February 26th, 2013 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “bleeding”

  1. i bleed
    everyday. why do we bleed?
    i ask myself. what is blood.
    why is blood.
    red stream. slowly

    By Isak Käftis URL on 02.27.2013

  2. blood red scar accident skin person alive sad pain

    By jazmin on 02.27.2013

  3. There is something wrong with me but I don’t know what it is. All I know for sure is that something flows out of me, something that should never be, something that I should stop. I’ve always been trying to do so, and now it’s catching up on me.

    By Patrice on 02.27.2013

  4. And I’m here, sick and tired, and you’re there not knowing I’m down trodden and bleeding. Its okay though, cause I know I had you (and hopefully you think you had me) and I’m gonna look up from now on. I will cherish that time, my wounds will heal, and I’ll be more of the person that I want to be.

    By Pul URL on 02.27.2013

  5. That bleeding kid was a nuisance, always knocking and running away. Why do they do it. I decided I’d had enough, marched up to his parent;s door and saw him, through the window. His mother;s hand smacking him across the face and the splatter of blood from his cut lip.

    By Lynne Ellis on 02.27.2013

  6. my heart was bleeding. grief had burst through the door with its knife sharp claws, entering my peaceful domain while I was resting. It had shredded my soul and mocked at my faith.

    By althea gulliford on 02.27.2013

  7. As I lay there, in the middle of the street, my hand clenching my side and my other hand frantically groping for my cell phone and my head throbbing from where it had hit the ground, my knees torn up, my jeans shredded, one thought pierced my head: “how did he find out?”

    By George on 02.27.2013

  8. There were bleeding all over. There was blood everywhere. Yet there was no cuts or bullet holes. Nothing. So where was the blood from? What happened?…

    By teeda URL on 02.27.2013

  9. Bleeding from a broken heart,
    bleeding from a shove.
    Bleeding from no acceptance,
    Not even from above.

    What would you lack?

    By Victoria URL on 02.27.2013

  10. i saw the dog lying on the side of the road, i approached it and saw it was bleeding. Bleeding light orange colored blood. The poor thing was poisoned? Oh no, who did this? Not a nice thing to do, certainly a mean thing.

    By Nisha on 02.27.2013

  11. The man on the ground had stopped bleeding long ago, but if he were alive he still wouldn’t have been able to bleed. Bleeding requires blood circulation and this man’s heart had been cut out.

    By Alex URL on 02.27.2013

  12. bleeding originates from the word blood. the word blood creeps me out a little bit, our bodies cant live without blood. we as humans get cut sometimes and start bleeding and sometimes it starts to bleed and won’t stop. bleeding isnt good for you because it;s never good to lose a lot of blood. when i think of bleeding i refer to the time i tripped and fell and had to get stitches.

    By Summer on 02.27.2013

  13. Man, have sixty seconds to write about that and you can’t scroll down furhter for it to block this page.look how huge that font is, look how huge that word is sitting on my computer screen in the libary and 12.13 on w wedwednday. thy’re definitely going toschedule another counselling session now, aren’t they? what am i bleeding from, where am i bleeding out of?

    By Isabelle on 02.27.2013

  14. bleeding our colors,
    the entire spectrum of who we are
    and where we’ve been
    and who’ve we’ve been
    but never why.
    bleeding out into our art and our every day activities,
    just to show our hearts.

    By Courtney on 02.27.2013

  15. gums after not brushing your teeth regularly
    your finger after being cut by a knife
    throwing up blood

    By Sonya Chitale on 02.27.2013

  16. Why is the site no longer that pretty purple color. Blood doesn’t make me think of purple though. Red. Gushing. Wounds. Emotional pain. Car accidents. Spinning out of control on an icy road, he slammed into her passenger door…

    By April URL on 02.27.2013

  17. the bed was all red and there was a scream that came from the bathroom. Who could this be there was only one person in the room. Or was there? The question was one of ho

    By ryan on 02.27.2013

  18. our noses were bleeding. we should have known that we had too much to snort earlier that morning, but it still didn’t stop us from our insufflating. i railed two chunky lines while his were rather petite. our noses weren’t the only things that were bleeding. our lips were from kissing each other clean, our hearts too — raw with the fibers of love, desire, and hate. my knees began to shake as the crystalline powder slipped into the back of my nasal and incinerated my throat. it was a good burn; it always has been and it always will be.

    By mercedes on 02.27.2013

  19. “is he–?”
    no, that’s just facepaint
    he’s like a child sometimes

    “is he–?”
    no, that’s just my lipstick
    i like to kiss him all over his face

    “is he–?”
    no, he’s just remarkaby shy
    and his cheeks always betray him

    “is he–?”
    no, it won’t stain
    just don’t edge too close

    “then he is–?”
    yes, finally, now you know
    has anyone told you red is your color?

    By h. b. URL on 02.27.2013

  20. im bleeding. Im shot. blood gushing. gettin weaker. I dont have much time left, I have to get to the door. Get out. To see the sun, one last time. feel the breeze, one last time.

    By Isak Käftis URL on 02.27.2013

  21. The bleeding continue. Dripping. Movement and sickness. Holes in all the wrong places. Life oozing out. Like honey from a comb. It’s way past bedtime.

    By 32748291o URL on 02.27.2013

  22. A minuscule drop fell from the stem when she cut the flower. She tossed the sinewy bottom into the trash and placed the bloom behind her left ear. Eventually the flower would fade. The petals would fall and she would throw it, too, into the garbage.

    By Shaun URL on 02.27.2013

  23. When energy is pouring out of someone because they are not caring for their emotional, mental, or physical selves. it’s s sign of unhealthy life, in all aspects of a being

    By Natalie on 02.27.2013

  24. i was bleeding fromt he heart and i felt the blood in my vains pumping and pumping , i was never much of a bleeder, but it got worse as my condition progressed. Band-aids won

    By shadrack on 02.27.2013

  25. the last time i saw you, you were bleeding by the sidewalk; the elevator door shut as I yawned at my fears

    By renatogsms on 02.27.2013

  26. Stan didn’t know what to do. He stared helplessly at his best friend, mouth opening and closing like a fish. “It’s fine. Everything’s fine.” Kyle tried weakly to explain. “No, it’s not dude! What the hell are you doing?!” He was yelling, his voice taking on a mind of its own. Kyle stood and tried to cover the cuts sloppily with some bandages. Stan could only stare at him. Silence passed uncomfortably between them and an awkwardness filled the room.

    By Crizzy URL on 02.27.2013

  27. The pain was unbearable, the wound gaping, my mind racing. As the red ick spilled out over my arm, I dreamed of greener pastures where hopefully I would be going. Nothing was right in the world, nothing was right in me. As the pain began to numb with my mind, my vision began to blur. Almost there.

    By Jeremiah Theis on 02.27.2013

  28. My heart bleeds for you.
    It has never stopped bleeding.
    Untill time stops and the little engineers that work to pump my heart
    are layed off.
    There will always be a strong, melodic heartbeat that will never stop beating.

    By Eyedealism URL on 02.27.2013

  29. same word. three times in a row. Im starting to doubt the effectiveness of this website, if this is how its done. weird. gettin confused. is it supposed to be like this? i dont get it. why. oh god

    By Isak Käftis URL on 02.27.2013

  30. It was pure agony. Blood was gushing out, and no matter what she did, it wouldn’t stop. All she could do was wait. It was horrible and agonizing and slow, and she hurt all over, but she couldn’t do anything about it because of her stupid X chromosome. Why her uterus had to do this to her, she didn’t know.

    By JJ on 02.27.2013

  31. my legs bleed, or are bleeding from when I scratch my skin. Oh it hurts so bad when i start bleeding and I can feel the pain rushing and leaving my body. I hate when i bleed. It makes me feel beyond gross and nautious and I can’t stop the itching or stop the bleeding. I am disgusting and I hate myself.

    By amber on 02.27.2013