January 16th, 2014 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “biblical”

  1. biblical men try
    shooting love, but hearts
    do not grow that way.

    By Ines on 01.16.2014

  2. uuuugh. Not this again. Biblical. Referring to something of grand proportions, I suppose.


    Guerrilla Radiooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Turn that noiseu up.

    Love and peace.

    By Sauce on 01.16.2014

  3. we stumble through the ruins
    and struggle with the words
    that drip from tongues like ambrosia.
    yet we cannot swallow.
    it sticks in our throats.
    morality and children and immortality
    and the balance of it all,

    By Kairn on 01.16.2014

  4. Why haven’t I read of you, oh great faucet of time. WEllsprings of doubtful, yet blissful honey. Death, a sweet partition backing of the framework of numerology. Oh deth

    By Houston Zemanski on 01.16.2014

  5. Once, I considered jumping from the Empire State building. You know, those base-jumpers and all. I thought it would be biblical in awesome-ness. Decided not to, considering I would probably go to jail right afterward.

    By Steve Buchanan on 01.16.2014

  6. a time where things were written by God not by man where people looked further than their own thoughts to develop what they believe is their purest Self. a era of what is to be and what was … within always.

    By Elisa D'Egidio on 01.16.2014

  7. The rains lashed on the roof of my house with biblical fury as I tried hard to keep the only lamp that I had from going out. It was like the heavens were beating down upon me as punishment for all my sins.

    By PeeVee on 01.17.2014

  8. Having No more chances

    By Wasswa Joakim URL on 01.17.2014

  9. My sister told me a saying that her Religion Studies professor told her:

    I don’t care if you believe in rocks, just don’t throw them at me.

    By Paige Burdick on 01.17.2014

  10. All scripture written in the holy bible is good for divine worship and revelation. In most cases however, some sects of religion misinterpret biblical text for they own purposes.

    By victor URL on 01.17.2014

  11. I can’t think of anything……. nothing of biblical proportions. I’m not really very biblical although my in-laws were…………….

    By Alexandra on 01.17.2014

  12. We knew each other in the “biblical” sense of the word: we held our trysts in the kitchen of the church basement after Bible Study let out. They never did think to wonder why we were so adamant about being the “clean-up crew”.

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.17.2014

  13. He had read the biblical stories so often he know them by heart by now. Not that he was a priest by any means, no. But he had found them somewhat truthful. A lot was hidden inside them and so he made point of studying them and getting as much historical knowledge out of them as he could. He had to. His career depended on it.

    By Kela on 01.17.2014

  14. The book was biblical, Godly, and trustworthy, but there was just one problem, it didn’t exist.

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 01.17.2014

  15. In that world where everything biblical would stay untouched, I didnt seem to belong. I was too curious, too nosy. I had to mess with everything I saw, including the sacred. So when the 500 year old bible showed itself in the hands of Maya, I couldnt help but aid time in the degradation of that object.
    “Don’t touch it”, mum’s voice sounded in my head.
    I ignored her, extended my arm, opened my hand and received the object. It was dusty and it’s cover was rough.
    “Give it back”, mum stepped in again.
    She was still trying to discipline me and my curious hand. I ignored her once more. For the first time I passed the limits. I pretended not to hear Maya, picked up the bible and put it in my purse. Now we just had to leave.

    By Constança FS on 01.17.2014

  16. In biblical times, you were judged easy and killed easy. You had to follow the rules, the ones everyone knew. Sometimes, I think that we haven’t progressed forward very much. We are less judging as a society, yet life is not private anymore. We put our secrets and others on a public page that anyone could see.

    By Baani mann on 01.17.2014

  17. She ran her fingers across the page, her eyes closed and her hand feeling for that immeasurable heat, that place to rest her finger tip. She paused, doubted her touch. Eyes opening slowly she found her place and began reading. Her word was love.

    By MJerome on 01.17.2014

  18. the proportions were biblical. no one had ever been confronted by such a challenge. the whole north side of the city was cut off. no one could get anywhere. if there were frogs dropping from the sky, no one would have been surprised.

    By Lee on 01.17.2014

  19. End of times is here. It is biblical

    By Paul URL on 01.17.2014

  20. The rain poured down, drumming hard on the roof, ripping leaves from the trees. There was no hail in it – just rain, hard hard rain. The hurricane 5 days before had torn through the village, taking down 2 of our three bridges and eviscerating the riverbed – and now this – 6 inches of rain in 2 hours, a biblical deluge that turned the river back into a monster and took out the last remaining bridge.

    By Annie on 01.17.2014

  21. We’re told by the church of biblical truths, by humanity that it’s all a lie. But I’ve been raised under the dogma, and I’m not quite sure where to go now. Is it okay to at least take its lessons of love, kindness, and generosity and share it with those of and not of faith?

    By Ashi URL on 01.17.2014

  22. A crowd gathered at the threshold of the entrance observing the biblical downpour that stirred the outside world into chaos. A storm of ice crashed onto the roof, clattering with such a thunder that they had to shout to speak to one another.

    By asavas on 01.17.2014

  23. God’s word
    given by God

    By Karena McCoy URL on 01.17.2014

  24. What the bible says!

    By Karen Todd on 01.17.2014

  25. as I walked into the church, I saw about tem people just praying silently, the priest, well, preaching, and a janitor mopping the floor. You’d think this wouldn’t be a scene where anything particularly magical would happen, but you’d be wrong.

    By Ian on 01.17.2014

  26. something that sounds like a thing that happens from surgery. it is like a part of the body of a baby

    By kenny on 01.17.2014

  27. i don’t know what biblical means…. uhhhh….billy bob joe was very biblical and he likes the word bibl

    By kitty cat 21 URL on 01.17.2014

  28. a word that no won really uses any more i have not heard any one say it befor

    By steve on 01.17.2014

  29. i really don’t know what biblical means so I guess I will just write randomly on this paper

    By layla on 01.17.2014

  30. jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssss
    jesus wore sandals to church so why can’t I?
    noah forgot the unicorns

    By Katie URL on 01.17.2014

  31. a person who loves to read the bible
    and believes the inside of the bible

    By kam on 01.17.2014

  32. i really dont know what it means and what you would use it in. but i think it might mean something like

    By mee on 01.17.2014

  33. feel so overwhelmed by the history but know it all. have it all in my heart and my memory. sunday school knowledge can’t be erased. comes out on jeopardy and ends up somehow subconciously affecting ever moment of my life. i am an atheist but a christian with a jewish knowledge of the bible.

    By Rebecca on 01.17.2014

  34. something that is written or happens in the bible

    By boy URL on 01.17.2014

  35. I really don’t know so I really don’t know what to do biblical biblical biblical biblical lalalalala fun fun fun fun fun

    By layla on 01.17.2014

  36. I think that biblical means to be

    By ummmmmmm URL on 01.17.2014

  37. weird little thing that comes from bird butts ore a youtube video that went wrong ore a building I think it sounds like a disease

    By kenny on 01.17.2014

  38. a word that no won really uses any more i have not heard any one say it befor in my life

    By steve on 01.17.2014

  39. biblical is that a book or something maybe li a biography or something a bibliography or maybe something like that

    By layla on 01.17.2014

  40. biblical sounds like something fun,but i don’t know a lot about it. It sounds like bubbles!!!! I don’t know the meaning of this word,but i want to know!!

    By Blue Bubbles on 01.17.2014