September 8th, 2013 | 107 Entries

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107 Entries for “complexity”

  1. I’m stunned by you
    By your sheer beauty
    By your brute will
    By your little quirks
    The scrunching of your nose
    and the warmth of your smile
    I’m amazed by you
    by the richness of your eyes
    and the kidness of your heart
    I love you
    for all that you are
    and all that you hope to be
    for everything and all the complexities
    that make you… you.

    By Blue on 09.09.2013

  2. I went to the beach and had a lot of have and I jump on sand and it was hot!! Also I went to the store there and got some coke and drunk it all.

    By Trent Persinger on 09.09.2013

  3. It is very complex. It is a verb

    By Raegan on 09.09.2013

  4. Colors abound in your aura. Sharp rays of light filter through you and I am left feeling as many emotions as one person has felt in a lifetime.

    By Angie on 09.09.2013

  5. The complexity of the puzzle stopped her in her tracks, and for some moments her brain refused to address it at all. She simply stood staring at it, horrified that not only did she have to solve it, but that her solution time was limited. “Just a bite at a time,” she finally told herself, and picked up her pencil.

    By mrsmig on 09.09.2013

  6. complexity

    By mohamad on 09.09.2013

  7. Sitting in the sidecar, she stared out from the motorcycle over the complexity of the landscape. The mountains wove into each other like boxers. The villagers had told her of the boulders that littered the valley floor, like pieces broken off by rock fighting with the weather.

    And somewhere, amidst all this, she had to find it.

    By Anthony StClair on 09.09.2013

  8. There were all sorts of layers there, like an exotic onion. Opening her up would certainly bring tears. But just like any good chef, he was up for the challenge and wanted to dive into her and discover all of the possibilities.

    By Soft URL on 09.09.2013

  9. The complexity of her conversation startled her. Did she not realize that English was not her first language? And would she not, as a teacher, at least simplify it? But it seems as soon as she left the classroom behind, her teacher hat was left there too.

    By Linda S. on 09.09.2013

  10. One Word is a website on the internet. It allows you to see How fast you can type in sixty secconds.

    By Ashlee on 09.09.2013

  11. complexity is bieng complex and complacated like a rubix cube or this assignment. Complexity sounds like a complex city to me i really dont know what to write so this is cool i guess.

    By Amber Salyer on 09.09.2013

  12. Something that is complex or difficult, it can be challenging and frustrating an atom is very complex. Everything is complex

    By Samuel Schenck on 09.09.2013

  13. it was difficult. it kept on unfolding, like paper, like an origami dragon, but there was no end, no single sheet of paper, it just kept opening up new possibilities…

    By Lee on 09.09.2013

  14. i think (well) that the human mind is one of huge complexity and infinite depth and variation as every one is different and not physical, i cannot phrase it, its complexity perplexes me.

    By Helena Anderson on 09.09.2013

  15. you’re begging me for answers to questions that plague my mind as well
    wonder why I cannot save you, why your fears I can’t dispel
    I hear you scratching at the door that has locked me in alone
    I’m fumbling for the keys while you leave me messages at the tone.

    By Carly URL on 09.09.2013

  16. Complexity is something that is very complex and filled with things it comes from the word complex.

    By Heidi on 09.09.2013

  17. simple people don’t exist, but if they do,
    the statistics
    would not include you.

    By h. b. on 09.09.2013

  18. Complexity is a difficult concept to explain, as something can only be complex if you do not understand it. A simple definition of complexity would defeat the point, it would not take into account the multiple facets that combine to decide whether something is too difficult to comprehend.

    By Tom Webber on 09.09.2013

  19. I think complexity is something that is kind of easy. I think when people say “You’re really complex” , that’s a good thing. I think of brownies for some reason.

    By Dori Jackson on 09.09.2013

  20. She barked the command again. “Roll over,” tracing a circle with her finger. Sammy cocked his head, quizzically. She huffed, putting her hands on her hips. “C’mon, pup. It’s not that hard, is it?” As if to answer her, he trotted over and nipped at her ankle.

    By Nikki URL on 09.09.2013

  21. Complexity (pt.1)
    She wakes me, “My neck hurts, more than my knee,
    not nearly as much as my heart.”
    She tells me, “you have possessed my entire body, head to toe, draining it inside and out.”
    She lets me inside, “sleep is my only friend and I can’t even enjoy it, my soul is dark and filled with discolored sequins.”

    Simplicity (pt.2)
    She says we can’t, we shouldn’t.
    So we do it anyway. She orders me around, I tell her to shut the fuck up and fuck.

    My mind’s tongue in her every hole, pure passion.

    My electric surge paralyzes her. She doesn’t know what to say. Finally, she stopped talking. Enough reading, enough words. Just my name. Your body is my paper, and I’m your pen. You’re my journal now, and I’m going to write hard.. fuck you in your every page.

    Weak from exhaustion, she needs to be carried to the radio tower. I pick her up, but she makes me hungry all over again. Her ass is already in my hands, she’s not ready but I rip my journal apart, savage sensation.

    My teeth leave an unforgiveable trail. Never again she warns. But her body is already mine. Sore, swollen, devoured. The way she wants me to want her.

    By dp on 09.09.2013

  22. complexity means to be able to think out side of the box.

    By henry URL on 09.09.2013

  23. I think that the word complexity is what it means. Its a difficult sounding word that makes no since whatsoever to me. Although a lot of words do not make any since at all to me. It means difficulty. And it is a very complicated word to understand. My teacher just had to tell me what it meant because i have no clue because the people that live around her in Trenton, Ohio are dumb.

    By Abby on 09.09.2013

  24. Something is hard or challenging. Difficult. Maybe confusing. Not easy.

    By Shelby on 09.09.2013

  25. complex Hard ,Difficult, not easy, confusing, uneasy ,very ,hard ,challenging

    By Gracie Gentry on 09.09.2013

  26. this word is very complicated. it is extremely complicated. it is
    so complicated that I don’t even know what to say about it. it is amazing with all of it’s ins and outs and different kinds of meanings that it could possibly have if it is used in the many kinds of ways that it could be. it is a wonder.

    By Jessica on 09.09.2013

  27. Complexity is a funny thing. Different things can be complex on different levels. Some people find the grammatical nuances of the English language complex, but can do integration of polynomials in the head with no problem.

    By Katie Wright on 09.09.2013