July 14th, 2011 | 325 Entries

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325 Entries for “bow”

  1. bowbow is our saying for when we’re getting live
    kbowbow is my bae bae
    that girl has made me proud
    what we go through
    it ain’t easy
    but we work to live well, hard
    and when we feel like we can’t hack it
    we just laugh about our cause
    we party like we’re famous
    but we love like it’s our last
    and if you can not handle our intensity
    you are kicked up off our cast

    By lauren URL on 07.14.2011

  2. If I have to bow to another request by you, to another command that suggests that my joy and happiness is not a priority in the Grand Plan- if I am asked to cower again under your weighty shadow of neglect and “purposeless-ness”, endless servitude, invisible reward- if i am asked to bow again, I think I’ll leave you and I’ll leave you for Good.

    By Delaine URL on 07.14.2011

  3. I used to shoot a bow when I was a youngster. I had two different ones and fancied myself a great hunter. I actually went hunting with the bow on several occasions but never shot (or even saw) anything. I think the animals were all to busy laughing at me to show themselves.

    By Bob Hussey URL on 07.14.2011

  4. i will not bow down to anyone. i will not stand for intolerence against anyone, my family or me. i will not let the crushing force of doubt, loneliness and hatered make me bow. i will never bow down.

    By Drew on 07.14.2011

  5. How would you describe him, i asked tentativly
    ‘aw’ she replied ‘a woebegone wob’

    By the wiz that he was URL on 07.14.2011

  6. we have done well
    it’s time to take a bow
    they won’t know us tomorrow
    but they love us right now
    go out on the stage
    face the cheering crowd
    drown the voices in your head
    they can’t scream that loud

    By Valkyrie URL on 07.14.2011

  7. no beginning no end… infinity.

    By sigmasophie URL on 07.14.2011

  8. you make me twist around you, you make a bow out of me, a red and blue bow, as passionate as a was , as peaceful as my lips kissing your voice.

    By heidi on 07.14.2011

  9. that island trip was as strange a trip as i remember ever taking. the night was so quiet but had an eerie feeling about it that made me uneasy and restless to the point where i ventured off and found a nice sitting rock, which i sat upon and thought paranormal thoughts till the sun replaced the moon and shone through the clouds the next day

    By jb8769 URL on 07.14.2011

  10. I walked up to the prince. His little sister was beaming at me, with the big bow upon her heard. My best friends and royal attainder whispered to me “Bow down before your royal prince,” I bowed and he bowed back. He walked down the stairs. The prince and I were good friends. His little sissy grinned and backed away.

    Months later, I walked down the isle. People bowed as I passed. I was at last queen.

    By KAT on 07.14.2011

  11. The bow made a slight twang as the arrow flew through the air. In seconds, the guard was dead and Jack was over the fence without another sound to be heard. All around him, various other grunts were heavy at work at their posts, absentmindidly futzing about with whatever task their captain had assigned.

    By Ryan Allen on 07.14.2011

  12. A gesture made to acknowledge the presence of someone in royalty usually.

    By Zainab Das URL on 07.14.2011

  13. I could never afford to buy the things I wanted. I would always want to wear a pretty bow in my hair like many other girls. Instead, I would take flowers and place them in my ear. Nature is free, and and just as pretty.

    By Crystal on 07.14.2011

  14. One day, I went to see the Queen. Her employers made me bow to her, I felt so ashamed and embarrassed, but I could tell that she was really enjoying it. I don’t force anybody to bow to me, so why would I bow to her?

    By Abbie on 07.14.2011

  15. a bow siting atop a bed of lovely cascading raven coloured hair. She was small in stature but her eyes spoke of a thousand mysteries like stars in the night sky. A girl of only 8 she was free as the wind

    By Amanda on 07.14.2011

  16. she tugs the loops, fingers ravishing the smooth satin. “i’m ready.” she smiles, heels red as the devil’s breast. she tiptoes down the steps, and meets the man at the door with a kiss.

    By Matea URL on 07.14.2011

  17. I wouldn’t bow down to that slave-driver, so he decided to burn my house to the ground.

    By Joelle URL on 07.14.2011

  18. i have a bow in my hair. i like things in my hair. flowers look nice in my hair. hats do too

    By cameron on 07.14.2011

  19. Prince Adair did the best he could to bow to his father. The elderly king was decrepit and aging.
    “This is madness, father.” Adair muttered under this breath.
    “Ah, madness…” The king chuckled. “The disease of princes, is it not?”
    “I must be king.”
    “You will…in time.” And with that the king sighed.

    By Julia on 07.14.2011

  20. It took me a very long time to learn how to tie a bow. The rabbit goes around the tree and down the hole, but which hole? I always got it horribly wrong and it was always a mess. Even now I don’t quite remember how. Thankfully my fingers can always do it. They’re smart that way.
    Still can’t tie one without looking, though.

    By Penny-Anna on 07.14.2011

  21. “That was quite an impressive display. Really you ought to consider making a career change. Go on, take a bow.”
    “you don’t believe me. Unbelievable I knew you wouldn’t! Fine go ahead and pretend like everythings okay then. See if I care.” She stormed angrily out of the room.

    By Alex Black URL on 07.14.2011

  22. and arrow. a great shot. i left my bull’s eye target practice sheet in your basement. when you died, your mom threw it away. bull’s eye, right in the heart. miss you much.

    By carolyn on 07.14.2011

  23. She always had it somewhere. Sometimes it was tied in her hair, on her necklace, around her wrist. She always had that yellow bow somewhere. I see the colour yellow and all I can think of is her. Today I reached into the cupboard in the bathroom – the one downstairs. And it glided its way into my sink. It sat there, untied, exposed, trademark.

    By sheirin URL on 07.14.2011

  24. it was tied with a bow. that lovely present just sitting there on the carpet in the twinkle of christmas lights, and him smiling as he watched my eyes light up. I think i knew what was in there, just a chocolate brown ribbon’s pull away from it being mine.

    By Erin on 07.14.2011

  25. the english longbow is actually welsh! we stole it from the bastards and then subsequently used it to massacre the french and agincourt at crecy. win. and i’ll never bow down to you, i am the lord and protector of this that i call my life! i’m never too sure whether its the front or back of the boat…

    By James on 07.14.2011

  26. When the bough breaks
    the cradle will fall
    and the king will bow to the peasants
    and the peasants will welcome him graciously
    and down will come civilization
    cradle and all.

    By ISOreality URL on 07.14.2011

  27. It was his favorite weapon. For as long as he had a memory, his loyal bow had kept him company -even though his friends though it was a little old fashioned for this day and age- and he always made sure to keep it by his side.
    Things hadn’t been particularly easy on the poor thing, as it was torn on the edges and the string kept on losing tension after just a few uses.

    By Oscar Howard Nell on 07.14.2011

  28. He picked up a pink bow off the floor, covered in crimson blood stains. It was the only trace of Amelia that was left behind. After carefully checking around, he put it in his pocket to add to the collection.

    By Steve Aurelio URL on 07.14.2011

  29. He bows the to the small child in front of him. The little girl just stares with curious brown eyes, before she throws her arms around his neck.

    “Thank you!” she whispers.

    He closes his eyes, brows knit, and puts a dime on his tongue. He swallows it whole.

    By Annie P URL on 07.14.2011

  30. i bow to the queen ever 93 seconds on the third sunday of june. it usually is an honor. but sometimes i can’t help but think about monkeys. i guess it’s okay to say that i like blow fish that swim in the lake. i can’t think of anything creative right now so i sound like an idiot.

    By JORDAN. on 07.14.2011

  31. I’d never seen her with bows in her hair. It was always tied back, in braids or messy buns, with an elastic band. She looked stunning. It caught me off guard.

    By Veerin URL on 07.14.2011

  32. bow. bow. bow. bow down to the lord our god, for he reigns over all. he is the majestic father who was, who is, and who is yet to come. bow down to the lord of lords and the king of kings for he has done so much for you, he deserves a bow.

    By JORDAN. on 07.14.2011

  33. Take a bow my friend. You have done so well to get this far. I am so proud of your achievements. It is no small thing to make the leap of faith into the abyss of manhood without any safety rope to cling to. There was no net to catch you and yet you still did it. And you succeeded. You did not fail. You are a champion in a game of heroes. Well done my friend. Take a bow.

    By herby URL on 07.14.2011

  34. i’m not gonna bow to the queen, no
    she’s bright, she’s glowing. i know.
    but no i wont bow.
    you know why.

    i can see her eyes narrowed.
    offended, hurt, i dont even know the queen will give a damn.
    ‘why,’ she asked, ‘why you just stand there arrogantly?’

    ‘because,’ my voice soaked, ‘i already have my queen.’
    hell, this is torture. her eyes still there, waiting for the rest.
    ‘though she never wants me to be her king.’

    By venus aretha URL on 07.14.2011

  35. Bowing before desire is a dichotomy of success, on the one hand you indulge and relax, thriving with the dopamine-bestowing bliss of satisfied wants, yet on the other hand, these sensations usually come at the cost of fulfilling goals, restraint, and sound judgment. To delight in desires without falling before failure is the trial of enlightenment.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 07.14.2011

  36. We bow to kings and queens. Bowing is as outdated as is a monarchy.

    By Joel URL on 07.14.2011

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    By cbran9 on 07.14.2011

  38. I’ve come to a conclusion recently about middle school..
    I’m gonna miss the hell out of it.
    Throwing things in Mr. Smith’s room, Ashley yelling “bow down!” to everyone, sneaking out of chorus, eating cake at lunch that Audie made, teasing Hahn, watching Audie and Dibbs pretend they’re gay-lovers, everything.

    By Paige Noel URL on 07.14.2011

  39. I screamed with
    all the Italian I had
    in me

    I’m sure the faces of
    my neighbors would’ve
    set me straight –

    but in my house,
    in my fury
    I let it all out

    and even slammed
    the door after giving
    you the most
    dramatic of bows.

    By dinamspice URL on 07.14.2011

  40. bow tie or a bow on your head usually pink and pretty, to bow in front of a king or queen, the bow of a boat, or the song take a bow when you are finished with a preformance

    By kristen McLaughlin on 07.14.2011