August 25th, 2010 | 298 Entries

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298 Entries for “bleak”

  1. simple non complex boring reminds me of middle school a building with no windows and no way out or in bleak

    By Pappa Brown URL on 08.25.2010

  2. The morning was bleak, white like winter, with a frosty breeze shaking dead branches. The snow crunched loudly under her boots, and she was bundled in knit scarves and wool to shield herself from the unbearable temperature.

    By Amanda on 08.25.2010

  3. The day was dark. Bleak even. The kind of day bad writers go on about in their murder mysteries. Their private detectives shrink down into their overcoats. They sip coffee and wait out the man they’ve been paid to follow.

    I’ve never used the word bleak in real life. Not even on the rainy day of my father’s funeral. Bleak is a shitty word.

    By Robb C on 08.25.2010

  4. makes me think of mean girls when janice says ” oh that is just bleak ” talking about tina fey’s character in her vest with all of the flair from bartending in the bar in the mall. she is shopping for lotion and has an awkward conversation with them.

    By Alicia on 08.25.2010

  5. its ugly and sad, I want to go find a cliff on the edge of the sea and jump off the side please?! there are too many clouds and so much rain, this weather sucks. time to jump off the cliff and find a new place to cry.

    By Nilla on 08.25.2010

  6. grey bleak standing at bodega head, with stuck in this existence this unknown but ahead is a ship with sails floating by and it seems to smile back at me.

    By heather on 08.25.2010

  7. ?

    By marie12 on 08.25.2010

  8. the bleak sky made everyone’s day dreary and dismal. They didn’t know that the rain was going to ruin their entire vacation. Mother thought to herself maybe we should have had a plan B. Daughter said well mom plan b should have been thought of before we left home.

    By Shizzy on 08.25.2010

  9. sad rainy day, mabye a snowy day. what happens when life gives yoiu lemons, the outlook for today, forecast, drab, without color, boring

    By andrea on 08.25.2010

  10. The weather is bleak this week. It’s dreary, cold and unpleasant. It’s always like this the week of my birthday. Which is fitting since I am not thrilled about turning 36. Ugh.

    By Anastasia Rose URL on 08.25.2010

  11. When the screens punched in, you’ve soiled yourself, the zero’s are all ones and vice versa. No one’s called and your bed smells like death. Death sweat and anus. Cause death always smells like anus, or is that life?

    By JR on 08.25.2010

  12. it seemed as though they would never come. she looked through the cracked pier watching and waiting for what felt like years. her life was a bleak existence.

    By Missy on 08.25.2010

  13. bleak. bleak. wet bleaks. what is a bleak..?

    By sequoia on 08.25.2010

  14. It was a bleak day; the sky was steely and it rained non-stop. He was glad to stay inside, more so than usual. The weather offered a handy excuse to be near her.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 08.25.2010

  15. A bleak day in November, and I carried my umbrella at the end of a limp wrist. There was no point in holding it over my head, as the rain came at me from all sides, and I was already soggy to the core of my being in more ways than one.

    By Kathy on 08.25.2010

  16. there was a bleak cat who had a bleak hat but he liked happy cheese. So one day he decided to jump, and his bleak bleak hat fell off. The cheese became bleak itself.

    By elmo URL on 08.25.2010

  17. Bleak always makes me think of mountains, and some guy with a beard and hat, only a tiny strip of his face visible, looking out over said mountains with a sad expression. Also Balto, because god knows that movie, despite being the best movie of all time, was hella bleak.

    By Birdie on 08.25.2010

  18. The scene before her made her want to cry. The denselandscapes and dreary grays had a most unpleasant feeling to her as she walked towards the small worn down cottage

    By element on 08.25.2010

  19. Dark clouds filled the skies, their voluminous bodies falling down to the ocean. I watched as the winds blew them onto land and knew my chance of survival was bleak. The little clapboard shack could not hold up to the storms power.

    By Heather URL on 08.25.2010

  20. cold, winter, ice, the tundra no end in sight, winters long days, spring so far away, colourless days, grey, so much grey, no hope, no future, no fun no excitement. nothing to look forward to.

    By Maggie on 08.25.2010

  21. The future was bleak. I was going back to regular school. “For my own safety.” What kind of joke was that? I wasn’t safe anywhere I went. They were onto me. They were onto all of us. And I wasn’t just going to go back to regular life and ignore it all.

    By Marissa URL on 08.25.2010

  22. A bleak outlook to be sure, Mr. Caruthers. But, as you know, when you take all the apple paste and neglect to share any of it with your fellows, well… poor things happen, you know? Let that be a lesson to you, and all those like you. You trickazz bitch.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 08.25.2010

  23. he sat down, head in hands, no tears but he could feel them haunting his eyes. Was there a future if he didn’t leave this place?

    By Maggie on 08.25.2010

  24. It was on a bleak afternoon–not a summer afternoon–that Gregory announced his love, in the drizzle, the misty haze.

    By Antonio URL on 08.25.2010

  25. dang it. it went back to bleak. i filled this out a sec ago and thought i was done. but of course i didn’t do it right. bleak – something that looks dismal, something with not so great of an outlook. that’s about it… again. w

    By Nicole on 08.25.2010

  26. She just turned 16. And her period was late.

    By V on 08.25.2010

  27. So she sat and read on this bleak afternoon. She thought about life, and wondered whether things would get better. She thought this bleak afternoon would never pass. But sure enough, the next morning the sun shone through her window. She started to think that maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

    By Rebecca on 08.25.2010

  28. The night turned bleak as the sky clouded over, covering even the starlight from view. I missed the stars, missed seeing the moon and the satellites orbiting the planet, but ever since I’d moved to the city I hadn’t seen much of any of those. I still stared heavenwards, hoping to catch even the most minuscule glimpse of something more than just gray doldrums.

    By Nym on 08.25.2010

  29. The day broke, and broke hard. Rain, snow, sleet, and a combination of the worst unmentionables to fall from the clouds came down from the sky.

    By Vermillion on 08.25.2010

  30. a cold day that is snowing outside and not fun. someone inside trying to see what to do. they have a bad hair day and everything seems to go

    By a. jones on 08.25.2010

  31. this morning was terribly bleak. The weather portrayed nothing but a quite day of sweats and tv watching with lots of crabs and americas next top model watching. this was my day and overall summer. i wanted to go out, but the freezing mist was like a lock on my door.

    By isabella masucci URL on 08.25.2010

  32. When I think of bleak, I think of the future. Not in terms of what it will be like in the near future, but the far future. After the sun has burned out. It’s gonna be a cold, bleak, space. Emphasis on space. Nothing. But. Space.

    By Jeff Pedigo URL on 08.25.2010

  33. The day started with the bleak realization that the journey ahead of us is far from finished. I looked at Maggie as she gave me a look of disdain.

    By Jev0 on 08.25.2010

  34. Bleak. Leak. Tweak.
    I don’t find any meaning in the word Bleak. In fact the only relevance I even have to it is that I heard it in that movie, “Mean Girls” – it was said in a dialogue… in a negative tone. Thus, I think of it as gray. Old. Washed-out. If the word had a face, it would have a wirey gray mustache and bushy eyebrows.

    By Blair URL on 08.25.2010

  35. This is one word that does not apply to life; there is no “bleak” when there is paint, and there is song. Do not be dragged by “bleak” towards that abyss of thought. LIVE.

    By emilyincolor URL on 08.25.2010

  36. sometimes the word bleak describes the future of man, with out God. Unfortunate reality. Too many times this starts in our mindset.

    By John on 08.25.2010

  37. this day is quite bleak as i look at the window into the city. the clouds are gray. i wish i had a cup of tea. i love rainy days but it has not rained just yet.

    By Lyndsay on 08.25.2010

  38. Is what the future seems to be. Most would agree I think. Perhaps not. Perhaps the future will be bright and merry. Perhaps we will fix everything, right?

    By Cosimo on 08.25.2010

  39. spit? or is that gleak? it seems similar to beak, like a bird. im actually not really sure what this word means.

    By alex on 08.25.2010

  40. Bleak is the fishing forcast!

    By bridget URL on 08.25.2010