January 16th, 2014 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “biblical”

  1. A truly biblical event, after hours and hours of screaming at the transparent wall, the cat gazed upon its owner with awe as he edged closer and closer to the closed door. The moment was seeped with tension, “would the cat be fed it’s daily lunch or would its owner turn at the last minute in order to sit down and ignore mittens yet again?”. The grumbling in the stomach could be heard from afar, the steps of the owner were becoming louder by the second, the door opened…….there was no cat to be seen. Fucking cats! Oh, and the owner was St. Peter. “Biblical”

    By John on 01.16.2014

  2. This is biblical!

    By Natasha URL on 01.16.2014

  3. I remember going to Sunday School every week and all the Bible stories we were told. The stories of Noah and Jonah, Adam and Eve and Moses. I don’t go to Sunday School any more, but those were the days. Those were the days…

    By Pixiee URL on 01.16.2014

  4. Ancient and dutifully followed. May or may not be true. Depending on the perspective. There are many different bibles, usually referencing religion.

    By Lillian Suthers on 01.16.2014

  5. biblical- someting to do with the bible. I don’t know. My religious prowess is nothing to speak of, okay, nothing at all. What am I going to do when my life is surrounded by devoted christians who believe so heavily that any idea of apathy is unthinkable. But that is who I am… passionately, apathetic and dangerously impassive.

    By amanda on 01.16.2014

  6. I remember going to church as a little girl. I thought I may get into trouble for not beleiving, and thinking how terribly boring it was to me. Always almost falling asleep. I wondered if my goddess would be mad at me for being in this place.

    By Lily on 01.16.2014

  7. Just remember, having a different opinion isn’t okay! That is what the bible has taught us. Lucifer was rejected because he decided to think for himself. Says a lot about this modern, Christian society, doesn’t it? Even if you don’t want to see it. “If you disagree with me, you’re obviously wrong and evil.” Teaching us word by word that we can’t ever think outside this box of a prison forged with the finest steel and toughest concrete. Because that would be un-Christian, to actually get off your lazy arse and try using this great thing called your brain.

    Obviously, it doesn’t describe all Christians, and most certainly not even most. But they do go along with it, and that’s just as bad.

    By Bec on 01.16.2014

  8. Something that has lead my life in interesting ways. As a child, this was all I knew. Being ten with parents in their 50s and 60s really means being raised in a traditional Catholic household. But as time has gone, this has a whole new meaning.

    By Maggie on 01.16.2014

  9. It was a flood of biblical proportions, at least to my six year-old eye. The toilet had overflowed and was still pumping dirty water over the rim, splattering the white tile floor and spilling into the hall.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.16.2014

  10. “This isn’t exactly biblical…” I murmured to John, who was in the process of trying to find unleavened bread at Whole Foods with no success. Randomly my husband had decided to go on a so-called “biblically accurate” fast, abstaining from pretty much every food I’d grown up with…and unfortunately I had to go along with the “manna, milk and honey” mealplan he’d thought up…this was going to be a long couple of weeks.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 01.16.2014

  11. John the baptest. He baptised people. And spread the gospel.

    By Avery on 01.16.2014

  12. People pretend they are so biblical like they are the saints and we are the ones below them. Since when should people look down at others as if they are the better ones? Biblical? i hear them scream hypocrisy, oh the monsters this world has produced.

    By Tylaa on 01.16.2014

  13. I love the lord. And when I see people love him just as much I love him Evan more. When I was 8 I got baptised and waived I never felt the same.O:-)

    By Avery on 01.16.2014

  14. Many rely on religion. They look to it for support, hope, faith. Although times have changed since it’s writings. We have evolved in so many ways, and so has our faith and interpretation on such a book.

    By Skyler on 01.16.2014

  15. “Well, I didn’t mean close in the biblical sense…”
    She smirked, eyebrow raised beyond the boundary of her bangs. “Oh, didn’t you?” she asked.
    “Of course not!” she huffed. “I would never imply such a thing,”
    Dahlia’s smirk widened and, if such a thing were possible, grew even more mischievous. “I would,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.16.2014

  16. Biblical: bible, God, the Word. I want to be a good Christian.

    By Candace S. URL on 01.16.2014

  17. Sometimes I think the tragic events that have occurred over the past couple of years will reach an expiration date. This is not a time at which I’ll forget what happened to me. Heartbreak will not suddenly mend. Wrongs will not be righted. But the sheer force of it all, the biblical proportion of it, the heft of the stories I carry will suddenly transform into comedy.

    By Brittany Braddock on 01.16.2014

  18. Although the notes were of a biblical nature, there did not represent the whole truth of the matter, and so the opposing team was declared the winner in the debate.

    By victor URL on 01.16.2014

  19. …Jesus Christ!

    By Louis T URL on 01.16.2014

  20. Bible, bibliography, ancient, jesus,

    By Ben URL on 01.16.2014

  21. The room is full of kneeling people, heads bowed, hands clasped in prayer, their combined voices echoing off of the ceiling. “Our father, who art in heaven…” I was never a very religious man. But I soon find myself on my knees, joining them.

    By Rebecca G. URL on 01.16.2014

  22. I’m not religious. I’ve never been to church except for funerals and weddings. I know nothing about the bible save Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, and Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. But the first thing that comes to mind for the word biblical is Laura Ingalls Wilder, and her book Little House in the Woods.

    By Ada on 01.16.2014

  23. interesting source of knowledge based on legends. huge thought coded in story. not to be taken seriously or lightly.

    By zac on 01.16.2014

  24. Biblical stories are always interesting to read. My favorite of all time is sermon on the mount. This text was discussed in my literature class. I enjoyed the satire that was inspired by this text even more. I forgot what it was called. It was hilarious in an inappropriate way.

    By Jamice on 01.16.2014

  25. The chief’s pronouncement seemed almost biblical … but it made no sense whatsoever. Not unlike the Bible, Rachel thought to herself. She shifted uncomfortably, remembering what happened to doubters in the Bible.

    By Mexichick URL on 01.16.2014

  26. biblical mess, storms, trees careening through jetties of blood and foam. Red skies, lightning bolts to skeletal frames. thunder smashing plates. A rumble in the earth, catching our balance, dropping things.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 01.16.2014

  27. My parents were never the Christian type. They went to church once a week, if that. They didn’t think God wanted anymore time with them. He had his ten percent, what else could He want? It was a long time afterwards, when my mom had been diagnosed with terminal cancer that they both understood what God wanted. He wanted them to have a biblical faith, not a dwindling one. For He was a jealous God and He would accept nothing else.

    By ShadowPrayers on 01.16.2014

  28. I used to think that that famous prayer
    about the lord being my shepherd
    was a negative thing
    that god was forcing someone to lie down in green pastures
    restoring their soul against their will
    I am slightly atheist
    But in these terms I couldn’t help but think
    Who is this god that does these things
    To a helpless soul that will follow him to the end of the earth?

    By Ellie on 01.16.2014

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    By cp on 01.16.2014

  30. There is huge biblical proportions.

    By Paul URL on 01.16.2014

  31. It lay in front of me, pristine. Old, yet clean. The smell of ancient paper carried itself to my nose. I haven’t bothered looking around. I have been in this church before. It’s old, and beautiful. But their bible is better, ancient and mysterious.

    By Alici URL on 01.16.2014

  32. the word biblical takes me to those stories in the bible where the stories are so old time written that only very few people understand the real values associated to it and very few people like it

    By Sumeet on 01.16.2014

  33. A biblical love can come out in different people despite their religiosity. A biblical name is always on the board when we are looking for our children names.

    By Fernando on 01.16.2014

  34. Something of biblical proportions, something of mythical proportions. Something that is nonexistent.

    By Adrian George Nicolae URL on 01.16.2014

  35. There were several obscure biblical references in his stand-up routine, which he put in to see if anyone in this audience would catch them. He was not surprised to see that no-one did. His usual nightclub audience would have got them, though.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.16.2014

  36. Biblical makes me think of the bible. Which I am not educated on and don’t really care to be. It’s pretty useless to me actually. What does it teach you? Maybe I should read it and see idk

    By Brittney URL on 01.16.2014

  37. “Stop standing over my shoulder, Hershel.” Lucy glared up at her big brother, wishing she could spit out the chunk of pencil eraser she’d just chewed off.

    “You’re missing a letter,” he pushed his glasses further up his freckled nose and leaned back with an air that said she was being childish.

    “I-I know that!” She sputtered. “I don’t need you to tell me that.”

    “Oh?” He raised both eyebrows and as a result, had to push up his glasses again.

    “Yes! I do.”

    “Then spell it,” he said, smugly.

    Lucy scowled at him. “B-i-b-l-i-c-a-l.” She recited, quickly–if somewhat awkwardly. “And I know that’s right, so go!”

    he scowled at her, but turned away.

    The moment he did, she spat the glob of icky eraser into her hand, shoulder’s slumping in relief. Ugh. Brothers. Why were they always showing up at the worst time? There was no way she could tell him that her older sister had been mouthing the letters over his shoulder when he wasn’t paying attention.

    By Sara H. URL on 01.16.2014

  38. Bible base. Truth that bring hope and life.

    By RONDA PALMER URL on 01.16.2014

  39. I held up the book and spoke

    “If read the right way, this book is the biggest believer in atheism.”

    “But, that’s the bible.” The blond boy pointed out.

    “My point exactly.” I replied with a triumphant smile.

    By IsaPinaud URL on 01.16.2014

  40. It was an atrocious odor of biblical proportions, and Arvey had to hold her nose as she stepped around the bayou. The territory was nothing like the terrain the group had crossed before – while travels prior had been rattled by wind, ice, and snow, this swampland was sickeningly warm, and Barkelee was visibly perspiring. Quinoni, of course, didn’t seem perturbed by the heat at all.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.16.2014