a raging forest fire between them. They couldn’t put out the burning in their hearts that drew them together like moths.

    By Missy URL on 05.06.2013

  39. deep within.
    the desire.
    turning into a hole.
    its different this time
    the hole
    its full
    of a fire
    a bonfire

    By Alouette on 05.06.2013

  40. The fire inside.
    Run to a safe place out side of your self.
    Listen to the crackle.
    Dont think just do.
    It is burning.

    By Rachel on 05.06.2013