July 14th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “bow”

  1. They did not bow to anyone but their Lord. They had courage and valor, and yet they were humble. They, being knights, could have easily flaunted the power given to them, but they were not prideful in the least. And thus the King could entrust them with the protection of his people.

    By Marie URL on 07.14.2011

  2. There was a man once by the name of Jo. He always wore a purple and green spotted bow. One day, Jo decided he wanted to wear his bow to a dog show. At the dog show, he was called a dirty cheap ho. Now, Jo never wears his bow.

    By LeeAnn on 07.14.2011

  3. Bow down, but to whom? King? Queen? Christ? Why must we submit/bow to anything other than what we are truly meant to be, OURSELVES? We are so quick to acquiese to the wishes of others, that we neglect our own wishes.

    By KDB on 07.14.2011

  4. It was purple, and velvety. I wanted to keep touching it, it was just one of those things. The bow was unbelievably soft, and beautiful, so was the girl wearing it.

    By Rosie on 07.14.2011

  5. what an increadible power in simple three letters – to join two worlds or to flood an ocean between them – even without shoot

    By flaying carpet URL on 07.14.2011

  6. Many Asian cultures bow to one another. Why? What if they’re on the bow of a ship wearing bow ties? What about the dog? Bow

    By FrankyGee3 URL on 07.14.2011

  7. The bow was pulled taut. The string quivered. His stomach growled. He released the string. The arrow flew straight and true. It struck it’s prey. It bowed its head … and died. Lunch!

    By FrankyGee3 URL on 07.14.2011

  8. They bowed their heads in blissful silence as the verses rang through the air. ‘Oh, what a marvelous day it was’ whispered those who cared.

    By Mararita Bray on 07.14.2011

  9. He bowed before the king. It wasn’t a gesture of loyalty. It was one of respect. He actually had bit of resentment for his royal highness but admired that he came to power from once being only a peasant.

    By Logan Nightingale URL on 07.14.2011

  10. i already wrote about this before. sigh.

    By venus aretha URL on 07.14.2011

  11. She bowed to the queen and king. The bow was perhaps not quite what they expected; it was the masculine version of a curtsy, and she was a female. But it was still polite. Perhaps her manners had been learned in a different place (and they had, for she had lived in Japan all her life until moving to England). And they accepted it.

    By KJ on 07.14.2011

  12. Humility. Thats what I feel when I am in this position. When I see His Holiness, I bow. I kneel and am so grateful for someone that see humanity with such hope kindness and love. Helping me to release my own critical mind.

    By Seansj URL on 07.14.2011

  13. christmas tree, bow down to people. bows look nice on headbands in your hair, also on bowties. bowel?

    By G on 07.14.2011

  14. Today I received a large package with a bow and inside of it was a chinese scupture of a man who was bowing. I kept the bow as a keepsake. I’ve never seen a bow like it.

    By AndreaSimmons on 07.14.2011

  15. i went before the emperor, and bent at the waist and performed a most unnatural bow. i was not accustomed to being in the presence of such greatness.

    By vlag on 07.14.2011

  16. Bow down, the world says to us humans. Bow down in the face of all powerful nature,and creatures of greater strength and cunning than you. Bow down, says fate as it deals from the bottom of the deck, a snide curl to it’s lip.
    But I will not bow down and in staying the course, I succeed and flourish and thrive. Bow NOT, say I!

    By LSK on 07.14.2011

  17. I bow at the feet of the master.
    Bow and arrow.
    A bow in her golden hair.
    A deep sweeping bow.
    Boughs of holly. Fa la la la la.
    A quiver of arrows slung across his back and his sure bow in his hand.
    Do you have a beau? Like…in my hair? He wasn’t interested anymore after that.

    By Ally on 07.14.2011

  18. when i was a kid i used to listen to a lot of rap. Well, a lot more than i do now anyway. When i was something like twelve years old i bought a “lil bow wow” cd. I have been listening to less shitty music ever since.

    By joseph breen on 07.14.2011

  19. Taking a bow before the crowd, he bent at the waist, sweating still from his performance. He also sweated from the realization that he could have done better, and that his dad would beat him when he got home. If he got home. Maybe it was time for him to just not go.

    By Kathleen Gabriel URL on 07.14.2011

  20. she stood up on the stage, breathing heavily. waiting for that one moment. she parted her lips and opened her mouth. the words came out easily. she took her bow.

    By Emma on 07.14.2011

  21. If the word rhymes with “ow”: In Japan people bow at each other. We don’t really do anything similar to show respect here in the US. I kind of wish we did, but then, I also like our less formal ways.

    If the word rhymes with “throw”: It’s not a popular alternative to the necktie, which is too bad, because bows are kind of retro-dorky-cute. I like a man wearing a bow tie.

    I bow to my beau, a man named Bo, who is wearing a bow.

    By S on 07.14.2011

  22. the most important word – just one word – would be thank you
    I is also the most important one word we should use often
    If you do not like yourself no one else will

    One word also means HOme

    By Jenni on 07.14.2011

  23. I’d swear I would never bow to anyone but you. I succeeded. Not for you, but for my own pride. To be fair, I never even bowed to you. I was my own master. You just were to blind to see. You still are.

    You still are.

    By Cythraul on 07.14.2011

  24. “Bow down to your king! Bow down now.” Yelled the ruthless tyrant to his surfs. “Bow down or die a horrible, painful death.” They all obeyed, quaking in fear, not knowing what else to do. They had no hope for a better future… they needed a hero, someone brave a strong to stand up against wrong doings. But who? No one knew. Little did they know that soon, soon enough someone would come along.

    By Shannon Mikaela on 07.14.2011

  25. Robin Hood had a bow and arrow. And then he just ran up to rich people and demanded their money so that he could give said money to someone else? That’s the dumbest mugger I’ve ever heard of…

    By KC URL on 07.14.2011

  26. when i was a kid i listened

    By ghk on 07.14.2011

  27. The jester smiled up at the queen. “I’m sorry, ma’am,” he said, bowing. “I didn’t rightly mean to offend. I’d appreciate it if you didn’t send me to the chambers.” The queen scoffed; what an intolerable little dolt. “To the chambers with you, little pest. Out of my sight, now, guards. And bring me some tea.” The jester grinned, but quickly changed his expression to one of shock and horror, adding pleas of forgiveness. He knew she wouldn’t let him back; but then again, to the chambers is exactly where he wanted to go.

    By maddie.rae URL on 07.14.2011

  28. I won’t bow down to you!

    By amb. URL on 07.14.2011

  29. You were given one word. One word to change the world. To change our minds. To make things different and better and beautiful. One word. Sixty seconds. One word. One word. One word.


    By audrey on 07.14.2011

  30. I liked Bow-wow-wow. I bow to no one. I unzipped my pants and said, “Bow to the king!” Sha-na-na? You go Bowzer!

    By AD on 07.14.2011

  31. Bow? Bow to who? That bastard? Hell no. What about him? Sure, why not, He seems nice. What about her? Who’s Her? Her, right there. Hell no, she’s ugly. Why so conscious about who you bow to? I dont just bow to anybody fuckface. I’m not a whore. I didn’t say you were. I didn’t say you said I was. Shut up, whore. Oh fuck you.

    By Hemingway's Ghost URL on 07.14.2011

  32. I hope to one day have the chance to bow before an audience larger than the 300 seats in the gym for performing a school musical. Someday, I hope to do so after an amazing vocal performance on American Idol, in the final 12. An almost impossible dream, yet many others before me have achieved this that I am forced to think positively.

    By Lucia URL on 07.14.2011

  33. “Bow down to me!” Screamed the evil tyrant. “Bow down to your king, your God!” Without any hope in the world, the surfs bowed down, left without option. They needed a hero, a savior. But who? There was no one.

    By Shannon Mikaela URL on 07.14.2011

  34. The bow of the boat lurched uncontrollably upwards. It was so rough it felt as though it was going to reach the sky and beyond, and in doing so throw all of them out into the raging, green ocean. Wind whipped past her face blowing the long straw-like strands into tangles she knew she was going to hate removing later – if she got the chance.

    By birdsinmyhead URL on 07.14.2011

  35. there was a girl, on the stairs. she was wearing a pink bow in her hair. shed never worn a bow before so this was an auspicious occasion. it was new years eve and she wanted to look pretty in her bow for her beau.

    By Cathy H URL on 07.14.2011

  36. Hmm. Bowing. See, that’s an interesting thing to do, because when you bow, you are saying “I respect you”. I once bowed to the Queen of England, and once to my father, who was a kindred spirit who had all of my respect and taught me self worth. Now that I think about it, I’d rather bow to him than any king or queen.

    By The Orange Highlighter on 07.14.2011

  37. A single tear ran down my cheek. I never wanted to do this. To be a killer. I approached the body slowly, and removed the bow from the wound, as dark blood spilled over the man’s un breathing chest.

    By Katie URL on 07.14.2011

  38. In many countries around the world, it is common to bow when you meet someone as well as when you say goodbye. A simple gesture can sometimes feel very significant.

    By hammer URL on 07.14.2011

  39. ribbon

    By danni on 07.14.2011

  40. As the sky lurched forward, Mariana resisted the urge to bow along with it, respecting the way it seemed to lean away from her. In her silent ways, she wished to follow the eggshell blue and white space to the ends of forever, because it called to her. At once, she leaned forward, letting her soft auburn hair fall into her face as she returned the sky’s welcome.

    By The Orange Highlighter URL on 07.14.2011