June 12th, 2012 | 370 Entries

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370 Entries for “brief”

  1. we are having a very breif punishment meeting who ate all the jelly beans

    By WILLIAM on 06.12.2012

  2. Mum and i wanted to brief a cooking show on youtube but she lost her brief case with the ingredients in it so she cried because she wanted to be famous so dad went and bought her a nother brief case with lots more ingredients in it so she was happy.

    By Sophie (peacemaster) URL on 06.12.2012

  3. you have a time to finish a test in school.

    By liam on 06.12.2012

  4. brief is a verb to be used in a sentence. like something is very short for example: it is going to be a very brief interview. i went to a play it was very brief and very boring.

    By brienna(peace) URL on 06.12.2012

  5. this word is very common its definetly used for a english accsent (london)

    By WILLIAM on 06.12.2012

  6. ha ha brianna in your face. :P lolz yeryer

    By Eli on 06.12.2012

  7. I believe she said I was dull and I believed before she even got the chance to pronounce every phoneme. I believed her, for I was dull -or at least pretended to be-. I also believe I managed to change her mind once my hammer struck her face. Twice.

    By Babs Drake URL on 06.12.2012

  8. “write a brief description about your holidays in your journal book”. Mrs Elis said. Jenny sighed. She went to her grandparents house and they did absoulutely nothing! They even lived on a farm and they didn’t even go horse riding. The whole time Grandpa was snoring on the sofa, Grandma was doing cross words and the t.v was broken! How could she even survive!? It was horrible. She had absoulutely nothing to write about!!! She put her hand up. “Yes Jenny,” She said. “I’m sorry Mrs Elis, but I have nothing to write about”, Jenny said. The whole class looked at her, “So you sat home for the whole two weeks doing nothing!” “No, I went to my granparent’s place and did nothing there!” “Just write that then you have to write something!” Jenny said nothing. On my holidays I went to grandma and grandpa’s place. We did nothing. It was the worst day of my life, the end! Jenny sat back in her chair. The most sloppiest story she had ever written. She felt really bad. She wan

    By Holly on 06.12.2012

  9. it was such a short short time that I had with him. But it was wonderful. A time where you know you can never go back to. A time that never lasts. But a time that changes you forever. Its like when spring time hits. You love it and enjoy it but you know that seasons change. Brief but brilliant.

    By esky1118 URL on 06.12.2012

  10. There is something fleeting in this moment, beloved.
    The touch of your lips speaks of brevity, of
    late evenings
    and phrases unfinished.

    (goodnight, ladies, goodnight, fair ladies, goodnight, goodnight)

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 06.12.2012

  11. This is too fast too write, isn’t it? I can barely type a few words a minute with this new laptop. So, life is brief. Live it to the fullest.

    By Hannah on 06.12.2012

  12. Boxers or briefs? That is the question. Does it really matter. I don’t know if briefs are dangerous on a guy for being too suffocating but that’s what I’ve heard. I would prefer a guy with boxers, or boxer briefs, the spandexy kind. That would be kind of sexy.

    By Emily URL on 06.12.2012

  13. A limited way to describe something. It is quite sad actually. You should always describe something as much and as good as you can and this word stops people from doing so. The word “Brief” is a excuse to not fully explain something. Don’t be brief, be you.

    By Tarissa Liss on 06.12.2012

  14. Short. Flying by, then gone, so quickly. Is there anything that lasts? Anything of worth? Things so brief, so short, so gone. There does not seem to be enough time in the word for what happens, no time to get things done. Focus. There are important things. They may be brief, but the memories they give are not.

    By Alison on 06.12.2012

  15. i dont know what to write with the word brief so ill just write something brief. i am here sitting and in a brief moment i will leave home and eat something because i am very hungry and in a brief second time will finish and i dont know what will happen with this brief composition.

    By valeria on 06.12.2012

  16. It was very short time we had together. I saw his eyes as he looked down, and my heart-strings wanted the moment to last. I always hated goodbye’s, they were never like the way they were in movies.

    By Haley URL on 06.12.2012

  17. He never gave me the time I wanted. Whenever I wanted to talk, he was always too tired, or too hungry, or too busy. Dads aren’t supposed to be in their daughters life only when they think it’s a good time for them. They should be there for the long haul.

    By Jordan URL on 06.12.2012

  18. the seconds sped by and the time i had with you quickly vanished. What was i supposed to do? This encounter was far too short, and now i will never see you again.

    By Bonnie on 06.12.2012

  19. Too short. The absence of something you want. Something you need. It is the urge for more. The longing for something better.

    By Hart Smith on 06.12.2012

  20. brief: it describes something that doesnt take long. no one wants a brief incounter with someone they like. it has a negetive connotation in my world. i hate brief things but love brief commercila! brief simp

    By dezeray cruz on 06.12.2012

  21. “Hold on just one second” he said, holding his finger up as his cellphone rang. “Ive just gotta take this call… I’ll be brief”. He got up quickly from the chair at his desk and I heard him answer the phone just outside the room.

    By Emily McNally on 06.12.2012

  22. I’ll make this brief: A briefcase holds briefs for lawyers who wear briefs under their suits.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.12.2012

  23. Short, quick, not long enough.
    Short enough not to be able to be disappointed.
    Still anxious.
    I really hope my grammar is alright even though I’m typing fast. I don’t want to mess up.

    By Tassia URL on 06.12.2012

  24. There are brief periods in life when you dont even realize the horror of your own personality, and when these periods are revealed through a word, or conversation, perhaps an observation of another—a comment even—the horror can untwist you and rip out whatever’s comfortable—the removal being just as brief.

    By sean on 06.12.2012

  25. It took her only a brief moment to think of an answer. Was it correct? Did it even matter? She did not want to appear like she did not know, so, like so many things in her life, she just made it up. The moment she spoke she regretted her words. She knew it would come back to haunt her, if not today then tomorrow. She could feel the pressure in the silence as everyone around waited for more of what she had to say. She had nothing, as much as she searched her memory bank she could not put together a signal thought.

    By Crisnole URL on 06.12.2012

  26. The summer is almost gone.
    But. The winter will be warmer
    with you by my side.
    Seasons are brief.

    Your love is not.

    By Courtney on 06.12.2012

  27. Brevity. He said that.

    By Jose Cuervo URL on 06.12.2012

  28. it was rather brief, the first time I ever crossed paths with you. Who would have known that two years later, you changed the whole world to me, because you didn’t just appear, you made everything have sense once again.

    By alessandra URL on 06.12.2012

  29. Your life with me. It was beautiful and sweet and also devastating and awful. Dichotomy. Your patience, your age, your soul, all here so briefly. And love, I wish it were different; there isn’t a day (or a second) that goes by that some part of me isn’t wishing on a star, a dandelion, or my own heart that it was different. That I could bring you back to life.

    By Anya le Dire URL on 06.12.2012

  30. For a brief moment, I imagined myself in her shoes. Was bullying this poor girl necessary? I would be incredibly hurt if I heard these things being said to me…but I have to! I must! She lied to me and I won’t let her get away with it!

    By shanny333 URL on 06.12.2012

  31. brief doesn’t take very long. It will cut down anything you don’t really want to do. study briefly think briefly live briefly but never love briefly only deeply. Love with all your heart and all your soul and all your body because it may be the only(last) love you’ll ever get.

    By Stephanie Cohen on 06.12.2012

  32. Life is brief so enjoy it. Do things that you will always remember and never regret.

    By Liza URL on 06.12.2012

  33. It was extremely brief. Everything. I wish it could have gone longer but it was just… brief. He was brief. Everything was too brief. Too quick, too soon. Soon enough I didn’t even know what I was doing. That’s how brief it was. I didn’t even know how I was feeling. I wish I could have slowed down time. But that’s all it was. Brief. And I regret that it was so short.

    By Sabrina on 06.12.2012

  34. Life is so brief. We don’t think about how little time we really have unless we go through something awful. I attended a funeral today, and as the deceased’s young daughter walked down the aisle crying I was reminded that life is too short. Make it count, because today might be all you have.

    By Rachel on 06.12.2012

  35. Very short and simple. Short and sweet. Is that the saying? I think so… I sound like an idiot. Oh my god, I lviove oops! Love penguins!!! Don’t you?? I do, a lot. Hey, I think dogs are pretty weird and funny. I like mustaches. This isn’t brief.

    By Brandi on 06.12.2012

  36. short, fleeting, it kinda terrifies me. its like, sooo…. dead almost. I can’t believe how scary yet simple this word is. brief is a brief word, indeed. sooo… do you like waffles? i like waffles. indubitably… that is a cool word too!!! boobs.

    By Madylin on 06.12.2012

  37. first off i think about underwear briefs which is completely inappropriate.. next i think about the word short, and i think of time. i think about how the greatest moments in life are brief and swift, barely there but they happen. life is brief…

    By kayleigh on 06.12.2012

  38. a very short period of time. the time it takes to blink, or laugh, or sing, or dance around impolsively. Our life is brief, according to einsteins theory of relativity all good things seem briefer than they actually are.

    By mira li on 06.12.2012

  39. A brief is something that is short, but does that mean a short person is brief, a short person could talk forever and ever. Like my best friend is short and she can just go on and on forever, never thinking that another person might have something to say. Because she is the one who everyone cares about. Its true that she is my best friend, but she is not brief.

    By Salina on 06.12.2012

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    By la. on 06.12.2012