June 2nd, 2013 | 144 Entries


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144 Entries for “brotherhood”

  1. He patted my brother on the back with a thump. The man was smiling and laughing, but my brother uncomfortably slumped. I could tell he just wanted him gone.

    By Annee on 06.02.2013

  2. This is an elusive concept. Is your brother those whom you choose or everyone on earth? If we are all brothers then some of us have some work to do to make things right with each other.

    By Cmonica8 on 06.02.2013

  3. Doo boys judges fraternity friendship love strength parents sisters seniority faith togetherness belonging humanity forever. arms hard hugs. I wish I had brothers. brethren.

    By Natasha on 06.02.2013

  4. Brotherhood is the knot of love, and trust and sometimes anger that burns and changes men together born of wars and competitions and survival and eons of love and hatred hatred and love until all of the unneccessary fat of conversation and worry
    are sheered off and only bond is left in its place

    By josh on 06.02.2013

  5. [really.]
    come unto me, brother
    well share this hood
    dont tell our mother
    she understood
    not our language
    nor our trifles
    join this carnage
    with your rifle

    By berenique URL on 06.02.2013

  6. A silent brotherhood exists between the swift gusts of the wind and the majestic sways of the branches. Choreographed perfectly. Displaying the harmony the world has to offer. Presenting a baseline for all other wonders to measure up to.

    By veronica URL on 06.02.2013

  7. I joined a fraternity not knowing what a brotherhood is. 4 years later, i learned that you can’t create one just by joining the same organization. I’ts disappointing but I did find some possible ‘brotherhood’. Those were the ones I thought I could count on. Years later, I don’t talk to most. Brotherhood.. is with my real brother. or friend.

    By brian on 06.02.2013

  8. I was part of a brotherhood… what many people probably would’ve called a gang. I was part of a group, of a whole, of something bigger than me that needed /me/, of all people. That’s what they told me every day, that they needed me for some big mission. Some days, it was just a little thing — a little thing that they assured me would really help everyone out even though, you know, it was only a little thing — and some days, it was a really big thing where no one even had to assure me that I was doing something big; I knew. Everyone knew. I was part of the group, of the whole.

    By Evelynn URL on 06.02.2013

  9. when you need someone beside you, and there is that one person who would do anything to help you. They are perfect they dont care what they are needed for but are there to be needed. If you are ever in trouble then they will bail you out. If you are in pain they will try to fix it.

    By CandorDauntless on 06.02.2013

  10. That was a big word in school years ago. We made posters about it.
    We believed in everyone getting along but now it seems harder and harder
    to practice what we preach. People turn on each other in their own countries.
    It would be good to return to brotherhood, and sisterhood too.

    By Robin on 06.02.2013

  11. Wow. How do you explain this. You realize that despite your sister has clawed 5 loong red painful lines of nail marks on YOUR FACE that you aren’t really that mad at her and you wouldn’t punch her in the arm. just kidding.

    By Evan URL on 06.02.2013

  12. We sat, everyday the same, side by side. I was never his brother, I know this, but he was always mine. Always. I think, every day now, that maybe he’d be disappointed, until I realize it doesn’t matter.

    By Sam Jean URL on 06.02.2013

  13. He drug the limp man behind a mound of earth. The hole they now resided in was created by the shells that fell relentlessly from the sky. “We’ll be okay,” the man panted to his silent partner. “We’re gonna live.”

    By Kate URL on 06.02.2013

  14. We held hands and walked down the street. We told stories and laughed at our shortcomings. We fibbed. We Lied. We asked difficult questions. We ended our sentences with exclamation points.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 06.02.2013

  15. Not many people are very fortunate to have siblings. And if they are, not many are fortunate to have brothers. I have two brothers, they love each other, spend time together, and always have fun. thats true brotherhood. they understand the meaning of life and how you should enjoy it together.

    By kat on 06.02.2013

  16. Not many people are very fortunate to have siblings. And if they are, not many are fortunate to have brothers. I have two brothers, they love each other, spend time together, and always have fun. thats true brotherhood. they understand the meaning of life and how you should enjoy it together. THey have gone on campouts together, gone fishing, watched movies and played outside. they enjoy life with a true brotherhood. they need each other, and each needs the other. never apart always together.

    By kat mays on 06.02.2013

  17. “With brotherhood from sea to shining sea”. I learned this song in first grade, and ever since then I was fascinated by the freedom and laws of our country. Everything that had to occur to make our country what it is today, was amazing.

    By Kayla URL on 06.02.2013

  18. He looked over at Charles and frowned. Charles was looking fixedly at one spot, biting his lower lip as if he didn’t quite know here he was.

    Edward, at the other end of the room, was pushing a train with a certain fixedness of mind. Almost the same fixedness of mind that Charles was showing, only that Edward knew exactly what he wanted.

    Arthur, at the other end, was reading a book, slowly turning pages.

    By Maria URL on 06.02.2013

  19. stick by my side,
    together we live off pride,
    sinful i know,
    but i believe they will accept us home.
    we thrive off this brotherhood,
    stay strong for me,
    stay breathing for me.
    this love we share will set us free.

    By Tayler Moore on 06.02.2013

  20. they called it a brotherhood, but it never feltl ike that. it felt like I was small and like i was the bottom of the pile. I remember on day on my way back home

    By Lizzie Kendal URL on 06.02.2013

  21. I think there are many senses of the word. I think of my actual brother and the relationship we’ve come to share within more recent times. He has grown into a righteous person and we share a bond that will never be broken. However, I feel that brotherhood goes beyond bloodlines. Brotherhood, friendship, love, all depends on your connection to any other person and I find that you can make stronger connections beyond blood and thereby create a sense of brotherhood to otherwise complete strangers.

    By Kaya URL on 06.02.2013

  22. there is a brotherhood among my sisters that runs so deep its like it had been rooted and established before we came to realize. it is spoken unnecessarily as our unspoken communication is what created the initial bond. we are brothers. maybe even more than that.

    By Safon URL on 06.02.2013

  23. Near where I live, there is a small airport, very old, that now houses private jetplanes and single-carrier aircraft. In the very small terminal, there is a section dedicated to the Sky Galley Cafe – a centerpiece of nostalgia from my adolescence that stands tall in the mists of my highschool memories.

    The Sky Galley has always fascinated me. It is indistinguishable in design from any other old diner, and the menu is what you’d expect from an airport restaurant. But what I found myself so intrigued by was the patronage the little hole-in-the-wall had.

    Old men – war veterans, draped in crusty leather jackets and sporting proudly their caps of service and medals if they had them – frequented the Sky Galley every day. Men who smelt of cigar smoke and had fingers crippled and swollen by years of intense arthritis and callouses, who wore horn-rimmed glasses and glared at anyone too young to have served recently who entered that place. I realized that the Sky Galley was, in a sense, a shrine, a memorial to these men united in their brotherhood, a clubhouse, and for that reason, I did not return after my first visit. A visit that, in itself, I find somewhere in the indecipherable fog of maturity – a date that we didn’t say was a date, a stage of awkwardness built up on the tensions and quiet admiration from both parties that I ultimately was too unsure of to act upon, and thus, when my impulses took me over, it was too late. But at least I had the Sky Galley, for as little as I did.

    I find myself thinking about the restaurant more so than usual now that I am home for the summer, not for the one day I visited but for what it represented and what it had meant to me before venturing off to my college career. I think that to return now would be pointless.

    Wherever I go, wherever life takes me, the Sky Galley will be there, I am sure of it. It is untouchable by the sands of time or the winds of change.

    By T. on 06.02.2013

  24. I know a few guys with whom I will share my heart.
    They are friends
    They are relatives.
    They are brothers.
    WE are brothers.

    But we are few.

    By Stefan URL on 06.02.2013

  25. The man nodded his shrouded head slowly, the candlelight flickering. “Welcome to the brotherhood,” he said, reaching out a gloved hand for Michael to shake. Reaching forward, Michael clasped his hand and felt a growing fear permeate his body.

    By Finn on 06.02.2013

  26. We marched along the pavement. The heels of the clandestine boots clicked and knocked against the rubble of the houses. Shadowy figures poked out from behind curtains and retreated shortly there after. I smelt sulfur faintly, indicating then point of no return. I looked to Alfred, who gazed ahead with a stern expression. Seeing him now, no one would suspect that he muffled his weeps into his pillow last night.

    By ROCKY on 06.02.2013

  27. The solidarity and the relationship it is not a blinding cloak
    it keeps us out of the rain we all wear it together
    Brothers that share no blood except that which is spilled
    I taste and smell the silent gathering emotion within my brothers breast

    By jonathon URL on 06.02.2013

  28. “Hey, you up for tonight?” He asked flopping onto the floor, next to his brother.
    “Yeah, hey dude what’s up with you and Jess?” His brother wondered knowing that only a real brother would learn the answer.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 06.02.2013

  29. Sometimes a person is lonesome. This is somewhere they need someone else. They need someone who helps, a brother, a friend. It’s a group that truly begins to make the difference.
    Like assassins.

    By Maud on 06.02.2013

  30. brotherhood is a new village in Irvine, CA, that paragon of human architectural planning with streets saw cut to linear perfection to re-contour the land for easy watershed of every emotion and thought so that the houses are empty of everything except cash

    By P J Colando URL on 06.02.2013

  31. its to do with brothers and their relationship , it is a very close relation between one or more male individuals involving trust, love, friendship and many various connections that people share. It is a very valued connection since it be benefits the all the people involved in the relationship.

    By Raven on 06.02.2013

  32. What does brotherhood mean to me? Everyone had to ask that question while I rushed Kappa Kappa Psi doing interviews. Honestly, the definition changes all the time. And it means a different thing for every person. So if you ask me what OUR brotherhood means, I’ll be able to give you a much better answer. There’s no general definition.

    By Brandon Rothfusz URL on 06.02.2013

  33. “What about brotherhood?”
    “What’s the matter with you?” she scoffed. “Next thing you’ll start preaching the sanctity of marriage. Look around you!” she said, gesturing towards the window. You could see the city, spilling out beneath us. The fires burning in the distance, their smoke turning the sky black. Even from here, you could see the blood staining the asphalt. “Take a good long look. Because THIS is what life is. THIS. It’s hard and it’s cruel and it’s all about one thing: survival. Yours, mine, theirs.” she nodded towards the window once more. “And, if my survival and yours stops lining up, then rest assured that, brotherhood or not, we’re gonna have a problem.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.02.2013

  34. Alas, the last thing on his mind was that man. He never wanted to see him again, but he knew he had to. One final step and the two of them would be brothers. A woman they both loved was at stake, and he would not let the blame point to himself.

    By tochi URL on 06.02.2013

  35. Brotherhood defines male friendship. It is everlasting, loving and eternal to this world full of cold hardships.

    By damir on 06.02.2013

  36. When I was a child I had a big brother who both looked out for me and tortured me. My earliest memory was my brother sliding a frog in my mouth before I could even speak

    By edp on 06.02.2013

  37. it is far greater of an existence to be with than without, a bond beyond who you are as one, can make something so strong. a friendship beyond being a friend, never just another person. always in the soul, and the heart.

    By Bella on 06.02.2013

  38. it is far greater of an existence to be with than without, a bond beyond who you are as one, can make something so strong. a friendship beyond being a friend, never just another person. always in the soul, and the heart.

    By Bella on 06.02.2013

  39. my brother was very cute when he was in his brotherhood.

    By freya URL on 06.02.2013

  40. brotherhood couch potato mongrels carousing the carpet. wrestling chasing and chasing some more. rubber band arc of pinwheeling pain, laughter on the tiles, chasing chasing and more chasing. a punch to the gut and guilty feelings and love. and being chased by the dog.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.02.2013