June 2nd, 2013 | 144 Entries


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144 Entries for “brotherhood”

  1. The closest two men can become is the moment when they both agree to sign into brotherhood. its a term that makes me think of knights and kings, fighting side by side, only referring to each other as … brother. Its very endearing, very sweet, and kind.

    By Nikki on 06.02.2013

  2. Brotherhood is the shit. Like you have all these bad ass guys who’s bond cant be broken for shit. They become a family and it’s like nothing can break them apart. Girls relationships hardly last. Guys relationships last forever because they are so close. No matter what happens they always seem to forgive each other. That’s love whether or not the guys will actually admit it to each other. That’s why I like “bromances” so much. They’re real and true and are the strongest thing in the world. They are like bulletproof glass. They can be hit continuously but they’re fine in the end. Throughout all of the shit they go through, brothers stay together. They have a bond like no other. It’s like how sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float away from each other. It’s sweet in a cute masculine sort of way and I don’t understand why guys have this bond naturally with other guys because girls never really have that. They get close but it still isn’t the same. It’s sort of beautiful if you really stop to think about it. They have a relationship that’s not matched by any other. It’s crazy really how life works. It’s mysterious…guys who barely know each other become best friends for life and it can only be broken by some unimaginable blasphemy that no one truly understands. It’s amazing. I as a girl will never truly understand brotherhood but this is my idea of what I think brotherhood really is.

    By Bailey on 06.02.2013

  3. There’s a wicked spell coming and I don’t want it. I don’t want to slip into a cavern of despair.

    But how it beckons.

    Its smoggy black arms reach up from the jagged trenches, souls of the condemned whisper for me to join them in the brotherhood of the damned.

    And there’s no savior; only me. There is no room for fragility. And the harbingers of dark thoughts that tug at the frayed edges of my mind, know this, so the pull escalates. Mayhem beyond my control enters the picture and casts a baleful glare in my direction and dares me not to cry. And I do resist, hold on to the face of cliffs. But I’m weary at the ledge and I fear the next gust of ill will shall catch me when I’m at my weakest. Forcing me to take the plunge into an abyss of the darkest darkness I’ve even known.

    By Intuition URL on 06.02.2013

  4. Last night
    They were there for him when he needed them

    A mix of skin tones and facial features surrounding him in his time of need
    Helping him ignore the painful yet beautiful truth that lie to his left

    Unaware of his presence and hurt
    Ignoring him for another man

    By MorganLily URL on 06.02.2013

  5. I knew why they were being such exclusive fools–they were male, newly recognized as being men, relishing in the fact that they were bound by the grand idea of brotherhood. It was equivalent to having a clubhouse with a “no girls allowed” sign proudly plastered on its exterior.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.02.2013

  6. Brotherhood is a beautiful thing… it’s the sort of perfect friendship that doesn’t happen very often. I think the word that you’re supposed to use for it is one of those Greek words, you know, the different kinds of love. It’s the most special kind to me because I don’t have it very often… I honestly think brotherhood is more powerful and beautiful than romantic love sometimes, because it lasts through anything, no matter what.

    By Gatirtoh on 06.02.2013

  7. brotherhood of man. whatever that means. I agree with 4 non blondes. at the end of the day no brotherhood can save your soul. or my soul. in the end we re on our own. brotherhood. whatever that means.

    By Sasha on 06.02.2013

  8. I hadn’t thought of it for a while. I missed them, yes, of course. I hadn’t found friends like them in the years since I betrayed their trust then moved away leaving them with open wounds which I poorly healed from afar through a steady payment plan which only covered the money they were aware of me stealing, not the actual total amount I’d taken. Heck, even I didn’t know how much I took from the Treasury fund.

    By Ruben URL on 06.02.2013

  9. brotherhood sticks together
    like two halves of bread
    when peanut butter and jelly are stuck together
    they go together like brothers.

    thinking of my brother…
    I miss him more than I did before he visited
    I want him to come back…
    I would like to take a snapshot

    and keep it forever.

    By fizzingSmile URL on 06.02.2013

  10. Brotherhood. it is a bond so strong, it is feelings that are never forgotten. it is words that were never spoken, it is the unifying

    By kayla on 06.03.2013

  11. people gathering in squares. Angry. Young. Not yet knowing what failure tastes like. Not yet knowing what happens afterwards.

    By atticus900 URL on 06.03.2013

  12. A collective of people, the most common of which a group of assasins or other unruly citizens, For emample, the brotherhood of steel, the dark brotherhood, Usually close nit and know each other really well.

    By Liz humumum on 06.03.2013

  13. brother bear brothers together im not sure what it means but its something to do with families and brothers and siblings help im sTUCK OK

    By ellie URL on 06.03.2013

  14. brothers in a hood
    jaymine & pip

    By pip on 06.03.2013

  15. brother
    work together
    look after
    best friends

    By Charlotte Weldon on 06.03.2013

  16. blood friends long time family lifetime record neighbours school

    By Joe dean on 06.03.2013

  17. Ciaran and Joe Griffin were brothers, they were inseperable. Due to them living in Germany and being Jews they got sent off to the concentration camp where they were eaten alive by Hitler himself.

    By Lucy on 06.03.2013

  18. A friendship between brothers. Brothers are closer than friends since it’s harder to turn your back on family than friends. Family will always be there for you whether they agree with you or not.

    By beth on 06.03.2013

  19. brotherhood is connection in blood. The connection one brother has of the other, but a brother might not be in blood. The brotherhood could be a team, friends sticking together. they will do any thing to help each other and get through life together.

    By Robyn Gibbons on 06.03.2013

  20. loads of men in a close friendship, known as brethrin, loyalty and love. Common about gangsta’s and stuff innit do.

    By daffyandthewolf on 06.03.2013

  21. a gathering of similar minded people in an area. the relationship between brothers or the feeling of kindship with closeness to a group of people or family or all people.

    By Henry Jaynes on 06.03.2013

  22. Lucy graham had a dog as a brother, that dogs name was daisy brook, she was from the isle of man, she was a man. they had fun times that was disgusting because it was a dog and a girl… thats how close they were as brothers, that was their brotherhood.

    By Joe Griffin on 06.03.2013

  23. A phase you go through with your brother, you get along with him and are good brothers, bit like motherhood but you’re not a mother, you’re a brother, I actually have no idea what this means I am just making it up as I go along.

    By Molly on 06.03.2013

  24. Together
    When you are really good friends with somebody
    When you are really close to somebody
    Very close

    By Thomas on 06.03.2013

  25. There was this guy called lucy who was really lonely, he lived with his mandem in cheriton, she had a dog called brotherhood and it got run over bya combine harvester and she cried, the end.

    By CiaranYoung on 06.03.2013

  26. There’s nothing worse than loosing a brother. A feeling i would never ever feel, i was born in solice and solitude of loneliness. Only child syndrome was my affliction.

    By Kwame URL on 06.03.2013

  27. words with little meaning for me. or there is some, but of no value. it hurts. it controls me and everyone else and it makes me feel afraid. I’m afraid of what they would do, what they have already done, what they continue to do. it hurts and it makes me feel caged and very, very sad. sad, and scared.

    By K on 06.03.2013

  28. lots of men feeling very strongly about the male bond and support to each other but not

    By Maryanne URL on 06.03.2013

  29. I have always feared the concept of brotherhood. The idea of competing with another male for the affections of our parents would be utterly dreadful. I can proudly walk around as the male heir to our name only because my competition lacks the proper

    By Andrew Wolf on 06.03.2013

  30. brotherhood
    crap is this a rerun of yesterday’s word?
    well of course i can’t really relate to brotherhood. Im not a man. but how does this feel? why do some men strive to have this? i was always curious. Brotherhood doesn’t give you bread or clothes, yet people do nearly anything and everything to achieve this.

    By thedarkestsheep on 06.03.2013

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    By Selena Gomez URL on 06.03.2013

  32. a binding thing that occurs between people, brotherhood is an amazing thing to experience. Whether they be related as brothers or just very close. Brotherhood is special and always will be. It is something you enjoy in life, something that means you are very close to someone or something.

    By Shan URL on 06.03.2013

  33. The brotherhood of angels, that the name that was selected for our group. We were not sure if it would be accepted by all of the members, but so far it has gotten us a spot in the annual competition of speak writers and public speakers.

    By victor URL on 06.03.2013

  34. A band of brothers or a sense of community, closely-knit and cohesive. True camaraderie with another person.

    By Evan on 06.03.2013

  35. Brother should always stay together. The bond between them is so strong that when it is broken once it will join gain. Brothers can die for their little or big brothers. They care for them and will never leave them. I wish that this bond should never break, even after dead their spirits should come and meet eachother.

    By Ghana URL on 06.03.2013

  36. together. hands on backs, walking with long steps, early morning fog blocking the long view, but staring ahead. The smell of sweat and soil, feet sinking into muddied dirt paths.

    By glogic URL on 06.03.2013

  37. Brotherhood is a value that many wish they could cultivate and develop within their own lives. In today’s society, many people feel distant from those closest to them, often as a result a desire to feel brotherhood that is never realised.

    By Mitchell Blyth URL on 06.03.2013

  38. They sealed with a oath, whispered in the dark. None of them would ever tell what had happened here, but they would all carry it with them like a coat of arms. With heavy hearts they walked out of the dark forest, and onto the green fields where their wives and children sat unaware.

    By Soft URL on 06.03.2013

  39. I have a great, big brother, the best in the world. At least he was. We spend a lot of time hanging out, best friends that can spend hours just chatting and being silly. At least that use to be true. He has a girlfriend now and she’s awesome. I like her a lot. But sometimes I wish I still had my big brother. I use to have a big brother, the best big brother in the world. Then he grew up.

    By Sammie on 06.03.2013

  40. the two stood side by side, staring lazily at the cliffs ahead, and the moon began to rise

    By lucas spears on 06.03.2013