October 4th, 2010 | 136 Entries

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136 Entries for “buildings”

  1. Inside buildings there are ants. Ants make things all day. They make things for other ants. The other ants don’t see them but they know they’re there.

    By hourican URL on 10.04.2010

  2. Bodybuildings. Das sind doch diese Dingsdabumsda. Mit den dicken fetten Muckis am Bauch und überall. Die betreiben Körperarchitektur. Tektonisch abgesichert.

    By Eli URL on 10.04.2010

  3. The buildings have long since fallen down. Water fills the streets, half a dozen feet deep in places. Windows are broken, piles of rubble everywhere. A sign for the London Underground splays haphazardly across a small puddle of bricks. I can’t help looking at the destruction, awed, wondering what happened here.

    By Katie F. URL on 10.04.2010

  4. My favorite part of Boston is right near the Old State House. It’s just this little tiny piece of history dwarfed by skyscrapers.

    By Phalanges URL on 10.04.2010

  5. They tower us, they dominate our lives. They shelter us, despite destroying the shelter of others.

    By Tay URL on 10.04.2010

  6. Those buildings fill me from inside. Tall and gray spirits of the city inhabit my emptiness.
    I am getting lost in the crowds of those buildings,I dissolve in the melting pot of other people’s life stories.

    By morbidolga URL on 10.04.2010

  7. I lay on the cool ground looking up at the trees and buildings that surrounded me, feeling very small. Am I as really insignificant as I feel?

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 10.04.2010

  8. are strong and stoic with people jumping out of them reminds me of tragedy and imogen heap and dust i love buildings at night in cities lots of buildings with lights all aglow i write those people’s stories in there i imagine what they are doing writing papers and books and filling out books doing bookkeeping and loving everyone all around just loving in buildings with fish tanks and panty hose and high heels and dockers and briefcases and beds with down comforters on them

    By H on 10.04.2010

  9. buildings are tall, they rise above everything we can walk on, you always wish you could be on top of one, to see more than anyone else can. You always wonder what others can see from the windows. the one that you can never look from.

    By Piotr Fila URL on 10.04.2010

  10. The skyline of New York is the most beautiful sight in the world. If you’re on an airplane, or happen to be flying overhead, the buildings and shining lights can take your breath away.

    By Alyssa URL on 10.04.2010

  11. Glass windows, all along the west side of the office.

    In the afternoon, our shoes melt to the concrete, and we are stuck there the whole night.

    By Nat URL on 10.04.2010

  12. The buildings stretched high into the gray sky the color of pencil lead and funneled the cold air into rough curents of biting cold that buffetted the bundled shoppers as they pushed their way into through the shadows to reach a patch of sun

    By Tonia URL on 10.04.2010

  13. as far the eye can see. just buildings. and all I wanted to do was escape. It was these very buildings that caused me to desire a life without them. their fruits had turned sour in my mouth and I wanted to wash it clean with the water of solitude and isolation.

    By twoslice URL on 10.04.2010

  14. Tall buildings in the sky. They scare me because their height help. Don’t fall on me.

    By Amahdi on 10.04.2010

  15. Cheerily, I am so about the buildings today. Henceforth all interactions shall be designated to a building, as per the discussions had this morning with the chairpersons. Fourteen ideas are all it should take; I expect full cooperation.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.04.2010

  16. Living here in Pittsburgh, compared to the buildings, I feel so small. They tower over you and are amazing to look at. I need to start taking more pictures of the city and posting them on tumblr because parts of it are truly beautiful and other parts are so artistic!

    By Teeps on 10.04.2010

  17. I watch as they tower above me, monoliths in the chaotic scene I’m trapped inside. I see them sway in winds that threaten to force open my jacket. I abhor my micro stature.

    By Aliera on 10.04.2010

  18. I like pretty shaped builidings. With pretty colors. I wish there was a buliding that had sparkly paint. And it had RAINBOWS. Oh my gosh, a sparkly rainbow building would complete my entire life. I would want to live in it.

    By Mac on 10.04.2010

  19. Buildings, tall large, looming. Tall barriers, strange city prison. I long for the long view, the deserts, the unadulterated sights of oceans

    By Terisa on 10.04.2010

  20. free. beautiful. terifying. and sometimes they make you feel so small, insignificant. they can make you really think about your life and how empty it is. funny how an inanimate object can make you question your entire life huh?

    By ash on 10.04.2010

  21. so many buildings. tall as the sky, reflective as mirrors. their name denotes progress, just as climbing them represents progress. America is a country of buildings. They are homes, they are humans.

    By Kris on 10.04.2010

  22. did i survive my fall to earth?am i suddenly invulnerable?can i leap tall buildings in a single bound?just what the hell happened..and how?

    By Dan on 10.04.2010

  23. The building downtown date back to the early 1900’s.

    By Enjoli on 10.04.2010

  24. Ich gehe langsam durch den Eingang und beschaue die Gallerie. Sie ist frisch erbaut worden und von großer Grazie. Geradezu zierlich fühle ich mich den starrenden Säulen gegenüber. Ich verlasse das Gebäude rasch, will nicht länger sein.

    By Galinor URL on 10.04.2010

  25. the buildings seemed so much larger than her, she knew that here she would always feel small. she didn’t want to feel so beneath everything. but how could she feel any other way when all the lights here outshone her?

    By Delilah URL on 10.04.2010

  26. buildings can be great or small. there are man different kinds of building and i think that each building has a story of its own. for me the best buildings are old ones. they just seem to be magical to have a certain aura about them that makes them special.

    By Isabel De Lange on 10.04.2010

  27. tall scuptural things of grace which rise above the ground beyond my reach they contain such dreams and aspirations of the pople who walk within flitting shadows at windows beyond my ken and yet so near that i can see them as they move these are the holders of our fantasies

    By telute URL on 10.04.2010

  28. is a place i live, is a place to be protected, is a place to meet people, is a place to keep your stuff, is a place to be creative, is a place to sleep, is a place to keep our history, and last but not least is a place to be together!

    By Joakim Breivik on 10.04.2010

  29. Buildings. Tall and austere, and all alike, rising into the sky. I live in one of them, and I could never recognize it from afar until a friend pointed it out to me. But lately, he doesn’t need my company anymore. I don’t want to sound like a clingy little whiny person, but I do miss my friend.

    By wobster109 URL on 10.04.2010

  30. Buildings, she was sourounded by all kinds of buildings, full of people and yet she felt very lonely. People looked throught the windows but they couldn’t see her. What did this mean?

    By Diana Abad on 10.04.2010

  31. Tall, short, wide or thin. They form the structure for us to create a society within. They range in age, just like us and often change too.. just like us. Buildings.

    By Barnaby Lawrence URL on 10.04.2010

  32. Buildings are tall, they like to be made of brick, and mortar, and things of that nature. They sometimes have windows. Sometimes people have no buildings. They live anywhere. Anywhere a building can be, but is not. That is what happens when building buildings.

    By Elisabeth on 10.04.2010

  33. The buildings scraped the sky, and flecks of blue fell everywhere.
    Clouds soaked and streaked the dusty windows
    And people ran about, waving their arms.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 10.04.2010

  34. Tall, majestic, forbidding. A shape in the sky, a block in the ground. A holding area. A cage, a place. Shadows cast on the ground, sky obscured.

    By Maddi URL on 10.04.2010

  35. buildings create a beautiful scenery. skyscrapers line my sidewalk as i walk to school each morning. who thought God would bless me with such beauty every school day. dallas arts magnet changes my view on life, the buildings are simply Gods art to me.

    By renata URL on 10.04.2010

  36. New development is impowering. Like a drug. It becomes compulsive for some societies.

    By Bronwyn Campbell on 10.04.2010

  37. this is the place where i used to live. Its not that great, but its something. I love this place. Its not a home, rather its a store but i lived on top of it. I remember helping the store manager with his watch makings every day after school. It was my first real job.

    By Michael on 10.04.2010

  38. rising, building

    I want to nosedive
    off the CN tower
    and wave to the
    Canada geese
    as they pass me by.

    I wish I could fly

    By Evelyn on 10.04.2010

  39. where i work , they started to build no buldings .. they spanded from the old build and add four new small buldingns.. it gave use more storage and two rooms that are being used for research..

    By nubia on 10.04.2010

  40. Tall, skinny, straight, big, bold. They stand there a scar in the normally beautiful sky line. A reminder of the ugliness we humans have created.

    By Rachel on 10.04.2010