June 12th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “brief”

  1. brief life.
    i before e, except after c.
    boxers. and time.
    the short time i have to write anything, anything
    anything at all, in
    the space of a single deep breath

    By Mia URL on 06.12.2012

  2. sometimes it’s nice, when I can just be brief when I am telling the truth. And that way, I don’t have to lie, but I don’t have to tell the whole truth

    By makayla on 06.12.2012

  3. my time on earth will be brief.
    i hope my footprints i have left in the earth will inspire new paths.

    By sarah marie URL on 06.12.2012

  4. Brief moments in time, I actually feel peaceful with my surroundings. I feel, very briefly, that my life may not be spiraling down into the unknown depths of insanity and depression, and that I may just be able to escape the awful fate that I am moving towards

    By Emilia URL on 06.12.2012

  5. it was a brief encounter
    her teeth, my
    the space between
    us, fading
    into something grayish-blue
    and insignificant
    following the lines
    we made
    along the creasing

    By caitlinmonster URL on 06.12.2012

  6. Brief moments in time, I actually feel peaceful with my surroundings. I feel, very briefly, that my life may not be spiraling down into the unknown depths of insanity and depression, and that I may just be able to escape the awful fate that I am moving towards.

    By Emilia URL on 06.12.2012

  7. It was a brief encounter, not only because he wore briefs, but because he ws embarassed to do so. Of course no one would ever know, well, highly unlikely, let’s say. it’s just that briefs were so uncomfortable that they were his “almost laundry day” underwear selection…

    By Renaissance man on 06.12.2012

  8. The idea is in and out of my head before I can pin it down, but it leaves me with this feeling that’s impossible to ignore. I’ve got to get this down on paper, I realize.

    By Schuyler on 06.12.2012

  9. A short amount of explaining, like, you don’t explain a lot, like for example, a brief presentation would be like, explaining the main idea, without many details

    By Kaitlin URL on 06.12.2012

  10. A short amount of explaining, like, you don’t explain a lot, like for example, a brief presentation would be like, explaining the main idea, without many details. You do not explain much about the little things, just the core ideas. Brief can also be commonly called, “touching the subject”, like briefly talking about something.

    By Kaitlin URL on 06.12.2012

  11. short. and sweet. (I don’t need the other 55 seconds.)

    By ~Dom URL on 06.12.2012

  12. “She said to keep this brief,” he told her, shutting the door behind him. “So I’ll try and make it so.”

    “You just used about six or seven words when one would have done,” she pointed out.

    “So I did.”

    For a long moment, the two of them looked at each other. Then the man gave her a curt nod.

    “You’re in.”

    By Abby on 06.12.2012

  13. Brief means you don’t talk about something fully, just touching on the subject. As in, you don’t completely leave someone hanging of explanation, but but you also don’t totally make a big long speech about something.

    By Katie<3 URL on 06.12.2012

  14. little. short. those word would not describe anything about you. your impact on my life. see antonym of brief for more accurate depiction.

    By brose URL on 06.12.2012

  15. es morado, son 2 letras, one me viene a la mente One Direction y word es palabra en español, osea que estas 2 palabras me inspiran. la palabra one es en color negro

    By Luisa on 06.12.2012

  16. It was but a brief conversation. I told him my feelings for him, paid for his coffee, and left. I wasn’t exactly sure of my next destination. My mind wandered as my feet did walking through town trying to find a somewhere to start new.

    By Awkward URL on 06.12.2012

  17. Keep it brief. Tell the story of hellos and goodbyes, of fights and make-ups, of tears and laughter, of chaos and order, of victory and strife, of hand touches and first kisses. In a matter of minutes. Thousands of moments in a matter of seconds. Keep it brief.

    By Ris URL on 06.12.2012

  18. Brush your hand against a feeling, just enough to feel the heart beat beneath the surface. Take your hand back, step away. Don’t get attached, don’t get emotional. Don’t think. Walk away, let it go, release the moment. The brevity of lifespans, the shortness of breath. Let it go.

    By Ris URL on 06.12.2012

  19. breif. thats what we had. a breif time together. brief LOVE. i think. it was very brief, but so were my feelings for you. i wanted it to be more than brief but brief is what developed there. you became brief with me and i became brief with you and then it became less than brief.

    By Savannah Rainey on 06.12.2012

  20. Boxers or briefs? I like boxers. I don’t know why. Maybe because Adam wears them, and I just love anything he wears. He has batman ones and superman ones. And even the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile thing. Pretty great. I love him.

    By Rachel Schuckman on 06.12.2012

  21. This will be brief…as in short…as in not very long….as in pffft!!!

    By coramie URL on 06.12.2012

  22. Come around again,
    In those red white-stripped briefs,
    So we can find something wrong with your touch,
    Us Scientists of feeling,
    Like to remind you of things you can’t have.

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 06.12.2012

  23. the conversation is brief but it lasts with me throughout the day. i cant get your smile out of my head, the one that lit up my heart and my eyes and my own smile. the day sucked before we started talking. i was ready to curl up into a ball and just scream but talking to you makes things a lot better. i’m happy i know you. i should tell you. im really, just, happy.

    By EJ URL on 06.12.2012

  24. Infrequent trips tend to leave a pin-sized hole in one’s reasonably twisted sense of longevity. If one is to believe in such a thing, astrology states that these trips can be affected by singularly being born on a specific day. The trips can be full or empty, tidy or flamboyant, but always short, too brief, too guiltless in their wealth to tip the scales in our favor. We should extend our trips and pull the drawstrings of our intelligence, and in that we will find the answer to lingering questions of soul and philosophy. We can find what it means to have been meant for something meaningful.

    By zachmichelini URL on 06.12.2012

  25. The moment was brief, comprising of only a few short seconds. The shot was heart throughout the small suburb, children looked towards the sky. Yet, what had happened was truly on the pavement on which they stood. A man was dead. His life was brief, just as the moment that had killed him. Solemnly, he sleeps. A short eternity.

    By Tyler Nordhausen on 06.12.2012

  26. For one brief moment I met your eyes and we were both on the same page, the same wavelength and for that moment in time we were the only ones there. We had the same goal, the same passion, and we voiced it in mirrors to each other. You were louder, and you had the power, but I didn’t feel intimidated. I wanted you to see my echo of you.

    By Cassie URL on 06.12.2012

  27. It’s a blink, a moment, a breath, a heartbeat, and I’m not entirely sure what your glance means or if I just imagined your eyes meeting mine. But I think it means something more special than just a look, so I will continue to hope.

    By foaltz URL on 06.12.2012

  28. I am too brief. Most people want details, juicy gossip. I want facts. I don’t like wasting words. Words lose their beauty that when they are overused. Brevity saves words and allows you to savor each one for its full meaning, texture, and sound.

    By khakicat URL on 06.12.2012

  29. Brief is similar to this relationship. Something that ended much faster than intended. If I had known that I was wasting my time, we should have walked our separate ways after our first date.

    By bob on 06.12.2012

  30. A fleeting moment in time, a period where things went right for a few seconds in the grand scheme of things. Memorable.

    By emerant URL on 06.12.2012

  31. Sophie is very brief lol

    By Eli on 06.12.2012

  32. The sun shone briefly for a few seconds. The light was green, the overhanging ferns, and creeping vines were fecund and glisteningly damp. It was beautiful and illuminated the whole scene

    By catherine URL on 06.12.2012

  33. a moment in time, a fleeting glimpse of what could be, in passing a beautiful blink of optimism not fully disclosed but cherished nonetheless as perfect.

    By ebarclay URL on 06.12.2012

  34. Short. Too short. Fleeting moments in time we can never gain back, as much as we would like to, they are always gone. We may not even know they happened. Traceless. Untrackable. Gone.

    By bryan on 06.12.2012

  35. Life is brief. Listening to this song “Ho Hey!” by the Lumineers, I’m in LOVE. absolute LOVE! But love is brief like everything else in life isn’t it? This entry is brief. All of my relationships (at least the good ones) have been brief. Ending it before things get truly ugly. I hope life isn’t brief though. I have much to give. Indeed.

    By Crystal on 06.12.2012

  36. The conversation was brief
    It was only a few minutes ago that i found out.
    A quick phone call and I knew.
    He was gone for good.
    He was shot down by a sniper.
    How dare someone do that!
    The love of my life taken in an instant.
    The call was brief, and as soon as it was over I broke down.
    The love of my life was gone forever.
    There was nothing I could do to save him.

    By Alli Lynn URL on 06.12.2012

  37. Like sleep that refuses to be caught, like a woodland nymph darts through the forest, you close your eyes, nod off and are jolted from the start of slumber by a snap of a branch. In this all too brief moment between twilight consciousness and being lost to the deep, is that instant of recognition. You know that you will not slip away. You will remain awake to chase whatever thoughts are teasing you to follow. Insomnia is a temptress that lures the restless mind.

    By HelenGrant URL on 06.12.2012

  38. Briefs are a type of underwear. Brief is exactly what the conversation wasn’t. Brief is as short as this will be by the time I’m done.

    By bryan on 06.12.2012

  39. Life is but a brief moment and we should not let the troubles of today mess up our tomorrows. God is always faithful and we have to take responsibility for what we do. We cannot let these things get us down. Faith!

    By Candice URL on 06.12.2012

  40. It was a brief affair. They didn’t really love each other, but they did leave scars. He cared more about her than she did about him, and she would carry the guilt for a long time. She would never be sure whether he knew that he cared more. Years later she would get back in touch with him, flirt with him, feel guilty all over again. But she just couldn’t stop.

    He knew, of course. But part of him didn’t mind being used. And, deep down, he wasn’t actually in love with her. He wished he was somehow able to tell her.

    By Sophie URL on 06.12.2012