April 1st, 2012 | 180 Entries

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180 Entries for “blaze”

  1. The fire in my heart is no longer blazing but for once, I think thats a good thing.

    By Ev on 04.01.2012

  2. forest: dusk, men out walking, cigarette thrown carelessly. fast forward 3 hours. blaze

    By Angelcakes on 04.01.2012

  3. still blazing ; still blazing ; still blaaazing, Can’t wait to light this l and burn down all your misconceptions of my character.

    By Dinah B =] on 04.01.2012

  4. Blaze makes me think about weed. There were a lot of stoners in my high school and they were all on the lacrosse team. Since our lacrosse team was a club sport, they got to choose their mascot. They named themselves the Blazers. Typical.

    By lalala on 04.01.2012

  5. I walk.
    Alone or not, it really does not matter. I do not need a path or followers. I will blaze my own trail to walk along, twisting far away from that of everyone else that I have known. All that matters is that I will go, am going, am gone.
    I walk.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.01.2012

  6. It was a strange little animal, all fuzzy butterscotch fur and large glistening eyes. Its ears flopped as it bounced along in excitement at the prospect of being fed. A crooked blaze of discolored white fur traversed its long, thin muzzle; either patches of pink skin or faded red stains bordered its mouth. It looked up at us, pupils dilated, and yawned.
    Jagged teeth ringed the inside of its maw all the way back into its cavernous throat.
    We ran.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.01.2012

  7. Heart ablaze, I raced through the corridors, hearing their footsteps close behind. I couldn’t stop here; through white, indifferent hallways I traversed through a neverending maze. There was nowhere else to go. This was it.

    By plushie on 04.01.2012

  8. The blaze in his eyes melted fire from a chunk of brimstone that he held in his large, gray fist. Where his skin touched the lava, it scalded and peeled away, revealing a strange layer of gold underneath. Raising his burning hand, he pressed his palm against his scarred fist, and as he screamed and I stared in horror, the flesh flecked away in large strips and ribbons, until what was standing there was not a man, but a golden statue, an attempt to be a god gone wrong.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.01.2012

  9. sweet mary jane. my almost lover, my friend, most importantly my enemy. how i miss those starry summer nights smokin under the moon, pretending we’d forgotten of our horrid pasts. well, i suppose we didn’t have to pretend, for the most part anyhow. our hearts and minds we’d set ablaze, for the todays, tomorrows and yesterdays weren’t good enough to be stuck in reality.
    alas i’ve let you go. the sweet temptations and desires have long but disappeared. i’ve just finally learnt to live without them.

    By Tas on 04.01.2012

  10. It is hard to define or use this word, does it mean it will mean that something is ease, as in blaze?? I do not know, just that I will run to the dictionary when this minute is over.

    By andrea on 04.01.2012

  11. a fire in front of me that is warm and comfortable. A desire in my heart that tells me I am in the right place. A destructive wall of fire coming toward things that should not burn.

    By Jennifer on 04.01.2012

  12. Everything, everyone, everywhere,
    discard, destroy, dismiss, detest
    it all must go, no if, ands, or buts…
    one match, one beautiful blaze…

    By Lord Jim URL on 04.01.2012

  13. There is something ablaze in the pit of my stomach right now. I can’t sleep. I think I might throw up. It’s anxiety. This fire isn’t real, but it hurts all the same. I need someone to save me. I need to save myself. Can I yell even though everyone is sleeping?

    By Bailey on 04.01.2012

  14. the tip is made of ember, burning and withering down to the base of the cigar. the smoke rises, a thick cloud covering the man’s face. there’s no color in his office, no paintings or portraits, noting but the bright orange blaze.

    By darren on 04.01.2012

  15. he likes me.
    i don’t like him.
    he likes me.
    i do not like him.
    i do not like him..
    i kinda do not like him.
    i kinda do like him.
    i do like him.
    i like him.
    and he likes me.
    and then we were ablaze.

    By sekmiec on 04.01.2012

  16. I’ve had this one before, I think. Talked about fire, I imagine. I love the imagery that comes from a flickering flame, a powerful blaze of heat and colour. Red, orange, yellow, white, blue, followed by a charcoal black bleach of what is left behind.

    By darseyrsm URL on 04.01.2012

  17. In a blaze of glory the blaze orange clad hunters gunned down the vicious deer. It was a close call, but the sportsmen, carrying submachine guns, were victorious.

    By Gary on 04.01.2012

  18. His eyes looked like a blazing fire, the anger blatantly emitting from them.
    “Everything was real to me! The kisses, the fights, the sacrifices! They were real to me! They meant nothing to you?!”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 04.01.2012

  19. the blaze was huge.
    it wrecked everything!
    it broke my heart and my body.
    it will never leave me alone.
    it sleeps with me at night.
    not in a good way though.

    By jayde gillett on 04.02.2012

  20. Blaze, sugar glaze, fantastic maze, organaze… :)

    By LotteZwo URL on 04.02.2012

  21. the blaze is slowly eating the paper. the letter are disappearing, transforming the story into smoke. one could think that finally it won’t matter whether you lived or dreamed. but this is not true.

    By corinnele on 04.02.2012

  22. What’s a good cliche about blaze?

    By X on 04.02.2012

  23. the trail they left behind was a blaze of glory. Too bad they were so stoned, they might even have remembered it.

    By Crystal on 04.02.2012

  24. I smoke in my room, looking out the window. I try not to cough, as everyone else is sleeping. I feel the smoke flowing into my virgin lungs and I am take aback. It is worse than I thought.

    By Caitlin on 04.02.2012

  25. He felt the heat from the blaze behind him, chasing him as he ran towards the tree line. Would be be safe enough in there? Or was it just tempting fate. Damn, fire and trees….not a good Idea. He ran, tripping over exposed roots, falling, yet catching himself before hitting the ground

    By Jacqui Park on 04.02.2012

  26. His eyes seemed to blaze as he looked at me.

    “We’re going to get through this you know,” he said and I couldn’t help but laugh.

    “John,” I said, “We are tied up in the cellar of the old Mason place and it’s about to be set on fire. What the hell makes you think that we are going to be okay?”

    By april93 URL on 04.02.2012

  27. fire orange red danger forest leaves red head flames bright amazing action explore shoot

    By Carol on 04.02.2012

  28. It was the same sun I ran under three years ago. The very field that I used to love. The very mound I never wanted to leave.

    I never knew that you would be the one to bring me down.

    By Alexis Lim on 04.02.2012

  29. I’m staring into your eyes like mirrors. Partially hidden behind your fringe, they show me a young, nervous man. Well dressed but uncertain. You ask me if I’m cold. I realise I’m shivering. “I’m not cold,” I say, “I’m just… I’m just a little awestruck.” You are completely stunning in the moonlight.

    I sympathise with the candle on the table. Like my heart, It’s slowly melting. I can’t help it, you set me ablaze.

    By Land of Dave URL on 04.02.2012

  30. Fine. If that is what they wanted for her to leave then that is what they would get. Only it might not be the way they expected. She would go out her way. She would go out in a blaze of glory, taking all of them with her!

    By Sheila Good URL on 04.02.2012

  31. Blaze
    The hot fire started to burn down the house, there where people still in the house. The fire was very hot, hotter then the sun when it shine into earth. The flame of fire was burning down the house so fast that it was burned down already, and the house wood felt down and the house it is going down.

    By Jenny Xiong URL on 04.02.2012

  32. In a blaze of fire, I feel cleansed. I know it’s not over, but at least I’m a blank slate. I can start over. I can forget. I can forgive. Maybe, this time, I can even love a little bit.

    By Tkot on 04.02.2012

  33. The word sizzles across the page, the flames rising and licking at my insides. Blaze of glory. Why is blaze such a flamboyant word? With its exotic ‘z’ and each syllable alighting its dynamite trail as the word comes into being through speech. Pride, strength and fortitude burning, opening up a brightness until I am alight in its sentiments, glowing, ablaze.

    By siobhan347 URL on 04.02.2012

  34. The fire was hot that she had to hide her face in the plaid flannel sleeve hanging loosely from her shivering arm. Such a dichotomy–a blazing cold. but that is exactly what it felt like. A frozen ice statue taking a trip to the bowels of Hades,.

    By melissa hinerman on 04.02.2012

  35. Little Tom was the interpreter of the trail blazes. He had pored over the trail guides on the bus ride there, while his classmates were playing cards or watching the view pass by the window.

    “Two blue marks, what’s that?”

    He glanced at the twin rectangles on the tree ahead, and frowned. He fished in his pockets for the Trails Guide but it seemed he had left it at the picnic area. So he made something up instead. “It means let’s hurry up, because it’s going to rain.”

    By Holden URL on 04.02.2012

  36. Blaze once meant a fire but now it means a burning village, a place that is on fire in the figurative sense of the word – a place that is beyond amazing where cool happens and where cool is made. Blazeville, a place in one’s imagination or in the mysterious corners of the world.

    By Caitli URL on 04.02.2012

  37. This reminds me of fire and also of blazers that we wore at school. Back to the fire, fires can represent all kinds of metaphors – the fire in your heart, the fire in your soul, anger, passion, flames, colours of red, orange and yellow followed by the black of ashes

    By Sian Thomas on 04.02.2012

  38. Fire blazes in the fireplace. Lightening blazes the sky. Blazes are cool and young. Blazes can make fires happen.

    By Little Bug on 04.02.2012

  39. The sun rose above the earth’s line in an enormous blaze. The bright hues of brilliant reds and vibrant oranges continues to remind me of our Heavenly Father’s love. How His love can blaze into our lives during storms to create those earthen colors.

    By Diane on 04.02.2012

  40. A blaze is a fire of huge proportions. I can also mean to do something really fast. For example, we can say that someone in blazing fast at running. Blaze is t the name of a boy I know…but he is not all that fast.

    By rosanne corey on 04.02.2012