January 15th, 2014 | 104 Entries

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104 Entries for “harm”

  1. All I could think of in that moment is that he was in harm’s way and that I had to get him out of there. I sprinted towards him and whisked him away with an arm, one quick movement in one life stopping moment and he was out of the tram’s track.

    By PeeVee on 01.16.2014

  2. Self-harm. It’s a word of such gravity, intense, bottomless undertones and direct quotations. Most of all, it’s danger. One should not do self-harm. Some might be inherent perils as simple as being vulnerable to life’s next great adventure set out for you, but there’s one thing you could do about that: let it go, and just be awesome. Self-harm, on the other hand, is the entire opposite, and it will kill you before you even had the chance to kill yourself. Control it.

    By Myka K URL on 01.16.2014

  3. If there was one thing I was profusely afraid of, it’s harm. Harm is a strong word, and a strong force, and could so easily lift you off your feet and whisk you away to a locked cell, where all you could do is scream and shout and never be able to get out. It’s a peril to one’s health, and a peril to one’s mind.

    I wanted him out.

    By Myka K on 01.16.2014

  4. What harm can be done if you don’t throw yourself into the arms of risk? Better to hold back, wish and imagine the best instead of pursue a dream. Dangerous, arduous, isn’t it better simply to settle?

    By Ashi URL on 01.16.2014

  5. above all. what will that do? don’t go that way for surely problems will follow. i didn’t mean to. what’s the deal. he did that to you? just a little sip or toke won’t hurt you.

    By Lee on 01.16.2014

  6. No harm will come to you under your covers at night.

    Like that feeling you had from teddy-bear days, with mummy and daddy right outside your door, no monsters could come up and eat you from under the bed.

    Yet under the blanket on top of the bed, you closet is empty but full is your head. Under the covers in the covers of night you realize something: the monster is in your bed now, darling it’s true. That monster shares your blanket, the monster is you.

    By Alex URL on 01.16.2014

  7. Her voice was hypnotic. She delivered news of massacres in Africa and a crash in the Dow as if it were a seduction. It was terrifyingly obvious that this woman could do me great harm. Would do me great harm. I fidgeted, picked up the phone and dialled her number.

    By pip333 on 01.16.2014

  8. I was harmed by my own memories. They distorted my mind in a way I couldn’t recall. People told me it couldn’t be done but I knew that I could prove them wrong.

    By vince URL on 01.16.2014

  9. I try as I might not to do harm to anyone, that is my motto in life. Yet it seems that I always run across those that do harm to me.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.16.2014

  10. I never intended to harm you, I say, knowing that words are fruitless. There is no way i can take any of it back, no matter how much I wished to. I f I only had never said all those mean things about her, no one would have treated her like an outcast, forcing her to live through her high school years alone.

    By Sara on 01.16.2014

  11. An electric chill charges the air. She peers through the snow and into the night, seeking the light that will keep her from harm.

    By asavas on 01.16.2014

  12. hurting someone that you might love or might not know. not all harm is done on purpose. harm comes in many different forms and can be done by anyone and to anyone. You should always try not to harm somebody.

    By Danielle Fox on 01.16.2014

  13. Do no harm; do no evil, and do me no hurt. I never meant any harm; I meant to kill, officer. There is a great difference between the two. I seek the soul, and not the flesh.

    By Ollie on 01.16.2014

  14. Out of harms way
    And into solitude
    In order to grow you must
    Be hurt
    To be willing to thrust yourself
    And beyond your comprehension
    Of limits and love
    There must be harm done

    By Lauren on 01.16.2014

  15. Harm thee not
    I pray
    A child whose heart so full of song
    Does sing
    And not
    I ask
    Another who’s voice cannot burst forth
    With song

    By Te'Bazile Eiryk on 01.16.2014

  16. Do no harm is the mantra of the health profession, however it becomes ironic that without tort reform the practice of refusing no one creates a financial burden that causes health institutions to become untenable.

    By twilighthowl on 01.16.2014

  17. the semester hasn’t ended
    though, we did.
    i stay home from school constantly
    i think i will run into you somewhere
    but i am wrong.

    By Hayden on 01.16.2014

  18. all this good could hrm you. all the good you do could harm others
    but no good could harm too
    and so could good intentions
    but harm can be good, and forgivness even better

    By Tobin smith on 01.16.2014

  19. It wasn’t the things he did that hurt, it was the things he didn’t do. The silences, the emptiness that felt like ballast dragging her to the bottom. She found herself jealous of women whose men punched holes in walls, at least they had proof that something was amiss.

    By emmystrange URL on 01.16.2014

  20. we need to mkae sure we don’t do any harm to anyone. harm could be because of accidents both planned and unplanned. harm often involved firemen, policeman and often a hospital. it is hard to keep kids out of hard way because they don’t listen to adults.

    By mickey on 01.16.2014

  21. People who self harm,have a very low self esteem

    By Allison on 01.16.2014

  22. I don’t want to harm you. I have no reason to. You have done everything for me. You have brought me joy. You made sense, and made the world around you shine. You seemed to be my everything. But, then you left. And, in doing so, left me harmed. That is all i felt. Betrayed. Lost.

    By Rawson on 01.16.2014

  23. Tripping and catching your hand on a rock even when you know you could’ve palmed the sidewalk, but you don’t give a fuck so you press even harder when your artery reaches that broken stone, and you smash your knee when you could’ve landed sideways. Because, harm.

    By Yours Truly, Bête on 01.16.2014

  24. harm. Interesting that harmony contains that word yet is such a beautiful thing. Beautiful birds sing in the daylight, waking me up. The sunlight reflects on the pond and I am back on that day four years ago, picturing the way that your hair looked.

    By charlie card on 01.16.2014