March 14th, 2013 | 204 Entries

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204 Entries for “blasted”

  1. i blasted him for disrespecting me in front of our friends. on so many occasions i have asked him to speak to me kindly when we’re in the company of others. i know his anxiety and strict need for precision get the better of him and he loses awareness of how his actions impact others.

    By l on 03.14.2013

  2. He had no idea it was coming. It was just a normal day, just going to work as usual, dreading having to deal with the politics and the menial tiny things that always got under his skin. But he opened the door, and suddenly there was no door– there was weightlessness, and a force threw his whole body against the cabinets behind him. His breath gone, he looked up– and his lab mates were laughing, standing ’round the air canon with infuriating grins.

    By Courka URL on 03.14.2013

  3. “this blasted screwdriver!”
    “i don’t think it’s the screwdriver’s fault dad”
    “it is, ok? it is. it’s the screwdriver’s fault that this goddamn bookshelf doesn’t want to fit together”
    “dad, it’s an ikea bookshelf. it doesn’t even ask you to use a screwdriver”
    “goddammit jim!!”

    By Sile URL on 03.14.2013

  4. He blasted his blasphemous blabbers as a blazon on his blathering.

    By Marianne URL on 03.14.2013

  5. so there I was, highschool, blasted out of my mind. I could have just done nothing but instead i got high as fuck. I could have just lived out this dreaded moment without weed. Well, since i’m high might as well get some munchies.

    By sidney on 03.14.2013

  6. Lost and found hopes and dreams

    By VISHANT on 03.14.2013

  7. Those blasted boys. Blasted is just a less violent way of saying bastard, isn’t it? It makes no sense. Blown apart, bomb like .. how is this like an illegitimate child? I can’t see any connection. It’s just a silly ‘sounds like’ thing.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.14.2013

  8. He blasted into her life like a bastard child. Unexpected, unwanted. That’s what the connection is. A bastard child is like a bomb in that sense. But far nicer to have in your life. He was more bomb than bastard.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.14.2013

  9. Blasted into nothing. Well, not nothing. Atoms. And that’s what we all are to start with, aren’t we? Sometimes I think that’s all we are. And like atoms make our cells, and cells make our bodies, maybe we make God. Maybe we are the nothing and God is the everything.

    By LM Noon URL on 03.14.2013

  10. 5,4,3,2,1 BLAST OFF
    as smoke, lights, fire and cheers flashed from the tv screen into my vision
    I experiences my firt ever spaceship take off

    By S on 03.14.2013

  11. The first curse word I learned. It smacked of a nice mix of formality and crassness, irritability and humor.

    By V. on 03.14.2013

  12. My son has always liked playing nurf wars. In the house, in the yard…other places he’s not supposed to. Usually, my head is the target. I’ll never forget the time I was trying to help my daughter with homework, and then it happened….BLASTED in the eye with a neon green disk.

    Blasted gun.

    By Melanie Trevino on 03.14.2013

  13. He blasted out in laughter. Never had he thought he would be so lucky to meet a girl like her, and never did he expect to actually get her. Now here they were, and he could not stop laughing. Life was wonderfully amazing.

    By Julia Smedberg URL on 03.14.2013

  14. Every now and then I hear a cry. I want to go to it. To hold her. Comfort her. Tell her that everything is going to be okay. But then I see the blasted walls, bombed streets, and know I would be lying. I crawl aroung the corner and see her curled in the one corner not scorched by the blast. My vision goes black again, I lay down my head. If you only look at her, and nothing else surrounding you, it looks like we’re back to playing hide and seek.

    “Nine, ten! Here I come!!”

    When I heard the giggles behind the rocking chair I walked the other way.

    “Where are you…?”

    Rustling as she shifts to peek out at me as I walk into the kitchen.

    “Where could she have gone?”

    I turn back around and head back towards the couch. As I get closer to her hiding spot more nervous giggles begin. I reach behind the chair and grab her at her sides as she erupts into screeching laughter.

    “There you are!”

    I twirl her around and around till we fall onto the couch, laughing and squirming around each other. The timer goes off and we go silent, smiling as big as we can.


    I head into the kitchen and open the oven door, perfect. I begin laying the cookies out on the


    My eyes are blurry and my head hurts. Everything is black and white. Are my ears ringing? Yes. God my head. I sit up, sirens are going off in the background. The TV is still on. The ringing is killing my head. But it’s not in my head. It’s Emma. Emma is screaming. I look around. The walls are gone, leaving this side of the house open to the street. Neighboors are running. Why? Screaming. I have to find her. I stand, too fast, and my eyes go black, the ringing comes back, but I have to find her. I left her on the couch, which has gone grey with ash. Shes hiding in the corner I run to pick her up. She wraps her legs around me, her body shakes with her sobs. I hold her head to my neck, and I start running too.

    The helecopter flies right over our neighborhood. Emma presses against me so she doesnt have to look out the window. In some places, it looks like nothing happened. Mr. Klines yard is still green and Ms. Webbers garden gnomes and flamingos are still standing around the yard. But our house, and all those around it look like skeletons. All the flesh blasted off leaving nothing but bones.

    The flight takes too long, Emma gets restless. When we land she trips trying to get out. I pick her up and make my way to the building where nurses try to peel her from my arms. They end up checking her as she sits in my lap. When we are finally released, we are handed water, two blankets, and are pointed in the direction of a corner where we can sit till food is available.

    “What about the cookies mama?”

    “Well have to wait to make some new ones.”

    She nodds and lays down on the blankets.

    We talk as the kids run and play on the grass. We try to guess when we’ll be able to move into the houses being built. About the future our kids will have. About the blasts we hear on the other side of the mountain.

    “Living underground wont be the same. Im afriad for the kids not seeing the sun, or getting fresh air.”

    “Nothing will be the same”

    Kaity was one of the parents who voted against underground housing. When the desision was made to empty out the storage facility downstairs and build temporary homes, her and several others protested. They wanted everything to go back to normal. “The ships have moved on from this area, we know they wont come back. It’s safe now!” The group leadres had argued for days, but eventually, underground was safest.

    “Kaity, we can protect them underground. And It’s not like they’ll never see the outdoors again. This is temporary. Not to mention that it will be good for them to not breath in smoke for awhile. You cant even see the sun right now.”

    We look out on our kids, laughing and playing in the sooty grass. This is for them. What we want doesn’t matter right now.

    By Sam on 03.14.2013

  15. Blasted to the past from the burning joint on the table,
    forgetting what was to forget what’s now.
    Losing my mind through the blaze, growing unstable,
    throw more wood on the fire. Melting down
    from a someone to a snake skin. I’m not able
    to express myself through pencil and pen.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 03.14.2013

  16. I blasted away at the heart
    of the one who used to say
    all the time.
    shafted she was
    once in the bed
    now on the street
    swearing, yelling, hurling insults
    filled with profane and
    harsh sounds
    like a gunshot in the
    wound of another being
    I have found the gun blast brings

    By t44 URL on 03.14.2013

  17. She blasted through the underbrush, sure of surprising any lurking spies.
    No one must know of her visit to the sacred spot, the spot of her beginning.

    By skylarkin URL on 03.14.2013

  18. It was the 5th of July. Not even the 4th. You always did everything your own ridiculous way. I came over on that humid evening, just see if you wanted to maybe catch a movie with me, but you were totally blasted.

    By Tennille Bozarth on 03.14.2013

  19. Rockets, explosions, science, astronauts, space, rocket science, chemistry, physics, mathematical calculations to make the correct explosion/blast.

    By abeer URL on 03.14.2013

  20. The soda bottle blasted into the sky and shot up so high we almost lost sight of it. This was the best summer of my life, although I knew it would end with my parents getting divorced and moving apart from each other; there was something exciting about it, the uncertainty, the mysterious place we’d be travelling to carry on our lives. All the sudden my days in Minnesota we’re numbered and I knew it was likely that I’d never see many of these my friends and acquaintances again. Living in a moment I’d never be able to get back at made me wonder what my next adventure had in store for me.

    By Ryan G URL on 03.14.2013

  21. Bits of the sun were scattered like the great, four winds. No one knew why or how, but seven billion stars came to be in a universe of darkness.

    By Sarah on 03.14.2013

  22. I’m on the phone and I just want to talk with someone and this blasted music is just playing, and playing and suddenly there are lyrics and I can’t understand them. These songs… I can’t believe it. Still busy? How many people use Teavana’s service? How long am I going to have to hold? What IS this?
    What’s funny is that it’s not funny.
    What’s funnier is how easily ticked off I am.
    Tickled, my dad might say.
    I prefer pissed.

    By Lancir URL on 03.14.2013

  23. One night a couple of friends and I were driving down the backroads around our fair city. I had crashed my dad’s truck earlier that day, so the front bumper hung at an unfortunately low level. No one can say for sure how the fireworks came to be in our possession, but by the end of the night all of them had been set off.

    By Johnny on 03.14.2013

  24. He blasted his way through the heavy door, screaming as he ran into the abandoned house. “Melody!! Meelooodyyy!” He called for her up and down the stairs, searching around corners and trying to find his love. “Jesus, where are you?! I need you!!” He finally gave up his search in this house, and resolved that she would surely be in the next abandoned house on the block.

    By Jacqueline Baunsgard on 03.14.2013

  25. He blasted his way through the heavy door, screaming as he ran into the abandoned house. “Melody!! Meelooodyyy!” He called for her up and down the stairs, searching around corners and trying to find his love. “Jesus, where are you?! I need you!!” He finally gave up his search in this house, and resolved that she would surely be in the next abandoned house on the block.

    By Jacqueline Baunsgard on 03.14.2013

  26. She blasted his brains all over the back wall, threw away the gun and walked out the door, never to return again. With one bang, she said goodbye to her dead husband, her life and her heart.

    By diana m URL on 03.14.2013

  27. Blunders are packed
    loosely into my back pocket.
    Another rejection, another
    silence, another lie, another
    thoughtless expectation without
    explanation as to why I
    deem it necessary to feel.

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 03.14.2013

  28. in the club, nowhere to run from the hedonism around you, glorified for your ability to damage what is yours and no-one else’s. Groove while you can, blasted.

    By Bonnie URL on 03.14.2013

  29. the world was destroyed and the buildings collapsed, the entire existance i once lived was blasted away by sheer explosive force, nothing could reconcile my loss, noithing in the entire world. if all were to fail me now then i shall go ahead with my plan, i have nothing to lose. My life is nothing more than the shadows of what was once destroyed, blasted.

    By del on 03.14.2013

  30. Pew! Pew! Pew! He shot his lazer cannon as fast as he could at the oncoming alien horde, blasting them in to little bits. Green and blue blood and guts splattered everywhere. Then he woke up in his bed at home.

    By Haskins URL on 03.14.2013

  31. My grip tightened on the grip of my gun. “Come on, Lana. You don’t wanna go down like this. Blasted into atmo?” I whistled lowly. “It’s not a pretty sight,”
    She laughed, throwing her head back to expose the pale column of her throat. “You think you can kill me? Just like that?” she spread her arms. “Do it then,”
    My fingers loosened and tightened reflexively on the trigger. “You don’t wanna do this,”
    She laughed again, quieter this time. “I’m not afraid of you, Kolara,” she said simply, her lips curling upward in a small smile. “If you want to kill me, do it,”
    “It’s not about want,” I snapped. “It’s about need,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 03.14.2013

  32. The laser fired. Around the room, people stopped what they were doing and stared, frozen, at the hole it had left.

    “I…” James said. “I didn’t… I mean…”

    By Alex on 03.14.2013

  33. From the yard came a boom followed by the chuckle of old men. The sun set in the late August sky, casting a golden glow on the broomstraw field as it was littered with potatos from the new potato cannon. The invention of a lifetime.

    By Sarah URL on 03.14.2013

  34. it was after the war that we emerged from the rubble like flies feeding on a carcass. i wasn’t sure where i was for the three weeks i spent rubbing my palms into dirt and licking my lips until my tongue was just as parched. it is pain which dragged me here, coarsed through my ribcage, my spine, my femurs.

    By Katia URL on 03.14.2013

  35. It all got blasted into the atmosphere. Chunks of burning rocket fell to the earth, leaving behind depressing trails of black smoke. So much for a summer’s work, hoping to impress the eager eyes of his son.

    By Archori URL on 03.14.2013

  36. Blasted!

    By Jason URL on 03.14.2013

  37. Blasted!

    By Jason URL on 03.14.2013

  38. let’s get blasted,
    that’s all you can say to me as you drive.
    let’s get blasted.
    we need to forget what just happened.
    you’re trying not to cry
    or send your car flying off the freeway.
    let’s get blasted.

    By Courtney on 03.14.2013

  39. Into space we go and the speed of light’s got nothing on us. Just wait and see how far we’ll go. BLASTED!

    By Angie URL on 03.14.2013

  40. I blasted off into space and just like that I felt weightless. Who would have known that fish could lose their sense of gravity? Not I, the clowniest clown fish of all, Bobo.

    By Alexis on 03.14.2013