June 2nd, 2013 | 144 Entries


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144 Entries for “brotherhood”

  1. The circle of women around the fire was joined by the brotherhood of the blue fame beasts…
    beasts that soared above the young heads of the blue flame girl initiates.

    By skylarkin URL on 06.02.2013

  2. singing about brotherhood. ill never be a brother. never a sister. not in blood and not in spirit.

    By dagger URL on 06.02.2013

  3. There’s this awesome feeling of company and understanding, with a lot of commitment that not every people is ready to feel. Sometimes, you’ll be alone, sometimes you’ll be sad, but you’ll always be loved by a brother, even from far away. Just give up, and love thy brother.

    By Juan Felipe Martínez on 06.02.2013

  4. all minding their own backs. launching the rockets and diving in headfirst and shooting things. brings them closer and closer

    to broken bones.

    By leah URL on 06.02.2013

  5. Rambunctious friends with a common interest. Their interest is unique and only they know what it is like. They stand up for each other and help each other overcome challenges. They work to decode the confusing world of girls and what girls mean when they speak. And they solve their arguments quickly, usually with a fist fight before pulling each other in for a hug and being “done with it”.

    By Cassie URL on 06.02.2013

  6. strength and curiousness. Findings of love and compassion. Not necccesarily a fmaily like bond but a bond of people as a whole and less as small unified bond. Being as one. No longer being alone. being the way youre meant to be. pure and long

    By Savannah on 06.02.2013

  7. He was suppose to be there for me. He was was suppose to have my back and make sure no one hurt me. I mean I was his little brother for christ’s sake, that’s any older sibling’s job. They have to protect their younger sibling. So where is he now, huh? Where is he while I’m falling to pieces. Where is he when all of these horrific events keep pushing me farther and farther down.

    By Roni on 06.02.2013

  8. Brothas
    sharin everything
    punchin eachother
    but its affectionate
    droppin the g’s off the end of words because
    bros before hoes
    nevah a bettah bond between men
    its a little awkward though

    im a girl so i wouldnt know

    By Natalie URL on 06.02.2013

  9. BROTHERHOOD of the Travelling Pants? :D

    By Jason URL on 06.02.2013

  10. isn’t worth a whole lot. Doesn’t really matter how long you been down you will still get F***** . Every relationship ends sometime

    By Shimmie Bobo on 06.02.2013

  11. Brotherhood is more than just familial relationship, it’s a bond that seeks to unite all those who have the same goals and mindset. Togetherness.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 06.02.2013

  12. brotherhood is two or more brothers together having good times, bad times, love, hate, fighting and just being together and hanging out. they could get along or not. its an important thing that everyone goes through, and a lot of the time brotherhood is also your best friendship. brotherhood doesnt have to be blood related bros. it could be any two bros willing to just be there for each other.

    By chris kim on 06.02.2013

  13. a real friend will stick closer with you than a brother. I think about that a lot. I just lost a close friend who at one time was like a brother. I’m so glad we were able to give him a great memorial as he passed at

    By Paul Gydos URL on 06.02.2013

  14. a real friend will stick closer with you than a brother. I think about that a lot. I just lost a close friend who at one time was like a brother. I’m so glad we were able to give him a great memorial as he passed at 39. but there is something about having a relationship with your biological brother that is desirable. It might be a challenge. Jesus is my real brother.

    By Paul Gydos URL on 06.02.2013

  15. The corpse arose from the throne, ranting about the feudalisms collapse. “How can the blessed die so young?!” He exclaimed, “The brotherhood we share will go on for eternity!”

    By Anna on 06.02.2013

  16. Was this a brotherhood, a cult, or both? Andy could not be too sure, but she stood back from the strange, silver-robed men gathering forks from their wooden plates where the hearts of supposed lambs had been devoured. Two of the brothers took hands, caressing each other’s knuckles, not caring to glance at the woman hovering over their table.

    “They will grow accustomed to you,” their chief whispered in Andy’s ear, startling her.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.02.2013

  17. Hmm, guards, like angels, except in the flesh. Its more than a frat, can even be a sisterhood, if you’re fancy. Brotherhood is what should bring me & the stranger reading this together- in a perfect world that is. “/

    By Frieda URL on 06.02.2013

  18. The Brotherhood was a very secret organization. No one but the Brothers knew of their comings and goings or where they went. You never knew when they were going to select a new Brother.

    Which was why I was completely unprepared when they came for me.

    By Kate URL on 06.02.2013

  19. Brotherhood is not something that is made in the womb.
    Brotherhood is not an emotion, nor is it a conscious effort.
    Brotherhood is purely and simply, a gift.
    A gift of self, a gift to freely be true around your brothers,
    Whether they lived in your house or not.
    It is a surrender to love, a vulnerability and trust.

    By kurtseph URL on 06.02.2013

  20. Family, love, respect, together, bros, always there for you, trust, bond, special

    By Gabby on 06.02.2013

  21. I tried really hard, but all I can come up with is: The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants. I’m imagining that part where the girls are all like “Omg these make my butt look great!!!” but starring the guys I know. Someone should totally write that book as a commentary on gender stereotypes.

    Aaaaaaaand I just googled it. Omg.

    By Bry- URL on 06.02.2013

  22. Well, I definitely think about my brother and how we don’t get along, and how he is a worry in my heart sometimes. Thinking about him, thinking about the future. I’d always assumed we’d get along better, getting older, that somehow the misunderstandings between us would go away, but now, I AM older and I see how difficult it is, relationships.

    By Eve URL on 06.02.2013

  23. even though we fight i know you always have my back

    bros before hoes

    tight knit bond

    swag swag idk what else to say omfg

    By Dana on 06.02.2013

  24. fraternity sorority gay university of florida marines army ronny estenoz brothers noel hood ghetto black albert frat douchebags panties parties molly

    By katie on 06.02.2013

  25. my school organised a programme name brotherhood. Every sunday we have to gather ath the mosque with the sisters or brother and

    By atikah on 06.02.2013

  26. A long time ago 3 brothers decided to form a group to fight crime, but one day they all fell inlove with the same woman. Slowly their friendship and love faded away, one day a big fight was unliashed which ended with the death of the woman they loved.

    By Daniela URL on 06.02.2013

  27. There was no room in the brotherhood for a doubter. All of them were firm about this. George was standing in the centre of the circle, wondering what would happen next. Twelve pairs of eyes stared at him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.02.2013

  28. james sat up rubbing his eyes, looking over to john. he’d missed john. hadnt seen him in maybe four years but what was that to him? john had acted like it hadnt been anything, like four years was a stretch of nothing; james supposed he could pretend the same thing. he laid back down. yeah only four years.

    By Megan on 06.02.2013

  29. Brotherhood is strong. Being a brother means a bond, a powerful bond between people. Brothers are true, helpful, brothers are honest. They stand up for each other.

    By Amali Buxbaum on 06.02.2013

  30. Trapped. That’s what this is. It started so simply. My Achilles’ heel. “You know, if what they say is true, that means that boy is your little brother.” And you sure as hell don’t leave your brother on a battlefield. So, I turned myself around without so much as thinking of the repercussions, and here I be. I suppose this is their version of handling the situation. See, I can’t stay in one place too long or those damn underbellies will come for me, but these folks here won’t let me leave. What stings the most… they say I’m someone else’s son. Damn if Mama ain’t gonna have a fit if she hears that. Not that seein’ me as I am right now wouldn’t earn a glare that’d freeze the whole damn Bermuda triangle over. Honestly… I almost don’t want to leave. Sure, I don’t like my hosts too much, but it’s be ages since I felt like I had littles to protect… so… here I be. Chained atop this hollow mound. Selene’s gonna give me no end of hell for this.

    By MsMoon URL on 06.02.2013

  31. We were brothers. Then he ran away. He ran away from me, and broke our brotherhood. And I never saw him again. He was gone.

    We were brothers.

    By the antagonist URL on 06.02.2013

  32. they were bound by an invisible bond. yet they all knew it was deeper than just a bond. it was blood. it was the brotherhood.

    By Emily on 06.02.2013

  33. Brotherhood, formed from a deep connection of love and trust.
    Secure in both the feminine and masculine aspects of humanity.
    Bonds formed, forever faithful.
    World changers in the making.

    By Amalia Yosefa on 06.02.2013

  34. Aryan Brotherhood.
    White power gang.
    Most members are incarcerated.

    By Kasey on 06.02.2013

  35. My brother always ruled our relationship with a true heir of totalitarian regard. Until the day came, when I decided to forego my banner, my sigal; I abandoned my family illegiance and joined the Brotherhood Without Banners.

    By Aaron on 06.02.2013

  36. A wolf and her family have spent many long years together hunting and running through their home. The wolfs name is Waya.

    By Andrew Smolek on 06.02.2013

  37. I sat at the edge of the bridge watching as my reflection turned from sadness to disgust. At that time I couldn’t do anything and it pained me to remember it. Now, instead of anger and sadness, I have turned into a self-loathing being; no longer able to fight my weaknesses. Frightening thoughts pried their way into my head; “jump and rid your pain” it said. But Grant wasn’t far behind, he was ready at a moments notice. Ready to help me live with the causalities of war.

    By stimjim URL on 06.02.2013

  38. The brotherhood… It’s not a beginning. It’s an end.
    My life was normal, but then I got caught up in some stuff and the brotherhood found me.
    Now I am the brotherhood… The brotherhood is me… and we’re dead.

    By Teslynn on 06.02.2013

  39. My brother is my best friend. Even though we are not blood related, he is everything a brother is suppose to be. Supportive. There. I have a step brother but he is not my brother. He is a disappointment. My best friend Ben is my real brother.

    By T.J. Blackburn URL on 06.02.2013

  40. a partnership with those who mean the most. A bond not easily broken. The truest of friendships. What matters most in this life. Trust of all trusts. Love of all loves. Everlasting. Lay down your life.

    By Kari Mendoza on 06.02.2013