August 25th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “bleak”

  1. The hills over the landscape were wrought with the bodies of countless Indians as the General stood watch over what his men had done. He cursed his lot in life, but loved his country.

    By Matt URL on 08.25.2010

  2. Cold mountain peaks rise up from the snow. What’s underneath those white drafts is unimaginable, as the white looks so complete.

    By tdobr on 08.25.2010

  3. she had no idea i was watching her.
    her long black hair she hid behind
    she was sad
    anyone could see that
    when she needed help
    her soft voice was barely audible
    i felt sorry for her
    it was pathetic really. but i wanted to feel what it was like to be so shy
    ive been loud my entire life
    the girl of the party
    everyone watching
    for once I wanted to know what it was like to be invisible

    By jean on 08.25.2010

  4. bleak. bleak about what’s new. when you bleak it should feel good, it should feel right. bleak because you want to not because you can. feel the bleak. be the bleak. feel the bleak. BE THE BLEAK

    By Carly on 08.25.2010

  5. im not a damn photograph
    im sorry your boyfirend likes me for my face
    yea i really look like that outside my myspace photographs
    the sinking feeling burning up my veins
    bleak prospects of never finding love outside of sin.

    By girl on 08.25.2010

  6. my situation seems bleak. i just got kicked out of my first week of freshman year at drake university for smoking marijuana. my parents want nothing to do with me and i have 15,000 dollars worth of loans.

    By Elaine on 08.25.2010

  7. horrible desolate with no hope for survival or growth or renewal of self. antagonizing loneliness with no ability to rebuttal a doomed fate. worthlesss

    By Danuta URL on 08.25.2010

  8. The situation looked bleak for the writer as she sat staring at the computer screen with a raging head cold. Would she think of anything to write for today’s word? She could barely think.

    By mimimanderly URL on 08.25.2010

  9. dismal heartbreaking, gray, drizzle, this school year last school year loss of all hope anne frank unknown forces at work writing scores missing family/friends drinking the night away lack of commas husband who talks to others but not you still smoking texas landscapes illinois winter landscapes

    By txteacher on 08.25.2010

  10. Is a word I use when I look in the bottom of my teacup, and then back at the coffee maker expecting there to be more, but I only see the hard water crusted stains at the bottom.

    By Louise Garbs on 08.25.2010

  11. dead, there is nothing here, no hope, just emptiness and far from anything physical or smooth just solid thick, air, colourless to every onlooker.

    By jayme on 08.25.2010

  12. The day was greay and cold, she snuggled deeper in to her fur lined jacket and wondered at the bleakness of the landscape.

    By kkitten URL on 08.25.2010

  13. Illicit, damned for the moment. No goodbyes, no solid air, no feelings left in her bones, or any that should would find from then on. They were hollow and rigid, probably from the lack of oxygen she felt pouring from her leadened lungs, heavy and subdued, misunderstood in so many ways.

    By JaymeBelle URL on 08.25.2010

  14. dreary gray and winter. i dont like this word because it reminds me of the color of whit and melancholy. being sad is not fun i wouldlike to run away sometimes far far away, can i go? lets go back to the days when we were young and unrestless. back to when i was happy. kyle, i love you. Cody I hate you. GL I like you. Dad I miss you.

    By Cayce on 08.25.2010

  15. out looks have always held me back. i can’t help but wonder if that little boys mother beats him or if that old woman is going to drop dead on the street. these things just pop into my head and i can’t stop them.

    By Cheyenne URL on 08.25.2010

  16. The world’s end is bleak. I am scared of all the death, destruction, and sorrow. The future is bleak. I can feel the darkness surround our atmosphere, choking out the stars and lamps and lightbulbs. The bleakness sets in like a giant fog over our Earth.

    By randirae URL on 08.25.2010

  17. shuddering, cold windows.
    A dozen cinder blocks in the woods, arranged in a circle.
    Grey things.
    The shape of your mouth.

    By John on 08.25.2010

  18. you never were my never treated me like you respected were just like all the others..tisked me because i didn’t meet your expectations..such a bleak prognosis for an underachieving kid..everyone couldn’t me wrong..had to be me..

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 08.25.2010

  19. the bird ate all the frogs in the pond. there were green ones and browns ones. He liked the browns ones the best. After he ate them then he flew away into the sun, where he melted. The resulting explosion vaporized Earth.

    By Matt on 08.25.2010

  20. The canyon stretched out below his feet, its depths lost in the blizzard. It disappeared into the snow to the north and south. There was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do but turn around and face the hunter.

    By tabard on 08.25.2010

  21. …you never were my never treated me like you respected were just like all the others..tisked me because i didn’t meet your expectations..such a bleak prog­no­sis for an under­achiev­ing kid..everyone couldn’t be wrong..had to be me..

    By 2 B Named Later URL on 08.25.2010

  22. this. is. epic

    By Cayce on 08.25.2010

  23. This is amazing.

    By Elvira on 08.25.2010

  24. My father’s outlook is bleak. His alcoholism has defeated him ot the point that he is no longer the man that I thought he was. I miss him very much, but I still refuse to talk to him.

    By Lanie on 08.25.2010

  25. the sky. gray over the tips of the rooftop.. a bitter icing spread lovingly over a small town

    By Emily on 08.25.2010

  26. bleak and bare are trees
    against the frosty fields
    laid bare to nature

    By Ty URL on 08.25.2010

  27. The outlook that so many twenty somethings have on the future, or maybe just their current predicaments; is it a fair assessment? Probably not. Maybe we just need to look a little more into things beyond the physical self – and I don’t mean an interest in the pseudo New Age bullshit, I mean seriously introspection of the self.

    By Robert URL on 08.25.2010

  28. there is nothing. the desert when there is a cold wind. a chill that cuts to your bones. knowing that you are all alone. that there is nothing but what you see before yourself. you have no hope, no future.

    By Sydney Van Nortwick on 08.25.2010

  29. The bleak unknown. The bright past. The beak of the raven that regretted it’s past. The wintery solstice held both in check and the winners of honor lost their respect.

    The known. Is not so very great a thing.

    By Chris URL on 08.25.2010

  30. A sunset scape a halter’s cape a damning billow freak. What comes what goes what may who knows With everything there is a price, a check a cheek. A lover’s peak a handler’s gaze and far ago a craze.

    By Chris URL on 08.25.2010

  31. That feeling you get when you wake up tired, walk around school tired, get home tired, and go to bed exhausted. All you want to do is get that long wanted rest, to sleep your days away. And it’s only Monday.


    By Degler on 08.25.2010

  32. it was a bleak and dreary morning. the fog had rolled in from the ocean. no one had ventured out of their homes. the only sounds were the bleak and ominous cries of the gulls.

    By nicholemarie URL on 08.25.2010

  33. sadness. darkness. why is the sky so gray? i wish it were a sunny afternoon; ‘i’d put my feet in a cool river and simply feel the rocks beneath my toes.

    By laurel on 08.25.2010

  34. Today I felt bleak when I found out that he left me it was something like I’ve never felt before bare, desolate how you explain a pain and emptiness like this one I am feeling today?

    By BlankNotebook URL on 08.25.2010

  35. he was bleak and his face drawn as he looked out the window onto the dimly lit street. I wonder what he was thinking of, his eyes full of sorrow in a shade of blue. that poor old man what a past he had I wonder.

    By Samantha on 08.25.2010

  36. The day was bleak and unchanging. There was nothing for them to look forward to except for a day that remained unchanged in more ways than one. What could they do?

    By Scarlet URL on 08.25.2010

  37. The situation was looking pretty bleak. Amber had torn 98% of her aorta in that car accident, not to mention broken bones, swelling in her brain…she should have died…

    but she lived.

    By Amanda URL on 08.25.2010

  38. iT was a bleak winter. More than the cold it carried with it an eerie feeling of loneliness and isolation. Roger thought about it for a moment before joining the ranks of the brave few who had the courage to venture out in this weather. While the snow ploughs piled the snow like indestructible banks, they also managed to cut off the few homes on that street from the life driving by.

    By Mallika on 08.25.2010

  39. The situation was bleak. There was nowhere to go. Even if she felt there was somewhere to go, there was nowhere to go. There would always be nowhere to go.

    By Ricardo URL on 08.25.2010

  40. i don’t really understand this word all that well. things that come to mind are. a bleak night. something that isn’t unclear. just like this word. this word is very bleak in my mind. i feel like i should use this more in my vocabulary. now i have to go look it up after im done writing just to make sure i know it next time.

    By elisse URL on 08.25.2010