May 8th, 2011 | 449 Entries

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449 Entries for “birth”

  1. reborn resurrect labour pregnancy baby little child love small tiny belly button bump yellow pink blue family mumsy daddy home hospital natural

    By Pippa Geaves on 05.08.2011

  2. Birth, a beautiful word for multiple reasons. A birth of a newborn baby is such a powerful experience. Mothers share such tight bonds with their children just after viewing their little innocent one look up into their eyes for the first time.

    By moe on 05.08.2011

  3. Today, she gave birth. It’s a funny feeling, being a dad. I always thought I’d know how I would feel. Overcome by emotion, a sense of protection, and the need to be by my wife’s side. Funny how it’s quite different. It’s hard to explain, but it was nothing that I expected. Completely different. But I welcomed it. Because in my arms was my child.

    By Serge URL on 05.08.2011

  4. she was born, he was born, life, birth, mirth, joy, blue for birth, ocean of mirth, not death today, celebration and joy only happiness and love, save the mourning for tomorrow. they are born together, love

    By Emily on 05.08.2011

  5. as

    By asd on 05.08.2011

  6. it was like coming straight out of a tunnel and seeing light actually it was exactly that and I was new and clean and fine. but they knew that soon the monsters would come for me and prepared me for the coming years and years and I watched their faces decay and suddenly I wasn’t so new

    By shawna on 05.08.2011

  7. My birth came when I was more or less ten years old. I would say rebirth, but I really am not the same person, so I was not reborn, but born. Born to a girl with too much sarcasm and too much negativity who ruined my life and made me grow up. She killed my green.

    By Raiya Moon URL on 05.08.2011

  8. one single word that can change your life, and start another. After this, life is no longer about you, but about something YOU have contributed to the world. One is born every minute and each one is unique.

    By Ally on 05.08.2011

  9. Birth is the creation of life, the start of a journey upon which we all take different routes, taking us to different places, teaching us different lessons in different ways. Birth begins and ends in different ways but we all get one, and they all end in death.

    By chloe URL on 05.08.2011

  10. I think it’s a beautiful thing. It allows for new beginnings, a new start. It’s creating option for the future. It’s essential to everything important. It means a fresh start.

    By Yazmin on 05.08.2011

  11. the birth of a great idea often has a humble beginning,but slowly it takes shape and form and along with an adequate focus and hardwork the birth of that idea eventually takes form of a small revolution and then a big revolution.soon people start joining you and you become a leader.

    By Dr.Faiz Ahmad URL on 05.08.2011

  12. Birth means love. The love a mother poured into her child, enough to produce him or her from next to nothing. Love powerful enough to create a human being. Love strong enough to keep that mother working from dawn till dusk (and after) for the rest of that child’s life, loving them forever.

    By Emily URL on 05.08.2011

  13. The incalculable mass would have made a sound unlike any heard before by human ears, but for the vacuum of space. In an instant everything that it was collapsed onto itself, a spoonful of the sugar of life. Just as quickly a flash that would blind a god encapsulated everything in it’s wake and the stuff of the heavens shot forth into the void. For long time this empty space will teem with galactic DNA, and long after we are all gone will begin to amass into hot, bulging clumps…

    By zachmichelini URL on 05.08.2011

  14. New birth is such a beautiful thing. The way life begins and everything is so unknown. The process of questioning and learning and loving and sometimes hating. Mostly loving though. If birth can lead to anything, that is the goal. To love and to feel. Pain in an unnecessary part of love, but worth it all the while.

    By Monika on 05.08.2011

  15. Birth is more than just the beginning of life. I think birth is the beginning to everything, to that one person. The person giving it, also. Full of opportunities, hope, dreams and all that jazz. You open your eyes to the world and there’s a doctor in your face and your mother ready to die. Just for you.

    By Larissa Kermani on 05.08.2011

  16. Through pain and blood I witnessed the birth of my own heart. It came out through my stomach, where it had fallen. I took it out and found it dead. Under the blood, lay a piece of crystal, clear, hollow, empty.

    By Roenhael URL on 05.08.2011

  17. This is the moment, the second from which you are capable of love. You are also capable of hate. It is a gateway to a whole lotta things you will and won’t do. The beginning of the end.

    By Ais on 05.08.2011

  18. The beginning of life. The continuation. A celebration. The addition of candles.

    By writes URL on 05.08.2011

  19. A terrified woman rushes into the hospital, sweat beading on her forehead. Scared, but excited ready to finally meet her beautiful child.

    By Alexis on 05.08.2011

  20. the birth of human life. the sun. life. death. the messenger of death. what do we know about this miracle? nobody knows. mothers and fathers giving life to something new, and once they leave this world, we shall follow. birthdays celebrate days of birth. I am happy that you are alive. I am happy that you exist. I am happy that you are here. Please don’t commit suicide.

    By Green on 05.08.2011

  21. Birth is the beginning. At birth, you have opportunity. You come into the world and begin to learn and see and hear and grow. You find out about the world, as you grow older. You become who you will be. You turn into something beautiful and wonderful and strange and impossible. But it is the best thing. Because, at birth, you begin to live. And life is the best gift you could possibly receive.

    By Megan O on 05.08.2011

  22. When one dies, its sad. But we don’t celebrate their death, we celebrate the life they lived! But with every life taken, there is a life given. A baby brought into this world. Giving birth is one of the most magical things.

    By Katie URL on 05.08.2011

  23. i was born on march 14. i was the ugliest baby in that my grandma said she had ever seen. i was the first girl born with my name in the hospital. i think child birth is really gonna hurt. sometimes i wonder if i wanna go through that kind of pain. i kinda want to be a doctor for babies.

    By Savannah on 05.08.2011

  24. You are born. And you die. Those are certainties. How do you make sense of the space in between- the moments, days, weeks, months, and years that we call life? I believe that the narrative of Jesus Christ is the only thing powerful enough to help us define LIFE.

    By Leah on 05.08.2011

  25. this unending scheme this island of dreams that im captivated by and in and with there’s no justice like injustice its business its showbusiness and thats all it is im open eyed and screaming the abyss loves me like mummy like money and i know i dont like me how are you feeling? cold? naked?

    By michael james hall URL on 05.08.2011

  26. A mother gave birth to a daughter. They grew up together in an apartment in NYC. The daughter became a famous yoga teacher, with her own studio in brooklyn. The daughter married a nice guy, and gave birth to a daughter.

    By Juniper on 05.08.2011

  27. I thought about. I wasted so much time because I froze. I am never going to give birth. Ew. MOne kid at the most. Adopted, probs. I don’t know. What if people didn’t have to give birth? But it’d still be your kid and you stil be attatched. And someone wants the pain. because it brings them closer to the Ancient Mothers? Huhhh….

    By Rachel on 05.08.2011

  28. precious secret silent dangerous and magical time
    strange contractions and contortions of time, space and body
    a connection to the infinite
    a journey to the ultimate ends of emotion
    absolute presence
    certainty of meaning and purpose

    By geraldine URL on 05.08.2011

  29. scary. Painful looking but exciting. It looks like a lot of work but it means new life and a new person or animal. I am scared to ever do it. I want to have children one day though. I think it would be interesting to work so hard for something and then hold something so fragile and know you did it.

    By Lauryn on 05.08.2011

  30. Birth is the start of life. But there’s a great difference between just existence and really living. I wanna live. Really live. See things and travel the world. I don’t just want to be born.

    By N'dea Yancey-Bragg URL on 05.08.2011

  31. Interestingly enough, birth and death are of the same cycle. It’s one thing germs to human beings have been common.

    By Anika K. Davis on 05.08.2011

  32. This makes me think about the appropriateness of this word for Mother’s Day, which happens to be today. I wonder if it was intentional or just ironic. Birth makes me happy because of the joy a new baby can bring to a mother’s life.

    By ashley URL on 05.08.2011

  33. At birth we are given
    only a single heart
    so keep that in mind
    and try to play things smart

    but don’t let that keep you
    from letting yourself feel
    for no happiness comes
    to those with hearts of steel

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.08.2011

  34. It’s my friend Sequoia’s birthday today

    She’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever met
    in my life

    I wonder what she’s going to do

    I have to make her a card soon


    By Marisa URL on 05.08.2011

  35. the birth of a movement is quieter than you would assume initially. no sparks, no fireworks, no sound, really. it’s more of a thought, the quiet “ting” of a revelation. revolution.

    By molly on 05.08.2011

  36. There isn’t much choice in this. Like most things in life, I guess. You’re born when you’re born. You can’t choose your family. I wouldn’t want to, though. I’ve made up my mind that I wouldn’t want to change a thing about my life. I like it the way it is/.

    By Naith Payton on 05.08.2011

  37. The birth of my first child will come any day now. I am not sure what word to use to describe the emotion I am feeling. This is going to completely redesign me, reshape the person I am. I hope I am ready for it.

    By Andrew Walker URL on 05.08.2011

  38. Birth. Life. Liberty. A new beginning. A new generation. A time of celebration, of embracing and of welcoming a new soul, a new breathing and thinking human to the world to embrace society and life’s treasures. Birth, the opposition of death, the beginning of the cycle.

    By Nicholas Zinke URL on 05.08.2011

  39. To me birth isnt what it is. It is but it isnt because what is birth but spiritual death? Entering this plane is suicide and birth is just an extremly messy and long way to go about doing it. So to me, birth is the oposite of what people say it is, so when people say that someone was reborn they really mean that they just have another chance to die. Maybe I’m just morbid though. A lot of poeple say I am but I dont really thiknk that. I’m an optomist, just not in the same way that most think of optimists. I am though, belive me I am. Would it be possible for me to be as astoundingly happy as I am in everyday life were I not an optimist? No, no it would not be possible. LIfe just sucks way too mu8ch for that.

    By Amanda on 05.08.2011

  40. When my brother was born my life changed forever. I don’t think it was abad forever. I really appreciate everything that he has brought into my life. I love him and I can’t imagine life with out him. Living as an only child is really a big downer. I love having siblings to make it better now.

    By Lexi on 05.08.2011