April 1st, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “blaze”

  1. The blaze raged out of control as I stood transfixed unable to move staring as if stoned or was it the beauty that had me rooted in place.

    By jeanelaine URL on 04.01.2012

  2. (This one’s gonna suck) …

    As the flaming inferno enveloped the tiny town house, a hundred eyes looked on in horror, sick fascination, and wonder. The thing that lit their lamps, cooked their food, and powered their cannons was now an unstoppable force of destruction, consuming that which they had used it to build.

    By deideiblueeyez URL on 04.01.2012

  3. BLAZE. Trying to kindle this fire, trying to stir the embers, continually searching for bellows to spark the blaze alight.

    By Joel Malley URL on 04.01.2012

  4. My anger blazes inside me. Like a wild fire it spread. How dare they try to kindle this anger? Why must they billow the flames and make it grow hotter? How dare they? They are my enemies. I will forever blame them for I am the fire that does not forgive.

    By Fae URL on 04.01.2012

  5. the dew on the grass had just begun to form, and the morning larks cried, of which echoed throughout the meadow and penetrated any form that fell in its path. before i could listen to the sweet melody, i saw the sun rising above the farthest hill. the rays caressed my face, and i understood what my mother had told me about the blaze of the sun being the richest touch of intimacy

    By Michael Murphy on 04.01.2012

  6. the
    emotions flared sky rocketed into the air
    what did i tell you?
    i told you it would be this way
    like the blaze of a fire

    By Nightawait URL on 04.01.2012

  7. Blaze
    Loneliness, loneliness.

    By Mary Kate URL on 04.01.2012

  8. The mind was burning. It was consumed by the tiniest pushes of the thoughts around it.

    “Help!” It screamed, but no one was there to listen, as there never was. It lived, day by day, without water to sooth its pain, ablaze.

    By Mandy URL on 04.01.2012

  9. On the trail we blaze, they say.

    By Jordan URL on 04.01.2012

  10. On the trail we blaze, they say. Their travels seemed fleeting, foolish even. But that stopped none.

    By Jordan URL on 04.01.2012

  11. The sun blazed down on me on a hot summer’s day…bum bum bum… my heartbeat was getting faster… i felt faint of dehydration…blackout…as i open my eyes …one thing pops into my head… YOU

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.01.2012

  12. the seas ablaze.
    a firey night.
    i set my sights on the dimming light.
    the moon replaced a crooked sun.
    the night declares a victory won.
    the daylights gone but the flames alive.
    the stars ignite this placid sky.
    they dive and sink beneath the sea
    and then bounce back up for all to see.

    By ztchace URL on 04.01.2012

  13. When your face enters my thoughts, my insides burn like hot fire
    I gasp for air, and sigh the feeling away
    An ugly hole has been burned through my chest
    Reminding me of all the cigarettes you extinguished with my skin

    By atlas URL on 04.01.2012

  14. Astor squinted his eyes at the blaze, wondering if you could ever get bored of periodically bursting into flame. He knew he didn’t get bored of scrambling out of the way in the nick of time, that was for damn sure. He stuffed his hands in his pockets and began to hum to himself to settle his nerves, thinking wryly, “One of these days I’m gonna have to bring some marshmallows…”

    By Julia A. URL on 04.01.2012

  15. “I will blaze until I find my time and place. I will be fearless, sure during modesty and grace. I will not disappear without a trace.” from Little Women. Stuck in my head. Diva song.

    By Azure URL on 04.01.2012

  16. i blaze always. it’s who i am and it’s what i do. i blaze away my problems and each time i inhale and exhale it’s like i lose another thing that i should be worrying about. but i’m young and stupid. so i will continue to blaze until i’m older and i know better.

    By raella URL on 04.01.2012

  17. the blaze in the fireplace offered warmth, safety. It made the woman feel as though no one could find her, that no one could wound her. She sighed as she thought of the day, the pain and confusion that she didn’t think she could ever release, that she could throw into the flames. If she could, she’d throw herself into the flames, burn away the pain and rise like a phoenix from the ashes

    By SMG on 04.01.2012

  18. It was hot, flickering before my eyes, turning my pale skin

    By carly on 04.01.2012

  19. The flames cast a red orange glow on his skin, which was so close to mine I could almost feel the softness. The dramatic lighting gave his face a sharpened look, but his lips were in a soft line, relaxed from the scowl that had been there previously.

    By caesura URL on 04.01.2012

  20. Let me quell that blaze, let me hold you, let me bury your face into me as you drown my shirt with tears. Let that fire of hatred go out.

    By LostAsleep URL on 04.01.2012

  21. what a perfect word. Blaze. It must have been invented to be coupled with marijuana references. Felling blazed, time to blazed, blazing. This is seriously all i can think of, blaze=weed, no two ways about it.

    By jamesbitticks URL on 04.01.2012

  22. It all fell into a blaze. Or that’s what we thought would happen. Surprisingly, the glass dome held up to the homemade flame-thrower, and managed to protect him inside.

    By SJP on 04.01.2012

  23. Blaze me up like one of your stoges. Inhale me deeply, let my fumes serenade your throat before prematurely exhaling. Go for another puff of my essence; let me embed myself into the threads of your clothing.

    By Desiree J URL on 04.01.2012

  24. “Blaze? That’s a stupid name.”

    “My middle name is worse.”

    “Oh? What is it?”


    “Blaze Cadence. Jesus Christ, don’t tell me your last name. I don’t think I can take it.”

    By Cassie URL on 04.01.2012

  25. Anna reared up on Ingie’s reign as the blaze rose higher. What had she gotten them into?
    “Can you put it out?” she yelled over the roar.
    “I’m a dragon, not a fish,” said Ingie, “Even if i could blow it out, it will keep spreading.”
    “Blow? Ingie, you’re a dragon!” she exclaimed.
    “I believe I said that.”
    “You have wings don’t you? Fly us out!”
    “Straight Away!”

    By Kelsey Genoways URL on 04.01.2012

  26. The blaze rose around me and I felt the heat on my skin.
    The flames flicked around me and I knew that death was eminent, there was no way to get out of this and with the coughing that was coming out of me even if I did I knew it wasn’t all that likely.
    I was going to die.
    The sad part: I didn’t care.
    The sadder part: I set the fire.

    By alindy URL on 04.01.2012

  27. the emotions flared, sky rocketed into the sky
    setting fire
    to the flames
    but nothing came through her eyes
    because she
    didn’t even have
    a chance to say
    good bye

    By Nightawait URL on 04.01.2012

  28. I was blazing through the trail. I could not see where I was going due to the snow hitting me in the face.

    By Lynette Good on 04.01.2012

  29. Blaze. That’s the only word that I could use to describe his eyes. They were bright like fire burning with passion. If only those eyes would look at me….I yearn for his gaze, I yearn to be his. But why can’t he see….Behind that fiery blaze.

    By XMaliceInMurderlandX URL on 04.01.2012

  30. Blaze is for fire as fire is to the the thing that nearly burns off Charlotte’s eyebrows as she almost knocked off the overhanging candle lights that hung from the rafters.

    Needless to say, she’s going to stay away from the candles for a while.

    By Gaby URL on 04.01.2012

  31. Sherlock and John spent the day at the country club, interviewing the various members who had come to visit that day. They idled their time on the golf course and by the pool, getting a general feel for the internal politics of the place and for the position that their victim, Ned Lasworth, had held among his associates. Finally, their appointment rolled around, and they headed out to the designated pasture to rendezvous with the club owner. John leaned against the solid white fence while Sherlock paced impatiently before him, engrossed in something on his phone.

    After a minute, a rider approached the two of them in full dressage gear, slowing from a canter to stop a few feet away. She dismounted and led her horse closer by the bridle, and he nosed gently in the direction of John, largely ignoring Sherlock. John let Sherlock conduct his interview with the owner as he carefully stepped forward to meet the horse.

    He was a huge beast, tall and wiry and a dark iridescent black. He was adorned with three white stockings and a blaze, upon which John slowly rested his palm. The horse nudged gently into the touch with a soft nicker, lowering his head enough that John could scratch between his ears. John did so with a smile, marveling at how fine the forelock seemed to be between his fingers. After a bit, the horse jerked his head away and snuffled at John’s hair. The veteran held still as the great nostrils huffed a hot, oat-scented air past his forehead.

    “Winston likes you,” the owner called over to him with a smile, and John looked up at her. She reached into her pocket and handed John a sugar lump with a nod at Winston. John chuckled and palmed it into the horse’s eager lips, sneaking a glance at Sherlock. The detective was staring at John now, having already gleaned the desired information from the club’s owner. Taking the hint, John gingerly wiped the slobber from his hand on his jeans, and gave Winston one last pat goodbye before they took their leave.

    “I’ve never ridden a horse before,” John told Sherlock softly as they made their way back to the rental car, “But Winston seemed nice enough. Maybe I should give it a try some day.”

    Sherlock shook his head. “Not here, you shouldn’t. ‘Winston’ is actually Rallentando, a prize-winning hurdler who disappeared from the competition six weeks ago. I think Ms. LeClaire killed Ned for his horse.”

    John winced at the bad news. It was always the nice ones.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.01.2012

  32. all was tender, the sheets, the touch, the eyes, the feel of skin on skin, but in this mess of white, this bed that i’m sure felt like a cloud, although all was soft, our hearts were ablaze.

    By Kyle Jackson URL on 04.01.2012

  33. I love you. Always have always will. My heart is on fire. Burning with passion. And it consumes me. Soon I will be nothing but ashes. And I pray these ashes are enough for you

    I love you.

    By Veronica URL on 04.01.2012

  34. The fire blazed through the night…all around us was complete darkness though. Darkness that was filled with the unknown, whether is be kind or deadly. Yet, I wasn’t focused on that, I was caught by the strength in his hands, his gaze, and the beautiful body that seemed to gleam in the firelight. Tonight was the first night we’ve ever completely been alone and I wasn’t sure whether to be excited or completely terrified. Slowly herself closer to me, as if he was a lion stalking his prey. A feeling of fear spread through me, was I sure that this is what I wanted to become? Or would I rather wait?

    By foost URL on 04.01.2012

  35. Our hearts were ablaze once…mine still is. I wonder why yours burned out so long ago…was it ever really on fire? Or did it simply stand close to mine to feel the heat until it became to warm for comfort? I wonder.

    By Kat URL on 04.01.2012

  36. You burn out in a blaze of glory on Friday, but then when the weekend ends, the ash isn’t gone; you haven’t been reborn, but on Monday morning you must resume where you left off. Still burning, but without the glory.

    By Olivia on 04.01.2012

  37. He feeds words to me like fodder, and then sets them all ablaze with a single spark. I crackle and burn down, but my ashes only blow away with the wind.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.01.2012

  38. Blazing fire circles in the cornea of your eyes. Passion, heat, flames all encompassed in your stare…the message: Never Forget. That day. That hour. That minute. That moment.

    By Taylor on 04.01.2012

  39. Love is Friendship Set On Fire

    She set my skin a blaze with just a glace,
    I beame an inferno when her hand brushed
    Mine and when her lips touched my chapped ones
    I knew nothing but flame.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 04.01.2012

  40. A flame ignites in my heart for you. The blaze brings around what is true for you. What I see is all but beauty, creation, love and infinite passion.

    By treeskybranch URL on 04.01.2012