September 7th, 2013 | 93 Entries

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93 Entries for “bluegrass”

  1. Fingertips pricked on the edges of grass over and over and she strolls throughout the oceanic meadow. letting her hands dangle free on the tips. The blue grass maze.

    By hailey rose URL on 09.07.2013

  2. I used to live in the Bluegrass State, Kentucky. But the grass was not blue. It was green. Lots of horses. No glue grass.

    By Sheila on 09.07.2013

  3. So there’s only one specific word per day? Dissapointing. I hoped they would be randomized. I don’t even know what bluegrass is. I just realized how pessimistic I look through this text. Wow. Way to go, T.

    By Toiya URL on 09.07.2013

  4. i really don’t know what bluegrass is, so let’s pretend that my lawn just drank blueberry juice and became a strumpf.

    By Rita on 09.07.2013

  5. “Blue… grass.” Rory looked down at the ground exasperatedly. He should be used to this kind of thing. “What kind of planet has blue grass?” “Ask the Doctor,” Amy said. “I would, but, he’s not present at the moment,” Rory said.

    By billie panettiere is a vulcan URL on 09.07.2013


    By Thabata on 09.07.2013

  7. I lay on the bluegrass with my mother.

    By Yavuz Ali Topaç on 09.07.2013

  8. It was the music that my husband’s ancestors filled their lives with on a daily basis. It was the predecessor to jazz. It was in so many ways, a sound path to my finding him, on that Summer afternoon.

    By Ruben URL on 09.07.2013

  9. “Hey, you going to the bluegrass festival this weekend?”

    “I dunno,” Charlotte replied. “I was thinking it. B.B. King’s gonna be there, right?”

    “Chyeah. It’s a miracle he’s still alive and plucking at his guitar,” Todd smirked, settling down after grabbing a can of Miller from the fridge. “I want to go, but I’ve got no one to accompany me. Wanna change that?”

    “Sure, why not? I could always enjoy the company of a blues buddy.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.07.2013

  10. in the stadium the music mixed with the clouds, harmonizing guitar riffs with blades of grass and crumpled leaves. the banjo’s song ripped through the clouds and floated into our ears, piercing our insides with autumn air.

    By Lb on 09.07.2013

  11. my grandpa played bluegrass music
    every weekend
    for 40 years
    then finally
    he laid down his bass
    gave me his guitar
    he plays now
    only 2 weekends a month
    and hates the drive there

    By Candice URL on 09.07.2013

  12. bluegrass fills your nose and your mouth and your ears you feel it on your knees and in your throat the twang and the itch of it all, enveloping you like a familiar scratchy blanket, hovering thick in the air around you as you feel your heart swell and ache for something you don’t know yet or can’t know ever

    By Kelsey on 09.07.2013

  13. Mixed roots. Yeh. He could relate to that.

    By esky1118 URL on 09.07.2013

  14. The music hummed softly in the distance. It reminded me of a better time, a more simple time. It reminded me of the time I sat with you under the hot, Louisiana sun and talked for hours. We we at peace.

    By kes on 09.07.2013

  15. How blue is the bluegrass? Just a hint of aqua, not a true blue, a tried and true blue but with a hint of green when the sun hits at the blade in just the right way. A carpet of wonderful,

    By Jennifer Lemming on 09.07.2013

  16. I have no idea what bluegrass is but it reminds me of grass I saw on an alien planet once. I was just cruising around and there it was–BAM!–in the middle of the path. It smelled sweet and felt sticky.

    By MutatedPear on 09.07.2013

  17. Bluegrass music? Knowing nothing of American music, I’m clueless about this word. Blue tooth, yes. Do sad songs turn grass blue? Bluesy blue. Balsy blue. Blue-green algae. Blue, my ass.

    By Paul Eveleigh on 09.07.2013

  18. Bluegrass was a way to see the world through. When you lay down in the cold grass to read Austen’s misery pour through your head. It breaks and converts into life. Laying in the bluegrass you will experience worlds out of your reach.

    By Ambar on 09.07.2013

  19. Blue grass is quite unordinary. It’s not something you’d usually see on a normal day. Maybe it was attacked by a nation of Smurfs!

    By jaidyn on 09.07.2013

  20. i smiled as you turned
    your face towards mine
    and you smiled back
    the grass here was more blue than green
    and it complimented your eyes
    and button down shirt
    you looked so

    By Claire URL on 09.07.2013

  21. You wouldn’t think I would like bluegrass music but sometimes I do like country music because the songs tell a story.

    By Robin on 09.07.2013

  22. Grass that is blue would be beautiful as the music is. I would love to see it and to actually be able to rub my bare feet in it as well. That would be amazing if you could listen to Bluegrass while rubbing your bare feet in the grass.

    By Candice Payne on 09.07.2013

  23. bluegrass somewhere south of here
    there is a sound of home of living &
    dying in the same place and sound
    like a whistle a stomp a pat on the
    back and a shovel a shovel a shovel


    By amber dawn URL on 09.07.2013

  24. Kentucky bluegrass. M favourite were the horses. But then I was always horse crazy. All those postcards I had to buy because I loved them so. Must have driven my parents nuts. Funny thing, though I loved to look at them, secretly I was scared of horses.

    By Linda S. URL on 09.07.2013

  25. I dont even know what bluegrass is. I think its country. Ramin Karimaloo is a broadway star who do bluegrass music. I think that’s what his hashtags are. maybe its something else im not sure.

    By tori on 09.07.2013

  26. I could hear the footsteps coming faster. Cold clunks of metal chimed.
    And the oddest thing grazed my ankles. It swayed in a breeze; blue grass. I spared a moment to look at it. It was a mistake I couldn’t take back.
    I looked up. Looked it straight in the eyes. Each were as big as my head. Its breath was hot.
    Mine was fast. And then existent.

    By Kellie H. on 09.07.2013

  27. There’s music playing off in the distance. She doesn’t know where it’s coming from, but it’s there, making her remember things she’d rather not. Summer days, warm gold spreading over her shoulders, keeping her safe until dusk.

    By a URL on 09.07.2013

  28. The room was thick with cigar smoke and smelt of whisky. You could hear bluegrass softly playing in the room under the chatter and loud laughter. I made my way to the stage, running into a man who was just standing up. My guitar fell to the floor along with me.

    By Rachel Harr URL on 09.07.2013

  29. The music was eerie, a hint of bluegrass. It was weird. She’d never heard music like it before. Her family was conservative, never let her watch tv, listen to music, chat on the phone with friends. This bluegrass music was something new to her. And it was right outside of her house.

    By Fiona URL on 09.07.2013

  30. bluegrass i sbeautiful abd sweet and lovely ad we love bluegrass a lot dont we kids?

    By dawn on 09.07.2013

  31. bluegrass i sbeautiful abd sweet and lovely ad we love bluegrass a lot dont we kids?

    By dawn on 09.07.2013

  32. Bluegrass. Blue grass. That’s always been a funny word.
    I’ve never been good at coming up with things on the spot. Improvisation has always been something that I felt was better left to the jazz artists, the saxes and trumpets wailing beyond the band room door – pianists with their hands brushing through sequences of gravity-defying, shimmering chords. It’s just something I can’t do. I need a sense of planning, direction, orientation, if I’m going to get anywhere.
    Maybe bluegrass – lovely, spontaneous bluegrass! – will help me find a place to start.

    By s on 09.07.2013

  33. Blue grass. That’s what I saw as soon as a I stepped through the doors.
    “Blue grass?” I ask myself.

    By Leah URL on 09.07.2013

  34. Oh, bluegrass music, how my husband hates you. He associates you with whining voices and screeching fiddles, but he has yet to discover the beauty of a high-lonesome or the winsomeness of a song of simple loneliness.

    By mrsmig URL on 09.07.2013

  35. “The grass is greener on the other side.” I remember him saying. But the grass was not greener, it was blue. I walk through it now, thinking of the bluegrass music I heard so many years ago. It seems to play on ion the back of my mind. I think of Neil, the fiddler in a bluegrass band, my only friend as a child and then the man I secretly loved as a woman. “I love you.” I say, and the words are lost in the wind, going to a place I hope is happier then this. BLUEGRASS,. BLUE GRASS. They seem to be popping up everywhere, pointing to Him. pointing to Neil.

    By Elsie URL on 09.07.2013

  36. Bluegrass music has been a large part of my life. Ever since I was old enough to play the banjo, I was out there strumming in front of our small farmhouse on the west side of the Mississippi. My Grandfather taught me how to play, back in the good ol’ days where kids respected their elders and actually took the time to listen to them.

    By Amber on 09.07.2013


    By betty on 09.07.2013


    By betty on 09.07.2013

  39. She had heard the wind sing many types of songs, but that specific night, it sang bluegrass.And the music filled her dreams with sweetness, as it used to when sang by her mother.

    By debs on 09.07.2013

  40. grass roots, it is a very basic, country music genre, full of banjos. I don’t much care for it, but your grand mother might. Try to imagine the music from deliverance, its that music. battle of the banjos and shit.

    By Mr.Babb on 09.07.2013