April 12th, 2013 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “branch”

  1. The branch swung in the air. It swayed back and forth until it finally broke off. I watched in fly in the wind until it finally landed on the street. What a shame it would be if a biker came and did not notice the branch. He might slip and hurt himself. Sometimes I wish I could be that lucky. I would love to be gone. To know what happens after death. However, I don’t think things happen that easily.

    By Sarah on 04.12.2013

  2. The branch fell from the tree as the flowers bloomed beneath She walked towards the calm scene with a sense of peace and longing. It was all she wantd, all she had every hoped for. Unreachable yet within her grasp. Her mind held her back like the bars on a cage

    By Kelsey Steeves on 04.12.2013

  3. A tree branch; an extension of the self. The connection that weaves a family together and builds strong limbs.

    By Elise on 04.12.2013

  4. The branch swayed slowly in the breeze. It looked like an arm, waving sweetly at me. It’s green fingers curled towards me, asking me to come towards it. I hesitated then turned away. Mother would be furious if I dawdled.

    By ShadowPrayers on 04.12.2013

  5. Branch off. To start something new. Explore new places. Do the things you’ve always wanted to, but there still remains a question. Will you, or are you too afraid?

    By Chris on 04.12.2013

  6. She looked up at the tree. It looked way higher than she had ever imagined it to be. But this was it. There was no backing away from it now. She had to attempt to climb it at least. Everyone was looking at her. She grabbed the first branch, and swung herself up. First Step – done.

    By Anisha Russell URL on 04.12.2013

  7. Grown out from a larger, sturdier piece of wood, yet still part of the bigger picture. A beautiful, life giving organism, protector from the elements, provider of shelter. And each branch made in the image of it’s trunk.

    By Archori URL on 04.12.2013

  8. a tree, a stream, a path…..a nudibranch. organic, fluid, natural….meandering, simple, and free.

    By Chrisha on 04.12.2013

  9. One branch of the family does not speak to the other.
    And they can tell you exactly why.

    By Robin on 04.12.2013

  10. The tree loomed high above her. Its branches were thick, like arms lifted to the night, swaying to the music of the wind in an elegant dance as ancient as the earth itself.

    The little girl scurried past, the shredded tatters of her dress billowing at her ankles. She chanced a glance behind her and yelped upon seeing two men chasing after her, swords clanging against their heavy armour.

    By Lindsay on 04.12.2013

  11. branch is a bank in your community, a ymca that you love more than others, a part of your family tree that keeps you connected with people that you are relatAED to possibly in a small way. a branch is what you stand on when climbing a tree

    By Lorie on 04.12.2013

  12. “You are a mere twig on the family tree and that the twigs are the weakest part and the first to break under the wind.” He sneered. I clenched my jaw and swore that I would not be a mere twig, or a branch but the trunk of the greatest dynasty when the crown fell to me.

    By firefox000 on 04.12.2013

  13. the tree spread out its arms as far as they could stretch, baking under the intense glare of the sun. its leaves rustled lightly in a dry breeze and its roots wiggled, looking for some water to soak up. nearby, a swing creaked quietly.

    By Chrissy on 04.12.2013

  14. I saw a branch in this dark moonlit night and I was thinking what if I was that small and I was standing on that branch. What if I was a little person who adventured and explored this tiny yet huge universe. How long would I live?

    By Valinda Jones on 04.12.2013

  15. tree limb, swaying, leaves , oak color, wind whistling , breeze picking up, high on the tree, blue sky,green leaves.

    By matthew on 04.12.2013

  16. Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

    Cut it down. Fast! Before the bird notices and flies into the house and then we have a whole lot more of the darn things.

    Tweet. Tweet. Twee–

    Ha ha! I got it now. Now it won’t be singing into my window at 6 am. Now I’m victorious…over a bird.

    By AndriaR on 04.12.2013

  17. the branch extended from the tree like an arm reaching up to grab something just out of reach. The tree almost seemed to stand on its tiptoes, reaching, reaching, to grab the sunlight streams which were just out of reach of the shaded tree.

    By S on 04.12.2013

  18. pressing aside the branches
    I walk into the grove
    feel the calm surround me
    feel the earth and sky enfold me
    in a protective embrace

    my fingers brush the bark of an ancient oak
    feel it greet me with a lingering warmth
    from the day’s passage

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.12.2013

  19. I have 60 seconds to write about the word “branch”. There are many meanings so I’ll go with the one the I thought of first. The branch of a bank. Banks are large corporations and they have many branches. A branch is one location, in a specific city or region.

    By Ryan on 04.12.2013

  20. A branch is part of a tree. A lot of times there are twigs attached to it. Branches exist on almost all trees. Many animals live in branches, such as birds. You can attach swings to branches or cut them down for wood to build things. Children enjoy playing in them.

    By Greta URL on 04.12.2013

  21. The olive tree cracked down on top of them.

    Such a horrible sight.

    The branch cracked open the flesh between her immaculate eyes.

    A blink of an eye and his mother was no more.

    By Onix on 04.12.2013

  22. There was a branch of the Secret Service devoted specifically to watching him. He was that much of a threat to them. But even they could not have anticipated what he was planning. His ideas were on a scale no one had ever considered before.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.12.2013

  23. Abby hung from the branch, as if she was a child. Connor told her to get down, but she only laughed and swung from it, smiling. And it was then, in that moment, that he realized that she didn’t have a childhood and she wanted to relive it with him. Even if they were in the Cretaceous, she somehow found a reason to smile.

    By Jackie URL on 04.12.2013

  24. Branches of trees, family branches. All of these things are connected together like a whole community. It makes me feel wholesome, yet I am not connected to any branch. It makes me feel quite lonely, but I don’t mean to be so distant. I just am and I don’t think I mind it, unless I acknowledge the fact I’m so lonely. Well, I guess I’ll have to connect to some branch now.

    By Victoria URL on 04.12.2013

  25. i find the one word very creative and interesting.

    By zhiyi on 04.12.2013

  26. A branch stretches out toward the sky. Leafed extensions reach for air and sun, their tiny green flags dancing in the breeze as they gracefully sway. Winged visitors flit and chirp and nibble the occasional marching single-crittered foot army. Roots below in the cool soil grip tight below the show amused by the daily dance above.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.12.2013

  27. It just lay there – uncaring, unfeeling. It had destroyed the hopes and dreams of countless families, their expectations for a brighter future crashed in an unthinking moment. Sparrows, robins and pigeons stared with stark, dumb expressions at the soulless, hideous branch that had fallen without reason, pulverising the Oak Hill branch of the First National Avian Bank.

    By David on 04.12.2013

  28. snapped
    and dropped a cat
    that enjoyed Friskies a little too much.

    a bird laughed somewhere.
    a red bird
    hopping amongst the branchesn

    By Kairn URL on 04.12.2013

  29. The tree reaches out and breaks. And breaks and breaks and breaks. And that is way the tree is a tree. I look out from my branch to see where my life might have turned.

    By Peter Wester on 04.12.2013

  30. He was sitting in a little alcove naturally made by the tree, face pinched in concentration.

    “Come on, you can do it! Just stretch out a little!” She told him encouragingly. She didn’t know the branch would break if he stepped on it. She didn’t know that when he got her trinket, he would fall down.

    But it’s okay, he thought, it would be for her. So he wouldn’t regret it.

    And maybe he’d finally get her to notice him, this way.

    By Rio URL on 04.12.2013

  31. The branch of the tree swayed as the wind blew it with force. The leaves danced as if there were music playing. Acorns tumbled onto the ground, and a squirrel hopped over to pick them up.

    By Jackie on 04.12.2013

  32. As I sat atop the outstretching stem of the tree, the distance of the horizon was marvelous. The sunset was slowly fading from pink, then orange, then red.

    By Meg on 04.12.2013

  33. Step by step, inch by inch, he wormed his way farther out on the limb of the magnolia tree, reaching for the cloud white blossoms that caught the sun’s dying lights and recast themselves in a litany of hues.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.12.2013

  34. In the wind the branch bowed to the wind and the leaves cheered gracefully as the sun rose. The branch was strong but over the many years of life, children had swung on it and broken its will to live.

    By Hayley on 04.12.2013

  35. It spirals out of control. Spindrels of spider hands grasping at the air, grabbing each handful of oxygen that it can. Breath in the fresh and cough out the carbon. Taking out our sin and purifying the virtue.

    By Alexandra URL on 04.12.2013

  36. The branches on my family tree are so numerous, they are difficult to count. There are so many grafts! People on my tree – a branch – that doesn’t make sense, until I see the structure that branch provides. God really knows what He’s doing when He’s pruning and grafting those branches, doesn’t He?

    By Melissa URL on 04.12.2013

  37. This branch of my mind has been growing over time and now I made these skills mine to skillfully create lines that leave you pondering the chime I’m speaking in rhyme

    By Tyger society on 04.12.2013

  38. The tree was waving in the slight breeze. There was nothing around it. Just miles and miles of grass. I was alone. Smiling i sat and pulled out my book.

    By Steph on 04.12.2013

  39. Instead of writing about branch, I decided to draw a branch. I’m a branch drawing maniac. The results are on my tumblr. am I allowed to post the link? It took longer than a minute to draw. I hope I don’t get shot. Don’t worry; I’m a good oneword contributor. The link’s friendly.

    By richpee URL on 04.12.2013

  40. Could it be that the branch that I seek is merely a tweak?

    By dramarie URL on 04.12.2013