April 12th, 2013 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “branch”

  1. His fingers were like knotted, sprawling branches, the earth spinning on the spoke of his vulture-eaten fingernail.

    By Neelvar on 04.12.2013

  2. He extends his hand to me, and I recognize it for what it is. An olive branch. I resist the urge to spit on it. After a long, awkward pause, during which neither of us move, he lowers his hand to his side.

    “I see,” he says in a tone that indicates he sees very little. A blotchy flush of embarrassment spots both of his cheeks.

    Wordless, I just glare.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.13.2013

  3. baby i flew from your out reached arms,
    and i fell to no certain soft landings
    so move me, find your roots inside
    and ill move out from the dark holes
    to keep you whole

    By Nick Cortezi on 04.13.2013

  4. Well, branches are the things that sprout out from trees, right? Like, they’re brown and stuff and leaves and shit grow on them. I guess you could look at it in a deeper way, too. I don’t know how – I’ll need more than a minute to write something deeper. But these are my thoughts right now and so I’m typing it.

    By Alysha on 04.13.2013

  5. fall softly
    you couldn’t make a sound
    but everything you had meant to say
    was clear as the day
    fall softly

    By ryan on 04.13.2013

  6. Trees are branches
    they have leaves on them, they fall from trees when there is a gust of wind. samller sections of something bigger, government, legislate

    By Danny Fort on 04.13.2013

  7. I grow onto you , through you.

    By A on 04.13.2013

  8. Trees have branches, like we have arms and hands and fingers. There are branches of different subjects, institutions, and stuff. You can get a lot of words out of this one by rearranging the letters. I like the rolling r in

    By John on 04.13.2013

  9. I’m just not a part of your branch anymore, I’m a leaf just barely grasping on, soon you’ll shake me off and I’ll fall, and never be with you all together anymore

    It’s sad that I have to tiptoe around you all, when in reality my feelings so strong have truth behind them all. I’m lonely and lost and fluttering away

    i just want to disappear again

    By Spark URL on 04.13.2013

  10. I throw open my arms to catch the light that slips through me. I throw them open to you, and let you melt into my heart, I gather you into me like this is the last time I will hold you. Shards of bitterness and petals of sweet whispers come floating down on a breeze that strips me of my leaves, and leaves me bare but for my branches.

    By Srionti on 04.13.2013

  11. His branch of the family tree was full of crazies, drug addicts, and just nare do wells. He couldn’t fathom how all of the problems seemed to come from his dads side of the family. His siblings and their father had perfect normal relatives.

    By thegrandincrediblet on 04.13.2013

  12. Like the branch of a tree? Hmm branches are really hard to draw. The other day I was trying to draw a really proffessional looking tree with branches and everything and I couldn’t. It looked like crap.

    By Tiffany on 04.13.2013

  13. Have you ever realised how much of a miracle it is that things grow? How much it’s like magic?

    A branch can be new and green one day but can support your body weight another.

    A tree isn’t just a tree. It’s a collection of growing branches that come and fade a w a y.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.13.2013

  14. I was assured that when I visit the branch of the bank that located in my district that I would be rewarded with service that was comparable to other banks, but I was sadly mistaken.

    By victor URL on 04.13.2013

  15. branch? like a tree branch? a branch of trees? i love trees. they smell nice. and they look nice too. Who doesn’t like a nice shade of brown and green. sometimes yellow and red too. colors are what makes the world pretty.

    By Kayla on 04.13.2013

  16. There was a branch just sitting there, fallen like a dead body killed in a gunfight. I looked at it and it seemed to stare back at me, helpless. I picked it up and twirled it in my hands, not thinking about what I was doing. I did it so halfheartedly, it swung back and scratched my arm. I swore and threw it on the ground, cursing it. THen I realized I was just like that branch. Broken, cold and alone.

    By Jenna on 04.13.2013

  17. There was a branch just sitting there, fallen like a dead body killed in a gunfight. I looked at it and it seemed to stare back at me, helpless. I picked it up and twirled it in my hands, not thinking about what I was doing. I did it so halfheartedly, it swung back and scratched my arm. I swore and threw it on the ground, cursing it. Then I realized I was just like that branch. Broken, cold and alone.
    I left that branch just lying there, though, even though I knew it was my companion. I wandered away in the rain and never looked back. I had my own problems to deal with; I shouldn’t have to fix the branch as well. I had to fix myself first.

    By Jenna on 04.13.2013

  18. It’s something crusty. Something from summer. Something from another world. Magical,warm and special way to make somebody too close to your heart. I can share my cup of tee with you and it means i can share my dreams and hopes, fears and problems. We can share this bread and it means to share the life.Take this croissant and take my kiss. Branch is for people who can give their love.

    By Lera on 04.13.2013

  19. i am a branch flailing when the wind blows just a little too hard.
    too weak to stand on my own.
    seasons of beauty, seasons bare.

    By Jonathan on 04.13.2013

  20. Jesus said that he is the tree and we are the branches. Any branch that does not bear fruit will be cut off to wither and die. Kinda makes you wonder what fruit you’re bearing… and… what kinda fruit it is. Banana? I kinda wanna bear bananas….

    By Claire on 04.13.2013

  21. There was a branch there that hung too low. Anyone walking past was at risk of getting scratched by it, or if they were really tall, a mouthful of wood.

    By greekyoghurt on 04.13.2013

  22. branch

    By Miki URL on 04.13.2013

  23. “That’s how she died, you know…she climbed up in the tree and then the branch broke and she fell.” I marveled at my friend, Martha, who sat there with a very matter-of-fact expression on her face.

    By Kerry on 04.13.2013

  24. The arm of a living thing that stands in one place. This creature allows people to climb upon, swing from, and see a view of the world around them.

    By Wm. on 04.13.2013

  25. In the tree of life there are many branches, some are hard and some are soft.. Some will bend but some will break, we can never know what we’ll get but what matters is we’ll get back up if we fall over a broken branch.

    By Mimi on 04.13.2013

  26. It wasn’t often that a branch was significant, but when the most beautiful man had picked it up and offered it to me, it might as well have been a holy grail.

    By Katy Gooch on 04.13.2013

  27. There are many branches to my tree of life. There are many things I want to pursue, branches I need to cut down and some leaves that need to grow. I think we are all trees, with different types of roots and trunks, leaves and branches. We may have fruit and flowers, but I guess that depends. I think our branches are our characteristics and interests and our leaves are how we develop them. How do you develop yours?

    By IsaPinaud on 04.13.2013

  28. “It’s like he’s barking up the right tree but has no clue what branch you’re on.”
    “haha. Who’s the cute puppy? Aren’t you so smart for finding the right tree?! Oh yes you are!”
    Funny how amusing conversations tend to stick in one’s mind. But still so true. And he won’t find the branch I’m on. why I hide I don’t know but it seems to be working extraordinarily well.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.13.2013

  29. It was a magnificent oak tree that could have been over a thousand years old. To touch the preserved heritage gave me a sense of uniqueness and a privileged presence. The branches that reached out reminded me of a firework that had frozen in time.

    By OneJen on 04.13.2013

  30. I found branch on out. When I go to school. This is a

    By Agula on 04.13.2013

  31. The branch reached over my head and it gave me a strange sense of both comforting and threatening. It is weird how life has so many dualities. Like how I loathe you when I love you. Like how the moon is up when its bright out. Like the wisdom of youth.

    By tess on 04.13.2013

  32. the branches of the military, the branch of a family tree, the branch on the crept myrtle outside of my window, the bundle branches of the heart, the branch headquarters for my bank

    rock a by baby on the tree top, when the bow breaks the cradle will fall

    By Laura on 04.13.2013

  33. birds are sitting on the branch of the mango tree….summer have come and the tree is full of sweet mangoes…i guess birds have so sweet voice because they eat sweet n juicy mangoes.

    By amit shankar on 04.13.2013

  34. branches are on trees, today i kicked a ball and it hit a tree and i swear to god it got stuck in the branches, even though they were not very thick and there wasn’t a lot but it got stuck really high up and i thought we weren’t going to get it down but we got a large stick thing and got it down.

    By Jamie Rogers on 04.13.2013

  35. a soft and thin branch reached up into the sky in a twisted and untenable way. Small green buds pushed out from the bark in a promise of things to come. The sunlight fell gently on the buds that still glistened with the morning dew. The ladybug Alitalia on the furthest tip if the branch adding an absurd pop of color. Another ladybug joined the first, an then another almost looking like they were decorating a Christmas tree instead od a lonely branch in the middle of the forrest.

    By Karen Eazell on 04.13.2013

  36. Tree. Love. Hope. Sky. Reach. Family. Dreams. Limitless. Rope. Suicide. Dichotomy. Leaves. Birth. Life. Sunshine.

    By Sampurna Maitra on 04.13.2013

  37. belongs to a tree and it is pointy and long. it is brown and smells funny. it if fun to play with.

    By Ian Hurley on 04.13.2013

  38. Branches of lies, that are what I believe to exist, in a particular way. Deep roots result good branches and good trunks definitely are not easy to break.

    By Ivana Irene on 04.13.2013

  39. a tree or business venture i guess. the product and expansion of a creative idea + how it evolves.

    By Chris Badenoch on 04.13.2013

  40. Wind in my face, blowing through my hair, my fingers, everywhere. Slowly rocking my feet back and forth to get higher and higher, my old tire swing was my childhood. The sturdy rope hanging on a branch fifty feet off the ground, it was as close as I would ever get to flying.

    By A. Rose on 04.13.2013