April 11th, 2011 | 630 Entries

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630 Entries for “bookshelf”

  1. I love books. You really can explore another world with books. It is an escape, a different mind set. A new perspective. A bookshelf is the keeper of this knowledge that is invaluable and can be explored for hours. All in a bookshelf.

    By Jazz on 04.11.2011

  2. the bookshelf was painted dark green. a few years later the paint began to chip, uncovering the tacky yellow beneath. she picked away the paint a little everyday, she couldnt help it. under the layer of dust a layer of green under the layer of green was yellow.

    By lauragill URL on 04.11.2011

  3. HAHA, i used this joke on my sister, what is a pot on top of a bookshelf? A high, pot, noose, get it? hypotenuse…lol. Thats a coincidence. Well, I need one, to fill up, but not with books. With idk, pictures?

    By moJo on 04.11.2011

  4. there is no possible way I could write so eloquently about such a thing. A bookshelf is a magical place that holds many things. All sorts of different lands sit upon its shelves.

    By MOLLY URL on 04.11.2011

  5. Storage for adventures. Whole worlds inside, never ending surprises. Holds hidden powers.

    By Emily URL on 04.11.2011

  6. sitting across from me is what holds all the potential in the world.
    if only we realized how much it can hold, the weight of the worlds.
    It contains my life, and lives I will never get to know.
    If I understood the immensity of its power, we’d all explode.

    By julian silverman on 04.11.2011

  7. I glanced over at the bookshelf holding all of my secret hiding places. I wanted to escape this place and delve into what I believed to be the real world. I couldn’t stand this place any longer.

    By Jessica Moll URL on 04.11.2011

  8. Bookshelf. I’m in the library at the University of Waterloo right now, surrounded by them. I should really be getting something done right now, yet I find myself here. Why? Well I can’t write an essay right now. I need medication. STUDY DRUG… WHERE ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU? Ugh, hate life right now.

    By idil URL on 04.11.2011

  9. where the words of life that has past and things people have seen are located; where the want for more and peoples thoughts reach once they have been defined; where life ends for some and where others find their secrets hidden beneath all the words.

    By Julie Eckert on 04.11.2011

  10. The third book on the second shelf of the bookshelf by my door is e.e. cummings’s Tulips & Chimneys. It’s my favorite book.

    By Heather on 04.11.2011

  11. It was a masterpiece, really. The inanimate object that alone contained more knowledge than the entire human population of the Earth. He built it with his bare hands, and in return received no appreciation or recognition, not even a mere “thank you”.

    By Maddie on 04.11.2011

  12. Such handy places. Sometimes they get too small though. You get the bookshelf, but then you have to get books to fill the bookshelf. Then you get more books and you eventually need another bookshelf. Then you get an entire freaking library. But if you have a library, it has to be pretty.

    By Alexas URL on 04.11.2011

  13. The musty smell of books as they are pulled from the dusty recesses of that glorious chest of knowledge. Without a bookshelf, where would we keep such treasures of adventure and tombs of emotion?

    By Meg URL on 04.11.2011

  14. She was sitting at the bookshelf and she was reading. she did this often, and I found myself just watching her constantly. I don’t know why I just did. when I would catch myself I would continue on with what i was doing but she she didn’t even notice that I was watching and even if she did, she wouldn’t have minded.

    By Julia on 04.11.2011

  15. The bookshelf is empty now. Christ, why can’t I make anything else. None of what inspired me before does now. All of this dust covered, wisdom only kills me a little bit more ever time I glance over at it in passing. I wish this wasn’t so. Then again, I wish a lot of things.

    By Jerry Nash on 04.11.2011

  16. Bookshelf is a place to keep a book. It’s the perfect place to keep a book in order to treat the book with respect. I always brought up to treat a book with the utmost respect, never even fathoming touching a book with my foot. When I have my own place, after I’ve settled down, I want a library full of bookshelves filled with first editions. Bookshelves so high and wide that ladders with wheels will be required for easy access to the books.

    By Arminta Syed on 04.11.2011

  17. on the wall. all my favorite books in place. a nook. a safe haven. enter another world, step into your fantasies. container of dreams, of adventure and heroes. where anything is possible in the pages. devour them, nibble them, eat up the pages!

    By Lexie on 04.11.2011

  18. i was grabbing a book from the bookshelf and a black man reached from the empty space and took me with him into another world. a black world. i felt very alone but they taught me their ways and i became one of them. however i was still white inside and i missed my home… back home. so i tried to find the way back from whence i came and i found the bookshelf with the book still missing. so i crawled through and i lost my balance and broke my neck. man i miss being black

    By Mallory on 04.11.2011

  19. hold the secrets of knowledge. The supporter of millions of words.. I live for the day to browse your beautiful shelves.

    By kim merry URL on 04.11.2011

  20. Bookshelf brings up a lot of memories of my childhood. I remember I never had enough space to pile all my books. I remember how much I loved to read as child because now I don’t have any time. Reading for pleasure is taken for granted when you’re younger, but as you grow older, you realize the knowledge gained from reading for fun. Sadl

    By Pooja on 04.11.2011

  21. filled with books
    usually wood
    storage of knowledge
    several shelves

    By Gianna Bertoli on 04.11.2011

  22. It was hidden in between the pages, on the third level from the floor. The red book with the tattered cover sat quietly hugging its contents.

    By Jen Kohan on 04.11.2011

  23. I keep all my books on my bright red bookshelf. My favorite book lies there on that very shelf. It’s called “Left Behind” and i read it everyday.

    By Jessica Daniels on 04.11.2011

  24. I look at the books on my shelve and I see all the places that i have been. I see these books as my family. The shelves support me.

    By kym820 URL on 04.11.2011

  25. It wasn’t until her fingers touched the fabric that she knew this was the one. Under the tattered cover she would find the answer she had been looking for, so long.

    By Jen Kohan URL on 04.11.2011

  26. There was a long bending hallway where mother used to keep her cooking pans. One night I got up to use the laboratory and spotted a bright emerald book glowing by the window, where the shades had been opened.

    By Kayla on 04.11.2011

  27. Bindings side by side
    Overlooking the library
    Overseeing the homework
    Keeping us lost in ideas
    Seeking to share their contents
    Helping us to understand
    Ever present
    Loaded to those with a card
    Filled with the art and science of the world.

    By Amy URL on 04.11.2011

  28. when I grow older I want to get a bookshelf with many tim

    By , on 04.11.2011

  29. On top of the bookshelf lay all my used toys. At one point in my life, they meant everything to me. Now, they barely saw daylight. The contained all the memories, all the fond events that occurred when I was young. I missed the days when things were simpler. When it nothing was expected of you other to enjoy what life had to offer.

    By Amanda URL on 04.11.2011

  30. I have many, many books on my bookshelf and scattered across my room. Over 120 in total. More or less, anyway. I absolutely adore books and I wish to become an author when I get older. Perfect job? To me but to others…most likely torture. This is my favorite word from this website so far.

    By Lillie URL on 04.11.2011

  31. I have many, many books on my bookshelf and scattered across my room. Over 120 in total. More or less, anyway. I absolutely adore books and I wish to become an author when I get older. Perfect job? To me but to others…most likely torture. However, that is their opinion. I must get back to work on my school project, now….Oh, in my project, a huge library is involved. It is awesome if you ask me. Anyway, the bar is getting darker…

    By Lillie URL on 04.11.2011

  32. tall, mahogany bookshelves lined the walls. there was a big window in the middle of the east facing wall, looking over the sea. i curled up in the armchair with a copy of my favorite book while pumpkin, our pleasantly plump tabby cat, jumped up and nestled himself in my arms and the radio played familiar, calming tunes. “yes,” i thought. “this is home.”

    By rosie URL on 04.11.2011

  33. OhI really want my dad to let me ake the bookshelves to our new apartment. One of them is mine, you know. I’m going to write my name on it, just to be certain. It belongs with me. All of the books are mine too. It’s not like I don’t have room in my new bedroom anyways. And any left over books will stay at mom’s.

    By B on 04.11.2011

  34. I don’t know what the books on my bookshelf are. I have only read half of them. I wish I could find time to read them all. So many adventures I have yet to embark on… and yet, so little time.

    By Jasmii URL on 04.11.2011

  35. parents book shelf had a poster of martha’s vineyard in it. my mom always hated it, i never knew why. She has had it for years but never has gotten rid of it. Its not that unfortunate looking, but i guess i see where she is comming from. It has always made me smile because of the poster though.

    By Stefani Billings on 04.11.2011

  36. The book shelf is a place where I keep books. I love books, they make me happy. Right now I’m reading a book about Cleopatra. It’s not my favorite book, but it is very informative. My all time favorite book is Ernest Hemmingway’s A Moveable Feast. It transported me to another place and time. I dreamt the entire book. I now want to travel to Paris

    By Erika on 04.11.2011

  37. holds my life. The things that interest me. the things i wish i could relate to more. my fantasys. the lifes i wish i could live. the love storys i wish were mine. the men who care so deeply about these girls that they give 500 pages worth of proof….something that can only be called fiction.

    By Amber on 04.11.2011

  38. i have many bookshelves in my home. We have many books. I’m moving to a house soon with built in bookshelves. I like to read. I hope one day to have very nice bookends for a very nice bookshelf. Perhaps my bookends will look like owls. Bookshelves are prettiest when they are of dark wood. I like to bookshelves they sell at Ikea which are all connected.

    By Josie Benson on 04.11.2011

  39. Holds everything you like about literature whether it’s about fiction or romance. It’s what hold the thing you want to escape from, usually, but it’s also the best thing you would like to someday hold what you will write even if it’s just a diary.

    By Amanda Figueroa URL on 04.11.2011

  40. A wooden thing,. painted, amazing. Holder of important things. A resting place for words. Enough.

    By ladyamryn on 04.11.2011